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The Way Station in Brooklyn, NY

In Brooklyn, NY there is a bar called The Way Station. When you walk into the bar, you are greeted with a full size TARDIS. The TARDIS is actually the bathroom and yes, it is bigger on the inside! The walls are painted gold with paintings of a Dalek, a Cyberman, K-9, a Weeping Angel (DUCK NOW!), and the Fourth Doctor. The Fourth Doctor’s scarf stretches across three of the walls. Matt Smith and Karen Gillan have also been here and they’ve autographed the walls!

At the bar, there is a menu just for Whovians! There are five drinks you can choose from: The 10th Doctor, the 11th Doctor, River’s Red Setting, Captain Jack, and The Companion. Personally, I enjoyed River’s Red Setting and The Companion.

If you are a Whovian of the legal drinking age and you live in or are visiting the NY area, I highly recommend checking this place out.

So.....Steve Jobs is in the Nethersphere...

So Steve jobs is a cyberman?

They also changed their design right around the time they converted him. 

He probably said they were inefficient and redesigned them himself.

“They…sound wrong. The should go ‘clUNK clUNK’ not "CLUnk CLUnk’. Go back to the drawing board”

“Lets download a free U2 album into each one of them. They’ll love that”

“Can we paint them white?” “They’re not user-friendly enough. Update the welcome package”