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member: kim donghyun
genre: fluffy w a lil bit of angst
summary: you’re a new trainee at BNM and the male and female trainees are going to have a special collaborative month, when a male trainee with soft brown eyes and the sweetest smile catches your eye what will you do?
requested: yes

  • you were a bnm trainee and you’ve trained there for only 1 month
  • you joined the company together with a girl called yoojung 
  • you, yoojung and the other female trainee, somi who was already there for a few months, basically became inseparable friends
  • you were already known for your killer dance moves and hella sweet vocals but you struggled with high notes 
  • all three of you did really so all of you always had fun trying to hit them and completely failing and laughing at each other 
  • you were also super excited to meet some of the guy trainees 
  • because according to somi, there were 4 of them and they were all gorgeous and super talented
  • she was friends with all four but especially close with daehwi
  • the boys and girls schedules never intertwined so you never saw any of the bnm boys
  • but when Rhymer (the CEO) announced that he was doing a special collaborative month for the female and male trainees and that the classes would be combined to create more competition so that we would all push ourselves
  • the thing is there were only 4 male trainees, and 3 female trainees 
  • because of Rhymer being extremely selective and only starting the idea of idol groups very recently 
  • you really liked Rhymer as a CEO, he gave you all quite a bit of freedom, he didn’t even have a dating ban his reason being was
  • the best music comes from either being in love or being heartbroken and that needs experience
  • but that love should never interfere with your career 
  • anyways when you three heard the news 
  • you all squealed and jumped around 
  • somi basically screaming “I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE DAEHWI MY FLUFFBALL”
  • yoojung also being like “GUYS what if one of us have to do a couple dance with one of the trainees??!!! I’d probably faint” she ended with a giggle
  • you smile at your friends and try to downplay your excitement saying “hmmm it’ll be nice to learn and get feedback from the other trainees”
  • somi teasingly says “OH COME ONNN Y/N!! live a little i bet you’ll fall for one of the guys” she ends with a cute little wink
  • you blush and deny it outright “oh hell no, i want to debut and a guy will just get in the way”
  • “mhmm keep on telling yourself that” yoojung says disbelievingly
  • *time skip to the day where you meet the bnm boys*
  • you can’t help but to dress a bit nicer instead of a normal baggy t shirt and really worn out shorts, you wore tight sport grey shorts and a cropped loose black t shirt both super comfy and great to dance in
  • you look at somi and yoojung who look so much better than you actually putting effort into what they wear
  • anyways you enter the dance studio and there’s Rhymer who greets you three and 4 boys all extremely good looking who immediately stand up and greet you all with a bow saying
  • “hi! we’re the male bnm trainees, please take care of us!”
  • your eye catches a super sweet looking guy with jet black hair and a smile which could melt the coldest hearts
  • he gives you a grin making your heart surprisingly flutter 
  • you scold yourself in your head “no no no not falling for any guys remember that y/n okay?”
  • the four boys then introduce themselves
  • the first guy, has honey blonde hair and looks so adorable and cute introduces himself super brightly as daehwi, you see him and somi waving at each other
  • the second guy with dark red hair and gorgeous brown eyes introduces himself in a low soothing voice as youngmin 
  • the third guy who looks nervous but still looks confident with dark brown hair and a killer smile which showcased his adorable snaggletooth introduces himself as woojin
  • then you turn your attention to the fourth guy
  • your heart flutters again and you’re annoyed at yourself, again
  • you admire his soft eyes and super nice smile, in a soft sweet voice he introduces himself as donghyun 
  • as he introduces himself he looks you straight in the eye making you want to squeal like a little girl on christmas day
  • you three girls introduce yourself super quickly greeting them as well
  • “hey it’s nice to meet you all!” you say in unison
  • somi and yoojung introduces themselves super confidently and brightly and then it’s your turn you feel slightly nervous but muster up your most confident tone
  • “hello my name i-is y/n!” 
  • you slightly stutter in the middle because you saw donghyun whisper something in youngmin’s ear and both of them looking at you in the process
  • you feel self conscious wondering if they’re mocking you, you slightly frown at the thought
  • but on the contrary, donghyun was saying how you were super pretty even in just a training outfit 
  • your thoughts gets interrupted by Rhymer who says to all of you
  • “so now since introductions are finished, i will give you a brief outline on what’s happening in the next month. in a month’s time you all will have to perform in front of your sunbaes, there will be three groups. one for vocals, one for dance and one for rap. the rap will be original lyrics from the two rappers but the music will already be produced. the vocals will be three people and they will have to compose the song and lyrics since there are more people. the dance group will be a couple dance and you will have to make a choreography designed in a couple format.”
  • all of you try to process everything
  • and there are a million thoughts in your brain but the one that stands out the most is a bit of you hoping and hoping
  • that you would be paired up with donghyun for the couple dance
  • you try to dismiss the thought but you can’t 
  • Rhymer announces that you’ll all have about 4 hours today but then only an hour each day and everything else must be done in your spare time
  • he also announces he already decided the groups and starts to call out names “yoojung and youngmin for rap, daehwi, somi and donghyun for vocals and woojin and y/n for dance”
  • your heart sinks as you hear your name for dance paired up with woojin instead of donghyun
  • you give a small smile to woojin who smiles hesitantly back
  • you hear yoojung whisper in your ear ‘ooo couple dancing with woojin huh?” 
  • you scold her “i’m not interested in him that way yoojung” 
  • she just lifts an eyebrow and you roll your eyes at her antics
  • you look at donghyun who has a small frown on his face and as he looks up at you his face brightens and he gives you a grin
  • you smile back shyly trying to ignore the butterflies which keep on occurring whenever you see him
  • anyways everyone gets in their groups and heads to different practice rooms
  • you discuss with woojin about which songs you want to do
  • you decide on wild thoughts by rihanna agreeing it’s a good beat and it’ll be easy to do a couple dance to
  • woojin and you were super shy and awkward at first but then suddenly you both get super comfortable with each other and is just super in awe of each other’s dancing
  • surprisingly after like an hour or so woojin loosens up and so do you and is a lot of fun and jokes around a lot, the whole couple dance thing isn’t awkward at all and you both think it’s just hilarious 
  • in a span of a couple of hours you guys become really close but not in a romantic way at all much more like siblings than anything else
  • by the end of your practice session you guys end up rolling with laughter than actually practicing 
  • unknown to you donghyun and youngmin was walking past 
  • donghyun saw you and woojin fooling around and having so much fun
  • he couldn’t help but be jealous of you two 
  • he knew he was going to have a massive crush on you from the moment you entered the room 
  • it kind of hit him again how much he already likes you, since he’s already being super jealous
  • he knew he felt something before from
  • the shy smiles you guys exchanged made his heart flutter and beat super fast
  • youngmin interrupted his thoughts saying “yah! donghyun you look super upset, you’re jealous aren’t you? you really like her don’t you but you haven’t even talked to her!” 
  • “i know i haven’t youngmin-ah i want to though” donghyun replies with a sigh
  • youngmin gives him a cheeky smile and says “well we’re gonna change that”
  • he pushes donghyun into the training room and he follows
  • youngmin announces brightly “WE’RE HERE WOOJIN DID YOU MISS US??!!” 
  • woojin groans “no, i really didn’t”
  • you laugh at the sight and greet youngmin politely “hello youngmin-ssi how’s your practice going?”
  • “no no don’t call me youngmin-ssi that’s too formal and makes me feel old just call me youngmin and practice is going great actually yoojung is so much fun to be with” he says with a smile
  • you agree wholeheartedly everyone loves yoojung
  • you face donghyun and you can’t help but blush and you say shyly
  • “hello donghyun-ssi i hope your practice is as going as well as youngmin’s”
  • he smiles back sweetly at you admiring how pretty you look even all sweaty and says 
  • “it’s going pretty well but i’m struggling on a few melodies because i didn’t have time to work with somi. since she and daehwi decided to go to the convenience store to get snacks and also get fried chicken and pizza for all of us, i think yoojung went with them as well” 
  • woojin and youngmin cheers hearing the news of food and you smile brightly thinking of how good the fried chicken and pizza will be
  • fried chicken and pizza over guys any day 
  • you can’t help but want to spend more time with donghyun so consciously/unconsciously you suggest shyly to donghyun 
  • “if you’d like before they get back i can help you with your melodies since me and somi voices are quite similar”
  • he grins brightly at you making you feel all warm and gooey but also relieved he didn’t shoot down your idea on the spot
  • he says gratefully “that’d be amazing thank you! could we go to the vocal practice room because all of my sheet notes and my guitar is there?”
  • “of course!” you reply feeling super nervous but excited to spend time with donghyun
  • woojin and youngmin look at each other with the look, youngmin whispers to woojin “new couple alert″ woojin grins back nodding
  • as you and donghyun leave the room woojin and youngmin shout to you two 
  • you both blush crimson red and you give a joking bitch glare at the boys as you close the door
  • donghyun and you head towards the music room and you end up helping him with all his melodies
  • you both enjoy each other’s company a lot laughing and smiling
  • and every single time donghyun looks at you your heart can’t help but flutter
  • and you know you were going to fall really hard for this guy
  • he was sweet, funny, kind, handsome, had such a nice voice and you felt so happy and comfortable around him
  • donghyun felt the exact same way 
  • he never met someone as like you lol the cheese
  • you were sweet, nice, understanding, helpful. and pretty as hell
  • he also couldn’t help but fall for your angelic voice
  • you really wanted to learn guitar and you told him so 
  • “really?! i could teach you if you’d like?” he said sweetly
  • “thank you so much! if it wouldn’t be a bother of course.” you reply with a bright smile
  • “here i’ll give you your first lesson now” he says handing you his guitar
  • he tells you he’ll teach you an A major chord that being one of the most common chords
  • he shows you the fingering and you basically stop breathing because of how close you guys are
  • with his face centimetres from yours as he focuses on placing your fingers on the right strings
  • you both turn slightly pink at how close you two were
  • he tells you that the fingering is right and tells you to strum
  • just as you finish strumming daehwi bursts into the room
  • both of you speed into the dance studio and basically sprint to the food
  • everyones eating and causing so much noise
  • there’s so much joking, bickering, shouting and it’s just such a great group of people
  • you all end up being super close after like an hour of stuffing yourselves and talking 
  • the next three weeks were a lot of fun
  • participating in classes with the guys was so much fun but also made it more competitive but in a good way
  • woojin and you basically become siblings and always have a blast dancing with each other and practices always go smoothly
  • your crush on donghyun just kept on growing every single day
  • your favourite part of the whole week is when he gives you guitar lessons
  • then you both eat dinner and just spend good quality time together
  • but you still always end up blushing when he either smiles at you or you guys have physical contact
  • donghyun and somi also get super close making you jealous occasionally but you always try to calm yourself and tell yourself there’s nothing between them
  • the actual reason why donghyun and somi were so close is because donghyun always wanted to talk about you but the guys would always tease him
  • somi promised not to tell you but she knew you had at least some feelings for him
  • he’d just always rant to her and ask her for advice
  • because he was falling for you harddd
  • he literally could never stop thinking about you and decided he’ll confess on the day of the performance
  • with the help of somi he organised it to the second 
  • he was going to make a super grand and cheesy gesture in front of everyone 
  • because that’s the type of person he is (idk if he is just let me do my shit)
  • anyways
  • you really didn’t want the month to end but sadly it did
  • it was the day of the performance and you were so hyped
  • you and woojin could do the routine while sleeping
  • it was super complex and so tiring to dance especially since you made a routine to the whole dance but it was so rewarding when it finishes
  • you were walking past the music room and what you saw and heard broke your heart into a million pieces
  • donghyun was there with a rose in his hand and his perfect angelic smile confessing to somi
  • you heard him say “i’ve liked you for so long and you always make me happy so will you be my girlfriend”
  • your heart shattered as you heard that one sentence
  • you couldn’t bear to hear somi’s response and you fled to the dance studio in tears
  • your heart was hurting so much
  • you thought the shy smiles, the guitar lessons, the long chats meant something to both of you but it didn't 
  • it just meant something to you 
  • he probably was just being nice and you were the fool kidding yourself he might actually like you 
  • he likes somi he likes somi he likes somi is the only thing that was running through your mind
  • you slammed the door shut and ended up sobbing your back pressed against the door
  • you hated yourself for crying this much and being so affected by him
  • you were in the midst of wallowing yourself in your own tears when you felt a pair of strong arms around you grabbing you tight
  • you looked at who it was 
  • woojin
  • he whispers soothingly into your ear as you cry into his shoulder “it’s okay y/n, i’m here okay?, it’s okay you’ll be okay.”
  • you finally stop crying and woojin asks you to explain what happened you tell him everything 
  • he nods understandingly through the whole explanation
  • then says 
  • “i don’t know y/n, i personally thought he really liked you too but i don’t know anymore. but you can’t this affect our performance, you need to show what he’s missing okay?”
  • you sniffle a bit before softly saying “thank you woojin for always being there for me and yeah i’ll give the best performance of my life, all our hard work will not go into waste”
  • your head think of the words rhymer said to you “love should never interfere with your career” and you promised yourself to give it your all
  • youngmin and yoojung finish their amazing rap, they had such great chemistry and every single word they uttered was perfect
  • up next was you and woojin
  • you put your performance face on and as the music started you felt at ease and you knew exactly what to do 
  • you and woojin flowed so smoothly and hit every single beat, your movements were jolted and sharp but those movements easily turned into flowy soft ones
  • both of you just oozed confidence and all the couple dance bits made you think of donghyun even though you hated yourself for it
  • you both performed the routine basically perfectly
  • from the side of the stage donghyun was trying to fight that monster of jealousy
  • he tried to smile at you as you passed but you didn’t even give him a single look making him frown
  • he was super nervous but not only for the performance but afterwards he was gonna do a solo and confess to you
  • he really hoped you’d accept his confession
  • he practiced with somi a few times before but she said they were all to scripted and fake and told him to just wing it
  • cue the ahhhhh that makes sense now
  • yeah lol ppl donghyun ain’t a two timer
  • the song went super smoothly and the not a single note was wrong, the harmonisation was perfect and so was the rhythm
  • donghyun then got his guitar and started to speak to the crowd
  • “so i’ve prepared a little song for someone special and i hope you all enjoy” he said with a smile at you but frowned slightly seeing your glare 
  • nonetheless he sang the song he’s worked on, not sleeping some nights to finish a few lines
  • you still felt so upset knowing this song was dedicated to somi and then he had the nerve to go and smile at you?! 
  • but you couldn’t help but fall in love all over again with is voice and the song
  • the song basically was a confession to this beautiful girl which you thought was somi
  • after he ended you couldn’t help but clap because no matter how heartbroken he was truly a talented performer
  • he then said “as you could tell this was a confession, every single bit of me loves this girl and she just always makes me happy and makes me feel so cared and loved for so i hope you accept my confession, this song was for you y/n.”
  • you’re dumbfounded and as you walk onto the stage with everyone cheering except woojin who looked even more confused than you 
  • you say to him a bit pissed off “bu-but i saw you confessing to somi like two hours ago?!”
  • he blushes bright red and explains super rushed “no no no!!! i was practising how i should confess to you, and somi was pretending to be you”
  • your heart soared, and happiness filled you up and your brain was screaming
  • you blush bright red and whisper super embarrassed “really? so you were practising to confess to me?”
  • donghyun heart raced and said “yes i really was”
  • “well then i hate you for making me cry over you for an hour but i love you and of course i accept your confession” you say sweetly smiling widely as your heart was beating a hundred miles an hour
  • he smiles the happiest smile you’ve ever seen and before you know it
  • he gently cups your face and his soft lips are on yours and your heart flutters even more as he smiles against your lips making you smile as well
  • you break apart and he kisses you lightly on the forehead as he holds your hand and you both walk off the stage
  • he then whispers into your ear “i’m sorry you had to experience the wrong confession”
  • “it’s okay, i still got the perfect confession in the end” you say with a smile feeling like you’re on cloud 9 and then you basically go to heaven as donghyun says
  • “i’m glad you think so my little angel”

gosh i’m so tired i spent so much time writing this its 2am rn and i need to go to school tomorrow and i just wanted to finish this also this was 3.5k lol it is sooo long why do i make my writing so long, i’m so sorry ppl following meee, i always feel bad i feel like I’m wasting your precious time lmao also donghyun is such a sweetheart and i can’t wait for mxm debut!! also ppl please send me messages and anon stuff like even just to talk cause i love interacting with you all, anyways I HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT!!! 

Taylor Swift isn’t boy crazy, she’s chemistry crazy. Like a mad professor experimenting with human pheromones, Swift leans into Australian newcomer Brenton Thwaites and makes him positively blush. Move over Harry Styles and Conor Kennedy—is this the very first spark of a new couple alert? I came to Grey Goose Soho House tonight to toast the Weinstein Company’s much-buzzed August: Osage County, starring Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts. But by 11 p.m., I find myself hypnotized at the sight of these two fresh-faced young stars (she’s 23; he’s 24), hitting it off as if there’s no one else in the room.

Swift doesn’t so much flirt—it’s more like she sets the other person on fire. When she actually makes eye contact, it’s like locking eyes with a feral arctic fox. Sheer magnetism. With sly, coquettish body language, she draws Thwaites closer by speaking in hushed tones. They inch closer and closer together, and at one point, show one another their rings—she’s wearing three, he’s sporting one. I’m sitting strategically behind Thwaites, roughly a foot from his back—and as everyone’s drawn to Roberts’ iPhone show-and-tell of pictures of her twins—I spot him slip off his silver ring and offer it to Swift to try on. She discreetly gives it a go and whispers something in his ear. Charmingly, it’s one of those silver teaspoon handles repurposed into a ring—the kind you find in dorm rooms across America. There must be a good story behind it; because as he elaborates, Swift’s eyes widen in delight, examining the band even more closely. His charms pull off a major coup, considering this is the first time he’s even met pop music’s most idolized female crooner.

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It's me or are Cesar and Cait the new hot couple alert? They seem glued together in last SA pics, what a shocking turn of events!😂😂

Well Sam did say that Cait enjoys the French actors 😂

BlackPink Reaction - Dating Scandal

snsd version : here


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Honestly, she hadn’t even heard about it until you walked in and apologies and explanations were pouring from your mouth faster than she could keep up with.

“Y/N, breathe.” She said, looking at your with a slight laugh, “I can’t understand anything you’re saying.” 

“I’m not dating Luna.” You said, your words only slightly slower than before, “We’re working on a photoshoot together, that’s where all the pictures came from. I wasn’t on a date with her, I’m not dating her.” 

“Dummy, I know you’re not dating her, you’re dating me.” Jisoo said, “What pictures are you talking about?”

You just stared at her for a moment, “Oh, uh, well, these.” you managed to get out, handing her your phone. Pictures from your latest photoshoot that had been plastered around the internet, most with the caption ‘New couple Alert? Y/N and Luna’s photoshoot has an adorable couple concept that we all hope isn’t just for camera’s.”

Jisoo looked through the pictures, rather calmly. You studied her face as she scrolled through the article, trying to pick up on any visual hints she was giving you. 

“I like this picture best.” Jisoo said, stopping at one where you had your arms secured around Luna’s waist and your head on her shoulder. “You look cute.” she paused again and grinned, “Hey, I think you should take some advice from these pictures next time we go on a date, they make you seem like the perfect partner!” 


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She was annoyed to say the least, where ever she looked she saw pictures of you with Hwasa. She knew the rumors weren’t true, she knew that you two weren’t dating. She was dating you, and she knew you and Hwasa were just friends, but it didn’t stop her from having to bite her cheek when she was asked about it. The four girls were on a variety show and somehow your name had come up, how could it not, you and Hwasa were what everyone was talking about. 

“So, you guys are pretty good friends with Y/N aren’t you?” The MC asked, leaning on his knees and looking at the girls with intent, “Can you confirm that they’re dating Hwasa?”

“I can deny it.” Jennie said immediately, before she was completely sure what she was saying. Suddenly everyones eyes were on her and she took a deep breath deciding to just continue her train of thought before she could talk herself out of it. “I know Y/N’s not dating Hwasa because they’re dating me.” 

Everyone stared at her, no one was quite sure what to say. The MC awkwardly chuckled and nodded a bit, “Well I guess that puts that rumor to rest then.”

After the interview she called you and told you everything that had happened. She knew she would get in trouble for telling everyone she was dating you, and she wanted to make sure you were ready for anything and everything that was coming.


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You didn’t even realize she was upset about it at first, you talked it through with her. Everything seemed fine, though you had been surprising her with flowers and things you knew she liked, just in case she was mad. She was pretty quiet about her feelings so you knew it would take some coaxing to get her to really tell you how she was feeling. 

At some point you had stopped trying to get her to talk about it, assuming that if she was ever feeling bad about what happened. Which, to be fair, she did, just not in the way you were expecting. One day the two of you were sitting on your couch, watching a movie. You had your head rested on her shoulder and reached in the bowl to get some more popcorn, but all you felt was the bottom of an empty metal bowl. 

“Rosie.” You said, your voice slightly whiney as you called your girlfriend by your favorite nickname, “can you get some more popcorn?”

“Why don’t you ask Momo for some popcorn.” Chaeyoung muttered, not taking her eyes off the movie in front of her. 

You sighed and sat up, not sure how to respond. Finally, after a few moments of awkward silence, you got her to talk about what was bothering her. After that, the two of you actually were completely fine, but every once and awhile you’d make fun of her now famous line.


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She took you by surprise, you didn’t expect her to be as jealous as she was. You came home, expecting to walk through the door and see your adorable girlfriend, instead you walked in and found her seething mad. 

“What the hell Y/N.” Lisa asked, showing you the picture of you and Joy together that was posted everywhere, “What is this?”

You took the phone from her to look at the picture, “Lisa, we’re friends. Of course we hang out sometimes.” 

“That’s not why I’m mad.” Lisa said, her voice monotone.

“Then why don’t you tell me why you’re mad.” You said, walking towards her and resting your hand on her arm.

“Because-” She said, her voice quieted quickly as she spoke, “she gets to spend time with you, but I don’t. We can’t go out because people might see us, I’m just tired of having to sneak around.”

You pulled her into a hug and rubbed her back gently, “I know it sucks, but we’ll figure it out. Besides, maybe now since this is everywhere.” You said, looking at the picture, “we can get two birds with one stone.”

Lisa looked at you and smiled, “I like that.” 

Breaking: Girl's Day And Actor Ryu Jun Yeol Confirmed To Be Dating

Breaking: Girl’s Day And Actor Ryu Jun Yeol Confirmed To Be Dating

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New celebrity couple alert!

On August 16, Ryu Jun Yeol’s agency C-JeS Entertainment confirmed the reports that the actor is dating Girl’s Day’s Hyeri and stated, “Ryu Jun Yeol and Hyeri recently progressed from being friends to a couple, and they are still in the early stages of their relationship. We apologize to the fans for these surprise dating reports.”

They continued to add, “We ask that…

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apparently emma stone set them up? standard(.)co(.)uk/showbiz/celebrity-news/emma-stone-played-matchmaker-for-taylor-swift-and-joe-alwyn-after-meeting-on-film-set-a3541196(.)html

Emma Stone was the matchmaker who paired Taylor Swift with new boyfriend Joe Alwyn, the Standard can reveal.

The Oscar-winner is close friends with the Shake It Off singer, and recently finished filming period drama The Favourite in Hertfordshire with Alwyn, 26.

Stone, Alwyn, Rachel Weisz and Olivia Colman shot much of the film, which focuses on the reign of Queen Anne, at Hatfield House.

The actor — who lives with his parents in Crouch End — and Swift have been seeing each other since March but were keen to keep their relationship private.

A friend of the singer told the Standard: “Taylor and Emma are very close friends, it was Emma who introduced them as she thought he would be perfect for her.

“Filming for The Favourite started in March and the couple were introduced very soon afterwards. Emma played matchmaker.”

Swift, 27, has been renting a house near Alwyn’s home. His mother Elizabeth said “no comment” when asked about his new romance.

Neighbours were “shocked and amused” after hearing Swift was a frequent visitor.

One said: “I am not telling my daughter because she’ll go mad. We’ve not seen big cars with black windows.”

Swift has been single since splitting with Tom Hiddleston in September.

The source close to her confirmed she and Alwyn, a National Youth theatre graduate, had been dating for “several months”, adding: “It isn’t a new couple alert or a secret relationship, the only people this has been a secret to is the media.”

Yesterday, I spent a rainy September day hanging out with my boyfriend, it was so unassuming and wonderful. We went to a diner for pancakes and napped together, wrapped up in blankets, falling asleep listening to the patter of rain on the bedroom window. I didn’t think it could ever be like this, so simple, enjoying the company of someone without having to do anything, just being with one another. We read and drank tea and watched TV. I’m so happy we found each other. 

They Don’t Know About Us - A Harry Styles Mini Series (Part 2)

Part 1

“New Couple Alert?? For the past few months, it’s been speculated that Y/N and Harry Styles are the new hot couple at the moment, however, the two constantly would claim to be just friends. Last night the two were seen out for a late dinner together, holding hands, and sharing some intimate close ups throughout the night. Perhaps all those months of being just friends, the two have decided to give being more than friends a try.” 

You wake up when you feel the sun coming through the window. You turn around to face Harry, who was still sleeping. You lean over giving him a little kiss on the nose, causing him to scrunch his nose. You giggle quietly, waiting a little bit before kissing his nose again. He groans and brings his hand up to scratch it. You put your hand over your mouth as you let out another giggle. 

You wait a bit longer before leaning over to give him another kiss, when he scares you by opening his eyes and hovering over you. 

“Ah! What are you doing?” You giggle. 

“Me? What are you doing?” He laughs. “I’m just trying to sleep and you’re trying to feel me up!” He says innocently. 

“I was not trying to feel you up.” You laughs. “I was simply kissing your nose.” You point out. 

“You started there, If I wouldn’t have woke up, you would have moved down to my ass.” He smirks. 

“Oh my god, you wish!” You laugh. 

He smirks. “Actually…” He says running his hands down your sides. “I wouldn’t mind having a little love making time before breakfast.” He smirks. 

You giggle wrapping your arms around his neck, leaning up to kiss him. He smiles into your lips as he wraps his arms around you. He runs his hands up your shirt before pulling it over your head. He smirks kissing down your neck and onto your chest. 

After paying special attention to your chest, he kisses down your stomach and onto your legs. He smirks against your skin as he leaves trails of kisses. It doesn’t take long before a gasp leaves your lips and your hands find their way to his hair. 

You can feel him smirking as he tries to hold down your hips and sounds come from your lips. However, as you started getting closer, his phone starts ringing. 

“Just ignore it.” He mumbles. “Not important.”

You try to ignore it the best you can, but it just keeps ringing. 

“Just answer it.” You gasp out. 

“Fucking..” He mumbles getting off the bed and reaching for his phone. “It’s Niall…” He groans. “I’ll call him later.” He says silencing his phone. 

He gets back on the bed, wrapping his arms around you. “Sorry, love.” He says holding you close. “Remind me to kill Niall later.” He smirks. 

“Aww, don’t do that.” You giggle. 

“He killed the mood, so I’m gonna kill him.” He smirks. 

“He didn’t kill the mood..” You smirk pushing him back against the bed. “Trust me…” You whisper leaning down to kiss him as you straddle him. 


A little bit later, you two emerge from the bedroom after you shower and work on cooking up a bit of brunch. You were working on some french toast, while Harry was looking on his phone. 

“So, our little date last night, is everywhere.” He says showing you the pictures with an article. 

“Well, I mean we both knew that this would happen.” You say. “How do you feel about it?” 

“I don’t know.” He sighs. “I had an amazing time last night and it was nice to be able to hold your hand and hold you close, without thinking about it.” He says. 

“Why do I feel like there’s a but coming?” You ask. 

“Because there is.” He sighs. “I had a great time and love that we can be ourselves wherever we are, but I still don’t want everything to be out in the open and I’m just afraid that this is going to become that.” 

“It won’t, I promise.” you smile wrapping your arms around him. “We’re not going to start doing tell alls about our sex life or our relationship.” You giggle. 

“True..” He nods looking down at you. “I just a little nervous about it.” 

“So am I.” You say. “But as long as we’re together, we’re good.” 

“We’re better than good. We’re amazing.” He smiles. 

You smile leaning up to kiss him quickly. “Why don’t you go set the table outside and I’ll bring the food.” 

He nods dropping his arms from you and carrying everything out on the back porch. You put all the food on a few plates before carrying them out to where Harry’s sitting. 

“So, what should we do today?” He asks. “We both have an off day.” 

“Hm. I was thinking maybe we could just go on a bit of a hike and maybe have a picnic for lunch, later.” You say. 

“That sounds like a great idea.” He smiles. “Very romantic.” 

“We haven’t really had a big romantic activity in a while.” You smile. “It will be nice.” 

He nods leaning over to kiss you before you two finish your brunch. 


You two get changed into some more suitable clothing for going on a hike, pack up a nice little lunch for later, and then head out. There were some trails near the house, so you two just walked from from there to the trails. 

“It’s such a beautiful day.” You smile. 

“It is.” He says. “I love it here.” 

“So, my magazine cover reveal party type thing, is next week.” You say. “Are you going to be able to make it?” 

“Of course. I wouldn’t miss it.” He smiles. “I would never miss something important to you, unless I absolutely couldn’t come.” 

“I know, but I also know that you’ve been working in the studio and then you have promo for your film coming out soon.” you say. 

“That doesn’t mean I’m just going to put you on the back burner, Y/N.” He says.  “Are you worried about that?” 

“Yes, and no.” You sigh. “It’s just while you were working on the film, it was easy for us to see one another because you pretty much stayed in one area for a few weeks and you would have days that you weren’t filming. And now you’re working in the studio, which means we’re in the same city, but what happens once I’m  on tour and I’m going to be traveling constantly, and you won’t be able to come.” 

“Y/N, you’re not going on tour until another month and half. We’ll figure something out by then.” He says. 

You sigh nodding. Harry sighs stopping and making you look at him. “I know that for most of our relationship, we’ve been together and only a part for maybe a week or so at a time. It’s going to be hard being away from you, but I love you and I’m not going to let something like a long-distance relationship effect what we have. I trust you and I know you trust me.” He says. 

“Of course I do.” you nod. 

“Then we have nothing to worry about.” He smiles. 

“I love you.” You smile. 

“And I love you.” He smiles wrapping his arm around your shoulder. “Now, let’s make it up this massive hill.” He laughs. 

You giggle wrapping your arm around him as you two walk up the hill. 

About an hour and a half later, you two make it up the hill and are blown away by the view. 

“This is amazing.” You smile. “This is the first time I’ve been up here.” 

“Really? I think I’ve made it this far one other time.” He says. 

“Let’s take a picture of us.” You smirk. 

He laughs getting his camera out. He takes a few pictures of the view and surrounding areas before turning the camera on the two of you. He smirks giving you a kiss on the cheek causing you to laugh when he takes the picture. 

Once you’re little mini photoshoot was finished, Harry lays out a blanket he packed and brings out the food. You smile sitting close to him as you snack on some strawberries. 

“I love having days like this.” You whisper. 

“Like what, baby?” He asks. .

“Us spending time like this. Where we don’t really have to do much of anything. I mean some couples have to always go on fancy dates or something like that, but we can just be with each other and it’s enough.” You smile. 

“I’ve never had that with anyone before.” He says. “It always felt sort of awkward.” 

“Do you think it will always be like this for us?” You whisper. 

“I do.” He smiles. “There’s just something about us that goes well together. I felt it that very first night we met. At first, I thought it was just a sexual attraction, but the more that we spent time together and I got to know you, I knew it was much more than that.” 

“Would you say it was love at first sight?” You giggle. 

“Technically no, but I would say that there wasn’t definitely something more than like that I felt that night.” He smiles.  

“You know, I was thinking about maybe, if you wanted it and it could work out with your schedule if we could go on a little getaway together. Even if it’s just for a few days, I just want to spend some time together with you before both of our work picks up again.” you say. 

“That would be perfect.” He smiles. “And I can make it work. I have to admit that I’ve been thinking of wanting to take you away and have you all to myself.” He laughs. 

“Where would we go?” You giggle.

“Somewhere tropical.” He smirks. “So, I can see you in a hot ass bikini everyday or we could go skinny dipping in the ocean together.” 

You roll your eyes. “And definitely somewhere we can have our privacy.” 

“What about Turks and Caicos?” He asks. “I’ve heard it’s beautiful there and we can make sure we have all the privacy we need.” 

“Hmm. Sounds great. We can leave?” You giggle. 

He laughs. “Soon. I can’t wait.” He smiles. “This will be our first little getaway together since we’ve been a couple.” 

“It’s going to be so nice to be able to get away from everything for a bit.” You say. 

He smiles. “Yeah, it is.” 

You smile back at him, giving him a good little kiss as you two start eating your lunch. The day was going great, however, you didn’t realize that some people that were nearby where taking pictures with their phones of you and Harry together. You also didn’t realize they would be plastered everyone on the internet before you could get even finish your lunch. 

Part 3

Attack on Junior High ep 2

In a show chock full of uber cuteness, I am electing to focus on just one aspect of cute from now on: THE SHIPS.

My #1 OTP: Ereri!

Sorry, one more…obvious favoritism here. So adorable!!!

Of course EreMika is accounted for…



MikeJean (wtf?)

The prominently featured stupid couple FranzHannah

And I forgot from last time, ConnieSasha…

…and Conmin (?).

Finally, new couples alert: ArminFuton…

…and Levimin…or LeviFuton…I can’t tell which yet.