new country roses

The AU no one wants but everyone needs (probably)

In which Eli and Izetta have a Nice Picnic while Alisha Takes over a New Country and Rose Kills a Man

Alternatively, in which Maki and Alisha Bond over being Rich, Fine Discovers Parfaits, and Rose Terrorizes a City

Or, in which Maki has to Live like a Peasant, Eli Drops a Giant Lance on Someone’s Head, and Hanayo Kills Rose for Riding an Alpaca

Notes: This is a crossover between Love Live, Shuumatsu no Izetta, and Tales of Zestiria. All three shows have a blonde princess (Eli’s basically a princess) and a red haired companion. That’s all this au is based on. Knowledge of any of these shows is not required

written with @cheesytoucans. We offer our sincerest apologies


  • They wake up in a space-time bubble. How did they get here? Who knows, who cares. Maybe the universe just really likes to put like things together, and everyone here is basically the same person right
  • They all gain some sense of each other’s worlds cause confusion is boring and we want to have fun here, we can’t have Eli being taken aback by magic for 4 paragraphs because that’s not what we’re here for
  • Blondes get in group together, nod approvingly. Red heads get in group, rose is disdainful towards maki, izetta tries to be a peacekeeper, it doesn’t work very well. Maki just wants to go home, Rose just wants to FIGHT
  • Suddenly the space-time bubble starts to shift and and move and looks like we’re switching worlds now

Fine + Rose -> Japan

Alisha + Maki -> Elystadt

Eli + Izetta -> Hyland

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