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I whipped up a quick commission sheet since my old one was out of date, I dont like this one that much either but oh well! I need some money for a new tablet cord. also im hungry

How to commission me

  • send me an email at
  • please include: commission type,full body character reference (unless its a bust) I will not take commissions if I need to draw your character completely from description, your tumblr URL, and the email linked to your paypal
  • After you receive the approval from me, please send me the correct amount of money to my paypal at
  • I will draw it for you and I will send you process sketches if it is a full drawing, with your permission I will post the drawing on my tumblr.
  • thats it!!!

Can i request multiple characters in the same picture?

Sure! We can discuss the payment over email!

Why should I pay your before I get my product?

I am a poor college student and I have a lot of trust in you guys, but sadly there are a lot of dishonest ppl on the internet, plus if you pay me first you will 100% get your product ASAP due to my morality and me feeling guilty for not giving you anything back

How long will it take to get my art?

Like i said! Im a college student! so I have loadsssss of work to do, its first come first serve! So be patient with me! But i can guarantee that it will not take over a week once youve been approved

What dont you draw????

NSFW, complicated robots,  thats about it, I can draw suggestive things though!

What can you draw?

Gore, furries, people, animals, demons, mythological creatures, ocs, canon characters etc etc,

If you have any questions please contact me on my tumblr


2.3-7.3.2017 - (days 50-55/100) + march bujo spread

oooooh my god i’m back, with a new month, a new charging cord, a solid trajectory for college, new classes, a more convenient time zone, and even more exhaustion!! but hey, i do look forward to the future and i’m as ready as ever to learn!!!

Me: Can I get the aux cord? 

Potential New Friend: Okay, but don’t play trash. 

Me: Trust me, it ain’t. *starts kpop playlist* Does fanchants, ad libs, choreography, and mumbles through whole song until I get to the English parts while being the hype man for every rapper on the track. 

Potential New Friend Who is Now Reconsidering This Entire Friendship

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use me // h.s.

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a/n: I didn’t really edit, I kind of just rewrote the whole thing I already had because someone suggested this off of my list and I figured why not get to it while I have the time and the drive! So here’s some smut about being impatient and wanting to bone your boyfriend even though he’s super busy! Enjoy!

You really didn’t want to disturb Harry.

It was rare that he got the chance to work from his home studio. It was even rarer that you happened to have your weekend off around the same time that he decided to stay home and work instead of spending his days in a studio. But just because you had the weekend off didn’t mean he could drop everything to spend all of his time with you. You still had a lot to get done before you were back at work on Monday though, so you tried to busy yourself the best that you could with your little checklist. The bedroom and bathroom needed to be deep cleaned, the kitchen needed to be reorganized, and you had your home office that needed to be set up. The only problem was you had most of those things started on Friday evening and finished on Saturday afternoon. That left you with a day and a half of doing nothing, a day and half of wanting Harry desperately from afar.

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Me: I’m going to sit down and actually finish writing the next chapters of this book/fic.

What I actually mean: I’m going to reread the last ten chapters and re-revise them until I’m too tired to write any new content.

Aaaaaaaaa v3 is SUPER CLOSE!! <3

This is a redraw of my first v3 doodle from September, when the designs were first shown! I still love these two a lot!

asdkjfdh i just made a post about this but,

HI I’m Phii, an RCAD student and my intuos pro tablet is on it’s final legs! i can barely get it to work without wiggling the tablet cord closest to the port a whole bunch and putting it in weird positions and it stops working mid drawing and it’s just about fizzled out. I recently bought a new cord and i’ve tested it and it’s definitely the pad itself I’ve had this tablet for a good 4 or 5 years if i remember correctly? maybe more? but i literally don’t have any money to buy a new one (bc i use all the cash i get for food or supplies for my non digital media classes.) SO WHAT I WANNA DO IS BE -THE WORST- and ask for donations !

I’m hoping for at least $300 but going to try and shoot for $800

$300 means I can get the same tablet from amazon and hopefully live until my birthday or other to try and get a cintiq 13HD (I asked for one for christmas this passed year but my parents decided not to do christmas or presents this time around so,,, yeah;;)

OR $800 so I can get a cintiq 13HD now and hopefully never worry again ??? for several years at least

my paypal is so if you are capable of donating even a little bit, it’ll help me out tremendously! I’m going to try and get my tablet to work for as long as i can and maybe make some $25 adoptables/designs to sell and maybe offer some $10 sketch commissions or some YCH auctions that I’ll finish when i can get a more reliable tablet ghgh;; 

sorry this is such a wordwall but im desperate, half of my classes depend on my having a portable tablet and my personal work is done 95% on my tablet as well, and hopefully i can use a friend’s tablet in the mean time but i really need my own asdfg please n thank you;; 

I’ll be trying to open up a patreon as well sometime in the future so i don’t have to ever do this again and people will have more access to my work if they enjoy it so !! look forward to that if i can avert this crisis; 

THANK YOU !!!! aaa

So today Devin came home from work, saying he had a surprise. He comes into the bedroom and pulls two 10-foot long phone cords out from behind his back AND I LOST MY SHIT because we have an Apple cord which is about an inch long and another one that’s like maybe 2 inches and there are only 7 outlets in our entire house, one of which is on the ceiling and doesn’t work (?????), none of which are anywhere near any of our pieces of furniture so if you want to charge your phone and be comfortable, good fuckin luck with that.

So we spent pretty much all of today just moving to different parts of the apartment, plugging our phones into outlets that were seemingly impossible distances away from where we were sitting, and then giggling to ourselves at the level of convenience and functionality of it all. And that, folks, is what married life is all about 😂


@namesovile commissioned me to make Binding of Isaac Bendy sprites SO here’s a smaller cartoon Bendy and a bigger Inky boss sprite Bendy!
I.. couldn’t decide which palette I liked more so here’s both of them! And Dipper Isaac is there for a bit of size comparison.

I love that Bendy’s head floats about his shoulders because he’s ripe for classic Isaac decapitation when you fight him, and he could spit tar creep everywhere.

(Hey, if you like this content, I’m currently trying to do commissions to help my friends pay for rent. I can do an Isaac-styled sprite edit (like the smaller Bendy) for $2, or a larger boss sprite for $5. Just shoot me a message.)

I would've paid real fucking money if the Omega Gang were giving each other stick & poke tattoos. that & them being the ones to shave & dye Quentin's hair. he would've looked a mess. shitty choppy mohawk, crappy dye job, shaky stick & poke tattoo of their omega gang symbol. kid wouldn't have intimidated anyone.

oh god imagine: Glob holding up a mirror so Quentin can shave the back of his head while Redneck is trying to stop him because Quentin can’t see shit without his glasses. finally Radian sits Quentin down and does his hair. 

 Tattoo doing Quentin’s stick & poke tattoo while Radian holds his hand. 

 all of them trying to help Quentin dye his hair and Quentin tries to do it solo while they’re reading the instructions and Glob laughs because now Quentin’s hands are pink too



Here I am going through all the pictures I just took of Keuka preening my hair and being adorbs and the little snot takes advantage of my distraction and wanders down and chews up my brand new headphone cord! They are wireless Bluetooth headphones (with a detachable cord that I was using before because I didn’t want to charge them), specifically BECAUSE of this risk, but they are brand new and I thought the cord would last a LITTLE LONGER THAN THIS

a sunny day ten years ago
a little girl clung tight to her shiny new camera
with the cord wrapped around her wrist
just like her daddy told her
and she was careful setting up the frame
frog in one third of the photo
swamp water in the other two thirds
just like her mommy taught her
for the rule of thirds
she waited patiently staring back at that frog
while her baby sister trampled across the wooden walkway
got the shot
and she giggled with the sun as she stared back
at that pretty picture with the frog’s mouth all bulged up
sure that in all her eight years
this day was the brightest
—  Miriam K, just a little nostalgia

Dyna(mite) on top of the desk in the home office. Thinks she can do what ever she wants. (Like steal dads TIE Fighters from up there.) and walk all over everything. She even chewed on moms brand new cord for her brand new phone. My mums only had it for four days!!!

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here’s a lil somethin i wanna talk about just cuz it made me happy

i went to best buy to get a new aux cord and after i grabbed it i went to the back to look at gaming keyboards and as i was looking at them one of the workers who i have talked to many times before (a cute boy with a sweet face) said hi to me and was like “checking out the pc keyboards?” and i was like “yeah i really want one, but i don’t have enough money rn lol. i just came to get an aux cord and got distracted” and he was like “yeah that’s easy to do here, but if ur ready i can check you out” and i said ok and as we were walking to the register he noticed the blue in my hair and said it was cool :’) and when we got to the register he asked me if i wanted to sign up for their rewards thing or whatever and i was like oh i guess so i gave him my name and number and stuff and as he was typing it in i was looking at him and asked him if he knew who ben platt was (cuz he kinda looks like him) and he said no and i told him he reminded me of him and he was on broadway and stuff and he should look up dear evan hansen if he wants to see what he looks like i guess and he was like ok cool and then he was like “you said he was handsome?” and i giggled a little and i was like no i said u remind me of him haha and he was like oh lol (silly boy i see what ur doing) and then he complimented my glasses and said it was different from the last time he’d seen me and i was like thanks :( and then he got done with everything and came around the desk to give me my bag and said “i gotta say carly ur really unique” and i almost gotdamn cried bc i’m mega insecure about my blandness and he made me feel like i was some rad chick from an indie movie like romona flowers or somethn and i was just :((((( <3333 but ya i was about to leave and he said “it was nice to see you again carly” and i said “u too, you’ll probably see me again” and smiled and he smiled at me and i went to my car and smiled more and i like boy :(

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MC who loves Lolita and always wears it (with the picture of her favorite dress? Only if you want to) What would RFA+V+Saeran's reaction be to dis adorable MC

٩(•̤̀ᵕ•̤́๑)ᵒᵏᵎᵎᵎᵎ In middle school I used to learn a lot about the Lolita styles, but since that was years ago, I’m using This Guide to help me brush up. Each style I’m referencing has a image on that blog by an artist that goes by Tophatcats, and they did a great job! You can also find that each style (Except ero style) has a tag on there with many pictures for reference! I…I can’t really choose a favorite.  (ಥ﹏ಥ)


- At the RFA party it wasn’t really…appropriate to wear lolita, but you sure as hell tried a quieter version of what you usually wore

- So Zen’s shock of your full blown Ero lolita outfit was slightly expected.

- “Whoa! Mc, you’re so dressed up. I-I mean you look amazing, but whoa!”

- You just chuckled a bit and explained that you usually dressed like this, you even pulled up a few good selfies on your phone to show some examples

- The little coffee date slowly turned into a brief explanation of lolita and a long Q&A session

- But, honestly, he didn’t mind it! He’d want to try and have his outfits go along with yours at times (If he knew ahead of time what you were going to wear), and he loved how cute you looked

- Granted, with the name ‘Ero Lolita’ he expected some scandalous outfits, but he was happy they weren’t too bad at all

- Still didn’t mean he didn’t find you sexy in them of course, but he wasn’t too worried about others trying to paw at you

- Getting ready with him would be a breeze because you both took so long. You wouldn’t have to worry about him nagging or being upset with how long it took you to get everything perfect

- I mean. He was exactly the same, except his clothes might be slightly easier to put on than yours

- (He was a fast learner on how to take them off, tho ;) )


- Okay, so you did rush to his apartment when the RFA group wanted you to. You swear. You just needed to make sure you looked decent, that your make-up wasn’t messed up… You needed to look! Your! Best!

- As soon as you walked in his jaw nearly dropped

- He wanted to treat you like a princess, but he had no idea you dressed as one

- (This…Explained a lot of things)

- After a few days stay (You making sure if he washed your clothes they were not to be ruined whatsoever) he slowly asked you what on earth you were wearing

- He wasn’t used to seeing such a different way of fashion, and you happily answered his questions about the Hime lolita style

- From that point on, he didn’t mind helping you afford/buy the high-end brand pieces you liked, and he offered to give his opinion whenever you needed it

- He secretly loved the fact that you dressed exactly how he wanted to treat you

- He’d try his best to surprise you with expensive jewelry to go along with your outfits (especially tiaras)

- The only time he wouldn’t enjoy it so much would be when he was trying to take it off of you. If he so much as popped a stitch on it you gave him a yelp and a stern slap on the arm. 


- Your style was easier to get away with, and Yoosung not knowing much about fashion probably would think it was just a prettier way to dress

- Casual lolita was your style, due to you being young and broke….Much like Yoosung orz

- Even though it was a bit casual, he did take notice of how you didn’t just throw things on like he did (gdi yoosung), and seemed to take a bit to get ready. Was this just how girls were?

- One day you took him shopping with you. Mainly to get him a few more shirts (He had like five), and a few more pieces for your cords. When you kept rejecting some outfits, even though he said you looked great in them, he asked what exactly you were looking for

- When you say something to go with your cords, that’s when the full blown Q&A session through several, several, stores started

- He was interested, only slightly understood it, but didn’t mind because you looked so cute and pretty to him.

- So what if you took a bit long to get ready? He’d make sure he looked good enough to be beside you during that time!


- He nearly spat out his soda when you popped up on the CCTV screen in full blown Sweet lolita!

- You didn’t look bad, not at all, but dear god you were going to hate being stuck in the apartment with hardly any clothes

- He may tease you in a few phone calls, like he does everyone, but you looked so cute

- In person he gave you a big hug and made way too many variations of jokes along the lines of “You’re so cute I could eat you right up!”

- Sure, it was difficult to laze around with you at times- Once he cuddled too much with you on the couch and his hair managed to get stuck in a hair clip of yours.

- Otherwise, he was your personal hype man! 

- He’d look up different styles of the Sweet lolita, watch you put on your make-up, love the new cords you made

- Sometimes he’d even want you to dress him up in your style!

- (He would want you to make a HBC themed cord tho. Come on, you know he’d love you in it, or love wearing it)


- She Loved It

- The way you dressed fit in with the cafe theme- A simple Classic style lolita. 

- She didn’t understand it at first. Instead of bothering you with questions, she did her own research on it. Once she found out, she’d be very supportive

-I mean, you looked so cute? How could she not??

- Once in a blue moon she’d let you dress her up in a cord of yours, but she’d need so much prompting to go outside. She’d feel so out of place

- She wouldn’t mind making coffee/tea and sweets for any lolita meet-ups though. She loved seeing all the different styles, and how your planned new cords


- His eyesight was a bit bad, everyone knew this, but when he saw a big black blob from far away he was a little worried

- When you were up close and he was able to see you a bit better, he felt his heart flutter a bit. You looked like an old gothtic doll!

-He wasn’t used to the style, not at all, but he loved finding places to help compliment outfit pictures

-He’s more of a nature guy, so he would be able to help you the most during the winter for the best backgrounds

-Otherwise he thought you were so pretty! Like a living doll. He loved taking pictures of you, and once his eyesight was better, he loved studying the different patterns you had

-If possible, he’d see if you were willing to try different styles for photo sets he wanted to take with you


-When he first saw you, he didn’t know how to react

-You were so cute! He wasn’t supposed have feelings for people… But here he was, trying not to stumble over his words

-You almost dressed like him, but…Fancier? He was a bit confused, but looking it up he found out you were dressing as a Punk Lolita?

-He didn’t really get it, but you were so pretty he didn’t mind.

-He loved watching you get ready, making small little make up suggestions

-Sometimes if he thought one of his studded wristbands or chokers would go with your outfit, he’d wordlessly put them on you

-All in all, he absolutely loved it and loved seeing each new cord you put together.