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The RoosterTeeth site and you

Now that they have hired Becca as the new Web Content Manager to bring the Rooster Teeth site back to life, I want to talk to all you folks on Tumblr about this because in all seriousnessthings definitely need to change to bring the RT site back to life- and it has to happen on our part as well as the part of how RT handles content.

The RT site was always known for being very open in the past. It was one of the few places on the internet where female users felt as safe talking about gaming as the guys. And they just hired a FEMALE web content manager to help bring it back to life. But in order to do that they need users. The mix of users is going to determine the kind of site Rooster Teeth will be, and as it is right now a lot of those left active ARE ladies.

Tumblr is an awful site. It’s broken, and many of us are only here because we have friends here and nowhere else to go. But the Rooster Teeth community has always had the site to get back to, and now that they’re getting back up to speed in usability it’s a really good time to get back into it. They’ve made an Ask system (no anonymous asks but that may be for the best), a chat system for live chatting, messaging, forums, and more. I’m going to be making guides to using the RT site from a fan perspective to help get people acquainted with this stuff for fun after RWBY has finished.

Finally people have told me they felt uncomfortable on the site because they felt that because of all the gamer dudes they’d be creeped on. But I know for a fact that not only are there fewer creeprs on RT than any other site I’ve ever been on, if you ever feel like someone is creeping on you on the RT site you can just talk to one of the following three people: Caleb Denecour (AH CM), Barbara Dunkelman (Head CM), and Chelsea Atkinson (Sponsor CM). 

They are the community managers, and I linked each of their names to their RT site profile. Barbara is the most busy so I recommend reaching out to the other two if you need a more immediate response. Additionally once the Screwattack forums are merged in, you can talk to Craig.

Rooster Teeth relies on it’s community to be it’s lifeblood, but right now the streets of the site are empty. We need to fill it back up, or things are going to change for the worse the way I see it. And the Tumblr and Reddit communities are both full of people looking for somewhere else to go to get a fresh start in a better community or a better website so I say: well here it is.

practicing some Reys. Daisy Ridley has such a cute face, but I’m not sure I’ve got it down quite yet. 

Today in the mail I got a lovely package from @freyleif containing my new tablet and hoo man let me tell you something. Even tho I had to hunt down a new cord for my laptop to connect to it, I couldn’t be happier. Best $400 ever spent and I can’t thank freyleif enough ♡ (picture containing a wip of an oc that belongs to a good friend of mine.)

A Destiny Spring Update Wishlist

Remember when The Taken King came out? Remember how awesome it was? It’s easy to forget in the midst of the great Destiny Malaise of 2016 that not so long ago, Bungie revitalized the world of Destiny in ways that fundamentally changed the way the game worked, and in most ways, for the better. In the months since, however, things have taken a turn for the worse – not necessarily because the game itself has gotten worse, but because the game has felt static.

This has left a lot of dedicated players feeling burnt out, particularly if the monthly PVP focused events have left you cold. Thankfully, Bungie has promised changes and a refresh of content in Destiny’s major Spring update, but as is usually the case, we’re still in the dark as to what exactly that means for players. The promise of new gear, new light levels, and new content, all with a new expansion and a sequel on the horizon is exciting, but in the meantime, I think there are a lot of ways Bungie can give players new ways to shoot aliens and collect junk, and most of it doesn’t even involve creating new content from scratch.

So consider this something of a wishlist for the Spring update and beyond; a list of changes and additions I think could spice up Destiny’s PVE space as players await new content later this year.

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AT&T Launches Digital Influencer Program With Grace Helbig, Shonduras

AT&T wants to tap into the mobile and social power of online influencers through a new content program. 

The telecom giant on Thursday announced the launch of Hello Lab, a yearlong project where it will work with 10 digital creators on new content. YouTube comedian Grace Helbig, travel duo Damon and Jo, Vine musicians Us The Duo and Snapchat star Shaun McBride, aka Shonduras, are among the influencers already signed up as ambassadors for the program. 

“The great thing about this program is that AT&T is really taking the time to figure out what is important to us and our community, then finding ways to let us explore those creative ideas,” said Helbig. 

For Hello Lab, AT&T has teamed up with Fullscreen's strategic content group to identify the projects — including video series, live experiences, albums and podcasts — that will help creators connect more deeply with their fans.

Damon and Jo, for example, have launched a weekly fan-driven travel series, Dare to Travel, on their YouTube channel. The series includes interactive challenges on Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter that will bring fans into the story. 

These projects will be powered by the AT&T network and will live across the creator’s social channels. Hello Lab also will be supported by a 360-degree marketing campaign co-created with the influencers. 

“We’re innovating with this new generation of creators because it’s a great way to connect what we do with an incredible new form of storytelling,” said AT&T CMO David Christopher. “This digital generation’s creativity, empowered by wireless networks and smartphones, is already changing the way we create and consume entertainment for the better." 

Added Fullscreen CEO George Strompolos: "With Hello Lab, AT&T is taking a longer-term, collaborative approach to content creation and marketing that adds value to both the creator and the fan. This is how it should be done." 

Hello Lab also is working with magician Collins Key and Instagram comedian Brandon Armstrong. Additional creators will be added to the program to reach a total of 10 creators. 

Fullscreen, which is owned by AT&T and The Chernin Group joint venture Otter Media, has worked with AT&T on a number of projects since 2012 including unscripted YouTube series @SummerBreak and Snapchat series SnapperHero. 

There needs to be more new original Janto fan content, people! My blog is getting tired! (Also I swear I would write more but I’m so stuck I haven’t written Janto in ages and Remember Me wasn’t well received so that was discouraging but I would write more if people asked me to.)


As I’m working on new content, some of my work from my previous show is on sale! These two bad boys are for sale, $175-$220 plus any shipping. They’re 15"x19" framed. I’ve got a lot of life changes happening, so if there was a good home out there for these little guys to go to instead of me throwing them around wherever I go, it would mean the absolute world to me.

New content to be posted within the week!

To those calling on David Cameron to sack Jeremy Hunt:

Do you think Cameron is sitting there thinking, “Oh shit, what did Jeremy do? Oh, hell no! He’s not going to get away with this!”?

Or do you, instead, think that, just maybe, Jeremy Hunt has acted with the full agreement and approval of the Prime Minister?

al3xtoole asked:

did you see the newest promo with the Desert Wolf and Dark Kira and the frEAKING ALLISON FLASHBACK TO 3x11?? I really don't want to get my hopes up because it's Jeff Davis, but im really hoping for them to bring back up the emotional tether (just imagine, "previously on teen wolf: Lydia you go with Stiles") I just don't know how else they would work that I'm except for reinstating the emotional tether? thoughts?

I really, really hope that the Allison thing is a reference to the emotional tether… I’m really confused as to why they would show her in this promo? It’s not new content. Does that mean the emotional tether scene is going to be in the episode, or did they just want footage of Crystal? Are they just going to start talking about the Argent family history, so they wanted to show Allison?

…that’s really weird.

important (like actually important)

so like,,,running a suggestion blog has been very tiring for me. i feel constant pressure to continuously pump out new content and good material, and thats rly bad for my anxiety. on top of that, i can only ever rly make good suggestions for this blog when im having bad feelings, and i havent been having a lot of those in a while so this whole blog seems kinda pointless to me now. in short, this is no longer going to be a suggestion blog. sorry!! you can unfollow me now if youd like. if you still wanna follow me but dont wanna see all my personal bs i have 2 other suggestion blogs i will keep up and running, those are @fantasysuggestion and @infatuatedsuggestion . thanks so much for ur support guys ily all!!

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chris hemsworth and edward kenway on your blog now. i'm officially dead aren't i? never stop! post... reblog everything! your blog is still my fave <3

;-; bless you this is so cute…. but yes edward kenway is now on my blog…he..literally looks like pirate thor i can’t believe it.. i’ve only just started playing the game but that character has already earned a place here hehe. and it means a lot that my blog is still your fave, admittedly i’ve been less active on here than usual because i work a full time job, so my productivity in terms of making stuff has been low. it doesn’t help that new thor content is at a halt, so i’m not feeling as inspired rn. :c i can’t wait for it to pick up again this year. thank you so much <333

Almost 300 followers!

So, I am like 12 followers away from 300, and I don’t know how to celebrate. So send me ideas! I’ve thought about preferences, special oneshots, or maybe even some kind of blog takeover for a little bit. I’m up for just about anything, so send me something you’d like to see! Whether it be a new kind of content or just something temporary. Send me ideas! (Oh, and I am off school today, so I am going to try to finish up Unexpected Turns 4: Unexpected Visitors) Love y’all!

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Capturing images and recording memories is my passion. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life. It fills me with overwhelming satisfaction to be able to look back on my adventures and remember the tiniest details so clearly through photographs. Being able to share them with others is secondary to why I do this, but it means a lot to me when my work influences others in a positive way. Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me with feedback, kind words, support and encouragement over the past few months as I’ve refined my website and experimented with new ways to publish content. You are a big part of why I am able to continue shooting, learning, and growing. 

Fandom stuff

I’ve got to say, as horrible as what I’m going to say is, one of my favorite parts about being a part of a fandom that is actively getting new content is watch people scramble around when either something happens with their ship, doesn’t happen with their ship, or their favorite character does a thing. It’s crazy. And awesome. And hilarious. Like, yes… Burn… Burrrrnnnn.

The newest episode of Supernatural was good, though I’m mostly looking forward to the next episode because Casifer and time travel and Crowley. The most entertaining thing about this new episode (aside from the Rock Paper Scissors thing.) is watching the fandom (read as: Destiel shippers) flop around. I’m a horrible person XD