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My twin sister Sarahi came from Egypt a few days ago and since it was a warm day, I took her out. She ended up buying a lot of things and the trunk of my car is full! 

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dillytrbl  asked:

oooh can we have some of those prison AU headcanons if you don't mind?? @.@

Iwaoi Prison Au

WAHAHAH DILLY! YES! I’D LOVE TO! Thank you for asking!! <3

It’s nothing big yet and not all figured out. Just some AU @maltedmilkchocolate and I came up with but I love to share the headcanons we have so far.

- Oikawa and Iwa meet in Prison for the first time.

- Iwa is a member of a high ranked gang and has already been to prison for about 2 years before Oikawa enters.

- Iwa has several tattoos. Some are gang related, some are prison tattoos and some are just marks of his life.

- He grew up in a rough neighborhood and started hanging out with some of the younger gang members when he was a teenager. Their were neighbors and friends and things started as some teenage shenanigan. by the age of 18 he was already big in the gang. he got caught and sent to prison when he was 21-22 and got a sentence of 10 years which was later reduced to 7 years.

- his gang was meeting with a rival gang for some truce negotiations and got sold out to the cops when their were mostly defenseless.

- Even by his young age Iwa has a good reputation within the gang and in prison now. People fear and respect him and he his some kind of leader and authority figure in his prison block.

- Oikawa gets send to prison for fraud and illegal money transfers (embezzlement) from his old workplace. Mostly due some kind of hacking.

- Oikawa grew up poor too and in a similar neighborhood than Iwa. But his mom took good care of him and made sure that he went to college. Oikawa worked hard, studied like crazy and worked several day jobs in between. He graduated College with perfect grades and luckily he got a job right out of it. But he didn’t really like it and in order to pay his debts and to give his mom a better life he tried “smarter” and quicker ways to get to money.

- He is smart and well spoken and figures out quickly how to make his way in prison and who to talk with and who to make friends with.

- However his smartass behavior and more geeky look bothers some inmates and they underestimate his sharpness. Oikawa has to wear his glasses in prison as always getting new contact receipts is too troublesome. This adds to his more “geeky” look.

- Everything about Oikawa rubs Iwa the wrong way at first. They start off on the wrong foot.

- Due some events Iwa realizes Oikawa’s wit and they start working together on some business level which also leads to them spending more time together and ending with them being “friends with benefits” …or more just “benefits”.

- First just getting off easy. Finding some secret places and times for some “quickies” . Quick session. Letting off steam and pressure and dealing with prison life and handling some needs.

- Their friendship evolves and they get closer and more comfortable. They trust each other and share things. This also changes their “benefits” thing they have going on. It changes into romance.

- This isn’t too easy in prison. There is no time or real private place to get sensual and romantic with each other. They also keep their romance to themselves to not become a target.

- Oikawa got 5 years for his embezzlement which he has to serve 4 years of and one year on parole.

- When he leaves Iwa still has one more year to go.

- Oikawa visits him and they start to make plans for the future.

- When Iwa gets released he first crashes at Oikawa’s place because his probation requires him to have a solid address and place. He stays until he finds his own place.

I guess these are the first basic headcanons. But there is so much more already!! About their life after prison!! Or about their interaction and problems in prison!! And just their relationship in general. But I fear this post would get too long.
but if anyone is interested just hit me or @maltedmilkchocolate up. We are happy to share.

And also because Stevie and I are awful we already have some darker version of this AU,too. An AU of the AU
Where Oikawa is a investigative journalist who gets plant into prison for some big story about prison and prison system. While everyone thinks he is a normal inmate. When Iwa finds out shit hits the fan. This is a story about betrayal and trust issues and Oikawa and Iwa finding each other, losing each other and finding each other again. It’s sad and bittersweet.


i’m bored and cute af
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The more I involve myself with this game the more I find myself learning and creating new things.. because at this point TS3 CC is like every man for themselves with the limited amount of downloads floating around.

I painted/blended some contacts from pretty much scratch.. the only thing I did was use a base to line up everything correctly of course.. but yayy I love them and perhaps I can make another set to upload if anyone cares.. shrugs.

Pepper Spray (phan)

Title: Pepper Spray

Summary: based on a prompt from phanfic that i lost the screenshot of but it was basically “i think you’ve been following me so i pepper sprayed you but you turned out to not be a creep at all”. basically, dan sprays phil and they turn out to be neighbours.

Warnings: none

Word count: 1864 words (est. reading time 10-15 minutes)

Author’s note: i’ve finally written something again! It’s very short though. I saw this promt on phanfic and it just kinda appealed to me, it was cute and stuff so i decided to make too much of a long hot mess out of it. I hope you like it and if you do, reblogs/likes are v much appreciated!

He was being followed. Dan was sure of it.

This guy, this tall, weird guy, had been walking behind him for 10 minutes now. When Dan took a shortcut to the supermarket, that guy had been behind him. When he took the path towards the building, that guy had taken the same path.

Being followed was never something good. In movies it always led to the first murder, and in detective shows it’s always the first scene of the episode.

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sad thing about the mystery box–i don’t think you get to keep the box.

JULY 15, 2014

Tuesday, 15 Jul 2014

Self-consciousness, anxiety about public images or reputation, and/or a greater concern for the packaging than the contents are some of the less positive possibilities for you at this time. You are apt to be rather attractive and appealing, particularly at the work place or in your professional role. Be careful not to take advantage of this for it could backfire. On a more pleasant note, an inviting atmosphere at work and appreciation for work well done is indicated. You could make some new contacts too, which would be good, except for the caution cited above.