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Chestnuts Roasting… And All That by elsi_bee (46k)

Louis is apparently the only person at his new job who is single as can be. It’s not a big deal to just tell his new colleagues that he has a boyfriend, right? Until he has to make this imaginary boyfriend magically appear at the office holiday party. Cue fake relationship antics with a certain someone who is more than willing to play along.

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okay but all the soulmate au explain that there is just THE ONE for you.
but what about polyamorous relationships then ? bc that’s what i wanna see :

AU where your soulmate name is written on your wrist and there is three names on yours and you just think your soulmate has a really weird and long name

AU where you can “text” your soulmate by writing on your arm, and soon it just turns into a group chat with your datemates which is just a huge cute mess ( especially since of them is always writing embarrassing stuffs to troll everyone )

AU where you start to see color when you meet your soulmate, but instead for you each datemate came with only a few colors and you didn’t see perfectly until you meet all of them.

AU where the first sentence your soulmate tells you is tattooed on your arm but you have several sentences and you’re like : “okay, i have already met ‘is this seat taken please’ and 'hello i’m your new colleague’ now i just need to find 'who the hell do they think they are’ and i’ll be done”

Reasons I will never get over the diner scene in the last episode of DGHDA

1. Todd and Dirk sitting extremely close together because they are so comfortable with each other now

2. Farah having faith in Dirk and investing in his agency

3. Dirk being completely bowled over by this even though he’s been loudly insisting everyone would join his detective agency for the whole season

4. Dirk then trying to recover from his surprise at having two new friends/colleagues who like him and believe in him, trying to play it cool even though he’s tragically bad at it

5. Todd and Dirk finishing each other’s freaking sentences oh my god

6. “So sane we’re boring”

7. Todd and Farah, the neurotic, affection-starved worrywarts of the show LAUGHING and having a good time with Dirk

8. Dirk wearing the Mexican Funeral t-shirt under his fucking yellow jacket because Todd PICKED OUT THAT FUCKING OUTFIT FOR HIM

9. Farah taking a chance on life and her weird new friends, embracing the weird, you go Farah

10. Dirk being a ball of sunshine and finally having Todd join in his laughter instead of just staring at him with the wide, angry eyes of emotional constipation

11. Did I mention they literally finish each other’s sentences

I mean man, what a great final ending wrap-up scene after which literally nothing happened

I just fell asleep at my desk for two hours on my first day in the job. Luckily my new colleague Sarah took some of my patients for me.

I think she tried to ask me out but I had the excuse that I (apparently) have a date tonight. Thanks for getting me out of that awkward situation, Sherlock.

Also… the circus? Didn’t think he’d be the type to want to go to the circus. Didn’t think I was the type either.
Having a baby on Sherlock set made me 'less precious' about my acting, Benedict Cumberbatch says
Generations of actors may have lived by the rule “never work with children or animals”, but not so Benedict Cumberbatch.

Generations of actors may have lived by the rule “never work with children or animals”, but not so Benedict Cumberbatch.

The actor, a new father, has said working with a baby on the set of Sherlock actually improved his performance, stopping him from being too precious about his scenes.

Cumberbatch, who has one son with his wife Sophie Hunter and another baby on the way, said having a new infant colleague for the fourth series of Sherlock compelled the usual cast to work around the baby’s schedule.

The character is now known to be Rosamund, the newborn daughter of John and Mary Watson, played by Martin Freeman and Amanda Abbington.

Speaking ahead of the New Year’s Day episode, Cumberbatch said: “The babies have been pretty amazing.

“I’m a father and I know how difficult it is to get anything in tune with a baby’s schedule.

“It keeps you in the moment and it stops you being precious about your work.  

“I love those elements that make it more difficult.”

As is conventional in television, the one baby character will be played by several real-life babies, with filming taking place in between naps and feeds under close supervision.

When asked about the phrase “never work with children or animals” and whether it had proved true, Freeman added: “I would go along with that - the babies were pretty easy actually.

“The dog not so much.  I love dogs, I love animals and I love children but that adage comes about for a reason.

“Every time I read any script with loads of kids and animals I think we’ll remember that saying it is there for a reason.  

“When it works it’s joyous but getting it to work can be tricky.”

Cumberbatch said of his animal co-stars: “We had an interesting dog in the first episode.

“He was very sweet but was a bit afraid of being in the centre of town, afraid of too many people and not great on hard surfaces. “We were in Borough Market, with lots of people around, on concrete and tarmac.

“Cut to Amanda literally pulling a bloodhound around London who was supposed to pull her around London. That was fun.”

The fourth series of Sherlock starts on Sunday, January 1 at 8.30pm on BBC One.

So at my store you can order clothes online for delivery to store. We tend to get regular customers doing this, including a lady I served today. I haven’t seen this particular customer in a while due to my shifts changing and being on holiday (during which we hired a few new colleagues), and when she saw me carrying her parcel to the collection point she said that she was glad I still worked here as it was nice to see a friendly familiar face. I carried that comment through the rest of my shift. Just wanted to share a nice customer for once.

Match Day

Two years ago on the morning of Match Day, I was sitting on the rooftop drinking black coffee laced with whiskey, eating Egg McMuffins, watching the sun rise with my friends. We couldn’t sleep all night. Our future was at hand. And we were dying from anticipation, fear, excitement, curiosity.

Tomorrow, massive numbers of fourth year med students will participate in one of the weirdest, unifying events in medical culture: Match Day. After all, how many professions out there give 10,000 plus people jobs simultaneously on one day every year? 

There will be tears, of happiness, joy, confusion, disbelief. There will be shock, there will be screams, there will be hugging. No matter what happens, know that it’s all going to work out no matter what program is listed on that piece of paper.

We residents are also anxiously waiting to hear where you will be going because we’re excited to meet our new colleagues! 

May the odds be ever in your favor, good luck and congratulations wonderful fourth years!
Grey's Anatomy's Marika Dominczyk Dissects That 'Hot' Arizona-Eliza Scene | TVLine
By Michael Ausiello

We can’t be sure but we think Arizona and Eliza just went to first base without actually going to first base.

In Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, Arizona (literally) peeked under her new colleague’s hood and (also, literally) grabbed hold of her horn wire — and it was arguably the pair’s most intimate moment to date. Even Eliza’s portrayer, Marika Dominczyk, admits with a laugh that her onscreen crush’s sudden swing into grease-monkey territory was “kind of hot,” adding that she and co-star Jessica Capshaw “laughed so much about that. I said to her, ‘Wow, since when did you know how to work on cars?’ You find out something new every day on this show.”

All joking aside, the duo’s latest parking-lot encounter represented something of a turning point. “Arizona extended a little bit of an olive branch to Eliza, and she didn’t have to do that,” Dominczyk says. “It was a nice little crack-the-door-open moment.”

The scene came at the end of a rollercoaster day for Minnick that initially showcased a lighter, gentler side of the steely doc (that Stephanie hug!) before tragedy struck in the operating room when she lost her first young patient. “When I read [the script] I was so blown away,” the actress recalls. “And I was so thankful at the opportunity to peel the layers back and show a more vulnerable side to her.”

As Dominczyk notes, “It’s the first time you realize, ‘Oh, she’s a person,’ instead of being this hard ass who just bosses everybody around.”

Back to the Arizona-Eliza of it all, the Grey’s newbie teases that their nascent relationship will remain “complicated,” adding, “There are lots of peaks and valleys coming.”

All the Small Things by kitundercover

AU. Harry is five inches tall and can’t remember how he got that way, but maybe with Louis’ help they can work it out.

Chestnuts Roasting…And All That by elsi_bee

Louis is apparently the only person at his new job who is single as can be. It’s not a big deal to just tell his new colleagues that he has a boyfriend, right? Until he has to make this imaginary boyfriend magically appear at the office holiday party. Cue fake relationship antics with a certain someone who is more than willing to play along.

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  • Me: So what's new with you?
  • Colleague: Oh, I'm giving an interview for a TV special about how Groundhog Day is based on pseudoscience.
  • Me: That's cool, but... I'm sorry, does that really warrant a TV special?
  • Colleague, bristling: What, you think groundhogs really are able to forecast the weather?
  • Me: I... no, but I don't think anybody else seriously thinks so, either.
  • Colleague: Exactly. Which is why I'm doing the interview.
  • Me: Okay, uh. Okay.
  • Colleague: What are you working on?
  • Me: Completely coincidentally, I'm working on a project proposal about improving modes of communication between scientists and the public.
  • Colleague: Oh. I thought we were doing better at that.
  • Me: Not... not measurably, no.
“You Know I’m Gonna Win, Right?”

Spencer Reid

Knashing your teeth together behind your puckered lips, your eyes dart along the chess board as you wring your hands tightly together within your lap.  Seven games.  Seven long, drawn-out, decadent games, and you hadn’t one a single one of them.

You had never backed down from a challenge, even when you were little.  The first dare you ever remember was a neighborhood boy daring you to scale the tree in your front yard without using the rope swing your father had made.

And you did it.

Before promptly falling out and breaking your leg.

So when your boss told you that your new colleague was unbeatable in chess, you challenged that idea.

And didn’t like that you were losing.

“You know I’m gonna win…right?” Reid smirks with confidence.

But then a smirk rises upon your own cheeks as your hand reaches out and moves your piece.

A piece no one thought you would move.

And it cornered Spencer.

“Check,” you smile.

And you relished in watching Boy Wonder squirm.


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Imagine Mycroft telling John about you...

“Is he always like this?” John asked upon meeting Mycroft, whom claimed to be Sherlock’s greatest enemy.

“I am assuming you mean a sporadic man whom knows he is highly intelligent and an ass about it, yes. However it was only recently that he made it a constant thing, before it was just when she wasn’t around.” Mycroft stated looking at the confusion on his new colleague’s face as he leaned on his umbrella. 

 "I am sorry, who is she?“ John asked confused, never imagining that the man he just met would ever have a female friend. 

"Oh I assumed he would never share her with you, she was just like you. She was a bright woman whom was a student at the time she met Mr.Holmes. However she soon abandoned the cause and became like you, a companion who decided to play detective with him. She was however much more in the end, she was his lover, and his old flat mate, which is now who you are.” He smoothly resisted as he remembered you. 

“And she grew annoyed of the man?” John stated. 

“Oh no my good man, she died. Gunshot wound to the chest, the poor girl jumped in front of a bullet for Mr. Holmes. She died in his arms, he took the loss very hard, yet discovered the only way to cope was to become a sociopathic ass, whom is addicted to smoking and the occasional dose of cocaine.” Mycroft warned, “It is when he grows bored that the grief of the matter, or if you were to mention her name, which I advise you not to mention.”  

“What is the name then?” John asked. 

“[Y/N] Holmes, the most brilliant woman who had graced London.”

semper-draca  asked:

For the letter prompt : a petition to the government, sent by Vette ^.^

Otherwise known as Vette’s Festivus List For The Council

To: Darth Marr, the rest of the collection of assholes that sit on this Council thing. That includes you, Vowrawn. I don’t care how many Corellian Sunrises we drank while you were on the Fury.

Citizen Petition to the Imperial Government to (use as much space as necessary): KINDLY REMOVE YOUR HEADS FROM YOUR COLLECTIVE ASS

Submitted by: The Emperor’s Wrath, on behalf of Vette

Over the last three years I have noticed a ton of problems with this Council. Frankly, I’m shocked the Empire works at all. I wanted to list them all, but Mara said I had to pick the top three. So here they are.

1. Baras. I mean…. what the fuck. The guy has a sitting Councilor murdered and you just accept him as a new colleague? And sit around quietly while he moves soldiers away from key systems for his own personal gain? You’re lucky you only lost Corellia. Seriously. We all know the only reason you accepted Mara as Wrath is because she did you a favor in getting rid of that creep. Maybe promote Councilors based on, I don’t know, loyalty to the Empire and actual skill with the shit they’re supposed to manage? Just a thought from some alien scum.

2. Speaking of that, fuck you racist nitwits. I wonder how many talented people would have been happy to participate in Imperial society but decided not to because you all are racist nitwits. I mean, I’m not one of them. But I’m sure they exist. Again, with all the talent you send away because of racist nitwittery, I’m shocked the Empire functions. And where does that talent go, if you turn it away without enslaving it? The Republic. The Hutts. Your enemies basically. Have fun with that.

3. Speaking of racist nitwittery. SLAVERY. WHAT THE HELL. YOU FUCKERS. This should be obvious. You want to know why those gaudy vanity statues take forever to get finished? Let me tell you: if I had been sold as a laborer like the Korriban academy intended, I would have been the WORST FUCKING LABORER. I’d sabotage your statues on purpose, you idiots. Pay your workers. If that’s too expensive, maybe try cutting back on the military spending a little, you know, wage slightly less pointless war. You’d be shocked how much better the output is if you treated your laborers like, um, people.

In sum: pull your heads out. I don’t really give a shit about the Empire, but my life and the lives of people I care about would be better if you did. Thank you for your time, you racist twits.


Darth Marr, I remember distinctly our conversation the afternoon you recognized me as Wrath, where you told me I would have operational freedom unless my activities were in direct conflict with those of the Council. You will note, I’m sure, that saying uncomfortable truths to the Council is not a conflict. The Emperor has not seen fit to strike me down for allowing Vette to air her grievances, and I expect the Council to follow its master’s lead. Even better, I would hope the Council has the modicum of wisdom necessary to see the idiocy in its past actions, specifically as regards my former master, and correct its procedures going forward. 

-Maranel Thrask, Emperor’s Wrath