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New Haircut [Spencer Reid]

Summary // You got a new haircut and Spencer can’t keep his eyes off of you anymore

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You strode in confidently, you had gotten a new haircut and you absolutely loved it. You had never really done much with your hair, you let it grow and you cut it but now you had done something completely different and it felt good to rock a completely different style for once instead of the style you’ve had for years which had never really been a style to begin with.

Immediately colleagues came and from the team it was Morgan that was first, mostly because he was closest to the elevator.

“Look at that, new haircut huh?” He said with an amused smile. “I like it.” You smiled, you didn’t seek for his approval but it was always nice to receive compliments about anything really. You went on and received compliments as you did from your various colleges, of course once everyone had finished and you had sat down at your desk Spencer came walking back in. You liked him, you weren’t sure how real it really was or how serious but you liked him, his quirks, his interests, his facts (most of the time) and just most things about him, he was nice to be around and the two of you along with Garcia often had Doctor Who reruns which were one of the best ways to have some fun after a hard case.

“Y/N!.” He said sounding oddly surprised, you had arrived a little early but after some small talk you were seated at your desk at normal time, then again you knew it must be weird seeing your hair completely different, you had fully embraced the idea a few weeks before you were able to go to the hair dresser but once you did you hadn’t been happier in a while.

“Hi, Spencer.” You replied somewhat awkward at the fact that he just kept staring at your hair without saying a word. He continued to stare and you started to feel quite uncomfortable and even some slight anxiety, whilst you were completely satisfied and wouldn’t change it even if he didn’t like it, seeing him stare clueless made you somewhat anxious. “Earth to Spencer?”

He suddenly shook his head as though he had gotten lost in thought and just returned. “Yes.. Ehm.. I like it.” He said and he sounded unsure, his tone wasn’t stable and his voice wavered a little and you nodded before turning back to your work, whilst you decided to brush off his odd behaviour you kept thinking about it, whilst being awkward certainly was one of his strong points, he’d never act like this with you or anyone really, his responses could be long but they never took this long, especially not in a casual conversation, he usually did know when it was time to reply to someone.


“We’ve got three families in Iowa, all of them middle-class but beside that no real similarity, this unsub went in, it was likely a break-in, and then went on to murder the family, he’s taken jewelry, expensive stuff but beside that not much, the families usually get found the next day by their neighbours or anyone dropping by. Simple stab wounds, this unsub just leaves them there.” You started to read over the file whilst you felt a pair of eyes burning in your back, when you strode into the office yesterday it started and it kept going, from time to time you just felt Spencer staring at you and often your feeling were proved right and you did see him staring at you, you tried to ignore it but it certainly was getting somewhat annoying, it made you wonder what he was thinking about, could he really hate it that much? He never really seemed to concerned with things such as clothing style and hair styles.

“All three are the same, most of them have a single or two stab wounds, there’s been no sign of struggling so they likely do it to be sure the person is dead. The theft hasn’t increased either, just expensive possessions and nothing else, there’s been a few fingerprints, some of the victims and one or two unidentified so that’s our unsub.” As all of you passed ideas and theories back and forth on the unsub, their motive and their stressor you still felt his eyes on you but so long as you reminded yourself this was about three dead families you were able to focus again. You had gone to work in the FBI because you had been the victim in a horrible crime and you didn’t want anyone to feel like that, so helpless, so dependent on someone you aren’t even sure can come, to be unable to protect yourself, it was a very strong motive and it kept you going until you had reached where you wanted to be, the BAU, and even then it helped you keep your head straight during cases and remember what it’s really about.

“Right, wheels up in thirty.” Hotch said and all of you nodded, once you had cleared out of the room you, somewhat forcibly, took Morgan his arm and walked over somewhere quiet.

“What’s wrong?” He immediately asked, it had been something you two did whenever one of you felt annoyed, angry, sad or any form of strong emotions, you both knew that you needed to share it with someone and since you gravitated to each other very easily it became a sort of ritual, after a case was when it happened the most, to talk about what happened and really say how you felt.

“Spencer, that’s what’s wrong. He’s been staring at me for two days already without a single word, I mean my hair doesn’t look that bad does it? Everyone’s always nice even if they hate it.” You admitted, it was just expected to be nice to people and say that you like it even if you hated it, it was a nice gesture and expected nowadays.

“No, trust me Y/N it’s cool, it fits you. Either way, I’ve seen him staring once or twice. I suppose I can try and ask him why he’s been staring, although I have a feeling I know.” Morgan said and you raised your eyebrow in response.

“Not telling you now, like I said, a feeling. Either way, you better get your go-bag, I feel like this will be a long one.” He said and you grimly nodded, you also felt like it would take a long time, with little to nothing to go on and with the murderer not that distinct, just killing people and taking their jewelry, you also felt like it would take a long time and likely more people would end up dead in this case no matter how much you hated the thought, you had to accept it.

“Right, well let’s go then. Off to Iowa.”


The case was finished, it took a long time but it finally was. The unsub had been faulty on the fourth murder and eventually that luckily led to his downfall, otherwise all of you could stay there for a long time and you might not have been able to solve it. Either way, the second before you stepped on the jet Garcia immediately confirmed that the three of you needed a night filled with only a British dork flying through space and you happily agreed, although Spencer was still acting very odd.

The staring continued, it did every single day and you started to really worry and had also started of ways to approach him about this because it had to stop eventually and it made you uneasy from time to time to have someone look at you, you just weren’t too comfortable with it. And so, since you hadn’t had time during the case to worry about Morgan’s suspicions, you pulled him aside once you all were on the jet.

“Okay, were your feeling correct?” You bluntly asked, you just needed to know and he smirked, which you took as a certain yes. “Well, elaborate on those feelings.” You said and of course, despite being best friends he still was Derek Morgan.

“You’ll know. Just ask him about it.” He said and you groaned, you had a feeling for what he might have thought but you were unsure and didn’t really have much going, after all it was an unusual hairstyle so he could just genuinely dislike it and find it an odd thing.

“Of course, you don’t have to do it so it’s easy to say. How do you go up to someone and ask why they’ve been creepily staring at you for the past week, because that’s just the most casual thing in the world to do.” You said, sarcasm dripping off of your voice and he chuckled.

“Don’t worry so much, you, Garcia and Reid always have a Doctor who night after a case right?” You gave a nod. “Depends but usually yes.”

“Then you jut ask him tonight.” He simply stated.

“It’s not that simple though, it’s really an odd question, you know.”

“It is, just stop worrying. How come you’re perfectly fine when interrogating serial killers but are nervous at the prospect of asking one of your friends why they’re staring at you.” Then something clicked inside of him and you just groaned in response and face palmed.

“It’s jut uncomfortable. If you say anything I might start using those interrogation techniques on you.” You threatened and he put his hands up before you two walked back and you decided to just listen to some music to try to distract yourself a bit.


“I’m going to take a break for a bit, you two go ahead though. I’ve already seen The Unicorn and The Wasp at least three times.” Garcia said as she left to some place else and you felt like it was staged, knowing the close friendship she also had with Morgan and you decided it was just best to ask now instead of putting it off even further, and so you decided to just ask.

“Why have you been staring at me?” It caught him by complete surprise.


“You’ve stared at me ever since I got this haircut and I just, I just need to know why, so you need to be completely honest with me okay? If you hate it just say it. I won’t change it but at least I know why you’ve been acting odd.” You said bluntly and he immediately responded.

“I love it! I really do its beautiful, it suits you well and I just.. I suppose I’ve been mesmerized with it.” He said somewhat sheepishly and you looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Really, I thought you were just kinda annoyed with it and kept staring at it.” You admitted, you didn’t really think that someone would stare at it this much if they liked it, generally they looked once in a while but it felt more like a passive aggressive glare that you should change it back to what it was.

“No, no absolutely not.” He said.

“That’s nice to know. Spencer, you need to be honest with me okay?” He swallowed, but nodded.

“Do you like me? But not as in I like being friend but you know, like like, love, whatever you want to call it.” You had ever seen him this petrified but he did nod. “Good, cause well, I feel the same way and I suppose Morgan had a really good instinct.” You said with a laugh and that was the moment Garcia came back.

“Finally! We kind of had bets going who would ask the other first you know, I didn’t think it would take this long.” You all just laughed.


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