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Mustafa Kılınç

Hi.. I’m taking photos in one of remote cities… People are looking at these photos. That’s enough for me! Thanks to all!..
I love to take silhouette photos and feed the alley cats… :)

Bertrand Sirven (Sir20,  feuilletourne & menorca-sir20)

I am an amateur photographer from France. I have no real favourite style: I like good photographs, nice light, beautiful framing, composition, colours, contrast… whatever the subject is. I try to apply those things in my photography. My 1st blog is about… everything! Landscapes, travel, experiments, architecture, portrait, macro, fine art nudes. My 2nd is only dedicated to my small town of Tournefeuille in France , &


WHAT Dior and AnOther Man issue launch
WHERE Albert’s, Old Brompton Road
WHO Harry Styles, Jefferson Hack
GRAZIA LOVED Harry Styles’ Dior suit

We broke through a crowd of directioners to descend into new members’ club Albert’s and celebrate Harry Styles’ star turn in AnOther Man. The singer-turned-actor brought along his older sister Gemma and pals George Barnett and Jamie Campbell Bower. But we almost didn’t recognize the man of the moment when we bumped into him by the bar after he’d snuck in quietly. We are happy to report the short hair is working for him. After ordering shots, Harry spent the rest of the night with Kate Moss’ ex, Jefferson Hack. - Grazia UK’s October 24th issue

Javier Roa (Javi)

My name is Javier Roa (Javi). I live in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Euskadi (Basque Country). I professionally dedicate myself to the graphic design and illustration, I have also performed a graphic novel, “Sombras en el tiempo” (Shadows in Time).

I’m an amateur and self-taught photographer. I let myself be carried away by the impulse and I don’t follow a preset pattern when I press the camera’s button.

Most of the photographs that build up my blog were taken with natural light. I feel a special predilection for interpreting and transmitting through images, show them in a technically correct way, from subjectivity, preferably the “B side” of the world that surround us and I wish to share with the people my enthusiasm for the snapshots. Buen provecho…


Photograph and traveller by passion. I love to photograph nature and  landscapes, sometimes I also use to  take pictures of city and architectural structures. I also like to create my small set in my apartment…

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I’m an amateur photographer, based in Mid Wales. Since childhood I’ve always had cameras, but have recently become a bit more obsessed with photography.

I generally take pictures of the landscape and changing seasons around me, though I’m keen to experiment with other forms, often inspired by Tumblr, as means to learning how to take more interesting pictures & to learn how all those complicated features on my camera work.

Simeon Patarozliev (outofinsight )

I like to travel… a lot. However, I also try not to do it only for myself and share it as much as I can. So far photography proves to be one of the best mediums I’ve found to do so. I’m trying to capture at least a bit of the amazing places I visit and also to add something personal in my photos, whenever I have this opportunity. So landscapes with a human touch are the main topic of my work but sometimes you could find some other experiments. Usually camping, hitchhiking and surviving with as less as possible, searching for the simple solitude that the wilderness can offer. Hopefully my photography also encompasses this amazing feeling… at least a bit. Enjoy life.

Henk Speksnijder 

My name is Henk Speksnijder from the Netherlands I am a retired photographer and edittor ; Imaging is my passion and i still work every day including teaching photography and photoshop. I love to make artsy things and my motto is: “Nothing is as it seems ”

Mara / MazzyMara

I think of my pictures as dramas, the shapes in the pictures are the performers” Mark Rothko

I just shoot what I see and experience, I much rather let the images tell my story.

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Sophie (icardamome)

Hi ! I am an amateur photographer,
french woman living in France,
during long walks in fields, woods and hills,
with my nose in the grass
and my fingers in the moss,
my camera sticking to my eye,
i become a part of something bigger,
a way to connect myself with nature,
a way to see otherwise around us,
we’re not the only Earth dwellers…
So many shapes, colors, patterns offered to my eyes,
It could be a pencil, a brush, as well as a song,
to describe all this beauty and diversity,
but I get on well with my camera…

Wayne Stadler Photography

Photographer, Nomad, Blogger, Graphic Designer, Drummer and Burner. Currently on a full-time road trip for my photography. I’m 5 months in and heading into the USA next month.

Cheers and see you from the road,