New boi from Papy’s AU

Here’s the deaL, the swap bros and the ut bros are one family, like in the ref I drew, so the fell bros and maybe the swapfell bros will be one family. Both families are rivals. The AUs are mashed up you know, like everyone’s there and they’re basically rivals, yeeeee. I’ll explain more later.

But about dis boi, hee’s just gotta do what he’s gotta do, he is cold and dead inside- His name is ofc sans but there’s like four sans’ in this au so they all got nicknames and he’s called either Cherry or Red ooor Rose to a certain BBy hheheh it’s a pun with the name If anyone but the special person calls him Rose he’ll punch ‘em-


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Ostiarius, a giant alien worm thing whom deemed themselves as a king in their empty kingdom.  Dress up as king so does that make you a king? Hmmm who knows. ( edit: here’s more drawings of them [ x ] )

 But if you have any questions please feel free to leave me a message! 

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In regards to the new Overwatch character

Keep in mind that Efi Oladele is an 11 year old child. Although I am very ecstatic to have her as a part of the team, knowing how nasty the Overwatch fandom gets at times, I just would like to clarify that Efi is a CHILD. I don’t wanna see any “Age is just a number” posts, shipping her with much older characters, or making NSFW drawings of her, so please keep in mind that Efi is an 11 year old child @ overwatchfandom

Me watching Supernatural...
  • Writers: *Introduces new character*
  • Me: Nuh uh! I'm not falling for this again! I am NOT gonna get attached to this character because the writers are just gonna kill them!
  • Writers: *Makes character really likeable*
  • Me: Must.... Not.... Get........ Attached!!!
  • Writers: *Develops character and makes them really relatable*
  • Me: Well... Maybe the writers won’t ki-
  • Writers: *Kills character*
New Character: Newt Scamander

Tina: Mr Scamander! 

Tina: It was open?

Tina: That crazy Niffler thing is on the loose again? 



Miraculous Eyes

Chapter One - Dear Old Friend

And here I am, always and in any case! ☚(*´∀`☚)

Sooo… before saying anything else I would like to point out that the original characters obviously are not mine but of the great and almighty Thomas Astruc, except from the last one that has been completely invented by me (and please if some poor soul wants to redraw her or else, please ask for permission before [also because I would be curious to see it! (◕ ω ◕✿) ])
Another thing is that the comic was hand-made in paperwork, colored with the Copics and then edited to the computer by me.

Let me know if it’s worth continuing it and if you are curious to know how the story continues! (^³^)~♪

hiii guys! Today I want to show a new character! My jantomkid, his name is axel, is a guy who appears to be a bad guy but the truth is just an adorable and loving silly little honey bear

tal vez agregue mas cosas mas tarde XD , estoy cansada :V  espero les guste chicos X3 


dos grande amigos y padrinos del hijo del otro XD 

Hi guys!! , Today I want to show a very late character, I had already announced months before

(but  I could not choose a color palette things complicated) but I finally bring another of my characters from the nextgen, he is zacarias Or zack, son of oskar and jackie, a calm and very sociable boy, natural charm and perfect smile, kind and understanding make him an ideal boy in the sight of many girls

Is Mona’s best friend and older brother of a little naughty girl named “skyler”

I will try to increase his story as I upload more drawings of him, I hope you like it X3 , i love you!!! <3