new ceramic work


Skull with mushrooms and lichen WIP. I think it came out pretty cool, and I definitely want to make more. Sorry for the crappy lighting and photos…one day I’ll get it right, lol.

Yoshitomo Nara at Pace Gallery

Though Yoshitomo Nara’s new work at Pace Gallery is based on traditional Japanese vessel forms, the new ceramic works continue Nara’s practice of tapping into contemporary youth cultures. Whether disaffected or conformist, Nara’s young characters are less the free spirits they normally are; as portly jugs, they come across as more contained. (At Pace Gallery’s 25th Street location through April 29th). Yoshitomo Nara, installation view of ‘Thinker’ at Pace Gallery, April 2017.

You Complete Me. New ceramic work on view Feb 21- April 4 2015 at Andrew Rafacz Gallery in Chicago. Pictured: Twisted Jug. Patterned stoneware & glazed rim.