new bridges for the seven seas

The Sea Cliff Bridge is a balanced cantilever bridge located in the northern Illawarra region of New South Wales, Australia. 

Featuring two lanes of traffic, a cycleway and a walkway, the Sea Cliff Bridge boasts spectacular views and is a feature of the scenic Lawrence Hargrave Drive.

The Sea Cliff Bridge is one of only seven off-shore parallel to coast bridges in the world.

The bridge has been featured in many car advertisements around the world. It is also featured in the video game, Forza Horizon 3, where players can race over the bridge.

Photographer of aerial image unknown.

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Pirate au! If you could make it namjin even better ;) btw I love your blog

title: at world’s end

author: admin juv (galaxicious@aff)

pairing: namjoon / seokjin

genre: pirate!au

length: oneshot / 1.4k word counted

“Jungkook, what’s a Siren?”

Jungkook glanced up from his book wearily, pushing up his spectacle which was falling down his nose bridge.

“A Siren is a beautiful yet dangerous creature hyung. They lure in nearby sailors with their voice and harp.”

“Ah, how are they dangerous then?”

“Hyung their music kills you. Once you hear the music, you cannot stop. And once they finish the music, you’ll just…. rot away.”

“Oh,” Namjoon replied curtly. Being new to everything around him, Namjoon has yet to ventured fully around the seven seas. On his recent stops, he picked up a book worm named Jungkook (which he deemed too young to be on board his ship but nevertheless agreed), a short muscular boy named Jimin, a really weird guy who was  constantly praising how well he dresses himself called Taehyung and a guy with an obnoxious smile on his face all the time called Hoseok. Namjoon’s ship was considered old as it was passed down by his forefathers, but he trusts it to the hands of Yoongi. The latter has a way with the boat, one way or another.

“Jungkook, where are the sirens usually found?”

“They are usually found somewhere in the Seagrit Meadows… why?”

Namjoon stayed quiet as he contemplated on the choices he could make. He could always take on something less dangerous; like looking for mermaids, or finding some treasures on an old deserted island. Who knows? He might even get himself a parrot.

“Let’s go to the meadows.”

“What?! Hyung no! You don’t under-“

But before Jungkook could finish his sentence, Namjoon was already walking out to the deck, shouting at Jimin and Taehyung to raise the sails.

“Yoongi hyung! Do you know where the Seagrit Meadows are?”

Yoongi leaned against the stirring wheel with his head lolling lazily, indicating a Short no.

Namjoon cursed shortly under his breath before turning around and hollering,

“Hoseok-ah! Go get the map.”


Namjoon didn’t know why he decided to do this. But somehow he had a strange urge to find a Siren. Call it his gut feeling, but he ain’t going anywhere until he finds one. He could hear Yoongi cursing loudly behind him as he barely avoided another rock.

“How many fucking rocks are there here?” he growled, slamming his fist against the wheel as he successfully avoided another crash. Jungkook was cowering behind Namjoon with his book clutched tight to his chest while Jimin, V and Hoseok were having a small dance off at the back.

“Hyung… this really really isn’t a good idea.” Jungkook said with a frown, fingers shaking and curling around the edge of Namjoon’s shirt. Namjoon knows Jungkook’s right. He probably shouldn’t be doing this. He was putting everyone’s life on stake, including Jungkook’s. As much as he wants to see a Siren, he would blame it on himself if Jungkook got into any trouble. It wasn’t too late to turn back. (although he might get a few punches from Yoongi)

And then he suddenly, he heard it. The sound of harp coming from somewhere within the rocks. He could feel Jungkook visibly tensing up behind him, fingers tightening even further around Namjoon’s shirt.

“Everyone close your ears! Now!”

For some reason, everyone followed suit as they could feel the panic carried in his voice. Everyone covered their ears, except for Namjoon. He was frantically looking around, eyes glued within the rocks. He could hear singing and god, he has never heard a voice like that before. It sounded so close to an angels. He walked closer to the rocks, ignoring how Jungkook seems to be frantically trying to keep a hold on Namjoon. He reached the edge and glanced around the base of the ship, eyes squinting to try and catch a glimpse of any weird or disfigured body.

But instead, he saw a boy not any older than him positioned on the rocks just on the left of the ship. And Namjoon could say he was the most beautiful creature he has laid his eyes on. He had big doe eyes and a cute button nose. His hair has colored blood red and his fingers were strumming the harp, voice coming out of his mouth which served as a lullaby to Namjoon. To say he was captivated was an understatement. He didn’t deny it, but when the Siren opened his eyes and glanced into his, Namjoon swears he got lost in them. His orbs were black and alluring, so deep and inviting that Namjoon feels the need to dive into it and explore what is in store for him. He could feel himself getting more and more lethargic at the moment, eyes slowly drooping to a close as the music slowed down. He didn’t notice the frantic shouts of Jungkook, who still had his hands clasped around his ears. He didn’t hear Yoongi calling out for him either. He couldn’t hear anybody else except the music flowing through his ears. At that moment, Namjoon felt that maybe it was okay to die this way too.

And suddenly, the music stopped all too abruptly. Namjoon’s breath hitched as he waited for his skin to begin rotting away, waiting for himself to feel the agonizing pain of death. But he realized nothing was happening to him. He was still okay. He was still alive. Namjoon noticed that the Siren was staring straight back at him, and he would definitely lean down to kiss him if not for Jungkook throwing his arms around his waist. Namjoon could feel a certain moisture at his back. But he couldn’t care less now.

“You didn’t finish your music, why?” the Siren looked surprised by Namjoon’s question and boldness, but still replied nonetheless.

“Because you were looking at me…. differently. Sailors who glanced at me always looked at me with pure lust and want. But when I looked at you, I couldn’t feel any of those. Instead, I felt… admiration.” the Siren replied with the sweetest voice ever and Namjoon just had to prevent himself from jumping down the ship.

“What’s your name?”

The Siren chuckled and Namjoon didn’t think there’s anything more attractive then that.  He also embedded how the chuckle sounded like into his mind permanently.


Seokjin…. What a nice name.

“Alright Seokjin, nice to meet you. I’m Namjoon, the captain of this ship. Say do you want to like… come with us? I need Someone to help take care of these kids I have.” Namjoon asked, mustering the best smile he could afford while pointing to the rest of the crew behind him who were basically glued to the floor with hands still clasped tightly around their ears. He saw a glimpse of hope flicker in Seokjin’s eyes, but it disappeared as fast as it came.

“I’m a Siren, Namjoon. I kill people. You’re supposed to be dead now. I am…” Seokjin frowned and continued blabbering on. But Namjoon couldn’t focus on what he’s saying because the way his name rolled off Seokjin’s tongue just made him lose his breath.

“…. I’m dangerous.” Namjoon caught the last part of Seokjin’s sentence and immediately caught on,

“But you didn’t kill me. That doesn’t make you dangerous.”

Seokjin bit his lips. The invitation of going abroad the ship seems warm because the moment he laid his eyes on Namjoon, he could feel the whole world around him coming to a stop. Namjoon had perfect cat like eyes and his lips were plump and thick, making Seokjin think about how it would feel like to actually kiss those lips. It was only when his song was ending then he started panicking. He was going to kill him. No, he couldn’t kill him. Not someone like him.

“I… I have to go.” Seokjin said before jumping off the rock and into the vast ocean beneath him. Namjoon panicked, wanting to do nothing more then jump in after him and chase him till he comes with him. The only thing holding him back was Jungkook’s tight hold on his waist and Yoongi’s hand pulling him away from the side.

“Are you fucking insane? You could’ve gotten yourself killed!” Yoongi spat out, trying to calm a hiccuping Jungkook down. Namjoon then glanced around, noticing the worried and some tear stricken face around him. He knew how scared everyone was- even Yoongi was shaking. But he couldn’t help but sigh and Sat down on the dock, heart heavy and eyes stinging a little.

He had just lost his gem.


Namjoon doesn’t care if he has to voyage across the seven sea, he doesn’t care if he has to face a fucking huge Kraken. All he wants to do is to hear that beautiful voice again.

And he will do just absolutely anything to see Seokjin again.

Even if it meant traveling to world’s end.

November 26, 1916 - French Battleship Suffren Torpedoed in the Mediterranean, Lost with All Hands 

Pictured - A painting of Suffren bombarding Turkish positions during the Dardanelles expedition.

Geography and superior numbers assured Entente control of the Mediterranean, but German U-boats took a heavy toll there in the second half of 1916. On November 26, one of them, U-52, sank her off the coast of Lisbon with all hands, as the Suffren headed to Lorient for a refit after patrolling the Greek coast. The captain of the German submarine recounted the event in his diary:

“On my starboard side, around 08:30, I can see the masts of a warship that is heading north.  I ask for a fast dive.  She’s a large ship with two chimneys, and I believe that she is from the Formidable class.  She doesn’t have any escort and is running straight north.

I maneuver so to attack her from the front.  I am trying to stay at attack speed, but the surge prevents us to stay submerged.  We then decide to go half speed, but realize that we’d get too close.  So, we change our course to attack from a different angle while preserving the possibility to attack from our aft tubes.  They are ready and filled. This maneuver makes the submarine’s aft very heavy and her kiosque is not submerged anymore when we are about 500 meters from our objective.  I ask all crew members to get to the front of the boat, to keep her at combat depth.

At 08:56, I order to fire from torpedo tube number 2.  As I believe that I’ve been spotted, and because I am in front of my target, I am afraid that she will ram me, and I order an immersion at a depth of 20 meters, while ordering a crash port turn.  In the meanwhile, after 18 seconds, I can her a first explosion, rapidly followed by a heavier one, which shakes our boat.  To find out what is going on, I ask to go up to a depth of 11 meters.  Before we are even to the desired depth, we are again getting very heavy in the aft section.  A little later, we hear a loud noise and something scratching against our hull.  We cannot maneuver our periscope, which is stuck at mid-height.  I try again to reach our new depth.  We can’t hear anything but I can eventually reach periscope depth.  On the rear, I can sea a very large blot as well as some smut.  I order the boat to surface and I go outside.  Seven minutes after I launched my torpedo, all I can see is an explosion cloud that is dispersed by the wind.  My explanation of what happened is that the torpedo provoked an internal explosion, which made the ship sink almost instantly, almost colliding with our submarine while she was going down.  I have some damage on the bridge as well as some scratches on the periscope.  I can also see some cloth on my radio mast, as well as a navy hat.  They smell of burn.  I also found a metallic piece that seems to come from a large caliber projectile.

At 09:03, I have not found any survivors or new evidence.  I continue my route.”

All 648 crew of Suffren perished with their ship.

Cosmic communion

Light from a not so far off dying star
crept into me when I was born,
an expansive, rushing warmth.
My mother held me tenderly in her arms,
and I became the sun.
We looked at the stars and guessed their names when I was old enough to gesture and speak.
She told me about the moon, beneath which I was born, 
and we traced the movements of the North Star with pointed fingers.
I whispered that I would capture it one day, even if only for a moment.
Eventually she watched me fade into the obscurity of adulthood, 
pulled by space and time, by the gravity of further stars,
but I always knew her in the luminescence of the moon.
I would see her in the glow of the ocean when I drifted through foreign planes,
and the moonlight reflected off of the nighttime waters.
I eventually followed the North Star to a distant shore, displaced from modern chaos.
A young, picturesque vision of beauty moved there, along the blend of nighttime ocean and sky,
the North Star peaking out from her eyes.
Her skin was fair and smooth. She flowed like poetry into the night, drifting through hovering darkness.
A white gown caressed her body effortlessly and clung to her form like a lover’s passionate embrace.
I followed her for what seemed like seven nights, climbing over scattered stones and sea drift before she  noticed my presence.
She turned and gazed at me with deep, star washed eyes.
The intensity of our being, of our passionate connection bridged aeons in an instant.
I knew her and she knew me as stars know each other in orbit, reunited after millennia of separation.
After what seemed like an eternity; she finally opened her mouth, but no words came.
We simply fell into each other at once.
The universe joined there, once more, and new stars were born.
I had finally captured the North Star.

-Jerry Harris III