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World of Warcraft Legion - What’s next panel

Patch philosophy in Legion:

Steady Stream of Content

A living World

Varied Patch structure. Big patches (6.2) , small patches (6.2.3), medium-size patches (7.1).

Patch 7.1.5 - Small Patch

Legion’s first small patch.

System updates, rewards, Evergreen content. Evergreen: No tie to any particular story, tone etc. relevant to all of WoW.

Artifact knowledge catch up: Purchase with order hall resources if behind.

MoP Timewalking: Temple of the Jade Serpent, Stormstout, Shado-Pan, Gate of the Setting Sun, Mogu’Shan Palace, Siege of Niuzao

Brawler’s Guild returns. Dozens of new bosses. Rumble: Occasionally a raid level boss spawns. Pulls ALL players in que to fight. New currency: Brawler’s Gold. Buy things to help everyone, such as a graveyard in the brawler’s guild, booky stuff. Basilisk mount is from Brawlers.

Micro holidays.

Ahn’Qiraj Remembrance Day: January 22nd. Basically the old AQ stuff. Whatever faction turns in more in the country gets their banner flown over AQ for a year.

Volunteer guard day: Salute a guard, take their position. You become a guard, attack enemy NPC’s etc.

Hatching of the Hippogryphs: If you’re there the day that happens in Feralas, get a hippogryph that follows you around / hangs around like pepe.

Boat Day: Spring break like holiday

Blades Edge Arena getting updated.

Class updates

Increase talent diversity.

Haste vs. Mastery vs. Crit

Improving the feel and flow of rotations/abilities.

Admitted mistake of hunters not having traps.

Rogues getting shroud of shadows back (whatever the AoE

Patch 7.2: Tomb of Sargeras

Continue the class order campaign

New faction: Armies of Legionfall

new WQ’s in the world and on the Broken Shore itself. Aiming for class themed ones.

Story: Build a base and plan the assault.

Similar to Sunwell build up. Build a base: Nether disruptor, mage tower and command center

Building and upgrading them unlocks new content, rewards, traders, class specific quests, WQ’s, treasures, world bosses etc.

Legion Assaults: Inspired by pre-launch invasion. Invades Broken Shore lands. Replace WQ’s temporarily in the areas (Val’sharrah, Highmountain etc.). Still counts for emissary WQ’s. When wrapped up on the ground, do a 3 man scenario to attack the Legion attack ships.

Flying in 7.2!

Class specific flying mounts

Tomb of Sargeras raid:

9 bosses

Harness the pillars of creation.


New dungeon: 4 boss dungeon. Cathedral of Eternal Night. Ascend with the Aegis of Aggremar

PvP brawls: new gameplay. Similar to brawls in other blizzard games. All wild melees. Southshore vs. Tarran Mill. 10 man arenas. Snowy arathi. Eye of the Horn: Ram Mount brawl PvP.

new Artifact Traits

new relics that can do multiple traits instead of 1.

Continuation of artifact questline.

One new appearance for each weapon - Solo skill challenge inspired by Rhok’delar, green fire etc. Difficult challenge for the spec.

Dungeon updates: Baseline heroic/mythic dungeon adjustments. Dungeons get buffed up as we progress / gear in like tomb of sargeras. Will always remain relevant.

Karazhan becoming mythic + AND Heroic. Split into two sections: Upper and Lower Karazhan.

Arcway and CoS becoming heroic potential as well!

new mythic keystone affixes: example - Bursting. When slain, non-boss enemies explode, causing all players to suffer 20% of their max health in dmg over 4 seconds.

7.2 on PTR right after 7.1.5

Patch 7.3: Argus

Immortals Sami Zayn (Djinn/Ifrit), Alexa Bliss (Fae-Dryad), Seth Rollins (Futuristic sniper-ninja), Antonio Cesaro (WWII Dieselpunk Sergeant), Dean Ambrose (1920s Gangs of New York street brawler) and Roman Reigns (Mercenary).

Probably will be used as a banner for the blog ouob

Game headcanons: 
If you’re playing as Dean, his attacks tend to be extremely limited in reach unlike Roman (a melee fighter), Seth (works best long-range) or Cesaro (All-rounder), however he hits fast and //extremely// hard when he does connect.