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Could You Ever Live Without? Five Star Rated Poetry.

“Take it from a non-poetry reader: this book is a gem, destined to become timeless.” Amazon Customer Review.

“Loved the poems, a very great read. Once I started reading it was hard to stop.” Amazon Customer Review.

“This book is beautiful. It’s one of my most cherished possessions.” Amazon Customer Review.

“Not all poetry is worth reading. This is.” Amazon Customer Review.

“A great reflection of the deeper thoughts from this generation.” Amazon Customer Review.

“Beautiful collection of poetry, I’m not an avid poetry reader but this book is absolutely stunning.” Customer Review.

“Everytime I read this book I find new meanings.” Goodreads Review.

Poems from my anthology, Could You Ever Live Without? The full book is out now and available as:

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anonymous asked:

Got any tips for how to take a break from the fandom? Whenever I try I always cave and check Twitter or Tumblr..

It’s absolutely difficult, but I’d recommend seeing what it is about the fandom that engages your attention and finding something that stimulates you similarly as a placeholder.

For me, one thing that always helps is getting interested in another narrative and story. Since the story of the boys is one thing that intrigues me, replacing it temporarily with another story like a movie (or movie series!) or marathoning a new show, or reading a new book. My preference is usually TV.

Other options Id recommend would be to leave wifi and do something fun, where the temptation to check is lower. Go for a hike, go out with friends, go see a movie in theatres, go for a drive, or to the beach. Just something that takes you away for a while.

If it’s just a time thing and you don’t know what else to do, take on a new project or look back into an old hobby that you’ve kind of let slide. Did you paint? Knit? Write poetry? Do you like to run or bike? Have you not played piano in months? Try those things, or maybe plan to decorate something like paint an accent wall in your room, or rearrange your furniture, or plant some plants. This are things that take your mental resources as well as your time, and will keep you occupied and distracted, while also giving yourself something enjoyable to do!

If it bugs you to check Twitter and tumblr, if you can, I’d recommend deleting the apps temporarily, or doing these activities away from a phone or computer where you can access them. There will be a twinge of loss, but I promise it will fade, and over time you’ll reach a healthy point with it.

Lots of love xx

fangirlofawesomeness asked:

Aloha, Epic Reads. It feels like I have read every book and every genre ever and I'm looking for something new. Any suggestions?

YOU’VE READ EVERY BOOK EVER? OMG HOW? TEACH ME YOUR SEKRETS! So lately we’ve been really getting into graphic novels, it’s totally helping up out of our YA reading slump so the first book I’ll recommend you read is NIMONA by Noelle Stevenson


The wait is finally over, and Crystal Kingdom is released, and the Kanin Chronicles has come to an end.

My publisher sent out ARCs and had Crystal Kingdom on Netgalley, so I’ve been able to see early reviews of the book. And I can tell you in all honesty that these are the some best reviews I’ve ever gotten for a book. I’ve had good reviews before, but these are ones have been consistently good in a way that they haven’t before. So I guess that means that Crystal Kingdom may be the best book I’ve ever written, which is exciting.

Basically, what I’m saying, is that Crystal Kingdom is out now, and you should pick it up. I know some people like to wait until a series is complete until they start it, and now the Kanin Chronicles is complete. If you want to get the first two books in the Kanin Chronicles as well, click here for links: here.

While you’re reading, you can also check out the soundtrack for Crystal Kingdom  here , and you can also check out my dreamcast for the Kanin Chronicles over at Pinterest  here .

And finally, here are some places you can get Crystal Kingdom. If you got to a physical bookstore, and they don’t have it on the shelves, ask for it. They might not have put it out yet, or if its not in stock, they can order it for you.

iBookstore – for ebook
Barnes & Noble – for paperback, ebook, hardcover, & audio
Amazon – for paperback, ebook, hardcover, & audio
Indiebound – for paperback, hardcover, & audio
Powell’s– for paperback
Books-a-Million– for paperback, hardcover, & audio
Audible – for audio
Target – for paperback
Walmart – for paperback
Booktopia (Australia) – for paperback
Waterstones (UK) – for paperback


Teacher, space tweep, and startorialist extraordinaire, Danielle Miller, got this awesome solar system tattoo last week at Evolvink Studios in Morristown, New Jersey.

We are big fans of both her new ink and her stellar taste in books (one of my most favorite reads ever).

- Summer

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So I work at a bookstore and the other day someone came up buying s copy of Rosemary and Rue and I got super excited. She said she was looking for a new book to read and I was all like yes yes this book is the way to go you are in for s treat. And of course I had to mention your Mira Grant books too. Overall I was really excited to find someone reading your books!

Eeeee, awesome!

Thank you for letting me know!

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falling in love is like discover a new book. at first, you read the pages carefully, not sure if you are getting into it. but, when you're farter in, your heart warms up every time something good happens and you shed tears when something bad happens. at the end, when you read the last page, an emptiness enters your soul and you realise that even if you reread the story, it'll never be as wonderful as it was.

Omg this is the best comparison ever and I’ve got tears.

(Send me what it feels like for you when you’re falling in love)

Blog Compliments!

I am feeling oddly happy today, and I want to spread the good cheer :) Also, I’m going on a driving adventure soon and am looking for some new music to listen to and books to read. SO…

If you do the things below, I’ll check out your blog & say nice things about it :)

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I’ll respond to the messages/asks with my compliments. This can go until the end of the week, probably?

That’s it! Happy Tuesday all :) 

I can’t believe that this bookworm is halfway through his Wanderlust Summer Reading List, but also that summer is almost over (T-T) and then it’s back to school. So here’s my tbr for the rest of the summer ^-^ (wish me luck! I MUST read these 8 books before the new semeter!)

1) The Circle
2) Outlander
3) The Song of Achilles
4) Are We There Yet
5) Snow Flower and The Secret of Fan
6) The Midnight Dress
7) Ink
8) Wayward: String Theory vol 1

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Do you like Lord of the Rings and the Harry Potter Saga?

Yes, yes, yes a thousand times yes. Been obsessed with the both of them since I was a kid. My dad introduced me to the both of them actually. When we lived in our cabin in the woods during the summer he would always bring me new books to read. 2000 he gave my first Tolkien book (The Hobbit) and in 2001 he bought me Harry Potter! Been stuck ever since.

7 Day Malec Challenge

Okay, so I know I’m a bit late for this, but I thought that I could still catch up on the days I missed so far before getting a new haircut :3

The thing with the books is though that I read City of Bones a few years ago and didn’t finish it after the ‘incest’-reveal happened. Then I watched the movie and kid of marathoned the books afterwards.  (You can say about the movie what you want, I enjoyed it and it’s the reason I’m here, so kudos for that.) But concerning Malec the thing is that I either didn’t realize or forgot or simply ignored the fact that Alec’s gay because that hit me by surprise (a positive one, but still a surprise), so my memories about how I felt about Alec and Magnus are a bit overlapping from when I read CoB the first time and then the second time and after watching the movie, so yeah … 


Day 1 - When did you start shipping Malec?

Pretty much at the party when Magnus drops the ‘Call me?’-line. When I read CoB for the second time I think I liked Alec from the beginning. I don’t know why, but I can’t remember seeing him as ‘the asshole’. (Can’t remember how that was when I read the book the first time though.) 
But in the first book I though it was just a tease and that Malec would never get somewhere because I was so used to that from other media. But then the hickey-scene in CoA happened and I was pretty much gone … for good.

Day 2 - What do you love most about them?

I think the contrast between them. I mean, Alec being all quiet and monochromatic (wich I totally adore about him because I’m the same with my mother always nagging me about ‘getting more color’, but then being upset when it’s neon, but anyway …) and Magnus being that loud, out-going person. But then again they work so well together because they have similarities the way they are opposites. So for example I see both Magnus and Alec having that sense of wonder for the world, the curiosity about new things. They both can be sassy speak their mind (taking Alec after CoHF). That’s also why I think they began really working as a couple after CoHF. Yeah … I hope that makes sense.

Day 3 - Favorite Magnus-quote?

“… as for you - call me?” :)
- Because with this Magnus singled Alec out from his group of flashy friends as the one he’d welcome back while he doesn’t care much about the others visiting again. :3
And of course: “Are you the one with the blue eyes?”

Day 4 - Favorite Alec-quote?

“You don’t have to like it, you just have to shut up and not do anything stupid.”
I think that’s in CoB when they are discussing what to do next about Valentine, but I couldn’t find it again, so if it shouldn’t be in the book, let me know and if you know where it can be found, let me know as well. 

Otherwise: Hell yeah, Alec, you rock! :D

anonymous asked:

Headcanons on what the Phantom Troupe members do in their daily lives when they're not stealing and murdering :0

*I know Admin Casie has made some rules pertaining to the amount of characters in an ask and the phantom troupe is really big so I’ll only be doing a few characters, sorry fam*

Chrollo: Does stealing nen count I feel like it may be a little obvious, but Chrollo likes to read. When he’s not scoping out new jobs for the Troupe, he reads a lot of philosophical books, sometimes old classics. He may even have a habit of rereading his favorite books.

Feitan: He spends more time enjoying his art books. I for some reason see him enjoying street art too, also watching street performers. Even Feitan can appreciate stuff like that.

Phinks: Is probably with Feitan tbh. They definitely go off together and just hang if the Troupe isn’t up to anything. That may just be my brotp bias talking, so in that case, I think Phinks enjoys nice scenery. He likes to walk around cities that are particularly famous for their night life too.

Machi: She probably goes around charging people for medical fix ups like she did with Hisoka. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if Machi hung around places like Heavens Arena to make some quick cash  .

Shizuku: Okay to me, Shizuku is the type who if she’s left on her own, won’t really know what to do, because she doesn’t have any particular interests. Maybe she frequents antique shops? I look at Shizuku and I just feel like she likes antique shopping, she has that vintage feel.

Shalnark: He probably really likes visiting tech conventions. He always keeps up with the newest advances in technology and enjoys seeing products being showcased

I can’t think of anymore ughhhh I cry