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Dear You and You and You

It takes a long time to love yourself. You won’t ever love all of yourself, trust me. You’ll always wish you were more social, less loud, more of this, less of that, better at this, not so good at that. You’ll wish you had a more stable job, an apartment with newer floors, a laptop that’s less than 5 years old, a better roommate, easier classes, an easier life. But, in the dirty, toothpaste-stained mirror is still you. And the world won’t bend for you. Not now. Not ever. That you in the mirror, the one with all those insecurities, is meant to bend the world. You’re alive and you have a job to do. I’m not talking about your job. I’m talking about your job.

The news is supposed to make you mad sometimes. Let yourself be mad. The trick is, figure out what you can do about it. Don’t let jargon fool you - hate and intolerance are hate and intolerance no matter how they’re dressed or what forum they’re on. If something makes you pissed, the best thing you can do is learn every single thing about it. Intelligent conversations between informed people are far more valuable than most other things. Be tolerant, no matter where you’re from or how you were brought up. You don’t have to believe what your parents believe. You’re you. They’re them. To that end, you don’t have to be afraid of a dialogue, yes, even with your family, even on holidays. If your uncle says something racist, and all the adults are laughing, you don’t have to laugh along. You can get up and leave the room. Wait. You should get up and leave the room.

Technology gives you a voice. Go on Facebook. Scroll through your newsfeed. Are people you know using their very permanent, very in-pen, voice for good? Maybe not. Probably not. What you say, tweet, leave in the comments section, write to a girl or guy on a dating app, that stuff is yours. You own it. I know it doesn’t look or feel like face-to-face communication … it’s a lot closer to face-to-face than you think. That’s another human behind that corgi avatar.

I’m amazed by how many women are just looking at the ground all the time because of how often they’re disrespected, harassed, everything. Not even eye-contact, but just looking up in general has become a reason to ogle a woman like a maniac creep. It’s even worse when it’s accompanied by misogynist dialogue. It’s okay to be a feminist. We need more feminists. That’s how this thing is going to change. I’m a man and some of the best conversations I’ve ever had, in bars, at diners, at shows, have been with feminist friends. The best people have no lines. They won’t approach you in a Starbucks while you’re there trying to read. They won’t try to talk to you on the train, in the gym, at Chipotle. They won’t bully you into a conversation. You don’t owe anyone a conversation, or your phone number, or anything. The people meant to be in your life … they have this way of showing up. They show up too soon, too late, but sometimes, right when you need them.

Everyone experiences loss differently. If your friend loses a parent, grandparent, sister, brother, dog, I guarantee you it’s different than when you lost someone. Do the little things, the behind the scenes things, to help. Healthy people experience emotions in a spectrum, and that spectrum is huge. The more life you live, the more you lose. That’s the human condition, and, somehow, that’s okay … because we gained each other. Don’t force it.

Smoke pot sometimes. Use a vaporizer when you do. Watch shitty movies, trash TV, but read as much as you can. Write lyrics and listen to songs you wish you wrote. Type the first few lines of your favorite book out … walk in that writer’s shoes for a second. Be outspoken, look outspoken. If you make your voice count for something, notoriety will come. You’ll have more worst moments than best moments. Those few best ones? They make up for everything.



THE SHELL OF THE SELF OF THE SENSES 12 pages ~ 5.5x4.25 $5us/$7can/$8intl

I sat down to doodle in my sketchbook last weekend, after reading the intro to Gary Lachman’s new book The Secret Teachers of The Western World and a little comic just seemed to write itself. I decided to just make a little minicomic of it. I’ve been wanting to put out some loose, cheap, quicker comics recently. So, this is a test. Maybe I’ll start a subscription or something.

I’ve read a few of Gary’s books, and the introduction to this new one talks about ideas from two other books that I’ve also read and like a lot. The Alphabet vs The Goddess by Leonard Shlain and The Origin of Consciousness and The Breakdown of The Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynses. 

It was cool & kinda strange to hear his ideas and opinions on these two other books I’d read and been interested in lately. I dunno. Nothing like that’s ever happened to me before…

I’ve also been having some vision issues (needed new glasses) lately, and having been thinking on the topic of the senses, and our dependance on them. Anyhow, I made this weird little comic. BUY ONE

Just read the opening ‘Letter to my boys’ section of @theunmumsymum’s new book and totally blubbed. Read it to Tom and he blubbed. Being a parent is flipping hard work and it’s fantastic that Sarah can capture and document that with great honesty and humour. Can’t wait to read the rest! Oh, and look who’s on the cover! 😁💗 xx

So damned bright

I’m love and life
Could end it with a knife

Riding on traveling stars
This magnificent strife

Come on down the slide
Some one may have chimed

I’m just bursting through air
So god damned bright

I’m still very new to the world of comic books, but I’ve recently started reading Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel and I’m really enjoying them! And they’re more fun to re-read than I was expecting. When I get the next issue, I always re-read the one before it first to catch myself up on the story and I always catch something that I missed the first time. 

I’ve gotten all of my comics from a comic book store that’s about 5 minutes from my house, so I’m really lucky that way. Before I went in the shop the first time, I thought to myself, “Am I going to be the only girl in there?” but it turns out the store is owned by a woman and I thought that was really cool! It made me feel silly for falling into the “comic books are for boys!” trap. 

Fandom Friday: Which comic books do you enjoy reading? What was your introduction to comics like?


13/2/2016 // 11:10 am // Freezing cold with bright sunshine makes me feel lighter. However, it still took me two hours to get myself behind my desk to get to work (because I couldn’t stop dancing and singing to Taylor Swift, I’m not sorry). If I finish what I planned I can finally read my new book (I sneakily read a chapter already because I couldn’t help myself shhh).

A Collected Perspective #16

Dear Self, I Love You 

For the month of February and beyond, never stop loving who you are. Continue to put out positive energy and love.

Love yourself unconditionally

Start putting yourself first. Enjoy your mind, body and soul. Take time to smile when you can and laugh when you can. Treat yourself to something you’ve always wanted. Read a new book, start a journal, taking cooking classes, just try new things that will expand your horizon. When you start enjoying and loving yourself, the sky’s the limit.

F@#$ what other people think of you.

Pay no attention to the critics and don’t take anything they have to say about you personal. People only put others down because they feel it will make them feel better about what they’re currently going though.  You have to keep moving towards your dreams and aspirations.  There’s nothing wrong with different perspectives coming from family members or friends who genuinely care about your situation. But you have to get rid of the negative people who put you down or say nasty things about you. People who don’t want to see you succeed or constantly tell you what you can’t do are poison. Point. Blank. Period. So ignore them and surround yourself with people who will help you grow in every way possible.

Accept who you are, flaws and all

Nobody on this earth is perfect. We have all had our share of ups and downs, smiles and frowns, laughter and tears. But through it all we must never lose the love we have for ourselves. Be proud of your accomplishments and celebrate how far you’ve come. Even if your not having the best year, know you can turn it around as long as you believe in yourself and your abilities. It doesn’t matter how much you weight, your gender, your sexual preference or skin color. You’re beautiful no matter what. Never forget that. And never lose sight of who you are

Never compare yourself to others

This is the worst thing you could ever do to yourself. To compare yourself to others is to sacrifice your own gifts. Everyone has their on path, some reach success quicker, while others take a little longer. Never put yourself down because someone’s in a position you wish to be in. Your time is coming, trust me. Be happy for their success and use it as motivation towards your own. Keep your head up and continue to work hard. You keep pushing out good work and eventually the right people will take notice.

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Originally posted by marvelovelovelove

“Bruce?” Y/N called from the bathroom, rinsing her mouth out quickly.

“Yes, dear?”

“Tomorrow I think we should have stop by that quaint bookstore. I want to see if they have an earlier edition of Frankenstein. Not the edited crap.” Y/N walked into the bedroom to see him lying there reading himself. It made her smile, knowing he’d read that particular book at least twelve times. “And get you new reading material.”

anonymous asked:

Hey is the foxhole court worth the read? Whats it about?

It’s definitely worth the read and also my new favourite book series!

So we have Neil who is 18 and on the run from his father -a very dangerous mob boss knonw as the Butcher of Baltimore- who is… well, hiding. He has been on the run with his mother since he was a kid and gone through over 20 different identities. Now, after his mother’s death he’s playing Exy in a highschool in a tiny town in America until it’s time to dissapear again. 

Exy is a fictional sport made up by the series author Nora Sakavik. It’s a mix of hockey, football and lacrosse and it’s a mixed sport aka girls and boys play together. Really easy to understand and really fun to read!

So back to Neil. He gets offered a spot on the Exy team of Palmetto State University The Foxes - The foxes have very particular recruiting standars, they only take fucked up kids. Coach Wymack takes kids from broken homes and with super shitty backgrounds and he gives them a chance to build something based on a sport. is this a trope of broken misfits find family? You ask. YES I scream into the void. -  Now, as someone on the run, Neil knows the whole appearing on national tv playing semi-pro on a popular sport is a terrible idea. Thing is Kevin is now playing for the foxes and he comes to recruit him. 

Who the fuck is this Kevin  bitch? Kevin is basically an exy superstar. 20 yo and already like the best player ever. He’s the Gretzky of Exy if Gretzky had broken his good hand and fleed is winner team The Ravens -who always win the national championship and are trained by the guy that actually invented the sport- to be ‘assistant coach’ of the worst team of the league -the foxes, my darlings-. But Kevin is also Neil’s childhood friend -back when Neil wasn’t running- and he witnessed Neil’s dad straight up murder someone when they were kids. Kevin actually doesn’t remember Neil and is only interested in his Exy potential, and Neil is so thirsty for Exy -the only part of his childhood he remembers untainted by his father- and for something real that he accepts. 

The Yakuza gets mixed into it -were actually mixed from the beginning-, Andrew Minyard is both the mom friend and an actual psycopath with a tendency to threaten people with knives, the girls in the team are well rounded characters and absolute badasses that need no man, Kevin is an anxiety ridden mess that learns to stand up for himself and so does Neil… 

COOKIE POINTS: Mixed sports! College dynamic, THE SLOW BURN ROMANCE TO END ALL SLOW BURN ROMANCES, misfits make family, you’re never too broken to be loved, gaaaaaay. This kids will actually steal your heart and keep it forever. Each book is like 99cents

TRIGGER WARNINGS:  past child abuse, some pretty graphic torture scenes (book 3), a not-really-graphic-but-the-aftermath-is rape scene (book 2), mention of implied sexual abuse (book 3).

ophyliakilledhamlet asked:

Break up tips: -rip up pieces of paper; purge whatever they gave you; clean; cry for 10 minutes, then dance for 30; call a friend; do your nails; take a shower; look up funny youtube videos; watch a long let's play series (Game Grumps' Wind Waker, Cryaotic's Undertale); play Animal Crossing; read your favorite book; look up new comics~

These are all SUCH good tips, thank you!!

anonymous asked:

hi, sorry, i have a question. i am a new malec shipper but i haven't read books yet, and i want to ask why is it such a big deal that magnus calls alec "Alexander"?

Its mostly because no one ever calls Alec ‘alexander’ not izzy nor jace. Its something very personal, and with Magnus he’s trying to show alec that he isn’t just anybody he’s something, something important to magnus. In the books magnus calls Alex alexander and it’s just so cute and adorable. It’s not a big deal, but it is a big deal in terms of Malec’s relationship. 

Soriel (for you thirsty kids out there.)

Twas but a fine Christmas Eve. Frisk had gone to bed, Alphys and Undyne slept in the guest room, Mettaton sent postcards from Japan saying how well Napstablook and Shyren were opening up in a new environment.

Sans walked into the Living Room, where Toriel read her new book: ‘72 MORE Uses for Snails.’

“Oh, greetings sans! I did not hear you enter. My apologies.”

“nah. don’t worry about it. i see you’re enjoying the book the kid picked out for you, huh?”

Toriel giggled.

“Ah, yes. The book is a very nice gift. Thank you for going out and assisting Frisk with shopping.”

“no problem.”

sans remembers the guy he stabbed that tried to touch frisk. heh heh heh.

“i’m happy to help out whenever I can, m'lady.”

“Oh sans, do not be so silly! Now that I look at the time, it is almost Christmas Day! Would you like to open your gift?”


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I’ve made a new Instagram! I really wanted to keep track of all the books I read this year and maybe even inspire myself to read more. It took a while to find a URL that wasn’t taken, but here it is! ✨

It doesn’t always start with a suitcase. Sometimes things begin with the wrong book. Berlin meant boys, Isherwood said. Fifty years after his adventures among proletarian toughs, Berlin meant white boys who wanted to atone for Germany’s crimes by loving a black boy like me.

The first time I saw the Mercedes-Benz star revolving over Europa Center, West Berlin’s triumphant commercial hub, I knew I was home. I had a room in a hotel near the main West Berlin station, the sort of place where burned-out hippies beat up their girlfriends. I didn’t even turn on the light as I tossed in my bag. I hit the heavy-named streets, delight in my stride. You would have thought I’d arrived in Venice. But I’d read quite a bit about how the not-old-for-Europe structures of West Berlin, stripped of decoration, felt squeezed by the postwar functionalism of the here-to-replace-what-was-unremembered.

After 20+ years, Darryl Pinckney has a new book, Black Deutschland! Read the rest of the excerpt here.

Thank you so so much for tagging me @stepherogers <3<3<3 

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What was the last book you read?

“Silber - Das dritte Buch der Träume” by Kerstin Gier, a German author :D She wrote the Gem Triology as well, in case someone knows it.

What’s your favourite type of food?

I love pretty much every type of food, i love food in general.. But I am super into Italian and Chinese Food :D

Are you a clean or messy person?

100% a messy person, i can be organised for shit. I am a mess. You really don’t want to see my room.

What song do you hate the most and why?

Hard because Music is my life! I think there isn’t really a song i know that i really hate.. I just go with “warum bin ich so fröhlich” because it’s freaking annoying when you have to listen to it the ENTIRE day.. don’t ask why i had to listen to it for 6 days straight. Don’t ask.

What’s your favourite movie quote?

tbh there are so many great quotes in Forrest Gump but here is one i like a lot.

“Dear God, make me a bird. So I could fly far, far, far away from here.”

Dinosaurs or dragons?

Dragons all the way!!!

Have you ever cheated on a test?

Yes, once in middle school and i was so scared the teacher would get it but she didn’t :D never did stuff like this again (yet)

Do you correct people’s mistakes?

i have to admit, i am the worst when it comes to stuff like that. i correct people A LOT! My family sometimes get really annoyed :)

What’s your weirdest dream?

I really want to get drunk during my last day of high school and prank the teachers and stuff.. (it’s what all senior year students do but idk i still think it’s kinda weird XD)

What’s your biggest fear?

besides from being afraid of heights it’s that i will die alone

my questions:

  1. What’s your least favourite color and why?
  2. What’s your happiest childhood memorie?
  3. You can take 3 things to a lonely island, what are you taking with you?
  4. iced coffee or ice tea? muffins or cupcakes?
  5. Do you believe in destiny?
  6. Did you ever had to sacrifice something really important to you? why?
  7. Do you believe in the concept of “friends with benefits”?
  8. Is there a show/movie series you used to love but it got crappy over the time? did you still hold onto it?
  9. You have one wish, but you have to decide what to wish for in the next minute! what would you wish for?
  10. Forever and ever and ever favourite song?
  11. Describe your biggest dream in 5 words.

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