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Fluffy’s GF Theory Master-Post!

Only as of May 20th, 2015, when my latest theory was posted. Enjoy, maybe!

Tiny, Quick Theories/Thoughts:

Bill’s Shapeshift Ability

Manotaur Cave Observations Pt. 1

Manotaur Cave Observations Pt. 2

Slightly Big, Quick Theories/Thoughts:

Potential Vessels for Bill Cipher

Dragons and Griffins on Gravity Falls?

Why Does the “Future” Have Two Moons?

Enormous, Carefully Thought-out Theories:

Bill Cipher and Shamans?

What Does Bill Want With: Dipper Pines?

What Does Bill Want With: Mabel Pines?

View my theory tag in chronological order if you’d like to see anything older than these:

Or just view the tag with newest first to see if it’s updated since this time! (I may not make another “master post” of my theories until I make a lot more, and maybe not until the season ends or whatever.)

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hi guys, 

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New blogs to follow

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