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Outed by the Music

Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: While cleaning your shared apartment one day, you and Tom are listening to music and it has a mind of it own when it comes to what it should play. (Definitely an added bonus to listen to the songs in the imagine so you can imagine the bits I didn’t write out fully. Kiss the Girl – The Little Mermaid; Moments in the Woods – Into the Woods; Won’t Say I’m in Love – Hercules; Bad Liar – Selena Gomez) 

Warnings: Language, Fluff

A/N: So this is the first imagine I’ve written in like 5 years so please, bare with me. Also, I understand “outed” isn’t exactly a word but I use in language so it counts…right? Anyway…I had this idea after I was cleaning the house listening to some music and these four songs came on in a row and I figured it was obviously fate.(;

Note: I don’t do smut but if you have an idea my messages are always open!

Word Count: 1,020

*Wonder Woman theme plays in background*

“Every time I listen to this song it makes me feel like such a badass!” you shout over the blaring music. Tom chuckles and continues to sweep the rosewood floor in the kitchen. By the time that song has gone off, he has moved onto the floor in the living room.

“Percussion…strings…winds…” the song starts off.

“‘Words’” you speak along with the song, smirking at Tom.

He just rolls his eyes, laughing he watches you act along with the song. “Do you know where the dustpan is, Princess?” You shrug innocently as you continue to sing along. “Oh, come on. You were just using it!” he laughs.

You shrug again, “‘You don’t know why but you’re dying to try, you wanna kiss the girl.’”

He lets out a chuckle and looks up at the ceiling. After a moment he looks back to you, “y/n, you were the one who was insistent that we finish cleaning the apartment today.”

“‘My, oh, my, look at the boy too shy. He ain’t gonna kiss the girl…’” you turn back to dusting as you fake sadness. Hearing him come up behind you, you turn and give him a side eye, “‘Ain’t that sad, ain’t it shame, too bad. You gonna miss the girl.’”

As the song continues to play he pulls you close, studying your eyes. You bat your eyelashes innocently.

* Now’s your moment. *

* Floating in a blue lagoon. *

* Boy, you better do it soon, no time will be better* 

* She don’t say a word *

* And she won’t say a word *

* Until you kiss the girl *

Agreeing with the song, he leans in for the kiss. You smile into him before pulling away and whispering sarcastically. “Would you look at that. My voice is back! Wow, that really does work!” Laughing he pulls you into a hug as you look at all the work you’ve done together. “It’s in the hall in front of the closet, by the way.”

* Moments in the Woods from Into the Woods begins to play *

You both laugh out loud before Tom looks you dead in the eyes, “‘And how alive you made me feel.’” Then spins out of your reach and goes to retrieve the dustpan. On his way out the door he gives you a little bow.

“‘What was that?’” you state along with the song, giggling to yourself.

* Was that me? *

* Was that him? *

* Did a Prince really kiss me? *

* And kiss me? *

* And kiss me? *

* And did I kiss him back? *

You’d moved onto cleaning the windows but were slowly brought back into the song. It was just so natural for you to prance about while singing along. You were so entranced into it that you hadn’t noticed Tom come back into the room. He was leaning against the entryway watching you dance around before shouting “‘Wake up! Stop dreaming, stop prancing about the’ living room!”

Jumping about a foot in the air, you managed to knock over the cleaning supplies scattered about. “Jesus Christ! You about gave me a heart attack!”

“Why?” he chuckled, “you knew I was coming back?”

Scowling at him, you stood up. “Yes, I knew you were coming back. I just didn’t realize you were going to come in screaming at me.”

“I couldn’t resist! I came back at the perfect moment to jump into the song!”

“Touché. Now help me clean up the mess you’ve made!”

“The mess I’ve made?!” he laughed coming around the couch. “You’re the one who knocked it all over!”

“Yes because you scared me!” you said poking him in the chest.

“Alright, come on.”

The mess wasn’t that big so it didn’t take long to clean. By the time it was all picked up, the song was just about to go off. Tom flopped onto the couch and closed his eyes. Sitting on the floor, you turned to lean your arms on the couch next to Tom’s head. You were admiring the way the evening light hit his face when the song continued.

*Let the moment go.*

*Don’t forget it for a moment, though.*

Letting out a breath of laughter you say, “I guess I better go finish that window.”

He turned his face towards you. “Or…you could climb up here and we could watch a movie and relax for once?”

“As tempting as that sounds…I only have two more windows to do and then everything will be done. Then we can watch something, okay?”

“Fine.” He grumbles.

You manage to pry yourself off of the floor when the song ends.

“If there’s a prize for rotten judgment.”

“‘I guess I’ve already won that.’” You sing along. Tom let’s out a snort, knowing you’re referring to him.

“‘Who d’you think you’re kiddin’? I’m the earth and heaven to ya!’” Tom sings, filling in the Muses part.

Laughing you state, “I’m never going to get these windows clean with Spotify picking the music we’re listening to.”

“‘I know how you feel and who you’re thinking of!’” he sings sitting up.

Shaking your head. “‘No chance, no way. I won’t say it, no, no.’”

Standing up he continues, “‘You swoon, you sigh. Why deny it? Uh oh.’”

“‘It’s too cliché, I won’t say I’m in love!’”

Being the two Broadway lovers that you are, you continue acting out the song together.

“‘At least out loud,’” you continue as you lean into Tom. “‘I won’t say I’m in love.’”

* Bad Liar begins to play *

Tom raises an eyebrow at you. “Damn, outed by the music.” 

“I swear our phones are listening in on us and know exactly what to play next.” You say rolling your eyes.

“Maybe it’s just fate?”

You tap your chin as if you were thinking. “Nah, definitely the phone thing. The government’s totally watching us.”

You laugh as he leans in to give you another kiss. “I love you.”

“I know.” He stops and begins to turn away. “Hey! Fine, fine! I love you too, loser.”


I hope you enjoyed this! Sorry if it actually sucks, like I said. First time writing something like this in somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 years.


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01.07.17- My first spread post! January, weekly, and next week’s spreads. Back into the “swing of things” and copying this semester’s notes into small MUJI books. I’m starting to use my Leuchtturm 1917 and I LOVE it so far, along with my mildliners which I’ve been longing for!! Here’s to a productive year!

The One Who Worries

WWriter - @dammntwilightsaga

Requested - no just one to start off the blog - Send me Requests!!

Warning – pregnant!reader (is that even considered a warning? lmao), Mentions of Paul’s short temper,I don’t know what it feels like to be kicked by a baby so it may or may not be exaggerated (sorry to those who have been pregnant!), pure fluff

Disclaimer - I do not own any of The Twilight Saga’s characters and/or ideas all credit goes to the creator and producers of Twilight (I actually watch the scene I use from the movies on youtube or another source to get the dialog right. Although I may switch up who says/does what for purposes of the imagines, I do not own any of it.)

Summary – Paul’s imprint is 7 months pregnant with their first child and when she feels slight discomfort Paul freaks out believing she and their child is in some type of danger

POV - third person; set in New Moon

(Characters’ ages are raised to at least 18)

(Y/H/C) your hair color

(Y/E/C) your eye color

A/N - Request are open :)

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