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handwritten physics notes from grade 11 🔭💫🌎 i wrote these notes during class (hence the post-its for additional info the teacher would mention here and there 😅) & i honestly enjoyed taking the class even though the tests were so difficult?? i guess that’s just me aaa

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happy weekend 🌥
here’s some communication study!!
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october 17, 2016 | 1:47 pm | 13/100

aaah i haven’t posted in awhile because of my hectic schedule 😰 finals are this week!!!!! 🌟 wish me luck i def need it! ps: i made a treat yo self purchase aka a dotted moleskine for my bujo next sem i’m v happy 😌💞


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November 15th, 2016

Finally got around to reviewing the epinephrine/glucagon and insulin signalling pathways and typing up some biology notes. I’m trying out a new study method; rather than spending hours handwriting my lecture notes I’m going to type them, then annotate then with textbook readings and tutorials.

I was taught that the way of progress was neither swift nor easy.

Marie Curie:

After graduating from school at 15, she continued her education in Poland by going to underground classes (as women were not allowed to go to university) while she saved to go to Paris. Once she got there, she completed postgraduate degrees in both physics and maths in just 3 years and began her research into radioactive compounds, discovering 2 elements (radium and polonium), which were later used in treating diseases such as cancer through radiotherapy (something she literally created during the first world war for field hospitals, whilst at the same time running a platoon of mobile x-ray machines also for use on the front line).

She also won 2 Nobel Prizes (the first person and only woman to do so - she was also the first woman to ever win and the only person to ever win 2 prizes in different sciences).

I’m going to go and do my homework.


august 23, 2016 | 8:08 pm | 10/100

MIDTERMS ARE FINALLY OVER!!! 🤓  i’ve been studying for philosophy and biology the last two days! here is a mind map for philosophy and flashcards for biology 🌎☄💫  now i’m just hoping and praying i get good results back for all my midterms 😫


Researchers have identified a new organ in our digestive system: the mesentery

  • Researchers at Ireland’s University of Limerick have officially discovered a new organ. It’s called the mesentery.
  • Initially thought to be a “fragmented structure made up of multiple separate parts,” surgeons have now concluded the mesentey is a single, previously unrecognized organ.
  • The mesentery connects the intestine to the abdomen. Read more

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