sometimes your heart will hurt. sometimes your smile will ache. sometimes your light will dim. sometimes your spirit will break. sometimes your entire world will come crashing down with no warning, and no signs.. but no matter how destroyed you feel - you have to be willing to dig deep inside of yourself to find some ambition to get you back right. you have to look out for you. you have to let go. you have to place your focus primarily on YOU. nothing about losing what’s familiar feels good.. but uncomfortable places can be beautiful. growth is beautiful. you are beautiful. you shouldn’t have to wait around and pray for someone to love you. you should love you. you should let go - because nothing worth holding onto will ever destroy you. and holding on is destroying you. trying to love someone into loving you - is destroying you. let go because you have to get a hold of you. you have to retrace your steps and figure out where you let YOU go. you have to take time to yourself to reflect on when and where you lost yourself. you have to let go of what no longer is - and accept what may have never been.. then you have to pick yourself back up. you have to release any negativity clouding your mind and you have to rid yourself of hopeful feelings. cleanse your soul. listen to your intuition. learn yourself. let go of any bad habits you’ve picked up along your journey. and start over. no matter how bad or how much it hurts.. let go and start over. holding on is destroying you.
—  Reyna Biddy
They never said it would be easy, and they were right. Sometimes everything hits me again and I will find myself overwhelmed by sadness. But it’s different now, I don’t doubt myself anymore. I know that even the darkest of days will pass and I can embrace the new beginnings. I am filled with  hope and a fight for life and all that is to come.
—  n.f.
I felt like a lot of stuff in my life has changed and not at all because of my career but just because stuff changes as you get older and I found myself yearning for my past, for no reason specifically other than… it had gone. It had happened and I missed elements of it. I didn’t want to be back there - I just missed elements of it. And it felt like all of us were moving on, like with our own things and its not about a love relationship, like with an ex, its about my relationships with everyone that I love. And I miss a lot of those people. It’s not that we’ve fallen out or anything, its just that we’ve all got our own lives going on.
—  Adele on what inspired ‘Hello’

“Do you remember this song?” He asks, “we listened to it often.”

“How could I forget? This is the most overplayed song on my iPod. This is that one I can’t stop repeating. This is that one tune, where every time I listen to it, steals all my air and resuscitates me.”

“We danced to it,” he says.

“You spun me round and round, until I was too dizzy to stand alone.”

“And then I had to hold you close until your head stopped spinning,” he swiftly brushes his hand against mine. "Once in a while, I play it over and over again too, and it takes me back.“

"I’m still there,” I whisper. “I’m still there.”

—  Excerpt from the letters he left behind #19 by Ming D. Liu

Gonna leave this here. Just in case the changes in the atmosphere are overwhelming and you’re considering going backwards. Don’t be fooled. The past has nothing new to offer you. Welcome new unforeseen beginnings. Get a little more comfortable in the unknown. Allow yourself to submit into the free-flow and let life guide you by each moment.

Collectively, we feel like something big, something delicious, something gratifying is coming. We just can’t see it with your physical eyes. Hold on to the feeling because the feeling is reality. You’ll see. Close chapters. Make peace with self and others. Leap forward. Allow yourself to be surprised.

Today’s #Affirmation:
I will no longer settle on spaces, energy, relationships or things because I realize I am worth so much more.

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