new banner i guess


Well anyhow here’s all the new banners I guess. Not entirely fond of the sharp vector edges but. We probably won’t be getting the stylized pretty ones back. 

 So naturally I saved all the old ones while I could. I loved them, but… This is an easy template to work with for custom banners I suppose… I mean, I guess… I’ll miss the pretty old ones… 

The old will also be a part of the post, below the cut~

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Hey which do you think is better, Marth or Chrom? Chrom has been really helpful but his speed is not too hot. Meanwhile I really like the Marth build you showed off a lot but Chrom’s def and att are super nice to fall back on. Him and Oboro’s def buff have helped me many times. Also hows the new banner? Still no Luci but I got a Mae so I guess I’ll figure out what to do with that