new balance finals


Episode  — Twilight of the Apprentice

I won’t leave you. Not this time.

a zutara parallel i rarely see discussed is that, at the beginning of the series, neither zuko nor katara are skilled in their elements; katara can’t even catch a fish, while iroh is still teaching zuko the basics. but by the end of the series, they are both esteemed masters in their own right through tumultuous work and perseverance

New Balance Pt. 3 [Final]

Description : Graduation day was approaching but you and Vernon still had a few things left to finish

Genre : smut, light fluff, light angst

Word count : 2k

a/n : Well this was actually requested because I had planned to leave it at part two but I’m glad I did this for closure, thanks to the anon who suggested this :) 

“Ohh, my two babies are all grown up,”

“Uh, second baby over here!” You yelled from the couch you were curled up in and hugged the bowl of chips back into your chest.

Your mother had been staying with you for the past week and insisted you bring your brother by the apartment since it “has been soooo long since we were all together as a family” and of course, after meeting Vernon the night she went by their place, invited him to stay too. Your roommate had moved out a month prior since she wanted to be with family for graduation.

“You’re all my babies,” She hugged herself and gave you the cutest face she could construct.

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Arjun breaks his promise to Draupadi when he marries and brings Subhadra to Indraprastha.

for ghadiakanya; inspiration from dravpadi.

New Andrewy Jackson Jihad Song lyrics!

“i’m afraid of my son and his big toys
and im afraid of his legos
im afriad of his teacher that is named Grem
and i don’t know my last name

im afriad of large lego pieces connected to smaller dot lego pieces
when will the american culture devolve into a pile of new balance sneakers
and I can finally run a lap”