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Otherworldly Beauty

The top of an old fencepost completely encrusted with lichens, including a colony of tiny British Soldiers lichen (Cladonia cristatella), viewed here from the top and side.  The metal object in the top photo is a staple which probably once held barbed wire in place.  The otherworldly beauty of these tiny life forms blows me away.

New Jersey, January 24, 2017

Photos by @mellowcat-artist  All Rights Reserved.

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This is the fear parents of black children face every day 

14-year-old Radazz Hearns was shot seven times as he ran away from New Jersey state troopers. A few days later, Leiann Wrytes, mother of 8-year-old Ayden, took to Twitter to share an important message. It’s a concern many parents of black children face.

Starter for ask-stan-pines

A little town in Oregon wasn’t exactly the place Carla had expected to end up, but it was far, FAR away from where she’d started, and so she wasn’t about to complain. How she’d gotten here? Well, several buses, some hitchhiking, and at least one airplane, but mostly it had been a bad break up and an urge to see the world. Or at least the pacific northwest. Whatever.

The last thing she expected was to run into anybody she knew, she was MILES away from New Jersey, on the other side of the country. For all intents and purposes, nobody she’d ever met should be around here. 

She was wrong.

Striding down the tiny street in Gravity Falls, bag slung over her shoulder, Carla very nearly careened into a guy walking in the opposite direction of her. “Geez, watch where you’re-” she almost cursed him out, but this wasn’t the hustle and bustle of New York or New Jersey, she needed to be a bit more polite in these backwoods small towns. “Ah. Sorry. Wasn’t looking where I was going…”

Oh hell. She knew that face. “Stanford? Is that you?”

Well this is Awkward Chapter 1

Rating: T for mentions of potential sex

Pairing: Fiddauther or FordFord Later Ma Pines and Dad McGucket

Summery: Fiddleford and Stanford find out the hard way that there can be some very very unexpected consequences to not informing you parents you are dating. But to be fare, how were they supposed to know that their parents would get along so well?!  

Notes: I apparently cannot write characters that are not somewhere on the aro spectrum so…thats a thing. Also The art for this was meant to be an inktober thing but I decided to use it here. 

Chapter 2 HERE

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