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Bucky’s tongue stroked across Clint’s, and he groaned satisfyingly deep in his chest when Clint’s hands dropped to his ass, pulling him forward so Clint could press against him. The soft noise was almost lost against the distant background noise of football practice, cheerleaders starting a routine over for the fifteenth time; Clint resolved to himself that the next one would be louder.

In the interests of achieving goals, Clint pulled away - Bucky looked pleasingly dazed - and dropped to his knees.

“Really Barton?” Bucky said, and there was something odd under the breathless. “Under the bleachers?”

“It’s some kinda tradition, right?” Clint said, reaching forward to fumble with Bucky’s fly, but Bucky’s hand dropped quickly to grab his. “Babe?”

Bucky was biting on his lip, looking uncertain, and Clint dropped back to sit on his heels, not sure entirely what the hell was going on.

“We’re good, right?” Bucky asked, and the uncertainty in his tone was lodged sharp under Clint’s ribs. “We’re solid?”

And Clint, who hadn’t yet met a moment he couldn’t stomp all over, said, “Since I’m down here, should I have brought a ring?”

Bucky lifted his foot and pressed it into the centre of Clint’s chest so he toppled over backwards, and when Clint pressed up on his elbows there was something not good about Bucky’s smile.

“What?” He asked. They hadn’t talked about it, but he’d thought - “you’re down for this, right?”

Bucky tilted his head so his hair fell over his face, and Clint hated it when he did that, hated the imprecision of aid-filtered voices instead of the lips he was so used to reading.

Bucky shrugged.

“I dunno,” he said, flat and low. “Maybe a guy wants something a little special for his -” he fell silent, but there was no biting back the words that had to fit.

“First - ?” Clint breathed, then, helpless, “but you’re -”

Beautiful, he thought, and incredible, and everything, and how could people not -

But somehow, what came out was none of these.

“But you’re you,” Clint said, helpless, and it was somehow everything he meant and the worst possible thing he could have said.

Bucky didn’t flinch, didn’t react, didn’t do anything but turn on his heel and stalk away, leaving Clint flat on his back with a muddy boot print over his heart.

yes, I can indeed take school projects seriously

Based on the tomco AU idea of miachee. 

Star wants to go to the Underworld and transforms Marco into a demon, so he can sneak through the crowd. At some point they get separated and then just happens that Marco runs into Tom. Read the tags.

Later with color. :3


Imagine: Telling Barry to go away after you got kidnapped by a group of meta humans and nearly killed

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how's the peepo doin?

Still inactive. I figured it would be too risky to have her potentially reform while I’m asleep and rampage through the off-limits part of house (nearly all of it), so in my efforts to keep her close I’ve contained her gem in a carrier next to me.

Its already been about a day. I’m not even sure if the cat actually did significant enough harm for her to take this long, so I’m hoping she’ll be out soon.

I’m gonna answer some questions while I wait. feel free to ask me more things.


//Mod T here! The ECHO project, while long and arduous, was definitely a ton of fun! I made some wonderful friends and really had an amazing time contributing to this beautiful piece.

Now, of course, I went a little crazy and made many, many poses–so many, in fact, that not all of them made it in! Here is the full list of poses that were created, some of which made it into the video.

I owe a very, very big thank you to two people–first, @myebi​ for working with me to line every single pose you see here (ah, the woe of being a traditional artist), and @namelessokami​ for putting up with me for ages and ages and lining those hands sweet jesus you beautiful being helping me with the initial colors as well as providing me with undying support with every single multi-faceted and hard-to-manage part of this many-layered piece. Seriously, friend??? THANK YOU??? Couldn’t have done this without you.

Also, a special thank-you goes to @techcat​ for being so gosh-darn amazing and putting this together!!!




*ahem anyway*

The idea behind Gaster and Aster’s outfit was to mirror the necklaces they wear as a sign of their love. Aster’s colors were reflective of Gaster’s crystal necklace, whereas Gaster wears the bright and bombastic colors of the sun necklace around Aster’s neck. Once again, thank you to all who helped me, and congrats to everyone who worked on this beautiful project! 

Infliction, chap. 1


A gun pointed to your mother’s head as your father shovels over wads of cash; threats being spitted all over the place as you peek through the meager crack in your door - only a distant memory.

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A frown was spread miles across Cha Eunwoo’s florid face as he sways back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth and..

“Does that sound good?” His father grumbles, his back turned to his son. His father’s study was extremely large in size; books covering the walls leading to passages Eunwoo didn’t know about, though, he’d lived in this house the entirety of his life. He often found his father here, silently contemplating which loanshark to go after next or which one to annihilate all together - usually it wasn’t that hard of a decision. His study smelt of old books which Eunwoo and his father both knew he hadn’t picked up in ages; completely defeating the purpose of the study element.

When Mr. Cha doesn’t hear an immediate response from his son, he swivels around in his office chair, his gold circular glasses pushed halfway down his nose, hands clasped in a prayer gesture to which Eunwoo could only think was ironic. “Eunwoo?”

Eunwoo snaps out of his cognitive, attention taken away from the loose string on the cuff of his blazer. “Did you say something?”

Mr. Cha rolls his eyes, standing up and making his way over to his son. “Get the rest of the rookies together, I want this job done by tonight.” And, with that cold threat, he leaves his son alone in the study only to his thoughts.

“What did I do in my previous life to deserve this?” Eunwoo mutters and exhales sharply, taking his pocket knife out of his coat pocket and cutting the loose strand.

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With color! I added some details too that I forgot before.
I see that a lot of people like this, thaks for all your love! <3

Ok, Guys.
So I will leave tumblr for a while now.
I will spend some weeks developing my skills so I need to focus fully on that. After those weeks I will have to start working on my portfolio but I think I can return to tumblr a little while doing that :3

So until I am back, have a grumpy Feanor with a Llama (group chat gone wrong)

I will miss you!

Damen is like… 2 seconds away from getting punched in the face.

BEAUTY AND THE BEAST AU BECAUSE IT’S PERFECT. Except I guess Damen is more like Gaston rather than Belle lmao. Shows up to a the castle to slay the beast, but didn’t expect the beast to start talking (or be wearing clothes tbh). Meanwhile, Nicaise and Co. (who have been turned into various furniture/objects) are like LAURENT THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO BREAK THE CURSE GO WOO THIS MAN.

I was gonna write fic of this, but I am le laze.

  • Jimin: can I copy your notes?
  • Me: ...
  • Me: but your notes are better than mine...
  • Jimin: *nervously rubs the back of his neck*
  • Jimin: I just really wanted an excuse to talk to you
  • Me: *whispers* fuckin adorable