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BTS | Kingpin : Concept Trailer ( gang au )


Karamel AU Soulmate

In world where everything is black and white until you meet your soulmate, Kara lost hope to find one. That is until she met Mon-El.  Even if they started the worst way possible, they still managed to overcome all the obstacles and find happiness.

game, set, match. by @ananbeth and @blackjacktheboss
chapter 1: australian open 

“I stand by my earlier statement,” she tells him later, between panting breaths and the silk sheets of his hotel bed.
Percy turns his head on the pillow, frown pinching his eyebrows together. “Come again?”
She raises an eyebrow at his choice of words and he rolls his eyes.
Annabeth grins and looks up at the ceiling again. “‘Good body.’”