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Lettering tips

I did a thing! :D It’s been ages since I made some sort of a lettering tips/tutorial (it was just an answered ask and it was pretty bad tbh), so I thought I‘d make a new one. Nothing too complicated, just filling more pages in my bullet journal :).

Now, these are tips that I sort of discovered myself and am using now, which doesn’t mean that you have to! I did not include the “double the downstroke” which we all sort of know, rather I concentrated more on the letter heights, which was a big problem for me when I started with lettering. Well, hope you find it at  least a bit helpful :D

aussie-bookworm  asked:

When recording TBS, do any of actors flub their lines by accident? If so, would we be able to listen to the bloopers?

Oh yeah, absolutely. I am an extremely cruel director and make them do single takes of entire episodes (sometimes 25+ pages) and, while they are all very talented professionals, there’s bound to be some stumbling. 

Putting together a blooper reel is something I’m kicking myself over not keeping track of at the start because now there is just hours upon hours of footage that I in no way shape or form have any time to listen through and pull clips from. Maybe someday we’ll hire someone to do that because there are some good moments. 

One of my favorite bloopers from early on was in a Caleb episode. This was still in the first season, when I was trying to figure out the best way to record/take notes during recording/direct/etc. I now sit on my bed as the actors sit at a table in front of me and use 1-tap touch to highlight the script for notes, but back then I was trying a bunch of stuff out. 

I didn’t want my note-taking to interfere with sound, so I sat out in the hallway with my headphones and left Julia and Briggon in my bedroom. So I’m sitting on the floor staring at a closed door, and Briggon and Julia are just on their own. Briggon gets to a line that went something like, “I had a rough day at school”, but instead of school, Briggon goes full-adult and says “work”. And even though I couldn’t see Briggon’s face, I could just hear him have that moment of, “wait, what”. 

I don’t know why, but that was such a fun, funny moment - Briggon plays a teenager extremely convincingly, but he definitely slips up sometimes. 


Request:Can I request a fic where dark-skinned  Reader and Tony are together and fight for their relationship despite an abundance of outside negativity? Rumors are flying around like she’s only with him for his money, or that she’s a prostitute, or that he’s only with her to try to seem politically correct, or that he’s slumming, etc. Maybe an Avenger or two (doesn’t matter which) think they are helping by suggesting that Reader and Tony break up? The other Avengers are supportive though?  @smile-it-wont-suck-forever

You were sat watching one of the many shows that got their ratings by gossiping about celebrities. You didn’t usually watch these shows, but you heard your boyfriend’s name  in passing as you were flipping the channels and curiosity got the better of you. He wasn’t usually featured on these channels anymore; it was usually just the news channels fussing over Iron Man.

“It has been a while since Mr. Stark made it onto our radar, but it seems he took a break from saving the day to be with a mystery woman over the weekend. The couple was seen leaving a restaurant in Manhattan, sharing a little PDA,” the woman spoke, you rolled your eyes. You’d thought you saw a camera flash while you were out. It was only a matter of time before the  media caught wind of you two. You lasted a while though, almost a year without anyone being the wiser.

“Who is this mystery woman you ask? Your guess is as good as ours, but don’t expect to see her for too much longer, we know Tony Stark’s game, there’ll be a new one next weekend. In other news-” the T.V. suddenly turned off. You looked around to figure out why and found Tony.

“I never changed out women weekly… that would have been too long a turn around,” he complained. You rolled your eyes.

“I told you going out to Manhattan was a bad idea.” you chastised, crossing your arm in front of your chest. He smirked and came over to where you were sitting and sat on your lap. You fought to keep a straight face while he sat there.

“I wanted to take you to dinner, is that so bad? Is it so horrible of me to want to spoil the woman I love? Tell me is it?” he asked playfully moving closer and closer to your face as he spoke. His playful smile pulled your own smile out of you. You pushed his face back with a laugh.

“I guess not, now get off of me, fool.” you pushed at him. He got up but not before kissing you.

“I’ll talk to someone about it, yeah? Let them know you’re not just my Saturday night… occasionally you get Sundays.”

You threw a pillow at him, which he easily caught and tossed back on the sofa. His smile faltered for a moment and he gave you a concerned look, “You do know that the vast majority of those journalists are idiots right? I want you every day.”

“You better,” you grinned.

“Great, rom-com moment over, come on  I have something to show you.”

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Just One Word Book Photo Challenge
August 2016

Day 11: Movie

I have a few book to movie adaptations but these are the prettiest :)

Just One Word February BPC
Day 16: Bookcase

It’s a bookshelf technically but it’s new and cute

Updated commission info!!

My old commission page was a little outdated in terms of the artwork on it, so i decided to make a new one! Also, this one will not have a read more page break, because it made the post not show up well on mobile.

Animal crossing style- $5, colored only! Each additional character is another $5. Background is $1-5 depending on complexity.

Example (Commissioned by porcelaincrossing!)

Chibi- $10 for inks only, $17 for colored! The main difference between Animal Crossing style and Chibi is that the animal crossing drawings are small, normally each character being about three inches tall. The Chibis are much larger, depending on the pose they can take up the whole page. Background is $1-5 depending on complexity, and each additional character is $10.

Example (Commissioned by trashperson32!):

Bust (head+top of shoulders) drawings are $17 for inked drawing and $25 for full color. Again, the background is $1-5 depending on complexity. I dont want to write that bit out anymore so lets just assume its the same for everything ;)

Additional characters are $15 each!


For full body drawings, the cost is $25 for inks and $35 for full color. each additional character is $20. These drawings typically take up an entire 8x11 sheet of paper.


Artwork is drawn with acid free archive ink and Copic Markers! the art might fade if its placed in direct sunlight every single day forever, but the markers i use are made to last.

I WILL draw:

*Original Characters/ Self inserts!


*Non-human characters! (within reason, I am not the best at drawing some species.)

*Real People! (they will be in my art style. If it is a family member or a friend please get their permission first!)


*Elderly people!

I will NOT draw:

*Anything with an adult theme!


*In//cest, d//d//l//g, extreme gore, etc!

*Characters who I am uncomfortable drawing, for any reason!

*Any ship art from a ship I don’t support! (This is a very personal thing, I just have a bad history with certain ship’s fandoms.)

I reserve the right to deny any commission for any reason.

For characters i am unfamiliar with or ocs, i WILL need a reference picture! Additionally, if the picture you provide is official artwork, i will draw the character in the same pose. If you want them in a different pose, please tell me! I may need additional reference photos as well.

The transaction will take place through Etsy, to protect both buyer and seller. Your item will be listed as a custom listing for your tumblr username. I WILL NOT BEGIN DRAWING UNTIL THE LISTING IS PURCHASED!!

Shipping is $3, if you don’t want the original artwork of your commission and only want the unwatermarked photos i will send you when its finished, please tell me!

Please do not reupload photos of the commissioned art or repost it to other websites without my permission!

To place a commission, just send me a message!!

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57 “Crossroad”

this chapter wasn’t stranger to “rebirth” metaphors that we’ve already seen before, but a rebirth to what ? a crossroad from where to where ?

we were introduced to the human particle on the moon and the lunarians attempting to “recreate” humans from them,

right after getting their right eye pulled out by aechmea and it being replaced by an “only” pearl eye, phos felt not only sick but also had flashes of that same human particule before falling on the floor…

the first experiment we were introduced to was the “professor”, a human woman who supposedly built or spent her last days with adamant,

the last page oddly parrallels a scene we’ve already come accross…

a kneeling adamant, a determined phos, and a human forgery

but there’s one more thing in that new page, not only phos is now facing adamant like the professor was.. but a single particular cloud with a particular five-branches shape is present

indicating phos may be undergoing the process of becoming human