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something not specific - a cute kyle doing cute kyle things

i guess these arent specifically cute things but hes always cute so it doesnt rly matter

You spin me right round Fatal right round-

Still working on getting ready for Chapter Three, but I’ve been dying to practice animating because I’ve been getting some ideas so I snuck in some practice. I’m slowlyyyyy getting used to Flash again (the last time I used it was…psshhh 4 years ago?) but I keep using my Photoshop hotkeys and it’s frustrating, haha XD

I made this while on my work computer which has CC 2015 on it, but if I can open this file on my laptop (which has CS5) and I don’t fall asleep immediately after arriving home I might just stream me coloring it and adding glitches and such.

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sorry to take your time, but can you give me an advise? i will draw Lewis but i dunno how! i make a neck? a lot of flame or not? how i'm suppose to draw him?! (it's for some gift i want to do for everyone who draw some Mystery Skulls ^^) (you are in)

No need to apologize, always happy to help! (ificanomg)  I mean, I’m reALLy flattered that you came to me for advice honestly, but I really don’t know what to say? ;w;  I could trY to make a real quick tutorial on how i usually draw the Lew (plz excuse my speedy tut, i think it’s my first one aND i’m on day five of being deATHLY SICK)

So i first draw somewhat of a circle and some guidelines to represent the general direction he’s facing 

I don’t usually draw tHese guidelines (thoireallyshould) of where the “skull lumps” would go (i like drawing the middle “teeth lump” as slightly bigger than the ones next to it), BUT i drew them here to demonstrate where I USUALLY put them.  I usually place the lines halfway…. uh, i’m not sure how to explain it since my head is a little fuzzy, but i hope the picture demonstrates what i’m tRYing to say

(you don’t need to follow this exactly at all, I CERTAINLY DON’T SOMETIMES, just use your artistic judgement 8) )

Then I draw in those eye sockets, and I decided to make him look towards the corner, so I drew a lil Viv’ for him to peer at for no reason.  I (usually) like to make sure I align the bottom/almost the bottom of the sockets/eyes to the top of the “boney cheek lumps”. I don’t know why, but I do

Now, add a little bit more detail to the skull and the eyes and… as for the hair, I say, judge how much flame he has based on how emotional he is.  Like here, he’s all chill so i drew a roundish and contained flamey hair. but the more anGRY HE GETS, WELL

Originally posted by soaringsparrows

(also heheh bONUS NOSE)

draw the usual dorito baseline shape for the boi, with little shoulder lumps.  They don’t hAVe to be round, but I chose round cuz i wanted a round lew lew tonight.  Draw sharp or round, whaTever fits your artistic style and direction yo.

Next I draw in the collar and the “Y” representing the opening of his dapper suit.

(gonna hold off on drawing arms and…. lol legs on this tut cuz it’s past midnight and i should really be asleep right now)

Then you fINISH OFF WITH THE TIE/ LAPEL/ AND …RIB.  And as for his neck, in the videos he doesn’t have one, so you don’t hAVE to draw one.  But I SWEAR I have seen fanart where people draw in a spinal neck, so you don’t have to copy the canon style and design to a T; have fun with it and be creative!

8D i hope this helps and that you can read my nyquil induced ramblings

good luck on your gift! <3



a v late birthday gift for @dearsheroozle, whose birthday v unfortunately fell the day after 3.07 aired and killed all my creative energy

“Aibooooou, let me play!” >:/

“No, I’m not giving you my DS, you BROKE my last one!” >:0

“Are you really still mad about that. That was last year.”

“STILL RELEVANT! I had to start ALL OVER. You made me lose all my shiny Pokemon!”

— I doodled this last night cause I had lots of feels. I still have lots of feels. I’ve had feels all week! Take a break, Yuugi! Staring at a screen all day can’t be healthy! Also, I am going to adding a new tag to little things like this. Thinking about starting a little mini comic series for cute little domestic life puzzlenerds. Because who doesn’t like domestic life!Yuugi and Atem? :D

{Triple M as A-RISE from Love Live as an apology for being absent for so long~ Now excuse me while I disappear from this blog once again :v}
{Oh, btw, I chose the costumes according to which I think would fit each one of them better, not who they would be if they were in some sort of A-RISE au~}

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For your prompt! How about some ladies? Like maybe Yamcha laughing at a grumpy Goku in that fancy puffy outfit from the first time they went shopping for new clothes together? 🎀 Gokus "so done with u" face made me laugh too much 💙

(I dIDNT mEAN to Take SO LoNG IM soRRY. Schoolwork man..)

I mean they did get some sassy outfits regardless

Meme is back with a Vengeance 

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ur gay d8 me

ummm??? im not quite sure how im supposed to answer this??

uhhhh, thanks? i guess??  

we’re married now, no takesbacksies 

Still practicing color and light! I’ve always been a sucker for Modern AUs so have some Fashion!Bellarke or whatever you’d call this.

(After the white washing controversy around Bellamy, I felt it was only fitting to give him a filipino tribal tattoo)