new art center


We are proud to announce the opening of Palazzo Aldenard, a new performing arts center on the Balmung Server.  Feel free to stop by and pay us a visit in the Lavender Beds (Ward 9 Plot 28). 

Announcement of our first show will follow shortly.  Please consider helping us spread the word by liking and reblogging our posts (this is a brand new sideblog with almost no followers!)

J. M. W. Turner (1775-1851)
“Mount Vesuvius in Eruption” (1817)
Watercolor on paper
Located in the Yale Center for British Art, New Haven, Connecticut, United States

Just digitized: the Schomburg’s collection of WPA Photographs. This includes stills from  Federal Theatre Project productions (such as Macbeth, The Swing Mikado, and Haiti), artists and their work under the auspices of the Federal Art Project, and children’s and adults’ music classes under the Federal Music Project, among others.