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Bellarke fic where they have superpowers, but it's also modern? If it doesn't exist, it should.

  • bellamy blake, vigilante extraordinaire [T, oneshot, superhero!bellamy + doctor!clarke]
  • this house doesn’t burn slowly down [NR, wip, Clarke Griffin was kidnapped by the government because of her special abilities]
  • like it’s the last night on earth [NR, drabble, Super-Strong!Bellamy is upset because his sister is missing. Empath!Clarke tries to calm him]
  • and you thought the lions were bad [NR, long oneshot, Here is a secret about Clarke that only Raven knows: Clarke died two months ago]
  • I Fear the Fall and Where We’ll Land [T, oneshot] + Take What You Need, Say Your Goodbyes [T, oneshot] [“So I know you said you’re not X-Men,” Raven muses, “But you’re kind of X-Men.”]
  • We Could be Heroes [T, oneshot, Clarke teleports when she is stressed, Bellamy is always the one who tracks her down]
  • no capes (and no medals either) [NR, oneshot, inspired by Netflix’s Daredevil]
  • Below the Stratosphere [M, oneshot, Clarke and Bellamy are exes, broken up by war, and are reluctant to try again. Oh, and there are powers]
  • Hello Kitty Tattoo [M, twoshot, ‘I have x-ray vision but I can’t control it very well so I keep accidentally spying on my hot neighbor’] + All Inside You [E, oneshot,  Ultimately the consummation of Clarke’s fantasies about her insanely attractive neighbor, and they’re powered up sexual experience]
  • And That’s Terrible [T, oneshot, In which Bellamy is kind of Clark Kent, Clarke is definitely Lois Lane, and Octavia doesn’t want to be Poison Ivy, so she’s Alfred, but with better weed]
  • The Wonderful Mess We Made [T, wip, Or, the one where Clarke and Jasper are scientists who turn superhuman, Raven and Monty are their human friends who are no less super at fighting crime, and Bellamy absolutely does not believe in superheroes…until he meets one]
  • super [NR, drabble, There’s a new superhero in Ark City, and he’s honestly really pissing Clarke off]
  • Walk Through Walls [G, oneshot, Turns out being exposed to the post-nuclear radiation of the Earth has some interesting consequences that no one (except the long dead authors of comic books) could have predicted]
  • situation normal, all fucked up [NR, oneshot, It would probably be beneficial to the team and national security and her sanity if Clarke stopped thinking about ARK Enemy Number 16’s mouth. Especially considering he’s a telepath]
The 100 AU: Clarke the Vampire Slayer

“So… it seems like I felt compelled to take two hours of my day and write up a three season outline for exactly what this BtVS fusion AU would look like and how it would all play out and I used your post and all my other thoughts and ANYWAY I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT. (I hope someone writes it. pretty please.)

by rashaka”


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