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Grand Apple

Age: 50

D.O.B: 2/12/67

Height: 6ft 3in

Ideal Voice: (x)

Relationship: Re-Married

Offspring(s): 1 Son (Nemo) 3 Daughters (Twins and Elora) @ask-elora

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Ideal Type: “I don’t have time for these questions.”

Occupation: Professor

Personality: Grand comes from a small but very wealthy family. He was disowned by his own mother when he chose to do something un-related to apples as a career, though his cutie mark is an apple. The Apple family are very strict and were hoping that Grand would continue with creating new and more apple products. He was banished from their home and forced to live on his own at the age of 14. He did. Grand Apple loved his first wife Peppermint Delight very much. But after losing his last 3 jobs, he became very depressed and moody. Several times he and Peppermint Delight would get into arguments after Nemo was born. She thought if he couldn’t spend any quality time with his son, then maybe she should. Which later drifted him away. But he couldn’t stop thinking about his wife and only child. After he heard news of his wife’s death, he tried to come back home to care for Nemo. But the mare he was staying with wouldn’t let him. She had him under her spell to a point where he had no control over his own actions or thoughts. She convinced him to stay with her and he did. Where later he ended up marrying her and having 3 more children. He later reunited with his only son where the two shared a very emotional and heart breaking reunion. He has never stopped thinking about his son after all those years. Several times he would try to reach out to him but his foster family burned every letter he sent for abandoning his son. He thought Nemo hated him all those years. To this very day, he still thinks about his first wife. Nemo is all he has left of her. And he won’t risk losing him again.

**My Apple family has no relation or connection to the canon Apple family in MLP:FiM**

When you love your notes but you’re feeling fall af DAY 7 of 100: here in socal we experienced a little known phenomenon here called rain. My favorite type of weather led to high spirits and high motivation. I’m feeling proud of myself today for this was my most productive day so far with doing calc notes and homework, physics homework, AP environmental notes, questions, and Flashcards and now AP lit vocabulary. Planning to have some time off tonight and read some Cat’s Cradle ❤️

Apple’s new “HomePod” sounds like a Steven Universe gem transporter.

My ipod is so old (it’s one of the 5th generation 80GB iPods that I’ve had since 2008). It’s been dropped numerous times, makes a weird clicking sound now, completely fucks up in the cold, and restarts itself on occasion.

But despite all that it’s still going strong. I still worry that one day it will just stop working since most of my music library are songs imported from CDs that I don’t have anymore. It’s certainly outlived Apple’s expectations for their products that’s for sure!

Funny Love OTP And AU Prompts
  • I’m terrible at singing and karaoke. Still, every Friday night I come in and subject myself to public embarrassment because there’s this cutie I really like who works at the karaoke bar.
  • I sent a text message to the wrong person but you text me back. It didn’t stop there and since then we’ve just been texting each other back and forth. Now I have you added to my list of contacts.
  • I’m on a bowling team and I really wanted to impress you by getting a third strike. Instead I got so nervous my fingers got caught in the bowling ball. I lost my balance and slipped out onto the bowling lane.
  • We’re both super into cosplay and have been working for many days on our outfits for the big day. Finally when the day arrives we’re at the con and my cosplay starts to fall apart! But you came prepared and saved me with your backpack of emergency supplies.
  • You’re always making jokes about the nerds that wait in those long lines for new apple products. I always laugh and agree with you but on the inside I’m nervous because I’m one of those nerds that camps out in those lines.
  • You like to tell me the same lame jokes every single day and secretly I’m so sick of them. I never think they’re funny but I still laugh at them because I know that it makes you feel good.
  • We’ve just started living together. I’m determined to make you your favorite food to celebrate but the problem is you’re from a mixed ethnic background. I’m clueless. So I search the internet for hours for the perfect recipe for you and pass out near the computer.
  • While I was cleaning up the place I threw out some old clothes, including an ugly shirt. Turns out that was your favorite shirt and it really upset you when you couldn’t find it. So I went to the dump and searched until I found your shirt.
  • I’ve been running an online blog for months. You’re always the first one commenting on anything I put up and I’ve loved it. Turns out we actually know each other irl and neither of us even knew it!
  • I love magic and you love science. Every time I perform, however, you’re always there to reveal how I did my tricks. I hate you!! One day though I made a live rabbit disappear…and…long story short that rabbit was gone. Neither of us had a good explanation.
these gray clouds can’t hide my sunny disposition (jungkook x reader)

Jungkook + waiting in line

Word Count: 3,959
A/N: i started this fic back in march lmao rip but thanks to katie @jespere-hope for all the suggestions and cheerleading me into finishing this 

The line to the Apple Store spanned nearly four blocks, from the bakery outside your apartment all the way down to the construction zone. You hurried along the pavement, hoping to catch a spot at the tail end. The stares of people waiting in the line made it evident that boredom was already seeping in to the masses of Apple fanatics. You flitted quickly through throngs of people loitering casually against concrete buildings, and not even the enticing fumes of freshly baked bread from the local bakery could stop you from your mission.

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Just because I have seen one too many cliché pictures like this of American Horror Story and none of my favorite TV show EVER, Orange Is the New Black! You’re welcome people 🌈🚔

“We’re consumers. We are the byproducts of a lifestyle obsession. Murder, crime, poverty, these things don’t concern me. What concerns me are celebrity magazines, television with 500 channels, some guy’s name on my underwear. Rogaine, Viagra, Olestra…Fuck Martha Stewart. Martha’s polishing the brass on the Titanic. It’s all going down, man. So fuck off with your sofa units and strine green stripe patterns.”

This quote came to mind when I saw the new Apple products.


*92/100 days of productivity*

18.4.16// new study place in company of my sista and friends. We studied in the library, at Suor Orsola Benincasa University which has a beautiful and ancient building and a fantastic garden.
I also tried to pick a mandarin but it was too unripe and tasted bitter.


Page 41: Third World Countries Still Hungry, Rest Of World Continues to Dump Ice Water On Eachother

How to be a douche-y Apple hater with minimal effort

Hey! Are you on the internet and want to shit on whatever new product Apple is releasing without actually needing to put much thought or effort into forming the critique? Have no fear! Just remember that you can always be effortlessly douche-y and smug by relying on the three standard responses to any feature the people might like.

1) If anyone anywhere ever had a similar feature it is invalid because it’s not innovative. “Pfffft! Customizable wristbands! Samsung’s watch already has those! And a heart rate monitor? Who cares?! I can get my pulse at that machine at the grocery store any day I want FOR FREE!”

2) If anything is “missing” the product is worthless, and anything you can possibly think of can be “missing.” “The AppleWatch measures heart rate but not blood sugar?! Guess Apple doesn’t care about my diabetes! And it doesn’t even have a full sized keyboard and subwoofer! Good luck writing a screenplay and fully enjoying the score to ‘Jurassic Park’ with that!”

3) And when all else fails, remember that if you personally don’t want it, won’t use it, or don’t understand it, then it should not exist. “Um. I can already text from my phone. Thanks but no thanks Apple! And by the way, who are these lemmings buying all these motorcars? My donkey gets me to the town square to sell my corn brooms just fine thank you very much!”