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‘first met..’

//Okay, for this one, i just download new app on my phone to try new brush set. Normally i used 'Sketchbook for Galaxy’. This one i painted on 'Infinite Painter’. I dont know which one is better?😅 Lol Actually this is first time i use this app I just wanna try new brush and some feature. I didnt expect to come this far😂 but ..Oh ..i just finished full CG ?😂


they look so perfect next to each other as per usual and so touchy :D


170525 Moonsun Girl Crush highlights
Video thanks to MooMyung


South Park is coming out with a new season in August, a new video game in October, and a phone game later this year, my life is complete

Angel Wendy is my new favorite along with Choir Boy Butters and Cowboy Tweek

Witch Tip!

For those who have a smart phone, it might be a good idea to look into apps to help with your craft! I have an entire home page dedicated to witchcraft and Wicca, and this (^) is it!! All of these apps are free (I’m on a budget!) and I tested each before I added them to this screen, since I’m not wasting precious screen space on something I’m not going to use.

All are from Google Play, and I think most work for Apple products too, but I’m not sure. More info (links, descriptions, etc.) below the cut. If you have any that you like to use, please reply!!

Blessed be!! 🌿💚🌳 🌒🌕🌘

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On the way home from (and also to) choir tonight, the DJ was talking about a new app, where the basic idea is “your kid’s phone won’t work until they text you back.” And it’s a bit painful to say that the most charitable thing I can think to say about this app’s creator is that he probably has more talent than sense. Because, when presented with the problem of “my son doesn’t respond to my texts as promptly as I’d like,” he chose to expend resources developing an app to brick the kid’s phone rather than, y'know, *talking* to him. If I heard right, the app creator’s son is 16 - old enough to carry a lot of responsibility, probably have a job, be prepping for the SAT and college… and definitely old enough to have an adult conversation.

And yes, I realize I’m not a parent, I don’t know what it’s like to send a message to your child and have them not respond. But I remember what it was like to be a teenager (it surprises me how many adults don’t). And I can tell you that this app doesn’t open avenues of communication. Your child will grudgingly send you a one letter response, and will resent the fact that you clearly have so little trust in them. They will, incidentally, still probably wait as long as possible to send that one letter response, to try to demonstrate to you that your attempts at controlling them aren’t going to work.

And that’s assuming the app is only ever used as intended. But an app that was foolishly crafted to exert control over a perceived-to-be rebellious teen can also be used by an abusive spouse or parent. This is a bad app, and I’m frankly distraught that neither the DJ nor any of the callers talking about it took any time to think through the fairly obvious problems.

there's a new app or something
  • Girl: Did you get the new app?
  • Boy: What app?
  • Girl: The new app, stupid.
  • Boy: What does it do?
  • Girl: It's new! Check it out. *fires up app*
  • New App: *in a fresh and cool voice* Welcome to the new app.
  • Boy: I still don't understand what it does.
  • Girl: You can press this button here and it checks for the latest version of the new app. Watch. *boop*
  • New App: Boop received. There are ZERO new updates.
  • Girl: Isn't it cool?
  • Boy: I'm really not into it.
  • Girl: C'mon. You have to be. Everyone's using it.
  • Boy: I'm not really into the same things everyone else is.
  • Girl: You're always such a hispter, but that's your choice.
  • Boy: Yeah, it's my choice and I'm proud of it.
  • *later, elsewhere*
  • Group of People: Wow, the new app rules, right? I love it. I like booping it to see if there's any new updates. We should all boop it now. No, I think we should wait. You're stupid. Yeah, let's all boop it forget the other guy. *boopboopboopboopboopboop*
  • New App: Bbbooooppppp rreeecciiieeeevvvveeedddd. Ooonneeeeee nnnnnneewwww uuuuppppdddaaaattttteeeeeee aaaaavvvvvvvaaaillllllabbbbbl-
  • Boy: *watching from afar* What a bunch of sheep. How can they get excited over a stupid app that does nothing. It's mob mentality if I've ever seen it. One person downloads a useless app, so everyone else has to. Thank god that I'm appless and entirely free from banal social dogma.
  • New App: New update has finished downloading. Activating new feature, outcast locater. One outcast located directly to the south of your group. He's watching from the alleyway.
  • Boy: Huh?
  • Group of People: *rush over the alleyway* Whoa, there really was a guy watching us from the alleyway! What a weirdo! Does he really not have the app? No one doesn't have the app, it's the newest app. Hey, do you not have the app?
  • Boy: I have to go.
  • Group of People: Don't go! Why don't you have the app? Actually, fuck off if you don't have the new app, freak!
  • Boy: *runs away* Why did they all gang up on me like? *stomach growls* Now I'm hungry after running like that. I best go to that sandwich shop over yonder and eat a... hmmm sandwich.
  • Cashier: Hello, sweetie. What kind of sandwich can I get you today?
  • Boy: Just a bread sandwich. Like, a sandwich with three slices of bread and meats, vegetables, cheeses, or condiments.
  • Cashier: *phone vibrates* Hold on, sweetie. The new app is booping me, there might be a new update.
  • New App: Hey, do you see the kid standing in front of you?
  • Cashier: You mean that very cute boy?
  • New App: Yes, him. He doesn't have the new app.
  • Cashier: What!?
  • New App: It's true.
  • Cashier: You have the new app, don't you?
  • Boy: Well, no.
  • Janitor: *stops mopping the floor* That's kind of weird.
  • Cashier: It's actually very weird.
  • Boy: I don't understand what the big deal is, it's just a dumb app.
  • Cashier: It's not dumb, everyone's using it!
  • Janitor: *locks the doors* It's suspicious that you're not using it, son. Why don't you take a seat and wait here for a moment.
  • Cashier: Yeah, me an my colleague, the janitor, have to talk. Your sandwich will be out in a moment.
  • Boy: *nervously sits*
  • *the janitor and cashier huddle behind the counter and whisper to each other*
  • Boy: *internally* This is ridiculous. Why is this stupid app getting me into so much trouble. I'm not required to download it. It's just an app. So why is everyone getting so aggressive about it.
  • Cops: *knock at the door*
  • Janitor: *lets them in* Welcome officers.
  • Cops: So we hear that someone isn't using the new app, eh?
  • Janitor: Yes officer, he's sitting right over there. He's terrible! TERRIBLE!
  • Cops: Calm down, sir. We'll take care of this. *walks over to the boy, very authoritatively* Hello, son. Now, don't be intimidated just because we're cops and all. We simply want to know why you aren't using the new app.
  • Boy: I don't know, I just don't feel like using it.
  • Cops: But you realize it's the most innovative app to be released in the past decade. It was developed by Darkheart Studios, and you know those Darkhearts always make good stuff.
  • Boy: I just don't get why I have to download it. Like, what's the big deal? All it does is update itself.
  • *cops look at each other puzzled*
  • Cops: *phone vibrates* Oh, looks like the app has something to tell us. Lemme just give it a boop. *boop*
  • New App: Boop received. New has update finished downloading. Activating new feature, extermination of the sacrilegious. Kill the boy, officers. End his miserable life.
  • Cops: Are you telling us to shoot the boy because he hasn't downloaded the app.
  • New App: Not necessarily, but any means of extermination is sufficient.
  • Cops: I don't think we should kill the boy. The new app is great an all, but not worth killing over. In fact, it's getting kind of old. I think we should take the boy down to the station for safe keeping while we figure out what's going with this here bizarre app. Hey there, little guy... oh.
  • Boy: *gone*
  • Cops: He's gone. Now where did he run off too?
  • Boy: *runs panicked down the street, the cellphone of every single person vibrating and ringing as he passes them*
  • Boy: *runs into his house and locks himself in his bedroom* What did I do to deserve this? I should just download the app and spare myself this hell. No! I refuse, I won't fall in with trends like all the sheeple. I'm special. I'm different.
  • Sister: *knocks at the boy's bedroom door, clutching a knife behind her back* Little brother, open up. I have to talk to you about something. It's important.
  • Boy: I don't feel like talking, leave me alone.
  • Sister: Come on, I'm your sister. You can trust me, open up. *tries to force the door open* Open the fucking door!
  • Boy: You're acting crazy, leave me alone!
  • Sister: Fine. *stomps off*
  • Boy: *hides under his blankets*
  • *a cacophony of cellphone notification sounds come from outside of the bedroom window*
  • Boy: *sheepishly peaks out the window, his blanket still wrapped around him*
  • *a mob of people, some armed with weapons stand in his backyard*
  • Leader of the Mob: Kid, we all know you didn't download the new app. Unfortunately, the app says we gotta kill you unless you do. I personally think that's unreasonable, but it is the new app after all, and who am I to question it?
  • Boy: Fuck your stupid app! It doesn't even do anything!
  • Leader of the Mob: What a bad attitude. It's the new sensation.
  • Boy: You're sheep!! You're all stupid sheep!! I'm never downloading the stupid fucking app!!
  • Leader of the Mob: Then we have to burn down your house, kid.
  • Boy: My dad is super rich and influential. If you burn down my house, he'll have you guys taken care of.
  • Dad: *from the mob* I actually support them, son. It's disconcerting to me as a father that you don't have the new app when everyone else does. I could support your through anything, but not this.
  • Boy: Wha- dad!? Argh! Just burn the house! I don't care! I'm not afraid to die!! At the end of the day, I'll be a martyr and you'll all still be fucking nobodies!!
  • Leader of the Mob: Whatever ya say, kid. *tosses torch at the house*
  • *the rest of the mob follows and the house quickly goes up in flames*
  • Boy: I guess this is it. This is how I die. All over a dumb app that doesn't do anything but boop.
  • *flames reach the bedroom window*
  • Boy: Oh god, oh god, oh god! I've changed my mind! I don't want to die!! *frantically pulls out his phone as the flames grow and downloads the new app*
  • New App: *boop* Thank you for downloading the new app, boy. Now, you've been forgiven. You may live. Please be sure to boop me to check for updates.
  • Boy: I feel so fucking stupid, but at least I'll live. I just have to get out of here.
  • Boy: *rushes into the hallway, but the flames have engulfed the entire house*
  • *the ceiling collapses, trapping the boy in the hallway and ceiling any exits*
  • Boy: No! Someone help me! *coughs* I'm sorry! Please help! I downloaded the app!
  • Boy: *curls up in fetal position* I don't want to die. Fire fighters will come and save me or something like that, I'm sure of it! I'm so scared! I don't want to die! I don't want to die! It can't end like this!
  • *The End*


Hey guys!!! I’ve just got a new phone and I’ve been messing around on play store and found this chinese app I’ve not seen before!

It’s called Ninchanese and it’s really cute and even has a little story with new vocabulary at the end of each chapter!! It has mini games for memorising meanings and pinyin, sentence structure, speaking, and listening!!!

I found it on the Android play store, I’ve never seen it on the Apple App store but it might be there, I’m not sure. I highly doubt it’s on windows phone though

Being an inhuman and meeting Spiderman aka Peter Parker would include:

Originally posted by spderman

Warning: Nah, just two underage kids being kids with superpowers. All fluff and some dialoge. Also, it’s kinda long..

A/N: Peter Parker must be protected. At all costs. 

  • Walking down the street on your way home from school when an older man tries to harass you but you’re using your abilities against him, making him disappear quickly. 
    • Peter actually trying to step in as Spider-man but takes a few steps back when you handle the situation well without violence.
    • “That was awesome. How did you do that?”
    • You being shocked that someone saw you so you try to outrun Spider-man, without success. 
    • “Come on! You’re like me! Oh my God, I’ve never met someone like me, I mean someone close my age. That’s so awesome! How did you get your powers?” Him blocking your way and his cheery mood making you umconfortable.
    • “Uh, … I turned into stone, broke outta it and… uh… could do these things.”
    • “Okay, almost like me…I got bit by a spider.”
    • “Now, please, leave me alone. I don’t need no trouble.”
  • Peter being so excited to meet you, so he confronts you every now and then while wearing his Spider-man outfit. Him trying to talk to you until you finally give in.
  • Befriending the spider-guy and meeting him sometimes after school in hidden places.
    • Him still wearing his spider-man costum, trying to hide his identity.
    • “You know, it’s not fair that you know my face and name and I don’t know yours.”
    • “It’s for protection. No ones knows beside my best friend.”
    • “Hm, I won’t make you but It’d be nice to know the face behind the mask. Or at least your name.”
    • “Call me Peter.”
    • Nice to meet you, Peter.”
  • Peter non-stop pestering you with his question.
    • “How old where you when you got your powers? Does your family know? Do you fight crime? Do you have a superhero name?”
    • “If you don’t shut up I’m going to tell some tales about your adventures.”
  • Eating ice cream together and fooling around with your powers. Having so much fun talking to Peter and finding out he’s a fanboy.
  • Telling Peter why you’re afraid of your powers.
    • “It’s not that I don’t know how to control them, you know. I know how, and I also know about the Sokovia Accords and I don’t want that. I don’t want to be controlled by the goverment, nontheless being controlled by the American goverment sounds awful. I don‘t trust them. Also, I would piss myself if some weird scientist would want to make tests… Did you sign the accords?”
    • “No, I did not, only Stark knows.”
    • “Wait, do you mean Tony Stark? Is Stark your best friend?”
    • “What… oh… I wasn’t supposed to say this. He is not my best friend. He just knows.”
  • Him taking you home when it’s too late for you to walk alone in the dark.
    • “You know, I am not powerless. I can walk home alone.”
    • “I like spending extra time with you.”
  • Sharing secrets. 
    • “I’m not really the coolest person at school. There‘s this guy, he calls me Penis instead of Peter.”
    • “Give me names, get an alibi and I’m gonna kick some asses, Peter. Believe it or not, you’re awesome and not just because you’re Spiderman.”
  • Peter sneaking into your room at night or when you’re home alone to watch with you movies.
    • You not even questioning if he can see trough the mask as clearly as without it.
  • Listening to songs together and talking about your hobbies.
  • One day someone knocking on your door and because you’re alone you are the one who opens the door. A stranger stands before you, smiling at you with the brightest smile you’ve ever seen.
    • “Hi, [Y/N].”
    • “Peter?” You being more than shocked. You never thought you’d see him without his suit.
    • “I thought you might want to try out my new Star Wars R2D2. You can control it with an app on your phone.”
    • “Sure.”
    • Your parents coming home and finding you both on the floor, laughing and playing with R2D2.  
    • “Mom, Dad, this is Peter.”
    • Peter being nervous and introducing himself to your parents. 
    • “So, you’re the new friend. [Y/N] said you know about her… abilities.”
    • “Um… yeah… it‘s fine with me and I’m not going to tell anyone and… yeah…”
    • Your parents adoring him. Especially since he doesn’t act like a player boy.
  • Sleepovers and him introducing you to his aunt May and his best friend Ned.
  • One day, you’re surprising Peter at his school and catching Flash calling him names, so you press him against the wall and threaten him.
    • “If I ever hear about you bullying someone else ever again, I’m going to find your parents and tell them what a little bitch you are. And believe me, if they see me crying and emotionally scarred in front of their door step, they’ll be very disappointed in you.”
    • Ned and Peter being proud of you.
  • A few month later telling Ned about your abilities and him freaking out because you’re much cooler than Peter which makes Peter pout for 5 long minutes.

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