new animal breed


The end of an era! (Or that’s what it feels like, at least.)

My meat rabbit project has officially come to a close. Last week I helped load 30 rabbits into a local gardener’s truck and sent them off to be Full Time Garden Fertilizers on some sort of multi-acre community garden. I’m sad, but it was necessary; I have an upcoming move and it simply wasn’t realistic or safe to take the buns with me (the HOA in my new area prohibits small animal breeding, as it is a bear hazard). I’d assumed the rabbits were being purchased for their meat (who else buys 30 at once?), but was delighted that turned out not to be the case, even though I myself was a meat breeder. Graze on, children! Assist in food production! AM PROUD.

TARS & CASE are staying with me permanently to be indoor pets, so I’ll still be posting about them here. I’ll leave the past meat rabbit discussion up as well to continue to serve as a resource.

Many thanks to those who stuck around to follow and assist me in this project! I am grateful for the experience and pleased to have learned so much.

modern siamese cats are fucked up because essentially an actual living animal has been bred to look like an orientalist caricature of an exotic asian cat (in a way that makes them less healthy too, when before basically all the breed had in the way of health problems was a slight cross eye) 

reversed roles


Marcus was making his rounds of his territory, the reptilian hybrid was on edge he always was  when on his rounds, as it was, in these woods he was a great deal smaller then everything else though even with his height disadvantage more then one pile of giant animal bones littered it boundaries he had a very lethal bite to help him keep safe and in the short span of five years the animals had learned he wasn’t an easy meal and backed of as soon as they saw him now a days leaving him almost bored with nothing to do.

That is until he felt the ground rumbling and the sounds of something big moving his way… maybe a new breed of animal? He know the human settlement just loved to pump out new oversized animals all the time, seemingly to replaced the ones that passed on. Growling lowly he waited for the creature to approach then he’d see if he could simply scare it off.