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I finally gathered up the courage to post something I do when I am feeling done with people.

I draw Tavros with the same feeling I have when somebody or a situation makes me want to go back at home and sleep for two days. It brings a smile on my face and calm me ! It is inspired by @clock-heart work ! ;w;

I want to thank @clock-heart for being an inspiration ! I am very new in this fandom and when I discovered you it made me want to improve my art and I could never thank you enough for that ! ;w ;


Final Testing for my Newt Scamander cosplay

With new and improved bowtie, scarf, pants and the infamous “won’t stay close” suitcase. Really… it won’t. that thing scared me once at night when the clasp just popped open. I keep this whole cosplay under my bed. It’s a nice detail I think <3 

Was getting sick of shitty pictures and made the face in the last one (I always make at least one derpy pic to see what would happen if I do it at cons/shoots)…and apparently I look freakishly similar to Eddie when doing so. 

Let’s confuse the shit out of people once more!

FACTS Spring, bring it on. I’m ready to make some girls faint. Or boys, won’t judge.


I’d like to share some (hopefully inspiring to others, as well as me!) improvement… on the left you see Obi more or less the first time I drew him in Nov last year, on the right is where I am now in Jan 2017. Same colours, just new lines. Just goes to show the progress I’ve made in a couple of months working on drawing his face! (Wow… that haircut I gave him before is way too close to the AOTC mullet, aka a punishment from God. Sorry Obi!)

Both of these are inspired by the Sith incarnation of Obi from Wicked Thing, by @imaginaryanon - you’ve been living under a rock if you haven’t read it yet. Do it now.

I don’t normally write personal stuff on this blog, but this year has been quite a roller coaster for me. Been through a lot of stress, learned a lot of things about myself, finally got off my ass and started working towards improving myself as a person. This december, oddly enough, my life seems to have taken an upswing: I don’t feel quite so anxious, I don’t feel so depressed, I’ve actually started reaching out and being more sociable. I feel like I can focus a little better. I feel more on top of things. I’ve made some amazing new friends. Yes, the year has been harsh, but… I feel strangely positive. Optimistic, even. Rejuvenated in an unusual way. It’s different, and it feels good. 

To all of you out there still having a rough time of life, or just to everyone: I believe you can do it. You can make something to be proud of, you can achieve your goals. If someone like me, a big bundle of problems, can get this far, so can you. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a spectacular start to the New Year.

@pangur-and-grim seeing the new photos of your anime eyed ferret reminded me of this thing I made like 3 years ago. This was another splendid anime eyed ferret that was in a dream of mine, telling me of the cosmos. Is Astral Projection among Pangur’s many talents??

(I kinda really want to redo this one, my skills have definitely improved since 2013…)

Things I hope are in season 5 pt.1

1. Meet Astrid’s parents
2. Stoick’s reaction to hiccstrid
3. To know how the heck Fishlegs and Snotlout end up fighting over Ruffnut
4. Throk and Mala becoming a thing
5. Although new dragons are great I would love to see them work with some of the ones that they already introduced more
6. Ruffnut to have her own episode
7. More hiccstrid because they’re adorable
8. See some of the improvements made to Berk that we see in HTTYD2

Georgia O'Keefe was one fascinating person…

If you’re a classic art aficionado, you’ll recognize my reprint of a famous Georgia O'Keefe painting.  She was famous for her paintings of oversized flowers that evoked images of female genetalia.  So, unless you’ve been living in a cave since you were five (or only playing video games – same thing…), you will certainly recognize what this painting is.   If not, it’s a black orchid, you idiot.  Now get your mind out of the gutter.

I love people who break barriers that help open up the human soul and improve our lives.  Georgia O'Keefe was one such woman, and she was light years ahead of her time.  She was born in 1887 and lived 100 years.  She really hit her stride in the late 1920s and 1930s, when she left NYC for New Mexico - the land of enchantment (before Walter White made it the land of meth…).  She was a transformational influence on the art world, and society in general.

Think of those times, when sexuality was repressed.  She brought it front and center into highbrow society, in a magical and erotic way.  And to think all this from a woman who looked much like Lyndon Baines Johnson in drag.  (Go ahead and google it, there are thousands of sites.  Go on, do it!!   Haha, made you look….  But do check out her later life pictures and tell me if you can’t see a more liberated LBJ looking back at you.)

I love the historic mavericks in U.S. history, particularly the women who broke down stereotypes.  Women like Julia Morgan, the brilliant architect from California who designed so many epic buildings around the same time that Georgia was rocking the art world.  Fortunately their impacts are highly visual, and permanent.  

Side note:  You probably know how I love vintage fashion, and I picked up this incredible slip last week from a local thrift store.  It’s definitely silk, the high quality ‘raw silk’ type that has that has that unmistakable texture.  The label was removed, so I can’t tell if it’s vintage or modern.  It has all the attributes of a classic vintage piece, down to the subtly beautiful embroidered floral pattern in the bodice.  It’s also small as hell, which makes me think it might have been made many decades ago.

It will remain a mystery, much like Georgia.  


I tried my hand at making a pro design in animal crossing! Second try at this. I’m feeling p good about this but there are some things I wanna improve on. Also i seriously wish we had a few more colors.
I made this in HHD because I can’t access New Leaf at the moment but those codes also work in NL!

On related note: I got the Happy Home Designer New 3DS now and it’s really cute!! I’m happy I finally upgraded. My old 3ds had the thing where the d-pad starts dissolving and it was really bothering me. I gave that one to my mom though, so now she can enjoy animal crossing too, just like back in the day on the DS and GC. :)


2016 has been a difficult year, for both myself and everyone around me. I’m ready for it to be over and start anew. 

It wasn’t all bad, though! I made new friends, adopted a wonderful cat, got rid of some bad things, and improved myself a bit. I’m thankful my friends were here alongside me, and I wish everyone a great new year and a 2017 filled with love, hope, success, and health. 

You’re all lovely, and Polaris here and I wish you all the best <3

anonymous asked:

Heya, I'm new here and I really love your artwork:3, but what inspired you to draw?

thank you so much! ;u; welcome to tumblr, be careful on here it’s a bit….. nuts sometimes

I liked drawing since I was very young so I can’t remember the first thing that made me want to draw, I drew a lot of dalmatians so maybe 101 Dalmatians by Disney? The warriors manga books got me super into trying to improve though

First Post

Hiii, my name is Rachel and this is my STUDYBLR. I hope you like it. The first thing I want to warn you is that I don’t have expensive stationery and that I don’t make the prettiest notes but hopefully I’ll improve through time. I made this blog mostly so I feel motivated to study and hopefully so do you!

Here are 5 facts about me.

1. My name is Rachel

2. I live in Malta (it’s a small island in Europe)

3. I’m in form 3, sorry I don’t know the American or British educational system but I’m 13 turning 14 in 9 days!!!

4. At school I study:

  • Main subjects:
  • Maths
  • English
  • Maltese (Malta’s language)
  • 2 foreign languages:
  • French
  • Italian
  • Sciences:
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • I also have:
  • Religion (Since I go to a church school)
  • IT (Information Technology)

I also take Art privatley

5. I dance ballet twice a week. I also am really passionate about football (soccer) I know odd combination & I support Liverpool FC

I will try to post everyday not promising anything though since next Wednesday I’m starting exams

Hello im Hanna and I really don’t know how to use gimp help


I’ve tried having a studyblr before & never really made it work so hopefully I will this time! Thing is, my report card wasn’t that nice at all so I put my other blog on hiatus and started this one.

  • I’m 16 years old, in ‘high school’ in Germany and I’m graduating in 2018.
  • I’d love to make friends & mutuals, I’m pretty lonely here rn :/
  • My goals are to improve my grades, motivation and mental health/positivity
  • Subjects I take are in my about, but the most important are physics, politics, german, english & math

Hopefully my blog will be a happy, safe and calm space for me to study and to document my progress.

Blogs or people I follow/love/admire:

@aescademic @apricot-studies @shellstudies @stuhde @studyplants

I’m new so I don’t follow that many

I’d just like to apologise for my lack of screenshots, I’m really new to this & I don’t quite have a solid idea of where my story is going, and being a perfectionist doesn’t help, I took over 200 screenshots the other day of which only four made it into the legacy, I hope you’ll stick around though, as I am hoping to improve, but these things take time and patience I suppose.  

hey tumblr

bedtime reading

Bel Canto, C S Lewis’s theology, or more Icelandic sagas?

Mahou Go - Devlog diary #02

Aaaand… Here we are with the second part!

After a month of vacation, I started to work on my game again. It was good to take some time to do other projects. I could refresh my mind and now i am so much more productive. But let’s talk about development of Mahou Go.

As always, some bugs got a fix. Bugs, bugs, bugs… They’ll be everywhere, this is so natural. I feel glad that I’ve fixed all those who crash my game. With that, I can spend some time thinking on coding some mechanics to improve the player experience. For this first moment, I’d like to think on little details as a camera shake when Lucca gets a hit (already working on it). It’s a simple thing, but it gives something good to the player when he play the game.

When I get tired, I like to test new things. This made me develop a galactic cube map for some stages. It looks pretty good (you can’t see on this print, but trust me: looks beautiful). Also, this is a prototype for a “second world” stage. Oriental styles served me as big references (God, I love the oriental style). Some falling sakura leaves will do a final touch on this stage later.

Well, I have few screenshots from now and I’ll post other day. My free times are dedicated to sketch some characters. It’s hard to work alone, hehe. But stay in touch: great things are coming!

This is all for now. Hope you guys like it. Thanks, see ya!

fortheloveofneps  asked:

Hi Jay, I've been in such an artistic rut the past year or so... its so hard for me to get down and dirty and draw.. How do you make sure you make art?

hi~~ I sympathise ;; I’ve really struggled with motivation and spent months writing to avoid drawing at times. when I’m not doing art because I feel like it, I look at what I’m not enjoying and study how to improve it~ recently I’ve been studying anatomy and proportion a lot, and the more I’m learning the more I’m getting enthusiastic to draw because I have new things to try that’ll fix those problems that made me not want to draw and struggle. even if you’re spending a lot of time not really making art, studying and eyeballing and practising usually eventually makes me get itchy to start drawing again (imo that works a lot better than just forcing yourself to draw ! if you’re already feeling off about it, it’s the worst to push yourself into doing it). hope that helps~~💕

Guide to writing Danganronpa Abridged Thing Characters

Back when I still made DRAT, these were the rules I used for writing each character in the show:

Naegi: Every line must he says must either be terrified, snark or terrified snark.

Kirigiri: 100% done with everybody’s shit 100% of the time. Basically somebody who has played Danganronpa already and is on a New Game+.


Maizono: Weeaboo Sydsnap. Also regular Sydsnap.

Asahina: Embrace the donuts cliché and ride that thing to the goddamn moon. Anything else is comprised of Lady Nanaki’s improv.

Celes: Calm, refined lady on the outside, actual fucking demon on the inside.

Fukawa: Tumblr.

Genocider: Pretty much canon, only cockney.

Hagakure: Homeless Yamcha.

Sakura: Generic Street Fighter character.


Alter Ego: Maizono Mark 2. Only less Sydsnap and more MasakoX being a dating sim heroine.

Yamada: Any real life, socially awkward gamer I’ve met. Also me.

Oowada: Every angry tough guy character ever.

Leon: Talks in “dude” voice. About as subtle as 1,000 baseballs to the face.

Junko: Extreme valley girl, like somebody trying to deliberately put on the act. Hmm.

Monokuma: Monokuma.


It feels so nice to be Dís again! Now with a new and improved beard and moustache! I’d like to think that Fíli would take his moustache inspiration from his mum.

I can’t take selfies with both axes at once, alas. But I’m still very fond of them. Their names are Resent and Remember.

I realised that I never got to show off the fabulous cloak that @inja-y-ddraig​ made me, I love it very much and I’ll take some proper photos with it once the whole outfit is finished (this thing is so long it trails out behind me, it’s incredible).