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If you were following me quite a while back, you would know that on the 31st of December, 2015, I created a post about what MBTI types would be fitting for the signs. The thing is, I had very little knowledge on the whole Myers-Briggs theory, as I had only ‘discovered’ it about two months prior to that. 

Now that I know a lot more, I am able to write more of an accurate, in-depth post (but bear in mind, though, that the two things are considered to have little to no correlation. But I like to think that they do, anyway!)

REMEMBER: This may not be your actual MBTI type. This is just what I think the signs would be based off of what they are typically described as.


Aries are bold, daring and energetic. They rarely fear trial and risk and never shy away from the spotlight, which makes them very similar to the ESTP or ESFP personality.


Taureans often crave stability and structure, like an earth sign would. Practical, stubborn, reliable and patient, a Taurus would most likely be any of the Guardians, or SJ (sensing-judging) types. This includes ESTJ, ESFJ, ISTJ and ISFJ. 


Air signs – especially Geminis – love to communicate. They always love a good debate, and possess a lively, fun and somewhat restless energy. This may not always be the case, but your ENxP friend is probably a Gemini. 


Cancers are nurturing, generous and sensitive. However, they can also be extremely creative with a rather spontaneous streak, if they are able to be brought out of their crab shells, which can be quite difficult. With that being said, a Cancer is most likely to be an introverted feeler, which includes ISFJ, ISFP, INFJ or INFP. 


Leos are confident people with excellent leadership kills, who somehow always end up right in the spotlight. They are exuberant, loyal and have a rather ‘royal’ air. Extremely caring, a Leo would go out of their way to make sure that you are feeling happy. Leos are fun and energetic, however, they can be egoistic, impatient and arrogant. They are likely to be an ESFP, ESFJ, ENFJ or an ENTJ.


Virgos are introverted, observant and helpful.They are also extremely hardworking and reliable, and are often intelligent. A Virgo is most likely to be an INTJ, ISTJ or ISFJ,


Libras tend to be kind and gentle, with a love for beauty, peace and harmony. They may also be people-pleasers, but have a charismatic and inspiring streak, nonetheless. The most fitting MBTI types for Libra would be ENFJ, INFJ or INFP.


Scorpios are mysterious, intense and fierce (whether they make an effort to hide it or not.) Those born under Scorpio are driven, loyal and extremely passionate when something comes to spark their interest. Being a water sign, a Scorpio also tends to be very emotional and deep, however, have the ability to hide it very well. They are likely to be an ISFP, ISTP or an INFP.


Optimistic, lively and energetic, the curious mind of a Sagittarius is almost impossible to miss. Those who are born under Sagittarius are also very philosophical, seeking meaning in all that they do – and of course, fun! Sagittarius is very similar to the ENFP, ESTP or ESFP personality. 


Capricorns are serious, driven and ambitious. They are also very responsible, intelligent and bear a sharp mind, so it wouldn’t be surprising if a Capricorn is an ESTJ, ISTJ or an INTJ.


Aquarians are very curious, honest and imaginative. However, they have the tendency to be detached, inefficient and unemotional. Despite that, though, those born under Aquarius are friendly, unconventional and most unpredictable. Fitting MBTI types for Aquarius include ENFP, ENTP, INFP or INTP.


Pisces are compassionate, caring and generous. They most likely have some form of artistic talent, and are extremely faithful to the people and things that they love. They are also dreamy, wise and intuitive people, which would make either INFP or INFJ the most appropriate types for them. 

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2016 is your year. You will do anything and everything to make yourself a better person inside and out. This year you will spend time on your problems not others problems. You will put yourself first to gain every ounce of happiness you lost in 2015. This is your wake up call. You will make your dreams into reality this year. You will put your determination to it. This year is for you to be reborn to the person you need and want to be. 2016 is your year.
—  New Years Pep-Talk

This list will be updated as I read new fics, so keep checking this post!

Werewolf Love Songs, Vol. 1
Author: aggybird
Word Count: 37,157
Rating: M
Summary: Peter decides to use the power of Barry Manilow’s music to make Stiles and Derek fall in love. Meanwhile, there are monsters and stuff, and Stiles and Derek are stupid.

Practice Makes Perfect
Author: blacktofade
Word Count: 21,057
Rating: M
Summary: In his sophomore year, Stiles gets dragged to lacrosse tryouts by Scott and ends up practicing alongside the senior captain, Derek Hale. Stiles just wants to live long enough to become a junior.

last night’s dress (tiptoe out of this mess)
Author: hito
Word Count: 16,730
Rating: M
Summary: TFLN: My dad just asked me if my booty call guy that comes over at 3am and leaves at 6 would like to stay for Sunday brunch next week. You in?

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dean/cas fic rec masterpost

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“rather than my looks or my face, i hope people will remember my voice for a long long time”

sometimes your heart will hurt. sometimes your smile will ache. sometimes your light will dim. sometimes your spirit will break. sometimes your entire world will come crashing down with no warning, and no signs.. but no matter how destroyed you feel - you have to be willing to dig deep inside of yourself to find some ambition to get you back right. you have to look out for you. you have to let go. you have to place your focus primarily on YOU. nothing about losing what’s familiar feels good.. but uncomfortable places can be beautiful. growth is beautiful. you are beautiful. you shouldn’t have to wait around and pray for someone to love you. you should love you. you should let go - because nothing worth holding onto will ever destroy you. and holding on is destroying you. trying to love someone into loving you - is destroying you. let go because you have to get a hold of you. you have to retrace your steps and figure out where you let YOU go. you have to take time to yourself to reflect on when and where you lost yourself. you have to let go of what no longer is - and accept what may have never been.. then you have to pick yourself back up. you have to release any negativity clouding your mind and you have to rid yourself of hopeful feelings. cleanse your soul. listen to your intuition. learn yourself. let go of any bad habits you’ve picked up along your journey. and start over. no matter how bad or how much it hurts.. let go and start over. holding on is destroying you.
—  Reyna Biddy

hello if u stuck with me from the beginning of my homestuck phase (aka the beginning of this blog) i would like to sincerely thank you for the dedication. 

i hope everyone has a wonderful new year!!!!!

30 Accomplishable New Year’s Resolutions:
1. Reading 12 books (1 per month)
2. Reading 22 books (2 per month)
3. Reading 30 books (about 3 per month)
4. Watching 12 classic movies (1 per month)
5. Watching 34 classic movies (3 per month)
6. Walking for 15 minutes three times a week
7. Walking for 30 minutes three times a week
8. Getting 15 minutes of sunlight everyday
9. Growing potted flowers from seeds
10. Complimenting at least one person every day
11. Complimenting at least one family member every day
12. Devoting yourself to thoroughly studying for tests at each opportunity
13. Looking into the mirror and complimenting yourself with a new compliment every day
14. Making mix tapes for people once a month
15. Buying lunch for a friend a couple times
16. Asking yourself if you really need something before buying it
17. And returning it if you decide differently later
18. Cleaning your closet in January and July
19. Cleaning your dresser in February and August
20. Cleaning your bookshelves in March and September
21. Cleaning your DVD and CD collections in April and October
22. Cleaning under your bed in May and November
23. Cleaning your bathroom cabinets in June and December
24. And then donating what you don’t need to charity
25. Eating fast food/take out twice a week at a maximum
26. Exploring a new skill like drawing, writing, knitting, painting, a sport, photography, or so on… Even if you aren’t good and give up
27. Discovering a new musical artist once a month
28. Creating a bucket list and adding to it once a week
29. Meditating every morning for 10 minutes
30. Creating a sleep schedule and sticking to it
—  30 Important, Accomplishable, and Beneficial Goals