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Try to Understand (Part 1)

Characters/Pairing: Beta?Reader, Omega!Charlie, Alpha!Dorothy, Beta!Benny, Alpha!Dean Smith. Eventual Dean x Reader.

Word Count: 3.9k, or so

Warnings: A/B/O dynamics, language

A/N: I didn’t intend to make this a mini-series, but it’s going down this way. This is my fic for @dr-dean‘s ABO Birthday Challenge. It’s an AU, so just go with it. My song prompt was Magic Man by Heart. This is my first time writing A/B/O, so constructive criticism is definitely welcome. Shout-out to @roxy-davenport for the assist and beta when I was freaking out a little. Hope you enjoy it!

Part 2

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“I don’t see why this is necessary,” your mother says almost passively as she groans. The discussion had been going around and around in circles. You just hoped it would finally end with you getting your way.

“Because, momma, before I’m swept off for the merger, I think it’s only right that I get some real-world experience.”

“Stop calling it a merger, it’s a marriage. And you’ve already been helping with the company for years, what else do you need to know?”

“Yes Ma’am, I know.” You pause for a moment before continuing as you try to think of the best way to convince your mother. “But how are we ever going to move forward if we can’t innovate. It’s only an internship, I’m not doing anything dangerous and it’s not like I’m going to the moon. Come on, momma, please talk to him? Let me do this?”

She pursed her lips, “You’ve got to be careful. Consider how this will reflect on our family name.”

“Of course. Always.” You nod, hoping to appease her and speed up the process of her decision-making. Over the years, you’d figured out that she was typically the one with the final say on matters, and while she took her time, you usually found ways to sway her in your favor.

In the end, you’d won, convincing them to let you take the opportunity for the internship at Sandover before moving forward with your other future arrangements - including your engagement to Benny, the heir of his family. ‘Think of the family name,’ you mocked. Like you’d ever get the chance not to. It was known in practically every household for it’s multi-generation, multi-million dollar business. But also known in the more infamous way for the family stance on breeding practices.

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Fragments - Part 3

Word Count: 1837

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, canon divergence

A/N: The next couple parts are probably gonna be similar to this. It’s mostly flashbacks. Getting to know the reader and her past relationship with Dean and the other characters. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. If you’d like to be tagged you can add yourself Here

Fragments Masterlist

C’mere Pumpkin.” Bobby hoisted you up from the ground onto his lap in the recliner. “I wanna talk to ya for a second.”

“Ok, Daddy.” You turned to face him, looking him in the eyes.

“Remember I told you we were gonna have some guests over? Sam and Dean?” You nodded and smiled, excited to have someone your age coming over. Your dad told you Sam was just a little baby but Dean was the same age. Having someone to play with excited you but made you nervous all at the same time. You never had any kids your age around. “I need you to be nice to Dean, ok? He doesn’t talk much or at all.”

“Why not?”

“Well, Dean’s mom…she died.” You let out a tiny gasp and widened your eyes. “Kinda like your mom.”

“You mean a monster killed her?” Bobby nodded sadly and ran his hand through your hair, saddened that you knew about monsters at such a young age. You didn’t know all the details yet, but you would some day. A demon possessed your mother and Bobby had to kill her. You only knew that much because you’d seen the changes in your mother, including her black eyes staring you down.

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The difference that is Yukari.

This week’s ep was so good that I had to go into discussion about it.

But I will try to keep this post short cuz I’m feeling under the weather.

*sigh* Now would be a great time to get a nice pat on the head from Yukarin. I bet my sinuses would clear right up like that. *snaps fingers*

In all my experience dealing with purple magical girls, they seldom deviate from being the cool, mysterious and/or extremely competent bishoujo. Even if they don’t possess those traits, you can expect them to take things so seriously that you’ll often have to revert to the use of the old trope, “Defrosting the Ice Queen”, before they mellow out and open themselves up to you.

Going as far back as Milky Rose (whom I do consider a legitimate Cure), the Precure line seems to have covered most, if not all, of those bases.

They’re strong, talented, incredibly book smart and some of them even come with an angsty backstory to highlight how much more interesting they are from the rest of the cast.

They’re pretty much one of the major things that keeps people hyped for this genre because that is the archetype we just love to see, y’know?

But unlike the purple Cures before her, unlike Milky Rose who was difficult to deal with at times, unlike Moonlight who deliberately kept her distance for a while, unlike Sword or Fortune who were so focused on their respective missions that they lashed out at those who interfered, and unlike Magical who tried to hide her insecurities behind a mask, Macaron/Yukari…is not trying to be unapproachable?

She’s fairly aloof, alright, and can be intimidating with that celebrity status of hers. But it’s not in a way where Yukari actually has any ill intention to drive you off for good because she doesn’t want to deal with you (at least that’s the way I see it).

Sure, she declined her classmates’ offer to go to the new macaron shop but if you watch that part again, she visibly sighs a bit at how they just gave up so easily after getting rejected.

To me, it looked like she was putting them through a test to see if they can convince her to join them and obviously, they failed. They got frightened and backed out immediately, stuttering words about “next time” and all that.

It’s definitely a very awkward scenario and most people would sympathize with the rejected and think of Yukari as haughty.

But when you realize that the problem lies more in people’s fervent admiration of Yukari and less in Yukari’s standoffish attitude, you start to understand her a little better.

People are always telling Yukari “You’re so amazing! You’re so great! You can do everything, there’s nothing you can’t do!” that it just gets old very fast.

Yukari knows all these things already and yet people keep raining down praises on her. Putting her on a pedestal over and over again. It’s just plain boring.

So if that was what those girls were planning to do during the entire time they were there at the macaron shop, then it’s better for Yukari to spare herself the annoyance of having everyone worshiping her feet the moment she walks in and being bored again.

Yukari is in search for something she hasn’t come across before. She’s looking for something to actually spark her interest for once. Something new, something that can possibly excite her. And she won’t invest in those whose efforts she can already tell are half-assed. That’s just a waste of time.

And her second (er, third actually) encounter with Ichika more or less supports that argument.

Ichika isn’t deterred when Yukari says she doesn’t remember her from the other day. She doesn’t scare off so quickly in Yukari’s presence and when Yukari asks her why she’s so persistent on petting the lucky neko, Ichika responds with “because it’s a challenge!” and that word alone resonates within Yukari.

Yep, Yukari wants a challenge. But since she’s so good at so many things, she really doesn’t know where to look for one she hasn’t done yet. She doesn’t know what it is that she’s looking for.

However, maybe this genki bunny girl does…

I mean, Ichika succeeded in getting Yukari’s attention so it’s worth a shot, right? Maybe hanging out with her will let Yukari have some much needed fun.

And so Ms. Kotozume ‘Kidnapping-you-as-my-imouto-for-the-day’ Yukari proceeds to drag Ichika all over town.

But even Ichika reacts like everyone else does. She says the words Yukari was hoping not to hear. Those same old words that have been repeated to Yukari countless times.

However, unlike everyone else, Ichika does notice how Yukari isn’t happy with the compliments she gives. She doesn’t put a name to it but simply remarks “You don’t seem to be enjoying yourself at all, Yukari-san”.

And I love that because too often do people just accept the “perfect” characters as they are without question. Which is weird because no one can be that perfect or that close to immaculate perfection without knowing that some form of negativity or hardship comes with that impossible level of skill. Yet Yukari’s situation is presented to us as an issue. For her.

It’s because she’s so capable and talented that it creates a wall between her and others. Nobody’s willing to take the chance to jump over it in order to get to know Yukari cuz they’re so preoccupied with the thought that “she’s way too out of our league!”. And Yukari has been pushed so far up from the ground by her fans that it’s a hassle just to look for a conversation that doesn’t go in circles about her.

Yukari doesn’t need to hear about Yukari.

What she needs to know is if you are worth her goddamn friggin’ time.

Luckily, Ichika really is that persistent and really does want, for Yukari’s sake, to do something interesting. So she proposes they make macarons together at the cafe and since macarons are really tricky to make no kidding! I have trouble just holding onto one without it crumbling Yukari all but latches onto the idea like a cat cuz she’s so tired of being bored.

Of course, the initial results aren’t as kanpeki as they hoped it would be (even Yukari is in mild shock cuz she’s never come short before, I suspect) but that’s wonderful (and hilarious, lol) because…

The girls get to see this side of Yukari that nobody else has seen.

Perfectionist Yukari.

Yukari who is already perfect but wants to challenge herself. Yukari who won’t take anything less than an A+. Yukari who is determined not to settle for “just good” but to go beyond that.

No wonder why she sticks to Ichika longer than she has with anyone else. Like her, Ichika is not the type to give up and will keep trying and trying until she reaches her goal. Their personalities are different but they are on the same wavelength on their approach to challenges.

In other words, Yukari is drawn to that type of person and has been, unknowingly, looking for them all along.

Then there’s this moment which is pretty awesome in and of itself (and yes, funny too xD). 

Yukari is so obsessed with making her macarons perfect that she doesn’t realize she’s no longer bored! She’s enjoying herself, albeit in a very focused way.

And if I may, I’m pretty sure Ichika didn’t say she likes the macarons more but that she likes Yukari more (go listen to it again).

Because seeing Yukari doing her best is quite a sight and Ichika can’t help but be so thrilled to witness this side of Yukari that no one else has seen till now. To Yukari’s ears, this is certainly a different kind of compliment than the ones she usually gets. This one is not concerned about her results or how she’s generally so competent in whatever. This one is actually about her hard work at something she is notably not perfect at (yet) and that must be very refreshing to hear.

Y’know, I gotta to hand it to Ichika. She’s happy-go-lucky and hyperactive alright but her natural ability to win people over with that… quality of hers is pretty amazing, too.

It’s not the case where she knows exactly what to say or what to do in these situations but more like she has a knack for the simple, but right, words and gestures (sometimes anyway).

How she’s been going around technically recruiting the other Cures that way, it reminded me of how Nozomi earned the respect and love from her friends when they were starting out as Precure. Not because she is particularly smart or clever or the strongest of them all but that she is utterly sincere and earnest about wanting to spend time with them.

And to no one’s surprise, it’s clear that they all reciprocate Ichika’s feelings and would gladly follow her as their leader. Ichika practically cured Himari’s anxiety, she inspired Aoi to keep going with her song and here she let Yukari have the most fun she’s had in a while.

Not everyone can do that.

And not everyone can actually get Yukari to say she likes them back either. But when you’re as resilient as Ichika in defending people’s happiness and such, you can’t help but grow to like them. Hee~ :3

(On another note, I think we should bring out the champagne cuz OMGAWD, Yukari, fickle gorgeous cat lady, actually said “suki”! 8DDD)

So yea, I realize I went off a little bit from my original point but it’s really not hard to see what separates Yukari/Macaron from the other purple Cures. And that’s what I really like about her.

“LAFF 2017 Women Directors Interview: Meet Jennifer Morrison — ‘Sun Dogs’”

Jennifer Morrison is an actress, producer, and director. Her acting credits include “Once Upon a Time,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and “House.” She’s the founder of Apartment 3C Productions. Her short film, “Warning Labels,” premiered at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival. “Sun Dogs” is her feature directorial debut.

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Breaking Molds and Taking Names

Part 1

Warnings: none

Word Count: 1374

Pairing: ??? x reader

You stood off to the side waiting for your cue as your co-workers were being called up one by one onto the heavily illuminated stage. The upbeat thumping of ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ doing nothing to calm your rampant nerves.

This was going to be your first panel interview at SDCC, in well, ever. To say that you were nervous was a huge understatement. Just the thought of being scrutinized in front of thousands of people was enough to throw you off your A-game. And of course it was going to be recorded by countless fans and an actual crew so whatever happens will be forever documented to be viewed at will. Over and over again. Without warning. On and on, in a loop if they wanted.

‘Oh god, breathe Y/N. Chill. You’re gonna sweat through your cute top and then everyone will see your Pit Stains of Worry and THEN where will you be?’

This was a totally different ball park than what you’re used to.

Watching on as RDJ began horsing around with Jeremy, you couldn’t help but think about the many months prior to this moment. Filming with the Avengers cast had been an amazing and exciting experience for you. After the initial star struck phase (which if you were being honest with yourself lasted at least 2 weeks) wound down, everything went on without a hitch for the most part. Everyone had been accepting of you and your new character being brought in to the MCU franchise. You played as an Eternal of Earth. Which meant that you had the ability to fly among other neat “powers”. Obviously, there were some hiccups along the way. You hadn’t been used to any of the riggings like the others were and so the first few days hours or so on set were spent with you dangling in the air trying not to throw up on the cast below from the vertigo.

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In Your Head - Part 7 - Flashback 1

Jughead Jones x Reader

Reader: Y/N

Brother: Y/B/N

Word Count: 1,920

Summary: You are almost 3 months into a relationship with Jughead Jones. You are going through a tough time being too much in your head as the anniversary of “that night” comes closer. Jughead can sense something is wrong.

FYI this part is almost a full flashback of my current ongoing story.

Warnings: Features sexual content, as well as a rape flashback and parental abuse. Please don’t read if easily triggered.

You gave her your library card and you were off with your new stack of books. The Riverdale library was easily better than the one at the high school - even if you had to walk all the way to downtown to go to it. It was a historical building and a part of the original Mainstreet in Riverdale. You loved classic buildings and it being 9 months since you moved there, it was one of the few spots you actually liked. Not a lot of people were ever there and it felt like there was an enormous amount of words waiting to be read just by you.

You left down the steps of the building, and on a bench was girl, reading alone. You looked around and didn’t see anyone and presumed she must be waiting for someone. She couldn’t have been more than 10, and was reading The Hobbit. You decided to make sure she was waiting for someone.

In a hole in the ground, there lived a Hobbit”, the words had escaped your mouth. She looked up from her book and smiled to you. 

“You’ve read this?”, the girl with pigtails asked. 

“Many times. As well as the rest of the series. Have you read those yet?”. You smiled back. 

“No, this is my first Tolkien”. You smiled again. 

“Are you waiting for someone?”, you looked around seeing no cars in sight.

“Yeah, my brother is coming but he said he might be a while…”. She looked around as well. 

“Well I can sit with you if you want”, you began to walk to the free side of the bench.

“Alright but I’m not supposed to talk to strangers”. 

“Good rule of thumb. Well, my name is Y/N, and I promise you will not leave this bench until your brother comes”. You sat down now reaching out a copy of Naked Lunch that you just got from the library not 2 minutes ago. 

“Okay…who’s your favorite character?”. It looked like she was only about 6 chapters in the book. 

“Well, in the trilogy, Sam but overall between the 4, Gandalf. He also easily has some of the best quotes throughout the series”. You gave a smile. 

“I like him so far”. She went back to her book. And you began to start yours while pulling out a fresh bookmark. A few moments went by, you both had turned a few pages in your books until you heard some footsteps. 

“Jellybean”. You looked up confused on why someone was looking for candy until you saw the girls ears perk up. 

“Hey, have you been here long?”, the beanie capped boy walked up to the girl and his blue eyes went to you with a curious face. You had seen him before in school, and from memory, you knew both him and you shared being bumped into the lockers from a number of the football team. Although, some of Riverdale’s Vixens would get you as well. 

“No, not too long”, she looked back to you, “I had company”, she smiled. 

You put your bookmark in your page, “Hope you don’t mind. I saw her sitting here and didn’t want her to wait alone. My name’s Y/N by the way”. 

“Yeah. I’ve seen you around school”, you figured you were either noted as “the new girl” or “that girl from that party” in his head. 

“Jughead Jones the Third”. He slightly waved. You had heard the name before, but were surprised he seemed pleased by saying it. You went with it anyway. 

His face went back to his sister. “You hungry Jellybean?” 

“Yeah”, Jellybean tugged on his shirt and said something she thought she said in a whisper, “Can she come with us?” 

He looked to your eyes again and shrugged, “If she wants”. 

You looked at your phone. You finished at the library quicker than expected. “Sure”. Not since Thanksgiving had you really made any friends, nor had anyone really been nice to you. So you decided to go. You put your book back in your bag and got up with them to walk. 

Jellybean was finally in the mood to talk now that her brother had approved. “So what’s your favorite book?!” 

You gave a small laugh, “honestly it usually ends up being whatever book I just finished but I probably have a favorite for every genre”. 

“Okay….mystery!”, she was quizzing you now. 

“The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie”, you gave with a gleam waiting for her to ask another. You saw Jughead’s face as he gave a look of acceptance.

“Fantasy!?!”, she was definately enthralled. 

“Well that one’s harder. I mean I fell in love with Harry Potter and then the Lord of the Rings around your age”, you motioned to her book, “but as far as an individual novel that isn’t part of a series, The Princess Bride”. You paused a moment, “although apparently there’s a sequel to it that was never published….does that count?” 

She giggled a bit, “yes”. 

Jughead had finally decided to be a part of the conversation, “I’ve got a question. How do you walk to class while reading?” 

You gave a small shy coy look, “Well once I knew my schedule and the quickest routes to each class, it wasn’t very hard. Usually people part away from me, thinking that I can’t see them”. 

“You’re much more talkative than I had imagined…” you didn’t realize he had noticed you this much. 

“Yeah well, I’m not one to just go up to a random person and talk. Jellybean here was a good exception”, Jellybean seemed to like the attention that was drawn to her. 

A few more moments had passed and you had made it to Pop’s. Since moving to Riverdale, your mother had finally let you out of the house more. Knowing that this was a small town and mostly everyone knew each other some way. However you still had maybe been to Pop’s 10 times. You knew people liked to come there after football games, but since you were a person that dodged pep rallies itself, you hadn’t gone to any game all school year. You were a little surprised this was a place to find Jughead, as the sign itself seemed like something out of a 50’s dinner for just preps. You let them walk ahead of you and texted Y/B/N, “I’m picking up dinner. Ask mom what she wants. I’m at Pop’s. I’ll be home by 6“. It was only 4 now and you figured that was enough time for everything. Your phone buzzed back pretty quick, “K. She just says a burger and fries. I want the same but with a chocolate shake”. “Alright, let me know if you need anything else bud”. 

Jellybean and Jughead were already making their order to Pop and you put your "to go” order in for an hour and half from then plus a fries and shake for here.

Jellybean had ran to the booth in the back treating it like a welcomed friend. Jughead and Jellybean sat on one side and you the other. You set your messenger bag down beside you. “You moved here at the beginning of the school year, right?” Jughead seemed curious about you. 

“Yep, from Washington State. I had never actually been to the east coast until we moved here…”. You got a little shy. You didn’t like talking about your family too much besides your brother. 

“Do you like Riverdale?”, Jellybean was once again excited. 

“Eh, it’s alright. Can be a little eerie as it seems something of a time warp in instances. School’s okay, I like the classes”. 

Jughead looked up again from placing his hands on the table, “and the people?”.

“I honestly don’t really know anyone still. Not enough to call them friends anyway…”. Your words started to escape you as you thought back to November. 

Jellybean tugged on Jughead’s shirt, “I have to go to the bathroom!”. 

Jughead gave a small laugh and nodded to her with eyes on the bathroom sign. “Don’t forget to wash your hands”. He said it as an almost parent. Jellybean got up, gave you a slight smile and proceeded to the bathroom hallway. 

Jughead’s eyes were now back on you. “Thanks by the way. Making sure she was okay. Most people wouldn’t have done that. I know she can get a little rambunctious”. 

You gave a slight smile. “No problem. She’s sweet and in some ways reminds me of what I was like at that age. Plus I think I’m just naturally a protective sister. I have a brother a few years older than her. Although, he isn’t as into reading”. You started rambling again, you had to get yourself to stop doing that.

“Excited for summer? Just two weeks left until we are out of the Riverdale High hell…”, he rolled his eyes a bit. 

You gave a laugh, “Yeah I suppose. I’ll probably make a weekly trip to the library. Finally catch up on my list…”. You were trying to refrain from talking too much but Jughead seemed intrigued.

“Book list?”. He gave a slight smile. 

“Yeah, I have this list of 200 books I want to read by a certain time, and summer is usually when I make a dent in it”. 

Jellybean made her way back to the booth, walking with an almost skip in her step. “You guys talking about me?”. 

You gave a small vibrato to your voice, “Well of course! You’re only the most interesting person in this town!”. You gave a big smile. She gave a laugh in equal largess with a giggle at the end of it. She sat next to Jughead while your food was placed down beside you. 

Time started to pass more, with Jellybean asking about other genre’s of books, as well as music and movies with Jughead giving an interjection every once in a while. Pop came over with some bags. “Here’s your to go order”. You thanked him and got your wallet out for your own amount to give as a tip for later. 

“You have to go!?”. Jellybean seemed slightly sad. “Yeah, some of this is for my brother”, your eyes drew to the bags. You didn’t really want to go home but knew you had obligations. You gave a slight thought and decided to reach in your messenger bag. The sound of heavy disheveled books made a noise. 

Jughead had sat up slightly from the booth, “How many books do you even have in there?” 

“6. 3 I just got from the library, then a book of poetry, my non-fiction for the month and my “happy book”, in case something I’m reading gets too depressing”. You reached in and grabbed the happy one and gave it to Jellybean. It was your copy of Princess Bride. Jellybean’s eyes widened. “Here, you can borrow it and then let me know what you think”. 

“You sure?”, she got excited while reading the back of the book for a description.

“Of course”. You began to get up and Jughead’s eyes followed you again. 

“I’ll see you around”. 

“Sure Juggs…and Jellybean”, you gave a slight nod while hoping you had made an actual friend beyond Jellybean.

Present time 

Slowly waking up, you could feel his hand slightly rubbing your arm. He was looking in your eyes. “Morning beautiful. Sleep better?” 

“Of course. It was just you on my mind”, you gave a smile before giving him a kiss.

When You Kiss Me Heaven Sighs

@carrieeve said “Hi! I have a prompt. Well, more like a wish - a little bit more of that actors au you’ve published recently, it was awesome. And you’re doing a great thing, can’t wait to read it all :-)”

THANK YOU MY DEAR. I hope you like it! Thanks for being so wonderful 

(ao3) (but maybe read this one first if you haven’t)


Jasper groans and Bellamy makes a sympathetic noise even as he doesn’t stop rifling through Miller’s hall closet, which seems to be mostly boxes of VHS tapes, assorted charging cables in varying states of disrepair, and, hopefully, somewhere, towels.

“I thought this was California,” Jasper mumbles, his words nearly unintelligible between his shaking and his slurring.

“This is California,” Bellamy says, amused. “How far gone are you that you don’t even know what state you’re in?”

“The Sunshine State.”

“No, I’m pretty sure that’s Florida.”

“It’s sunny here,” Jasper says, indignant.

“Yeah, but I’m pretty sure we don’t have a monopoly on sun.” Bellamy sees a garbage bag in the bottom of the closet that looks promising and crouches to rifle through it. “But neither does Florida, so… I see your point, I guess.”

“That’s not my point. My point–” Jasper says, teeth chattering, “–is why am I so cold?”

Bellamy finds a towel and turns to Jasper in triumph. Leave it to Miller to have exactly one towel he uses and the rest in the bottom of a random closet.

“That’s what happens when you jump into a pool fully clothed in the middle of the night in February.”

He can’t help the slight admonishment in his tone, but he’s smiling a little as he passes Jasper the towel and struggling not to laugh as he wraps it over his head and shoulders like Bellamy’s grandmother on a windy day.

“It seemed like a good idea at the time,” Jasper shrugs.

Bellamy shrugs back. “Hey, I always suspected you Hollywood types were drunk dumbasses at parties like the rest of us. It’s nice to have that confirmed.”

Jasper gives him a ridiculous bow. “You’re welcome.”

“I’m just glad you don’t have the password to your own social media.”

“Monty made a good call on that one,” Jasper agrees seriously. “He’s my cricket. My Disney cricket.”

“Your cricket?” Bellamy frowns in confusion. “Like– in Mulan? Good luck?”

“No, the other one.”

“Jiminy Cricket,” Clarke supplies from the other end of the hall. Bellamy’s eyes snap to her, alighting on the sparkle in her eye, the sardonic twist of her lips, the amusement and fondness radiating from her.

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lil-seeds  asked:

yo yo yo dysfunctional entp here. i've been in a weird, non-creative, funk for the past week or so, i believe largely due to some very well ignored and internalized negative feelings. what is the best way for me (or any Ne user really) to get back into the idea-generating, novelty, creative swing? (im a writer working on a second novel so the whole 'tired of a single project' thing isnt helping either) thanks hot hot hottie

(Gif: Claudia, Warehouse 13. ENTP.)

Uh, well first there’s this: i believe largely due to some very well ignored and internalized negative feelings.

Have you dealt with those yet? Because as a Fe, until you get them out of your head and into the world, you cannot move on and the intense internalization of something that NEEDS made public (Fe) is going to cramp your muse. So, expel those feelings. Share them with someone you trust. Shout them into the void. Express them. You will feel better.

As for getting your Ne-dom mojo back – it’s simple.

Ne needs external stimulation to work. It does not exist in a void. Your Ne bounces off objects, ideas, and stories in the external world. This is why you watch a television show – you get ideas. Better ideas than they used. Or you read a book – and you get more ideas. Or you listen to a song – and you get ideas. Or you talk to someone and… you get the idea, right?

Being in a non-creative funk for a Ne-dom means your creativity tank is drained. Why? Not enough external stimulation. Not enough new stuff to bounce off of. Not enough exposure to things related and unrelated to your current writing project. You need new material going in your head. Start reading someone else’s novels. Start up a television show you’ve never seen before on the side. Read someone who is FULL OF IDEAS, who makes YOU full of ideas, someone EXCITED about their ideas.

Here’s some personal writing advice from a fellow Ne-dom, who quite often experiences temporary creative slumps (since I pretty much work on a novel and/or writing project anywhere from 1 to 8 hours daily, about 10 months out of the year… yeah, I don’t “do” hobbies and I don’t “do” idle time… and it kind of sucks).

If you hit a creative slump, you have two choices:

- Take it back to where your creativity was flowing, and take the plot in a new direction (write a different ending to that scene, or cause something unexpected to happen that you did not see coming)

- Change the setting of the scene (it’s quite possible the setting is boring you; whenever that happens, I go, “What will my reader NOT expect? Okay, the last interrogation scene took place inside a dim cell in the Tower of London. What if THIS TIME Henry VII decides to interrogate someone above the Tower’s lion pit, and dangle him over the side?”)

Here is something vital to remember, as a Ne-dom: you figure it out too far in advance, you’ll get bored with your own ideas.

Every time I have lain out an entire book from start to finish, and drawn up lists of what happens in what chapter, the creative spark dies. I have now started keeping an abstract concept in my mind (this is vaguely where it’s headed / what the climax will be, and what I should introduce next) and then leaving myself questions when I stop writing for the day, to trigger ideas for the next day.

So instead of writing: Heledd meets Alfred on the road and they discuss X, I ask, What does Heledd see that makes her suspicious? How should I introduce doubt into Meg’s mind? What should happen with the ring I introduced in the last chapter? How can I make the big reveal more dramatic?

Leave lots and lots of room for improvisation, too. When I sat down to write the other night, I knew I had to take my heroine through her fears up a road lined with her enemies – people who months before had tried to hang her. So, I knew I had to deal with PTSD trauma. What I did NOT know is that superstition would surround a myth of faerie lights to accuse her brother of murder (the murder, I had planned) and that other people would turn up in support of her, and sing an old Welsh tale to calm her down. But that was nice.

Ne’s delight in the unexpected, in allowing ideas to flourish and spring forth with just enough forewarning to lace together into the rest of the story; you must leave room in your novels for this to happen.

(Gif: Jo March, Little Women. ENFP. My soul sister.)

I’ll be honest here, in the hope it’ll inspire you. I started in on a sequel right after finishing my last book. I was excited about it, I wrote about 20 thousand words, and then I had to stop and do some line editing on the original novel. When I went back to my sequel, my creative spark had DIED. I was distraught; where had all my excitement, enthusiasm, and ideas gone?? So I put that draft in a folder, and tried another. It went on for about 15 thousand words just fine, and then it DIED. More distress. More staring at a blank page. More clueless pondering. More angst. So I delved into it from yet ANOTHER angle. I changed all the POV’s. I tied it back into London in addition to Wales. I invented an entirely new subplot. I wrote about 20 thousand words.

And it DIED. I lost the spark.

I spent one day utterly frustrated, near tears, anxious that maybe I’ll never be able to write another book (low Si paranoia :P) … and I opened up my original draft, the one with 20 thousand words, and skim read the first four chapters… and then sat down and carried the story forward. I’ve kept bits and pieces from each draft, and a lot of that writing can go in this book; but my forward momentum is back. The original idea WAS INDEED the best, or at least, the one my Ne is most passionate about – but it had to explore other options first, before it could settle down to tell THIS story.

Okay, the last bit of advice – you can take it or leave it.

Many high Ne’s benefit from working on multiple projects at once. You should consider, yes, working on your book; and writing a short story or a fan fiction on the side in a totally different genre, to keep your mind active.

I, however, have never been able to do this without losing focus – so I am a “one project at a time” kind of girl, to the extent where if I have an amazing idea for a different book or character in the middle of working on THIS one, I write it down on a slip of paper, stick it in a jar, and forbid my mind from thinking about it further, in order to remain focused.

Finally, write yourself a quick deadline. Given the amount of time you have to spend on this novel, and what else you have to do which might detract from it, and how fast you can write, figure out a rough estimate of how long it will take you to write this book. I spent two years on the last one and it literally almost killed me and drove my family insane (though, technically, since it went through about 14 drafts / rewrites / completely changed focus 4 times, and started out as a novel covering 20 years, went to a novel covering a decade, and wound up being a novel covering 6 months… I was working on more than one novel). This is NOT GOOD for a Ne-dom. We like to see PROGRESS. We like to see a point in our future when we are FREE to pursue OTHER THINGS. So, give yourself six months to write a rough draft. Or four months. Something doable, that keeps you motivated, because:

When I get done with this, I can write something else!

You are verbose. You are creative. You are ideas-driven. And if you’re a Ne-dom, you can turn out an incredible amount of words in a very short time.

You can do this.

Hope that helps,

- ENFP Mod (who tomorrow goes back to writing her sequel, because she did NOT write fiction today and was so bored she could hardly stand it)

No. 1 Contender: Ignition

Samoa Joe x Reader

Part 1 of No. 1 Contender

You have a secret relationship with Samoa Joe. Secret, specifically so no one can wield it in their favor. It’s been working out great, until the Beast Incarnate and Paul Heyman manage to figure it out. Now, one of the most intimidating wrestlers has you in his sights and Joe isn’t going to let him anywhere near you. You, however, take things into your own hands, refusing to be used, and decide to confront Brock. Whether or not it’s a good idea.          *This part is where it all starts.         

Word Count: 3,037

Warnings: Cursing. I wrote a certain part of this before Enzo and Cass broke up, so seeing as breaking them up was a stupid-ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it and not rewrite the tiny section they are in.

Originally posted by sensualkisses

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Twins (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Originally posted by kittyseb

Prompt: Hey, I’m not sure if you’ve already written this but if you haven’t could you write a fluffy imagine in which the reader and Sebastian adopts a puppy? :) 

Word Count: 1191 words 

A/N: There are two things I will enjoy seeing/writing Seb with. Puppies and children. Here is one of them. Thanks to @sprinkleofhappinessuniverse for the prompt! Keep those requests coming in. 

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1965 - Barry Allen/The Outsiders Crossover Imagine

Prompt: The reader, who is still new to her speedster powers, challenges Barry to race. During the race she breaks the timestream and ends up in 1965 with the Greasers. 

A/N: This was initially just one super long story, but I decided to cut it into two. I don’t think I will write more than two parts for this story. Also, I just wanted to say that I am aware in the film and book they say “White trash” as opposed to “Human trash” (the way I have it in the story) but I just didn’t feel comfortable writing that. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own The Flash or The Outsiders or any of its characters.

[Part 2] [Part 3]

“I’m not saying it.”

“Why not? You know it’s true.”

“It is not!”

“It is!”

“What are you two going on about now?” Caitlin set her pen down on the desk and turned to see (Y/N) and Barry arguing. This had been going on since the two arrived at the lab today and Caitlin had been hoping it would eventually die down. But much to her dismay, it did not.

Barry opened his mouth to speak, but (Y/N) interrupted before he could start, “He wants me to say he’s faster than me, which is not true.”

Barry scoffed, “It is. You just don’t want to admit it!”

“No, it’s not-”

Cisco raised an eyebrow at the two and chimed in, “Why not just have a race?”

Caitlin’s eyes widened as she shook her head knowing that (Y/N) was still new to her powers, “I don’t think that’s a good idea-”

“No, its perfect,” (Y/N) turned to Barry and smirked. “I, (Y/N) (Y/L/N), challenge you, Barry Allen, to a race.”

Barry hesitated for a second, concerned that (Y/N) wouldn’t be able to handle a race with her newfound speed, but the excitement in her eyes made him give into her challenge. “May the fastest speedster win.”

“Here, wear this,” Cisco handed (Y/N) a black zip up hoodie and a pair of black pants that seemed to be made out of the same material as Barry’s suit. “I’ve been working on your suit, but it’s not finished yet.”

(Y/N) nodded and used her speed to quickly change into her new pants and jacket. Barry laughed, and (Y/N) furrowed her eyebrows at him, confused as to what he found funny. “You look good.”

She wrinkled her nose, still confused, but a second later it dawned on her that Barry was just as fast, if not faster than her. She smirked, “Nothing you haven’t seen before, but for some reason, I still feel violated.” She laughed and pushed Barry out of the door, “Time to prove you wrong, baby.”

A few moments later, Cisco, Caitlin, Barry, and (Y/N) stood on an empty dirt road that stretched out a few miles across in a straight line. Cisco handed (Y/N) a small earpiece in case she needed to communicate with him, and gave her a small pat on her shoulder. “For good luck.”

She chuckled, “Thanks, Cisco.”

Barry took his place on the line that had been drawn on the dirt with a stick, waiting for (Y/N) to do the same.

Caitlin wrapped her arm around herself and covered her face with her other hand. “I have a bad feeling about this, Cisco,” she whispered to him as she watched the two speedsters through the cracks between her fingers.

Cisco nudged Caitlin gently, “It’ll be fine. I upgraded both of their comms, so we’ll be able to talk to them no matter what.” Cisco waited until Caitlin relaxed her shoulders to begin the race.


(Y/N) took her place next to Barry on the line, trying to muster up all the energy she could. “Good luck.”


“You too.” Barry leaned over to kiss (Y/N).


As soon as their lips touched both speedsters took off running. Barry had been in the lead, but (Y/N) soon caught up to him.

They both ran right next to each other, but when (Y/N) turned to look Barry, she saw herself. It was almost like a mirror. Then images she had never seen before began flashing by. She kept running, hoping that it was all in her head, but the more she kept running, the more the images became weirder.

But before she could figure out what was going on, the images and streaks around her stopped causing her to crash into a parked car. She heard a loud thud and looked over to see a boy lying on the ground next to her.

“What the fu-” she started but the sudden shuffling of feet against dirt startled her and she soon found herself looking up at a bunch of boys who looked like they worshipped a god of greasy hair. She picked herself up, watching as two of them helped the boy off the floor.

“You alright Steve?” One of them asked in a gentle voice.

“No I’m not alright. First my nose then this broad comes and knocks me off the car.” He rotated his shoulder in a small circle before starting again, “Nothing better be broken or I swear-”

(Y/N) smirked, “You’d know already if it was broken. And don’t call me a fucking broad.”

The air suddenly felt dangerous as everyone of the boys sucked in their breath and waited for Steve to react. And it didn’t take long for him to do so.

He pulled a switchblade from his back pocket and held it low by his side in a threatening manner, “What did you say to me? Don’t you know where you’re at?”

“No, want to enlighten me?” (Y/N) said smugly. She knew she shouldn’t have done it, but he was starting to piss her off.

“You’re on Greaser territory.” He spat.

“Territory?” The word confused her. She was about ask him what he meant by it, but a loud static noise erupted from the comm in her ear.

“… are… there?” She heard before she quickly pulled it out of her ear and let it fall to the ground. She clutched her ear tightly, trying to ease the pain. One of the older boys jumped in front of the others and held both his arms up in front of them in order to get them to back up.

“What is that?” A boy squeaked from the back. His voice was barely audible to (Y/N) against the ringing in her ears, but she managed to make out his words clearly.

Once the throbbing had subsided, she followed everyone’s eyes to the comm on the ground. It had begun smoking, clearly scaring the boys. Two more boys reached for their back pockets and (Y/N) had no choice but to step on the comm and drag her foot across the dirt, destroying it. There goes all communication, she thought.

(Y/N) held her hands up, looking at each boy in the eyes. “Safe,” she reassured them. Everyone started to relax, but one boy still seemed to be suspicious of her. “Can someone tell me where I am?”

The boy took this as his cue, the annoyance becoming apparent in his face, “What do you mean you don’t know where you’re at. How much booze you been drinking?”

“Dally, leave her alone.” The younger boy tried to hold the taller one, who was apparently named Dally, back, but he was having none of it.

He continued to walk towards (Y/N) menacingly, but she only rolled her eyes. “You a soc?”

“A what? No… ?”

“Dal, if she was a soc don’t cha think they woulda already been here,” one of them chimed in.

He smirked and looked away, taking a puff of his cigarette, “You know what, you deal with her. I’m outta here.” He looked back at her and blew a cloud of smoke at her, walking away. The boys began walking away one at a time, leaving her with what she believed to be the younger two.

They stared at each other awkwardly until one of them spoke up, “I’m Ponyboy.” He held his hand up in a halfhearted salute.

“Uh, I’m Johnny.” He nodded his head at her, and they both waited for her to speak.

“(Y/N).” She gave them both a small smile. “So… what’s up with the…” she motioned towards Ponyboy’s neck where there seemed to be a cut smeared in freshly dried up blood.

Ponyboy ran his fingers across it and looked at the ground. Johnny huffed, “Couple Socs caught him by himself coming out the movie house.”

“Movie house?” (Y/N) giggled at the boy’s choice of words. “What year am I in?” She asked jokingly.

“1965,” The boys were confused as to why she would ask such a question.

(Y/N) suddenly felt her blood run cold and her heart drop to her stomach. She felt like the air inside her had somehow been stolen. Her face paled, causing Ponyboy and Johnny to sprint towards her to make sure she was OK.

“You alright?” asked Johnny in a panicked tone.

She nodded and leaned against the car, trying to catch her breath. “I’m fine.” She was beginning to panic, but she managed to convince herself that this hadn’t been the weirdest thing to ever happen to her.

“So Socs huh?” She asked trying change the subject. For some reason she felt inclined to begin walking along the sidewalk. Perhaps it was because it’s what she used to do with Barry when he didn’t know what to do about a metahuman criminal. This was obviously her way of trying to come up with a solution. “As you can tell I’m not from here.”

The boys walked alongside her without thinking. “Yeah. Greasers and Socs don’t get along. We’re the poor ones, they’re the rich ones.” Johnny nodded in agreement, his hands tucked tightly into the pockets of his jean jacket.

They walked until (Y/N) spotted a newspaper on the ground. She picked it up and read the year, 1965. Yup, there it is. She scanned the rest of the newspaper, flipping through the torn pages. Once she was done she closed it, but two small words printed at the top caught her attention. “Tulsa, OK,” it read.

“Holy fuck. OK? As in Oklahoma?!” The boys nodded. “How fucking far did I run?” She whispered to herself before crumpling up the papers and dropping it in the trashcan. No use dwelling on things that won’t help get her home.

The three spent the next few hours sitting on monkey bars and talking about the feud between the Greasers and the Socs. “What fucking assholes.” (Y/N) stated.

“Yeah,” Ponyboy said as he lighted yet again another cigarette.

The headlights of a car driving up had caught the attention of the boys, prompting (Y/N) to sit up straight. The car stopped directly in front of where they sat. “Stay cool,” Ponyboy said to Johnny. A few boys stepped out the car staggering drunk. They were all dressed in preppy clothing clearly showing off the fact that they had money.

“Oh, you got a girl greaser now?” One said mockingly.

Ponyboy and Johnny jumped off the monkeybars, and (Y/N) quickly followed.

“Don’t you know what Greasers are babe? Human trash with long, greasy hair,” One of the Socs said as he proceeded to throw some of the alcohol he had in his hand at Ponyboy. (Y/N) heard someone laugh causing her fist to tighten in anger but Ponyboy stayed still.

“You know what a Soc is?” he asked.


“Human trash with Mustangs and Madras,” Ponyboy spat, literally, surprising (Y/N) who was standing behind him. For a second she felt proud, but once she heard someone yell the words ‘get ‘em’, she quickly felt herself get angry again.

The Socs began running after Ponyboy and Johnny causing them to run away, but before they could catch up to them, (Y/N) ran straight towards the Socs. Everything around her began to slow down as she looked each one of the rich asshole Socs in the eye before she knocked them out with her fist. It only took about a second before they were all on the ground unconscious.

She stopped in front them, breathing heavily as she tried to catch her breath. “Don’t call me babe.”

“Wha… what did you do?” She heard Johnny ask from behind her.

Before she could think of what to say to the boys, it finally clicked. Her speed was the solution. Of course, she thought to herself. She turned and smiled from ear to ear at both boys, “… Just thought of a way to get outta here.”

Living Truthfully

Characters: Introducing Michael with Castiel, Balthazar, Gabriel, Lucifer, and hunter!Reader (with mentions of Sam and Dean)

Word Count: 9,218

Warnings: none! Just some angel/archangel shenanigans

Request: can you pls write a michael x hunter!reader where the angels tease him about his crush but ultimately decide to help their brother?

Author’s note: Thank you so much for this request! I was very excited to get my first Michael fic request, and I had a lot of fun writing this with all the angels being meddling dorks. I really hope I did his character justice (considering he has the least screentime ever.) Also a general note, I used the young John version of Michael for this fic. Hope you like it!

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My submission for the wolfstar introvert prompt: Internet Crush

Huge thanks to @nachodiablo and @mirgaxus for the beta and the support!

Summary: Remus and Sirius both write self-insert fics in the same fandom. One day Sirius asks to borrow Remus’s OC for his new fic. What could he possibly be planning, and what is the mystery pairing he promised to introduce?

Read it here or on AO3

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Radio Girls by Sarah-Jane Stratford 

Rating: ★★★★★ 


1926, the BBC. The nation listens. A woman finds her voice.

London, 1926. Maisie Musgrave is thrilled to land a job at the fledgling British Broadcasting Corporation whose new and electrifying radio network is captivating the nation. Famous writers, scientists, politicians – the BBC is broadcasting them all, but behind the scenes Maisie is drawn into a battle of wills being fought by her two bosses. John Reith, the formidable Director-General and Hilda Matheson, the extraordinary Director of Talks Programming, envisage very different futures for radio. And when Maisie unearths a shocking conspiracy, she and Hilda join forces to make their voices heard both on and off the air…

(from Goodreads)


I adore this book. It has all the things: feminism, creativity, character development, LGBTQ+ characters, the roaring 20’s, success stories, real history, London, romance, politics, spying, fascists, anglophiles, and technology. This is a story of a young girl throwing herself into her career wholeheartedly and with passion in a time when it was seen as radical and modern (in a bad way) for women to work at all. Women who did not hold high positions (and there weren’t many of those) lost their jobs once they got married, and maternal leave for those who were allowed to stay on was unheard of. At the start of this novel only married women over 30 were allowed to vote. It is actually chocking to see how widely accepted and unquestioned this was not even 100 years ago. It has reminded me of how very new the rights I have and take for granted are, and how much work we still have to do.

This is one of those books that inspire you to do great things. Seeing Masie find her passion and a great and uplifting mentor in Hilda Matheson (who was in fact a real person, look her up!) is so moving. Getting to see how radio and the BBC became what we know them as today was very exciting. There was so much more to it back then that I never thought of. As Masie becomes more comfortable in her job and her passion for radio grows, so does her self-esteem and confidence. Masie as a character has one of the most expansive arcs of character development that I’ve seen in a long time, and it’s a true joy to watch her grow. However, Masie never would have grown so much without the patronage of Hilda. I admire her so much. She is a visionary and force to be reckoned with, and must have been so strong to reach so high in a world and time when women were so held back. Her mantra of “Onwards and Upwards!” and the help she gives Masie makes this a great story of female empowerment and women building each other up, which I really think we could use some more of, both in literature and in general.

As you can probably tell from my gushing and rambling, I really loved this book. I had not heard anything about it before spotting it in the bargain section of Book Depository. It was quite coincidental that I wound up buying it. I love it when that happens – pure serendipity. If you find any of the subjects this book touches upon interesting – feminism, historical fiction, driven characters doing exciting work and so on – I highly recommend this book to you. I hope you will love it as much as I do.

//love from L

Find it on Goodreads

More reviews here

I wrote ya a crummy little fanfic inspired by your latest adventure. (Forgive me for the ooc-ness)

Who knew that a magic could go so horribly wrong? Ryou Bakura certainly did not.

All he wanted to do was was find a way to make the spirit of the Millennium Ring calm down. It should have been simple enough. Talking it out had been his go to but waking up to find himself in the freezer of an ice cream truck with two empty gallons of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream at his sides and a third half eaten one on his lap he suddenly realized that the spirit of the Ring was unreasonable. So in the immortal words of Jackie Chan’s uncle, he knew that magic must defeat magic.

A drawn circle in chalk, some burning amber incenses, a book with questionable content to read from, and three small piles of salt around the Millennium Ring should have done the trick. At least he had thought it would. However there was one problem. The salt was actually sugar.

With a dull glow in the eye of the Ring as he read allow the questionable text Ryou had initially been excited. His life would be his again! The eye glowing brighter until it flashed and suddenly the room was dark.

No wait, his eyes were closed.

Ryou opened them slowly only to be face to face with a tiny version of himself. No wait. He recognized the person. It was the rascal spirit himself! The thief that stole his looks for he had forgotten his own!

“At last!” The little form cackled in a high pitched voice. “I am free!”

Ryou unable to help but laugh at that point. Never before had he heard the other sound so silly! And he is so tiny! Not at all the mincing ghost that only he could see but like a tiny little child with clothes too big for him on.

“What are you laughing at?” the chibi snarled adorably. What. That was supposed to be mincing. What was going on?

The thief blinked only to see that he was having to look up quite a ways to met his old host’s gaze.

“Why are you so big?!” the former spirit made flesh stumbling backward.

“I’m not big. You are just small,” Ryou explained before thumbing through the book to see just what he did wrong.

“Small?” The Ring did look bigger in his grasp now that he thought about it. Worse yet was that his pants were now baggy and were falling off. His shirt however still long enough to cover him but did little to hide the embarrassed yell as he tried to pull the jeans back up. “Fix this!”

The book suddenly snapped shut in Ryou’s hand. This was not what he wanted but perhaps… Perhaps this could still work. “No.”

The thief stamping his foot. “Fix it now!”

“No,” Ryou spoke more confidently. “I think… This might actually work.”

“What?” the chibi blinked in surprise at not getting his way. “What are you-?” The phone began to ring and both paused to look to it on the wall. “Well. Answer it then FIX THIS!” No way was he going to leave the house looking like this. His grade vengeance was not going to be carried out as a pint sized hero he thought himself to be! He would be full sized and taller than the boy who held the spirit of Puzzle.

Ryou tried not to snicker at seeming his former demon being no longer a threat in his current state and answered the phone with a proper hello. “…Woah, slow down! Yugi, what are you saying?” Ryou going quiet as the other frantically went on over the other end of the line. “What?“ 

The chibi thief crossing his arms and pouting in what he hoped was a menacing glare. 

"He’s- Are you serious?” Wait? “Oh… Wait. If he came out of your Puzzle and mine came out of the Ring. What? Oh, I uh…  I mean it just happened. Yeah. He’s actually surprisingly adorable.”

“You better not be talking about me!” the little one hissed at Ryou. A ‘one second’ hand gesture silencing him and the thief growled until something shiny caught his attention. Ooo.. What was that? It was on a table but with a little effort he could get it easily enough. He was an expert thief after all.

“I think I have a idea what happened. Just bring him here and I’ll explain.” Yugi talking again only for the line to go quiet on both ends. 
Yugi had a point. If this affected them then what were the odds that it affected Malik as well? If he still had the Rod and if the spirit in that was not completely lost then… Maybe it too was out?

“New plan. We head to Malik’s and make sure he’s okay. Yeah. Don’t worry.” Ryou stood up only to look around and see his little monster was gone. A curse leaving his lips. “I’m sorry. I gotta find him. Be there soon, I promise!” And with that he hung up looking around the room and at last spotting the curious spirit tittering on the edge of a table, knocking off sculpted characters that were still drying. Little hands reaching for a container of glitter that was knocked off when he grabbed the chibi with both arms, pulling him close and sighing at the mess now on his floor.

“Let go, let go!” the thief screamed, wiggling in the other’s arms.

“You wanted me to fix you right? Okay. I’m going to do that. We just got to do a few things first.” Ryou pulling the tiny thief along and grabbing his book along the way. “Apparently you aren’t the only one free now.”

“What?” Tiny Bakura blinked in surprise. “You mean other Yugi is too?" 
Ryou said nothing but that alone was enough confirmation for the other who now cackled adorably. "At last! Vengeance will be mine!”

“No. No vengeance. We are going to fix all this and put you all back. But first we need to check on Malik.”

A bit of silence as the thief turned the faintest shade of pink in memory of the Egyptian, Malik. “…why?”

“Just a precaution.” The door slammed behind them as with the other still tucked under his arm, Ryou started down the sidewalk towards the nearest bus stop. “Also I want to see if Mariku is back and as tiny as you.” Ryou holding back a mischievous smile of his own. How cute was little Mariku going to be? 

However, things were not going to be as expected once he would arrive. The spell soon to be discovered to have turned however was inside the items into smaller versions of their selves and grant the current holders use of the full grown bodies they were in posses of at the time. 
And little Malik was a terror no one was prepared to deal with, not even his full grown darker half who would be found poking at the other with a broom from behind the couch. 

@iamterra this is the cutest little story! thank you so so much. I am truly honored you would do this for me. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. <3

Finally [OHSHC! AU] {P.1}

A GOT7 OHSHC!AU in celebration of hitting 300 followers! THANKS GUISE!!!

How this works: Basically, read the backstory and, at the end of Part 2, make your choice. Your choice affects which member you get!

Just a quick background, the ‘him’ in this story is optional bias in this part. You can imagine it to be whichever member you want. Also, please note that by OHSHC!AU, we really only mean that we’re borrowing they’re setting. Not the characters, but you might be able to draw similarities between Seulgi and Haruhi. 

This story, including all the additional member parts are pure fluff, maybe a touch of angst, or very lightly implied smut here and there, but nothing too hardcore. 

None of the choices have been written out yet, but will be added; one member a day! ENJOY!!!

You let your feet rest in the clear blue water. The sun was finally out after a couple of months of winter. Today was just one of those rare warm winter days and the chance to relax in the school pool was too good for you and your friends to give up on. Unfortunately, it seems as though the rest of the school had the same idea.

All around you, you could hear the chatter of your peers enjoying themselves. There were the slight clinks of glass on glass as they toasted whatever it was they toasted, butlers and maids scurried about, refilling glasses, and bringing new drinks, adjusting umbrellas and handing out warm towels. Just loud enough to drown out the sound of it all, some of the monthly hits were playing over the gigantic stereo speakers.

Of course, that wasn’t about to put off your best friend, Cha Seulgi. Apparently growing up below the poverty line meant that she was a regular visitor of public pools which were supposedly worse than this.

You shuddered at the thought.

You’d never visited a public pool before, so you could only listen to Seulgi’s stories and trust her blindly. Before you met Seulgi, you’d never even realized that Air Conditioning was accessible to the general public.

“Someday, you need to take me to this ‘7/11’ place.” You mused, smiling at Seulgi from the corner of your eyes.

“It’s not really that great though, it’s the same as any other Convenience Store.” She sighed, you could tell she was trying not to roll her eyes, but you ignored her attitude. There was no way you were going to pass up on this cultural learning opportunity.

“Why are they called ‘Convenience Stores’ anyways?” You wondered out loud, Seulgi hadn’t heard you though. She was humming along to some song that was being blasted across the pool on the stereo speakers that one of your classmates had brought along.  

You closer your eyes and relaxed, feeling the warm sun soak into your skin. You finally got the chance to try out your new designer swimsuit, and you were really excited about wearing it out. The way it was cut, you were sure you wouldn’t have to deal with any tan lines tomorrow morning.

Close to falling asleep, you awoke with a start when you heard a sudden scream from your side followed by a loud splash. In a second, you could feel the cold water from some person’s reckless dive all over your skin.

Ready to tear the delinquent a new one, you opened your eyes, pulling your sunglasses off your face as you pushed yourself up. Only to trip over your best friend’s sleeping body. With an ungodly scream, you fell face first into the freezing cold pool, Seulgi tumbling in after you.

Once again, you heard the splash and felt the cold droplets of a dive, but you did not feel the water enveloping you. Instead, you felt an arm wrapped securely around your wait. Gingerly, you opened your eyes to see the water right beneath you; the pool was so deep you couldn’t even see the floor at the bottom of the pool. Barely within your vision, you noticed Seulgi surfacing from the pool, her unmistakable bright red lifeguard suit looking more like a blood stain than actual clothes.

Suddenly terrified for your life, you shut your eyes again, feeling yourself getting pulled into a warm embrace by whoever was holding onto you.

“It’s okay, I got you.” The voice mumbled against your hair.

Oh shit. You would recognize that voice anywhere. It was him.

Opening your eyes again, you came face to face with brilliantly sculpted muscles. Why did he have to be here at the pool, why did he have to be shirtless, and why did it have to be him of all people who saved you from drowning?

Carefully, you looked up, afraid to meet his eyes. You couldn’t swim, but maybe falling into the pool would have been less embarrassing than this.

All of the noises faded around you and you could only hear the blood rushing through your ears. It was astonishing how you hadn’t fainted yet.

“Are you okay?” He asked, examining your face for any scratches. At this point, you basically forgot about the mystery diver who splashed you, or Seulgi who was probably getting out of the pool right now. All that mattered was him. He was standing right in front of you, holding you like you’d only ever dreamed he would.

“Y-yeah. I’m f-f-fine I-I guess.” You tried to answer affirmatively, only to have your answer sound more like a question.

He smiled, and you couldn’t help but observe the way his whole face changed when he smiled. It wasn’t just his lips curving upwards, his eyes would crinkle and you would always notice them sparkling when he laughed.

“That’s good to know” He tilted his head to the side, a hint of a smile still lingering on his face, but he made no move to let you go. In fact, his arms held you a little tighter, pulling you impossibly closer to him.

For the first time in your life, you noticed that his eyes were not dark brown like you thought they were, but they were actually pitch black. His nose was curved beautifully, but your eyes were drawn to his lips. Up close, they weren’t chapped or over-bitten like you were worried they would be.

Suddenly feeling excruciatingly shy, you looked down at your feet, feeling your hair cover your warm cheeks. You wanted to say something, but you were worried you might let the wrong words slip. How were you supposed to make conversation when you couldn’t even look at his face without feeling giddy?

“Are you going to the party tomorrow night?” He asked, running his hand through his hair.

“I might, I’m not sure yet,” You answered quietly.

You hadn’t forgotten that party, Seulgi’s boyfriend had invited both of you to attend. You weren’t going to go since it was a masquerade ball. Since it was a ball, you’d need to dance, and to dance, you’d need a date.

You weren’t nearly as sociable as Seulgi. Usually you spent your time musing in a corner, pondering things that didn’t even manner. You were quirky and weird, there weren’t many people who could understand you. Everyone you knew who could understand you were girls. You grew up sheltered from boys, hardly ever speaking to them. This just sort of snowballed into you being a young woman who couldn’t talk to boys, and never had a boyfriend, or a date, or even a kiss.

“Y/N STOP FLIRTING AND GET YOUR BUTT OVER HERE” Seulgi screamed for you, her face as red as her swimsuit. He let go of you, letting his arms drop to his side, as he also turned to see why Seulgi sounded so pissed.

You noticed that she was waving her brand new iPhone in her wet hand as she gestured for you. That iPhone was a gift from her boyfriend, and she was super excited to have one since she couldn’t afford it on her own. If that phone broke, she would kill you.

“Oh crap! I have to go now.” You groaned, running off to meet Seulgi.

“Wait! Y/N!” You turned around to face him, trying your best to ignore the mini heart attack you had when he called your name.

He smiled again, taking your hand and squeezing it comfortingly, “You should come… I’ll save you a dance.”

He didn’t wait for your response, instead shooing you off.

“You better go, your friend looks like she wants to kill me,” He chuckled, letting go of your hand, “See you tomorrow, hopefully!” He called after you as you walked away.

“What was that?” Seulgi asked when you finally reached her.

“I’ll tell you later,” You responded, grabbing her hand and pulling her away from the pool as you tried to compose yourself. But she had a point:

What was that?

Written By: Admin Coral

Edited By: Admin Midnight

(this is a collab, so yay!)

Part 2 coming soon!

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A Little Heart-to-Heart

So…this is something I’ve wanted to do for a little while now. This is based on @atomi-cat‘s Boneheads AU. It’s one of my favorite AUs of all time and I always get so excited when I see she’s drawn more of them. Everyone should check it out if you love skeletons.

Ironically enough, this is a follow up to her Follow Up comic :P

I’m sorry if this isn’t perfect, or it goes against the AU in any way, but this is just a little thank you to Atomi for all the fun her art and comics bring to me. Thank you Atomi, and I hope you like this :>

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Youtube Wonderland - Masterpost

“The world was dark, a seemingly mysterious enigma that shrouded you with uneasiness. Yet, you know this place - there was this underlying tone of familiarity. You sigh, taking it all in, the wondrous sights, the mystique setting…

You belong here.

Welcome to Wonderland.”

This is the masterpost for @destiplier and I’s brand new au! In this, you, the traveler, are sent to a mysterious place filled with characters that look a lot like the youtubers you watch on your computer. 

You hear from multiple characters that the Card Suitors, who took over from the unheard Heir, are terrorizing the whole area and putting everyone in fear. As you meet everyone, you ask how to get home. 

What is home?

Can you put a stop to the Card Suitors? Or will you find an underlying dark tone that makes your skin crawl?

Curiouser and curiouser….

Right now, this is an open universe, excerpting the characters and their roles. If you have anything to contribute, feel free to message Ash (destiplier) or I with your ideas! This is a dark, fun au that we’re excited to discover and unravel.

There are a few basic guidelines, so here they are:

-This, all in all, has no slash or shipping content. That doesn’t mean however, that we will stop you from doing so. Just refrain from putting it in the main tags of the youtubers. 

-If you make fanart of this au, credit to either of us would be amazing and very professional of you. We worked hard on this and we want credit where it’s due.

-This is a dark au. It’s gory as hell, it’s terrifying, and it’s not sunshine and rainbows. If you draw a gory scene, please put the appropriate tags so anyone with a weak stomach or is easily grossed out can blacklist that art. 

That’s about it. Anything else that I or Ash feel like we need to add will be added later on.

 We both hope that everyone has fun with this. Write, draw, mix, create. The possibilities are endless. 

Wonderland cast:

Pewdiepie as the White Rabbit

Danny Sexbang as the Mad Hatter

Egoraptor as the March Hare

Barry Kramer as the Doormouse

Rubberninja as the Cheshire Cat

Cryotic as the Caterpillar

Muskyerm and LordMinion777 as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Mortem3r as Gryphon

Commanderholly as the Pigeon

Wiishu as the Knave of Hearts

Markiplier as the King

Matt Watson (kidswithproblems) as the Queen

Jacksepticeye as the Ace

Ryan Magee (kidswithproblems) as the Jack

Other characters will be added as we continue the story.

Character designs are mainly posted on Ash’s tumblr (destiplier). They’re very talented and I’m glad Ash is helping me with these designs! Love to them <3

Pewdiepie (hasn’t officially been drawn):

White Rabbit ears, with a white buttondown and red vest. In the middle of his chest, is a pocketwatch that beats to some sort of sick heartbeat. His pants are gray, and he wears tall black boots and has a bunny tail. Also wears a gray cape. Seems to look hungover constantly. 

Danny Sexbang (character design on Ash’s blog): 

A navy blue coat that has really long coat tails that touch the ground, tight striped blue and white leggings with black dress shoes. Also a giant blue top hat on his head that’s usually decorated with the joker card. He also wears dark lipstick and his nails are painted dark.

Egoraptor (character design on Ash’s blog):

a button down and a vest under it, with striped pants similar to Dan’s but looser. Usually just wears socks. Has brown rabbit ears. Always seems to be jittery and shaky…

Barry Kramer (character design here):

Barry has a white shirt and black pants under a rich red/orange silk coat, with a belt keeping the coat together. He wears buckled boots and has a thing fencing sword attached to his back. Squeaks when angry or surprised. Also has brown mouse ears and a tail. Quite small as well.

Rubberninja (character design here):

He wears a sleek dark navy grey crop top that stops just before his belly button and the same color tights; he also wears a mask with cat ears on it that cover everything except his lower jaw and mouth. He has fingerless gloves on each hand and ballet flats on his feet. Also has a tail that seems to have a mind of its own. His mouth also has a scar on each side of his mouth: the scar on the left side is turned upward in a smile, and the right one is turned downward in a frown.

Cryaotic (hasn’t officially been drawn yet):

A being that’s a mixture of the monster of many faces from Avatar: The last Air Bender and no face from Spirited Away, it’s a dark, bug like manifestation with the blank Cry mask on. His mouth never moves when he speaks either. Always seems to know what’s going to happen next. 

Muskyerm and Lordminion777 (not officially been drawn yet):

Two very different people that seem to be connected by a very bloody, very messy sewing accident. Bob is wearing a black button down and white pants; Wade is wearing a white button down and black pants. Both have a blood red bowtie on. 

Mortem3r (not officially been drawn yet):

Part eagle, part lion. Has the back legs of a lion, the front of an eagle, wings of an eagle. Yet, instead of an eagle’s face, Suzy’s face is there. Always seems to have a permanent ring of red around her mouth, and it’s not just her lipstick. 

Commander Holly (not officially been drawn yet):

A small pink haired human with a blue bonnet, a light blue dress, and pigeon wings. Swears on her life you’re a serpent person.

Wiishu (not officially been drawn yet): 

Has black armor up to her face, which is in a ponytail. She wears a heart eye patch that covers a scar that runs down her face. Literally Undyne. (Ash and I had a whole discussion about how Undyne was based off this specific character) 

Markiplier, Matt, Jacksepticeye, Ryan (all found together on Ash’s blog):

Mark wears an open red trenchcoat and wields an axe that has a heart on the handle, and also wears dark pants and black woodsman boots. 

Matt wears a sort of blue catsuit that goes up to his neck with a diamond on his right breast, and carries around poison knives that are in the form of diamonds.

Sean wears a green samurai style robe with slippers; his hairs in a ponytail, and he bears a katana that has a spade engraved on it.

Ryan wears a dark orange muscle shirt and dark leggings with a lighter orange hooded cape, and he wears brass knuckles that have clubs on the knuckles.

Edit: Ash and I will be tracking the tag YTWonderland!au so if you want us to see anything, feel free to tag it!