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Fragments - Part 3

Word Count: 1837

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, canon divergence

A/N: The next couple parts are probably gonna be similar to this. It’s mostly flashbacks. Getting to know the reader and her past relationship with Dean and the other characters. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. If you’d like to be tagged you can add yourself Here

Fragments Masterlist

C’mere Pumpkin.” Bobby hoisted you up from the ground onto his lap in the recliner. “I wanna talk to ya for a second.”

“Ok, Daddy.” You turned to face him, looking him in the eyes.

“Remember I told you we were gonna have some guests over? Sam and Dean?” You nodded and smiled, excited to have someone your age coming over. Your dad told you Sam was just a little baby but Dean was the same age. Having someone to play with excited you but made you nervous all at the same time. You never had any kids your age around. “I need you to be nice to Dean, ok? He doesn’t talk much or at all.”

“Why not?”

“Well, Dean’s mom…she died.” You let out a tiny gasp and widened your eyes. “Kinda like your mom.”

“You mean a monster killed her?” Bobby nodded sadly and ran his hand through your hair, saddened that you knew about monsters at such a young age. You didn’t know all the details yet, but you would some day. A demon possessed your mother and Bobby had to kill her. You only knew that much because you’d seen the changes in your mother, including her black eyes staring you down.

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Try to Understand (Part 1)

Characters/Pairing: Beta?Reader, Omega!Charlie, Alpha!Dorothy, Beta!Benny, Alpha!Dean Smith. Eventual Dean x Reader.

Word Count: 3.9k, or so

Warnings: A/B/O dynamics, language

A/N: I didn’t intend to make this a mini-series, but it’s going down this way. This is my fic for @dr-dean‘s ABO Birthday Challenge. It’s an AU, so just go with it. My song prompt was Magic Man by Heart. This is my first time writing A/B/O, so constructive criticism is definitely welcome. Shout-out to @roxy-davenport for the assist and beta when I was freaking out a little. Hope you enjoy it!

Part 2

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“I don’t see why this is necessary,” your mother says almost passively as she groans. The discussion had been going around and around in circles. You just hoped it would finally end with you getting your way.

“Because, momma, before I’m swept off for the merger, I think it’s only right that I get some real-world experience.”

“Stop calling it a merger, it’s a marriage. And you’ve already been helping with the company for years, what else do you need to know?”

“Yes Ma’am, I know.” You pause for a moment before continuing as you try to think of the best way to convince your mother. “But how are we ever going to move forward if we can’t innovate. It’s only an internship, I’m not doing anything dangerous and it’s not like I’m going to the moon. Come on, momma, please talk to him? Let me do this?”

She pursed her lips, “You’ve got to be careful. Consider how this will reflect on our family name.”

“Of course. Always.” You nod, hoping to appease her and speed up the process of her decision-making. Over the years, you’d figured out that she was typically the one with the final say on matters, and while she took her time, you usually found ways to sway her in your favor.

In the end, you’d won, convincing them to let you take the opportunity for the internship at Sandover before moving forward with your other future arrangements - including your engagement to Benny, the heir of his family. ‘Think of the family name,’ you mocked. Like you’d ever get the chance not to. It was known in practically every household for it’s multi-generation, multi-million dollar business. But also known in the more infamous way for the family stance on breeding practices.

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The difference that is Yukari.

This week’s ep was so good that I had to go into discussion about it.

But I will try to keep this post short cuz I’m feeling under the weather.

*sigh* Now would be a great time to get a nice pat on the head from Yukarin. I bet my sinuses would clear right up like that. *snaps fingers*

In all my experience dealing with purple magical girls, they seldom deviate from being the cool, mysterious and/or extremely competent bishoujo. Even if they don’t possess those traits, you can expect them to take things so seriously that you’ll often have to revert to the use of the old trope, “Defrosting the Ice Queen”, before they mellow out and open themselves up to you.

Going as far back as Milky Rose (whom I do consider a legitimate Cure), the Precure line seems to have covered most, if not all, of those bases.

They’re strong, talented, incredibly book smart and some of them even come with an angsty backstory to highlight how much more interesting they are from the rest of the cast.

They’re pretty much one of the major things that keeps people hyped for this genre because that is the archetype we just love to see, y’know?

But unlike the purple Cures before her, unlike Milky Rose who was difficult to deal with at times, unlike Moonlight who deliberately kept her distance for a while, unlike Sword or Fortune who were so focused on their respective missions that they lashed out at those who interfered, and unlike Magical who tried to hide her insecurities behind a mask, Macaron/Yukari…is not trying to be unapproachable?

She’s fairly aloof, alright, and can be intimidating with that celebrity status of hers. But it’s not in a way where Yukari actually has any ill intention to drive you off for good because she doesn’t want to deal with you (at least that’s the way I see it).

Sure, she declined her classmates’ offer to go to the new macaron shop but if you watch that part again, she visibly sighs a bit at how they just gave up so easily after getting rejected.

To me, it looked like she was putting them through a test to see if they can convince her to join them and obviously, they failed. They got frightened and backed out immediately, stuttering words about “next time” and all that.

It’s definitely a very awkward scenario and most people would sympathize with the rejected and think of Yukari as haughty.

But when you realize that the problem lies more in people’s fervent admiration of Yukari and less in Yukari’s standoffish attitude, you start to understand her a little better.

People are always telling Yukari “You’re so amazing! You’re so great! You can do everything, there’s nothing you can’t do!” that it just gets old very fast.

Yukari knows all these things already and yet people keep raining down praises on her. Putting her on a pedestal over and over again. It’s just plain boring.

So if that was what those girls were planning to do during the entire time they were there at the macaron shop, then it’s better for Yukari to spare herself the annoyance of having everyone worshiping her feet the moment she walks in and being bored again.

Yukari is in search for something she hasn’t come across before. She’s looking for something to actually spark her interest for once. Something new, something that can possibly excite her. And she won’t invest in those whose efforts she can already tell are half-assed. That’s just a waste of time.

And her second (er, third actually) encounter with Ichika more or less supports that argument.

Ichika isn’t deterred when Yukari says she doesn’t remember her from the other day. She doesn’t scare off so quickly in Yukari’s presence and when Yukari asks her why she’s so persistent on petting the lucky neko, Ichika responds with “because it’s a challenge!” and that word alone resonates within Yukari.

Yep, Yukari wants a challenge. But since she’s so good at so many things, she really doesn’t know where to look for one she hasn’t done yet. She doesn’t know what it is that she’s looking for.

However, maybe this genki bunny girl does…

I mean, Ichika succeeded in getting Yukari’s attention so it’s worth a shot, right? Maybe hanging out with her will let Yukari have some much needed fun.

And so Ms. Kotozume ‘Kidnapping-you-as-my-imouto-for-the-day’ Yukari proceeds to drag Ichika all over town.

But even Ichika reacts like everyone else does. She says the words Yukari was hoping not to hear. Those same old words that have been repeated to Yukari countless times.

However, unlike everyone else, Ichika does notice how Yukari isn’t happy with the compliments she gives. She doesn’t put a name to it but simply remarks “You don’t seem to be enjoying yourself at all, Yukari-san”.

And I love that because too often do people just accept the “perfect” characters as they are without question. Which is weird because no one can be that perfect or that close to immaculate perfection without knowing that some form of negativity or hardship comes with that impossible level of skill. Yet Yukari’s situation is presented to us as an issue. For her.

It’s because she’s so capable and talented that it creates a wall between her and others. Nobody’s willing to take the chance to jump over it in order to get to know Yukari cuz they’re so preoccupied with the thought that “she’s way too out of our league!”. And Yukari has been pushed so far up from the ground by her fans that it’s a hassle just to look for a conversation that doesn’t go in circles about her.

Yukari doesn’t need to hear about Yukari.

What she needs to know is if you are worth her goddamn friggin’ time.

Luckily, Ichika really is that persistent and really does want, for Yukari’s sake, to do something interesting. So she proposes they make macarons together at the cafe and since macarons are really tricky to make no kidding! I have trouble just holding onto one without it crumbling Yukari all but latches onto the idea like a cat cuz she’s so tired of being bored.

Of course, the initial results aren’t as kanpeki as they hoped it would be (even Yukari is in mild shock cuz she’s never come short before, I suspect) but that’s wonderful (and hilarious, lol) because…

The girls get to see this side of Yukari that nobody else has seen.

Perfectionist Yukari.

Yukari who is already perfect but wants to challenge herself. Yukari who won’t take anything less than an A+. Yukari who is determined not to settle for “just good” but to go beyond that.

No wonder why she sticks to Ichika longer than she has with anyone else. Like her, Ichika is not the type to give up and will keep trying and trying until she reaches her goal. Their personalities are different but they are on the same wavelength on their approach to challenges.

In other words, Yukari is drawn to that type of person and has been, unknowingly, looking for them all along.

Then there’s this moment which is pretty awesome in and of itself (and yes, funny too xD). 

Yukari is so obsessed with making her macarons perfect that she doesn’t realize she’s no longer bored! She’s enjoying herself, albeit in a very focused way.

And if I may, I’m pretty sure Ichika didn’t say she likes the macarons more but that she likes Yukari more (go listen to it again).

Because seeing Yukari doing her best is quite a sight and Ichika can’t help but be so thrilled to witness this side of Yukari that no one else has seen till now. To Yukari’s ears, this is certainly a different kind of compliment than the ones she usually gets. This one is not concerned about her results or how she’s generally so competent in whatever. This one is actually about her hard work at something she is notably not perfect at (yet) and that must be very refreshing to hear.

Y’know, I gotta to hand it to Ichika. She’s happy-go-lucky and hyperactive alright but her natural ability to win people over with that… quality of hers is pretty amazing, too.

It’s not the case where she knows exactly what to say or what to do in these situations but more like she has a knack for the simple, but right, words and gestures (sometimes anyway).

How she’s been going around technically recruiting the other Cures that way, it reminded me of how Nozomi earned the respect and love from her friends when they were starting out as Precure. Not because she is particularly smart or clever or the strongest of them all but that she is utterly sincere and earnest about wanting to spend time with them.

And to no one’s surprise, it’s clear that they all reciprocate Ichika’s feelings and would gladly follow her as their leader. Ichika practically cured Himari’s anxiety, she inspired Aoi to keep going with her song and here she let Yukari have the most fun she’s had in a while.

Not everyone can do that.

And not everyone can actually get Yukari to say she likes them back either. But when you’re as resilient as Ichika in defending people’s happiness and such, you can’t help but grow to like them. Hee~ :3

(On another note, I think we should bring out the champagne cuz OMGAWD, Yukari, fickle gorgeous cat lady, actually said “suki”! 8DDD)

So yea, I realize I went off a little bit from my original point but it’s really not hard to see what separates Yukari/Macaron from the other purple Cures. And that’s what I really like about her.

In Your Head - Part 7 - Flashback 1

Jughead Jones x Reader

Reader: Y/N

Brother: Y/B/N

Word Count: 1,920

Summary: You are almost 3 months into a relationship with Jughead Jones. You are going through a tough time being too much in your head as the anniversary of “that night” comes closer. Jughead can sense something is wrong.

FYI this part is almost a full flashback of my current ongoing story.

Warnings: Features sexual content, as well as a rape flashback and parental abuse. Please don’t read if easily triggered.

You gave her your library card and you were off with your new stack of books. The Riverdale library was easily better than the one at the high school - even if you had to walk all the way to downtown to go to it. It was a historical building and a part of the original Mainstreet in Riverdale. You loved classic buildings and it being 9 months since you moved there, it was one of the few spots you actually liked. Not a lot of people were ever there and it felt like there was an enormous amount of words waiting to be read just by you.

You left down the steps of the building, and on a bench was girl, reading alone. You looked around and didn’t see anyone and presumed she must be waiting for someone. She couldn’t have been more than 10, and was reading The Hobbit. You decided to make sure she was waiting for someone.

In a hole in the ground, there lived a Hobbit”, the words had escaped your mouth. She looked up from her book and smiled to you. 

“You’ve read this?”, the girl with pigtails asked. 

“Many times. As well as the rest of the series. Have you read those yet?”. You smiled back. 

“No, this is my first Tolkien”. You smiled again. 

“Are you waiting for someone?”, you looked around seeing no cars in sight.

“Yeah, my brother is coming but he said he might be a while…”. She looked around as well. 

“Well I can sit with you if you want”, you began to walk to the free side of the bench.

“Alright but I’m not supposed to talk to strangers”. 

“Good rule of thumb. Well, my name is Y/N, and I promise you will not leave this bench until your brother comes”. You sat down now reaching out a copy of Naked Lunch that you just got from the library not 2 minutes ago. 

“Okay…who’s your favorite character?”. It looked like she was only about 6 chapters in the book. 

“Well, in the trilogy, Sam but overall between the 4, Gandalf. He also easily has some of the best quotes throughout the series”. You gave a smile. 

“I like him so far”. She went back to her book. And you began to start yours while pulling out a fresh bookmark. A few moments went by, you both had turned a few pages in your books until you heard some footsteps. 

“Jellybean”. You looked up confused on why someone was looking for candy until you saw the girls ears perk up. 

“Hey, have you been here long?”, the beanie capped boy walked up to the girl and his blue eyes went to you with a curious face. You had seen him before in school, and from memory, you knew both him and you shared being bumped into the lockers from a number of the football team. Although, some of Riverdale’s Vixens would get you as well. 

“No, not too long”, she looked back to you, “I had company”, she smiled. 

You put your bookmark in your page, “Hope you don’t mind. I saw her sitting here and didn’t want her to wait alone. My name’s Y/N by the way”. 

“Yeah. I’ve seen you around school”, you figured you were either noted as “the new girl” or “that girl from that party” in his head. 

“Jughead Jones the Third”. He slightly waved. You had heard the name before, but were surprised he seemed pleased by saying it. You went with it anyway. 

His face went back to his sister. “You hungry Jellybean?” 

“Yeah”, Jellybean tugged on his shirt and said something she thought she said in a whisper, “Can she come with us?” 

He looked to your eyes again and shrugged, “If she wants”. 

You looked at your phone. You finished at the library quicker than expected. “Sure”. Not since Thanksgiving had you really made any friends, nor had anyone really been nice to you. So you decided to go. You put your book back in your bag and got up with them to walk. 

Jellybean was finally in the mood to talk now that her brother had approved. “So what’s your favorite book?!” 

You gave a small laugh, “honestly it usually ends up being whatever book I just finished but I probably have a favorite for every genre”. 

“Okay….mystery!”, she was quizzing you now. 

“The Secret Adversary by Agatha Christie”, you gave with a gleam waiting for her to ask another. You saw Jughead’s face as he gave a look of acceptance.

“Fantasy!?!”, she was definately enthralled. 

“Well that one’s harder. I mean I fell in love with Harry Potter and then the Lord of the Rings around your age”, you motioned to her book, “but as far as an individual novel that isn’t part of a series, The Princess Bride”. You paused a moment, “although apparently there’s a sequel to it that was never published….does that count?” 

She giggled a bit, “yes”. 

Jughead had finally decided to be a part of the conversation, “I’ve got a question. How do you walk to class while reading?” 

You gave a small shy coy look, “Well once I knew my schedule and the quickest routes to each class, it wasn’t very hard. Usually people part away from me, thinking that I can’t see them”. 

“You’re much more talkative than I had imagined…” you didn’t realize he had noticed you this much. 

“Yeah well, I’m not one to just go up to a random person and talk. Jellybean here was a good exception”, Jellybean seemed to like the attention that was drawn to her. 

A few more moments had passed and you had made it to Pop’s. Since moving to Riverdale, your mother had finally let you out of the house more. Knowing that this was a small town and mostly everyone knew each other some way. However you still had maybe been to Pop’s 10 times. You knew people liked to come there after football games, but since you were a person that dodged pep rallies itself, you hadn’t gone to any game all school year. You were a little surprised this was a place to find Jughead, as the sign itself seemed like something out of a 50’s dinner for just preps. You let them walk ahead of you and texted Y/B/N, “I’m picking up dinner. Ask mom what she wants. I’m at Pop’s. I’ll be home by 6“. It was only 4 now and you figured that was enough time for everything. Your phone buzzed back pretty quick, “K. She just says a burger and fries. I want the same but with a chocolate shake”. “Alright, let me know if you need anything else bud”. 

Jellybean and Jughead were already making their order to Pop and you put your "to go” order in for an hour and half from then plus a fries and shake for here.

Jellybean had ran to the booth in the back treating it like a welcomed friend. Jughead and Jellybean sat on one side and you the other. You set your messenger bag down beside you. “You moved here at the beginning of the school year, right?” Jughead seemed curious about you. 

“Yep, from Washington State. I had never actually been to the east coast until we moved here…”. You got a little shy. You didn’t like talking about your family too much besides your brother. 

“Do you like Riverdale?”, Jellybean was once again excited. 

“Eh, it’s alright. Can be a little eerie as it seems something of a time warp in instances. School’s okay, I like the classes”. 

Jughead looked up again from placing his hands on the table, “and the people?”.

“I honestly don’t really know anyone still. Not enough to call them friends anyway…”. Your words started to escape you as you thought back to November. 

Jellybean tugged on Jughead’s shirt, “I have to go to the bathroom!”. 

Jughead gave a small laugh and nodded to her with eyes on the bathroom sign. “Don’t forget to wash your hands”. He said it as an almost parent. Jellybean got up, gave you a slight smile and proceeded to the bathroom hallway. 

Jughead’s eyes were now back on you. “Thanks by the way. Making sure she was okay. Most people wouldn’t have done that. I know she can get a little rambunctious”. 

You gave a slight smile. “No problem. She’s sweet and in some ways reminds me of what I was like at that age. Plus I think I’m just naturally a protective sister. I have a brother a few years older than her. Although, he isn’t as into reading”. You started rambling again, you had to get yourself to stop doing that.

“Excited for summer? Just two weeks left until we are out of the Riverdale High hell…”, he rolled his eyes a bit. 

You gave a laugh, “Yeah I suppose. I’ll probably make a weekly trip to the library. Finally catch up on my list…”. You were trying to refrain from talking too much but Jughead seemed intrigued.

“Book list?”. He gave a slight smile. 

“Yeah, I have this list of 200 books I want to read by a certain time, and summer is usually when I make a dent in it”. 

Jellybean made her way back to the booth, walking with an almost skip in her step. “You guys talking about me?”. 

You gave a small vibrato to your voice, “Well of course! You’re only the most interesting person in this town!”. You gave a big smile. She gave a laugh in equal largess with a giggle at the end of it. She sat next to Jughead while your food was placed down beside you. 

Time started to pass more, with Jellybean asking about other genre’s of books, as well as music and movies with Jughead giving an interjection every once in a while. Pop came over with some bags. “Here’s your to go order”. You thanked him and got your wallet out for your own amount to give as a tip for later. 

“You have to go!?”. Jellybean seemed slightly sad. “Yeah, some of this is for my brother”, your eyes drew to the bags. You didn’t really want to go home but knew you had obligations. You gave a slight thought and decided to reach in your messenger bag. The sound of heavy disheveled books made a noise. 

Jughead had sat up slightly from the booth, “How many books do you even have in there?” 

“6. 3 I just got from the library, then a book of poetry, my non-fiction for the month and my “happy book”, in case something I’m reading gets too depressing”. You reached in and grabbed the happy one and gave it to Jellybean. It was your copy of Princess Bride. Jellybean’s eyes widened. “Here, you can borrow it and then let me know what you think”. 

“You sure?”, she got excited while reading the back of the book for a description.

“Of course”. You began to get up and Jughead’s eyes followed you again. 

“I’ll see you around”. 

“Sure Juggs…and Jellybean”, you gave a slight nod while hoping you had made an actual friend beyond Jellybean.

Present time 

Slowly waking up, you could feel his hand slightly rubbing your arm. He was looking in your eyes. “Morning beautiful. Sleep better?” 

“Of course. It was just you on my mind”, you gave a smile before giving him a kiss.

Living Truthfully

Characters: Introducing Michael with Castiel, Balthazar, Gabriel, Lucifer, and hunter!Reader (with mentions of Sam and Dean)

Word Count: 9,218

Warnings: none! Just some angel/archangel shenanigans

Request: can you pls write a michael x hunter!reader where the angels tease him about his crush but ultimately decide to help their brother?

Author’s note: Thank you so much for this request! I was very excited to get my first Michael fic request, and I had a lot of fun writing this with all the angels being meddling dorks. I really hope I did his character justice (considering he has the least screentime ever.) Also a general note, I used the young John version of Michael for this fic. Hope you like it!

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1965 - Barry Allen/The Outsiders Crossover Imagine

Prompt: The reader, who is still new to her speedster powers, challenges Barry to race. During the race she breaks the timestream and ends up in 1965 with the Greasers. 

A/N: This was initially just one super long story, but I decided to cut it into two. I don’t think I will write more than two parts for this story. Also, I just wanted to say that I am aware in the film and book they say “White trash” as opposed to “Human trash” (the way I have it in the story) but I just didn’t feel comfortable writing that. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own The Flash or The Outsiders or any of its characters.

[Part 2] [Part 3]

“I’m not saying it.”

“Why not? You know it’s true.”

“It is not!”

“It is!”

“What are you two going on about now?” Caitlin set her pen down on the desk and turned to see (Y/N) and Barry arguing. This had been going on since the two arrived at the lab today and Caitlin had been hoping it would eventually die down. But much to her dismay, it did not.

Barry opened his mouth to speak, but (Y/N) interrupted before he could start, “He wants me to say he’s faster than me, which is not true.”

Barry scoffed, “It is. You just don’t want to admit it!”

“No, it’s not-”

Cisco raised an eyebrow at the two and chimed in, “Why not just have a race?”

Caitlin’s eyes widened as she shook her head knowing that (Y/N) was still new to her powers, “I don’t think that’s a good idea-”

“No, its perfect,” (Y/N) turned to Barry and smirked. “I, (Y/N) (Y/L/N), challenge you, Barry Allen, to a race.”

Barry hesitated for a second, concerned that (Y/N) wouldn’t be able to handle a race with her newfound speed, but the excitement in her eyes made him give into her challenge. “May the fastest speedster win.”

“Here, wear this,” Cisco handed (Y/N) a black zip up hoodie and a pair of black pants that seemed to be made out of the same material as Barry’s suit. “I’ve been working on your suit, but it’s not finished yet.”

(Y/N) nodded and used her speed to quickly change into her new pants and jacket. Barry laughed, and (Y/N) furrowed her eyebrows at him, confused as to what he found funny. “You look good.”

She wrinkled her nose, still confused, but a second later it dawned on her that Barry was just as fast, if not faster than her. She smirked, “Nothing you haven’t seen before, but for some reason, I still feel violated.” She laughed and pushed Barry out of the door, “Time to prove you wrong, baby.”

A few moments later, Cisco, Caitlin, Barry, and (Y/N) stood on an empty dirt road that stretched out a few miles across in a straight line. Cisco handed (Y/N) a small earpiece in case she needed to communicate with him, and gave her a small pat on her shoulder. “For good luck.”

She chuckled, “Thanks, Cisco.”

Barry took his place on the line that had been drawn on the dirt with a stick, waiting for (Y/N) to do the same.

Caitlin wrapped her arm around herself and covered her face with her other hand. “I have a bad feeling about this, Cisco,” she whispered to him as she watched the two speedsters through the cracks between her fingers.

Cisco nudged Caitlin gently, “It’ll be fine. I upgraded both of their comms, so we’ll be able to talk to them no matter what.” Cisco waited until Caitlin relaxed her shoulders to begin the race.


(Y/N) took her place next to Barry on the line, trying to muster up all the energy she could. “Good luck.”


“You too.” Barry leaned over to kiss (Y/N).


As soon as their lips touched both speedsters took off running. Barry had been in the lead, but (Y/N) soon caught up to him.

They both ran right next to each other, but when (Y/N) turned to look Barry, she saw herself. It was almost like a mirror. Then images she had never seen before began flashing by. She kept running, hoping that it was all in her head, but the more she kept running, the more the images became weirder.

But before she could figure out what was going on, the images and streaks around her stopped causing her to crash into a parked car. She heard a loud thud and looked over to see a boy lying on the ground next to her.

“What the fu-” she started but the sudden shuffling of feet against dirt startled her and she soon found herself looking up at a bunch of boys who looked like they worshipped a god of greasy hair. She picked herself up, watching as two of them helped the boy off the floor.

“You alright Steve?” One of them asked in a gentle voice.

“No I’m not alright. First my nose then this broad comes and knocks me off the car.” He rotated his shoulder in a small circle before starting again, “Nothing better be broken or I swear-”

(Y/N) smirked, “You’d know already if it was broken. And don’t call me a fucking broad.”

The air suddenly felt dangerous as everyone of the boys sucked in their breath and waited for Steve to react. And it didn’t take long for him to do so.

He pulled a switchblade from his back pocket and held it low by his side in a threatening manner, “What did you say to me? Don’t you know where you’re at?”

“No, want to enlighten me?” (Y/N) said smugly. She knew she shouldn’t have done it, but he was starting to piss her off.

“You’re on Greaser territory.” He spat.

“Territory?” The word confused her. She was about ask him what he meant by it, but a loud static noise erupted from the comm in her ear.

“… are… there?” She heard before she quickly pulled it out of her ear and let it fall to the ground. She clutched her ear tightly, trying to ease the pain. One of the older boys jumped in front of the others and held both his arms up in front of them in order to get them to back up.

“What is that?” A boy squeaked from the back. His voice was barely audible to (Y/N) against the ringing in her ears, but she managed to make out his words clearly.

Once the throbbing had subsided, she followed everyone’s eyes to the comm on the ground. It had begun smoking, clearly scaring the boys. Two more boys reached for their back pockets and (Y/N) had no choice but to step on the comm and drag her foot across the dirt, destroying it. There goes all communication, she thought.

(Y/N) held her hands up, looking at each boy in the eyes. “Safe,” she reassured them. Everyone started to relax, but one boy still seemed to be suspicious of her. “Can someone tell me where I am?”

The boy took this as his cue, the annoyance becoming apparent in his face, “What do you mean you don’t know where you’re at. How much booze you been drinking?”

“Dally, leave her alone.” The younger boy tried to hold the taller one, who was apparently named Dally, back, but he was having none of it.

He continued to walk towards (Y/N) menacingly, but she only rolled her eyes. “You a soc?”

“A what? No… ?”

“Dal, if she was a soc don’t cha think they woulda already been here,” one of them chimed in.

He smirked and looked away, taking a puff of his cigarette, “You know what, you deal with her. I’m outta here.” He looked back at her and blew a cloud of smoke at her, walking away. The boys began walking away one at a time, leaving her with what she believed to be the younger two.

They stared at each other awkwardly until one of them spoke up, “I’m Ponyboy.” He held his hand up in a halfhearted salute.

“Uh, I’m Johnny.” He nodded his head at her, and they both waited for her to speak.

“(Y/N).” She gave them both a small smile. “So… what’s up with the…” she motioned towards Ponyboy’s neck where there seemed to be a cut smeared in freshly dried up blood.

Ponyboy ran his fingers across it and looked at the ground. Johnny huffed, “Couple Socs caught him by himself coming out the movie house.”

“Movie house?” (Y/N) giggled at the boy’s choice of words. “What year am I in?” She asked jokingly.

“1965,” The boys were confused as to why she would ask such a question.

(Y/N) suddenly felt her blood run cold and her heart drop to her stomach. She felt like the air inside her had somehow been stolen. Her face paled, causing Ponyboy and Johnny to sprint towards her to make sure she was OK.

“You alright?” asked Johnny in a panicked tone.

She nodded and leaned against the car, trying to catch her breath. “I’m fine.” She was beginning to panic, but she managed to convince herself that this hadn’t been the weirdest thing to ever happen to her.

“So Socs huh?” She asked trying change the subject. For some reason she felt inclined to begin walking along the sidewalk. Perhaps it was because it’s what she used to do with Barry when he didn’t know what to do about a metahuman criminal. This was obviously her way of trying to come up with a solution. “As you can tell I’m not from here.”

The boys walked alongside her without thinking. “Yeah. Greasers and Socs don’t get along. We’re the poor ones, they’re the rich ones.” Johnny nodded in agreement, his hands tucked tightly into the pockets of his jean jacket.

They walked until (Y/N) spotted a newspaper on the ground. She picked it up and read the year, 1965. Yup, there it is. She scanned the rest of the newspaper, flipping through the torn pages. Once she was done she closed it, but two small words printed at the top caught her attention. “Tulsa, OK,” it read.

“Holy fuck. OK? As in Oklahoma?!” The boys nodded. “How fucking far did I run?” She whispered to herself before crumpling up the papers and dropping it in the trashcan. No use dwelling on things that won’t help get her home.

The three spent the next few hours sitting on monkey bars and talking about the feud between the Greasers and the Socs. “What fucking assholes.” (Y/N) stated.

“Yeah,” Ponyboy said as he lighted yet again another cigarette.

The headlights of a car driving up had caught the attention of the boys, prompting (Y/N) to sit up straight. The car stopped directly in front of where they sat. “Stay cool,” Ponyboy said to Johnny. A few boys stepped out the car staggering drunk. They were all dressed in preppy clothing clearly showing off the fact that they had money.

“Oh, you got a girl greaser now?” One said mockingly.

Ponyboy and Johnny jumped off the monkeybars, and (Y/N) quickly followed.

“Don’t you know what Greasers are babe? Human trash with long, greasy hair,” One of the Socs said as he proceeded to throw some of the alcohol he had in his hand at Ponyboy. (Y/N) heard someone laugh causing her fist to tighten in anger but Ponyboy stayed still.

“You know what a Soc is?” he asked.


“Human trash with Mustangs and Madras,” Ponyboy spat, literally, surprising (Y/N) who was standing behind him. For a second she felt proud, but once she heard someone yell the words ‘get ‘em’, she quickly felt herself get angry again.

The Socs began running after Ponyboy and Johnny causing them to run away, but before they could catch up to them, (Y/N) ran straight towards the Socs. Everything around her began to slow down as she looked each one of the rich asshole Socs in the eye before she knocked them out with her fist. It only took about a second before they were all on the ground unconscious.

She stopped in front them, breathing heavily as she tried to catch her breath. “Don’t call me babe.”

“Wha… what did you do?” She heard Johnny ask from behind her.

Before she could think of what to say to the boys, it finally clicked. Her speed was the solution. Of course, she thought to herself. She turned and smiled from ear to ear at both boys, “… Just thought of a way to get outta here.”

Youtube Wonderland - Masterpost

“The world was dark, a seemingly mysterious enigma that shrouded you with uneasiness. Yet, you know this place - there was this underlying tone of familiarity. You sigh, taking it all in, the wondrous sights, the mystique setting…

You belong here.

Welcome to Wonderland.”

This is the masterpost for @destiplier and I’s brand new au! In this, you, the traveler, are sent to a mysterious place filled with characters that look a lot like the youtubers you watch on your computer. 

You hear from multiple characters that the Card Suitors, who took over from the unheard Heir, are terrorizing the whole area and putting everyone in fear. As you meet everyone, you ask how to get home. 

What is home?

Can you put a stop to the Card Suitors? Or will you find an underlying dark tone that makes your skin crawl?

Curiouser and curiouser….

Right now, this is an open universe, excerpting the characters and their roles. If you have anything to contribute, feel free to message Ash (destiplier) or I with your ideas! This is a dark, fun au that we’re excited to discover and unravel.

There are a few basic guidelines, so here they are:

-This, all in all, has no slash or shipping content. That doesn’t mean however, that we will stop you from doing so. Just refrain from putting it in the main tags of the youtubers. 

-If you make fanart of this au, credit to either of us would be amazing and very professional of you. We worked hard on this and we want credit where it’s due.

-This is a dark au. It’s gory as hell, it’s terrifying, and it’s not sunshine and rainbows. If you draw a gory scene, please put the appropriate tags so anyone with a weak stomach or is easily grossed out can blacklist that art. 

That’s about it. Anything else that I or Ash feel like we need to add will be added later on.

 We both hope that everyone has fun with this. Write, draw, mix, create. The possibilities are endless. 

Wonderland cast:

Pewdiepie as the White Rabbit

Danny Sexbang as the Mad Hatter

Egoraptor as the March Hare

Barry Kramer as the Doormouse

Rubberninja as the Cheshire Cat

Cryotic as the Caterpillar

Muskyerm and LordMinion777 as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum

Mortem3r as Gryphon

Commanderholly as the Pigeon

Wiishu as the Knave of Hearts

Markiplier as the King

Matt Watson (kidswithproblems) as the Queen

Jacksepticeye as the Ace

Ryan Magee (kidswithproblems) as the Jack

Other characters will be added as we continue the story.

Character designs are mainly posted on Ash’s tumblr (destiplier). They’re very talented and I’m glad Ash is helping me with these designs! Love to them <3

Pewdiepie (hasn’t officially been drawn):

White Rabbit ears, with a white buttondown and red vest. In the middle of his chest, is a pocketwatch that beats to some sort of sick heartbeat. His pants are gray, and he wears tall black boots and has a bunny tail. Also wears a gray cape. Seems to look hungover constantly. 

Danny Sexbang (character design on Ash’s blog): 

A navy blue coat that has really long coat tails that touch the ground, tight striped blue and white leggings with black dress shoes. Also a giant blue top hat on his head that’s usually decorated with the joker card. He also wears dark lipstick and his nails are painted dark.

Egoraptor (character design on Ash’s blog):

a button down and a vest under it, with striped pants similar to Dan’s but looser. Usually just wears socks. Has brown rabbit ears. Always seems to be jittery and shaky…

Barry Kramer (character design here):

Barry has a white shirt and black pants under a rich red/orange silk coat, with a belt keeping the coat together. He wears buckled boots and has a thing fencing sword attached to his back. Squeaks when angry or surprised. Also has brown mouse ears and a tail. Quite small as well.

Rubberninja (character design here):

He wears a sleek dark navy grey crop top that stops just before his belly button and the same color tights; he also wears a mask with cat ears on it that cover everything except his lower jaw and mouth. He has fingerless gloves on each hand and ballet flats on his feet. Also has a tail that seems to have a mind of its own. His mouth also has a scar on each side of his mouth: the scar on the left side is turned upward in a smile, and the right one is turned downward in a frown.

Cryaotic (hasn’t officially been drawn yet):

A being that’s a mixture of the monster of many faces from Avatar: The last Air Bender and no face from Spirited Away, it’s a dark, bug like manifestation with the blank Cry mask on. His mouth never moves when he speaks either. Always seems to know what’s going to happen next. 

Muskyerm and Lordminion777 (not officially been drawn yet):

Two very different people that seem to be connected by a very bloody, very messy sewing accident. Bob is wearing a black button down and white pants; Wade is wearing a white button down and black pants. Both have a blood red bowtie on. 

Mortem3r (not officially been drawn yet):

Part eagle, part lion. Has the back legs of a lion, the front of an eagle, wings of an eagle. Yet, instead of an eagle’s face, Suzy’s face is there. Always seems to have a permanent ring of red around her mouth, and it’s not just her lipstick. 

Commander Holly (not officially been drawn yet):

A small pink haired human with a blue bonnet, a light blue dress, and pigeon wings. Swears on her life you’re a serpent person.

Wiishu (not officially been drawn yet): 

Has black armor up to her face, which is in a ponytail. She wears a heart eye patch that covers a scar that runs down her face. Literally Undyne. (Ash and I had a whole discussion about how Undyne was based off this specific character) 

Markiplier, Matt, Jacksepticeye, Ryan (all found together on Ash’s blog):

Mark wears an open red trenchcoat and wields an axe that has a heart on the handle, and also wears dark pants and black woodsman boots. 

Matt wears a sort of blue catsuit that goes up to his neck with a diamond on his right breast, and carries around poison knives that are in the form of diamonds.

Sean wears a green samurai style robe with slippers; his hairs in a ponytail, and he bears a katana that has a spade engraved on it.

Ryan wears a dark orange muscle shirt and dark leggings with a lighter orange hooded cape, and he wears brass knuckles that have clubs on the knuckles.

Edit: Ash and I will be tracking the tag YTWonderland!au so if you want us to see anything, feel free to tag it!

Rhythm (Part 1 of ?)

Derek Hale x Reader x Pack

Something that came to mind based off of Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”. There will be more, or at least I plan on it, if people like it. I have a plot lined up. Let me know what you think!

Words: 2,943

Warnings: None that I am aware of. There may be in later parts, but this is just mainly funny fluff.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.


You’d laughed in Stiles’ face when he tried to tell you about the supernatural underbelly of Beacon Hills.

“Look,” you said between breaths, still trying to ride out the wave of chuckles. “I know I’m still kind of the new girl and all, but pranks like this are a little past due.”

Stiles just stared at you, one eye slightly twitching. “No, look, Y/N, I’m serious!” He waved his hands dramatically. “This town is like the place where supernatural baddies come to party. They are drawn here by this old tree and- no, you know what? Let’s just simply say they are drawn here. It’s even in our name. Beacon Hills…..”

“So, Scott is a werewolf,” you started, and the boy waved at you to quickly lower your voice, but nodded. “Along with Isaac and Liam, but he is like, the General werewolf or something.”

“Ah, alpha. True alpha,” he corrected with a nod and small laugh.

“And Kira is a fox spirit thing I can’t pronounce, Malia is a werecoyote, and Lydia is a banshee.”

He nodded vigorously, and tapped the end of his nose like he was playing a game of charades and you had guessed his word.

“And there is an old family of werewolves here, an Uncle and his nephew, who is also an alpha, what did you call them….. Evil Incarnate and Sourwolf?”

Stiles chuckled again. “Yeah, but Sourwolf is not a true alpha.”

You just shook your head, moving past whatever obvious inside joke Stiles had about these two. “And you are?”

He stretched his hands against the straps of his backpack, his thumbs straining against the material. “Um. Well, uh. Nothing. I was something for a while, but that’s a long story and it’s moot now so…. Yeah.”

You stood in silence, sharing various, unreadable looks between the two of you for several minutes before Stiles huffed and stared at the floor. “Look. Let me prove this. Is Scott down the hall at Kira’s locker?”

You looked over his shoulder, seeing your two friends all the way at the end of the hall. Turning back to Stiles you nodded.

An impish grin appeared on his face as he stared at the floor and whispered, “Scott?”

You saw his head perk up down the hall.

“Scott, can you hear me?”

He looked right at the back of Stiles’ head.

“If you can hear me, I need you to do something to prove a point.”

Scott’s eyes narrowed at his friend as the warning bell rang, the halls quickly clearing as you hear Stiles’ whispered request. “Show her your eyes.”

Opening his eyes wide in realization, Scott looked at you with a small smile, Stiles mirroring him as you waited.

Suddenly Scott’s eyes turned bright red, causing you to freeze in place, clutching your books tight to your chest.

“Believe me now?” Stiles wore a smug grin as he watched your reaction.

You turned to him, feeling your own smile beginning. “You have a lot of explaining to do.”

“Come with me after school. There is a pack meeting at Der- Sourwolf’s loft. You can meet everyone there. And bring gym clothes. Maybe Sourpuss might even let you train.”


You rode in the back seat of Stiles’ jeep, listening to Scott tell stories about being a werewolf from the passenger seat.

“So you guys risk your lives almost daily,” you mused quietly.

“Nightly,” Stiles corrected. “It all usually goes down at night. Then we go an risk our lives at school during the day. Did you see that ‘salad’ today in the cafeteria? Wouldn’t take my chances.”

You and Scott laughed softly as Stiles carried on. There was an unusual lull for a moment, a comfortable silence before you smiled. “So you guys are like superheroes.”

“Yeah. I guess so,” Scott mused, looking out his window with a small grin.

“If we are, then I guess that makes me bat-man,” Stiles joked, catching your eye in the rearview mirror with a wink.

“Hey, that bat has saved my life a few times, so that’s cool with me,” Scott said as the jeep pulled to a stop in front of a large building.

As you got out, you felt like you were being watched, but you couldn’t tell from where.

Following the two boys into the building, you expected to get nervous, but instead you only felt excited.

They arrived at a tall door, sliding it open to reveal a large open space, almost no furniture aside from a couch and a desk, and what looked like a bed tucked away in a secluded corner.

“Well, who do we have here?” A voice said from somewhere beside you, something about it making your skin crawl.

Stiles huffed. “Y/N, this is Evil Incarnate.”

The older man rolled his eyes and held out a hand to shake. “Peter Hale.” You reached out hesitantly, his smirk unnerving you. “What’s the matter? I don’t bite. Well, not anymore,” he directed the last bit at Scott as he flashed vibrant blue eyes at the teenager.

Stiles leaned in and whispered, “Peter is the reason Scott is a werewolf.”

“And I’m the reason he isn’t running around biting people anymore,” another voice sounded from deeper in the loft.

Looking over you saw a much younger version of the man in front of you.

Peter sighed and mumbled, “You die one time and they never let you forget it.” as he released your hand.

“Y/N, this is Sou-” Stiles cleared his throat. “Derek Hale.”

Derek merely nodded at you, smiling a small, polite smile, which you returned.

The rest of the gang arrived, and the pack meeting started. They discussed what must have been mundane topics from the looks of boredom everyone wore, but was fascinating to you.

After about an hour, Derek clapped his hands together once and told everyone to get ready for training.

You followed the girls to a room you hadn’t noticed before and changed into the gym clothes Stiles had told you to bring. They were all excited to have you in their group, adding another girl.

When everyone met back up in the main area, you saw punching bags hung and mats thrown on the floor.

“Y/N is going to train with us?” Derek questioned, giving your workout gear a once over.

“I-if that’s alright,” you stuttered, feeling a bit intrusive.

“Fine,” he huffed. “You can work with Stiles.” He looked over to where your friend punched a punching bag only to have it swing back and hit him, knocking him on his ass. Derek sighed. “Actually, on second thought, and probably to save your life,” Stiles grunted at the slight, “let’s put you with Scott.”

“Fine by me,” you said. “Ready to have your ass kicked, McCall?”

He chuckled. “You do know I’m a true alpha, right?”

You batted your eyelashes in mock naivety. “But you’ll be easy on me, right?”

He laughed. “Sure, Y/N.”

Everyone had something to do while Derek supervised. You and Scott danced around each other on the mat, he let you get a few easy shots in before he flipped you, making you land on your back, his hand around your neck lightly.

You huffed, climbing back to your feet and pulling your hair up into a higher, messy bun while Scott apologized, Derek trying to hide his laughter behind him.

For some reason Derek got under your skin. He rubbed you the wrong way, but at the same time, you were drawn to him. And you wanted to wipe the smug look off his face. Turning back to Scott, you waved him off, tightening the padded gloves you wore. “Forget about it. That’s what this is for, right? I’m learning. Now come on. We’re not even sweating yet.”

“I like her,” you heard Peter say from somewhere in the loft.

You danced around the mat a few more times, circling one another before you threw a punch, easily ducked by Scott. You threw a few more that he dodged, stepping out of the way when he sent one toward your face. You made yourself wear a mask of surprise even though you wanted to smirk at the confused look on Scott’s face.

Soon you were side stepping and blocking one another’s blows with ease, and you felt all eyes on you. Both of you were sweating by now, and you could no longer contain your smirk. “You know what, Scott?” He lifted his chin to acknowledge that he was listening as the two of you continued to circle. “The reason you can’t touch me is because you are predictable.” He narrowed his eyes in confusion, and they flashed red briefly. “You skirt the mat for a few rounds then throw at least three punches. Usually you start with the face.” You blocked a blow to your stomach then ducked and rolled as he tried again, popping back up on your feet. “Then you do that.”

Chuckles went around the room as Scott’s eyes turned and stayed. You circled a few more times, dodging his blows. “Now you’re just getting sloppy.” He growled, lunging to tackle you and you side stepped, kicking your leg to your side to connect between his shoulder blades, sending him to the ground on his face. He rolled over and growled again right as you knelt down and punched him in the face, causing him to stop and blink a few times in confusion, his red eyes disappearing between the last few.

“How did you-”

“You see, Scott, the best thing to do is know your opponent. Once you do that, the rest comes naturally.”

Derek was eyeing you from across the mat with a scowl. “Take a quick break then I want you to go a round with Isaac.” You nodded quickly, wiping your brow and removing your glove, walking over to Scott to help him up.

“Good match,” you said, holding your hand out to him. Taking it, he jumped up, nodding. “You, too.” Then he grinned as he looked over your shoulder. “Isaac is afraid of you.”


Isaac was a force to be reckoned with, that’s for sure, but you were able to find a pattern nonetheless. After he knocked you on your ass once and you returned the favor, you dodged and side stepped, ducked and rolled, blocking every swing at you.

Isaac growled in frustration, his eyes flashing yellow as he charged you. You stood your ground, arms up and ready, and faked him out, making him think you were going to punch his stomach but punched his face with your other hand when he went to block his abdomen.

Blood poured from his nose as he blinked away his yellow glow, touching the blood and looking at his hand disbelievingly.

“Oh, my God, Isaac! I am so sorry!” You said, rushing to him. He appeared to sulk, smirking just before he lunged at you once more and you popped him again in the face out of surprise, a sickening crunch coming from his nose as you drew you hand back, jaw agape.

Behind Isaac you saw Derek laughing behind his hand held to his mouth. “Peter. Come set his nose.”

Peter stood up from the winding stairwell with a smirk. He grinned at you as he passed you, ushering Isaac to the bathroom. “I like you. You’ll fit in just fine around here.”

Derek was staring at you, unwavering. You removed your gloves and wiped the blood off of them, thanking Lydia as she handed you a bottle of water and a towel for your face, never looking away from Derek. Taking a swig from the bottle, nearly choking when you heard Isaac scream from the bathroom, you narrowed your eyes, your eyebrows practically knitting together as Derek grinned at you.

“Take another break. Then I get to go a round with you.”

Your jaw dropped as you nodded dumbly, and you’d be lying if you said you weren’t slightly nervous now.

You turned to hide your face, covering it with the towel under the guise of wiping sweat. When you brought your hands down, everyone was looking at you with wide eyes. Apparently this didn’t happen often.


You had just caught your breath while sitting on the couch when Derek called you back to the mat. You scowled at Scott. He had just finished telling you that he knew you liked Derek.

“What?” You had said after coughing on the water you swallowed the wrong way, looking at him wide eyed as he sat on the coffee table across from you.

He had a shit eating grin. “Your heart beat. It speeds up when you look at him. And, granted you may have just been afraid, but when he said he was next, your heart skipped a beat.”

You had simply stared at your friend for a good moment with your jaw hanging open, apparently it’s favorite position today. He had chuckled, hooking a finger under your chin to close it.

“But here’s the best part. He likes you, too.”

Stiles put a hand under your jaw from where he sat next to you in preparation to keep it from dropping again as your eyes went wide.

You glanced at Derek across the room as he stretched, glaring at Scott as he made ‘thump thump’ heart noises.

Yeah, sure he was attractive, and hell if you didn’t think about wanting to hug away his scowl when you saw him, but that’s the thing. You had just met him today. Anything past the thought of hugging away a frown and trying to turn it upside down was surely a mistake. Right?

You made your way over to the mat, ignoring the chuckling behind you, and held your head high. He wanted to play this game? Fine. You’d play.

He raised his eyebrows in question as you commanded your heart rate to slow down. You had never been so thankful for years of yoga. After a few exchanges on the mat, most of them ending with you on your back and him above you, grinning, you huffed. “You know what, Hale? You think you’re so big and tough, all alpha wolfy and shit, but you know what I think? I think you are just a big, soft, squishy teddy bear.”

Derek scoffed as you two continued to circle one another on the mat, the air in the room seemingly all sucked into the collective gasp of the group. “Oh, good. Witty banter always helps a fight,” he shot back, but you didn’t miss the split second shift of his eye color.

You smiled. “Yeah. I mean,” you dodged a punch, your grin growing as his faded, “You’d think it would be distracting, trying to process words and punch at the same time.” You blocked a series of punches, scoring a kick to his stomach. “But, you know, it’s actually so easy. If anything it’s easier-”

“Oh, God, shut up!” Derek growled, unleashing a series of punches and kicks that you blocked and rolled from.

“Okay,” you said as you popped up to your feet after a roll.

His was extremely agitated, you could tell. He went in for another series of punches and you decided to go broke or go home. Ducking down and sweeping your leg, you made him fall on his back with a thud, the wind knocked out of him. You planted a foot on his chest, putting all your weight on it as you smirked down at him. You saw his arm muscles tense, and could feel him ready to grab your foot from his chest and down you again, but you clucked your tongue and shook your head. “Don’t do it Derek.”

“Why not?” He challenged back, his hands wrapping around your ankle slowly.

“Because I don’t think you are wearing a cup.”

“I’ll take my chances,” he said, eyes flashing red, as he pulled your foot off his chest and rose to his feet quickly.

As he pulled your foot up and away from you, you jumped off your other foot, landing a solid kick to his groin.

Falling to his knees, Derek looked like he was going to cry. “I’m sorry,” you said in a voice that was anything but. “I tried to warn you.”

“Where have you been keeping her?” You heard Peter ask Scott with a laugh.


You were out on the balcony of the loft cooling off, watching the sunset when Derek came out and leaned on the wall beside you. “Mind if I join you?”

“Not at all,” you said smiling.

A silence fell between the two of you as the last bit of sun disappeared.

“How do you know how to fight so well?” He asked suddenly, his voice soft.

You looked at him. “Like I told Scott, just read your opponents. You judged me based on my assumed naivety, but you didn’t know that I took karate for years before moving here.”

He smiled. “So, you were reading me when you let me take you down those first few times?” He looked at you and Scott’s damn heartbeat thing popped into your head, only making it beat faster.

“Yup,” you grinned before looking back at the skyline. “Plus you got in a few lucky shots.”

Derek laughed. “Well, either way, I just wanted to come out here and say welcome to the pack.”

You looked at him wide eyed. “Really?”

“Really. We could use someone like you.” He leaned in close to your ear. “Plus that little heartbeat of yours is a great rhythm to fight to.”

Part 2
Dan Steven's post-"Downtown Abbey" life includes "Beauty and the Beast," Marvel's "Legion"
As his newest film 'The Ticket' premieres at the Tribeca Film Festival, the British actor, now living in New York, weighs in on politics on both sides of the Atlantic (thumbs down on the Brexit), names his favorite podcast (you'd be surprised) and reveals the one thing he couldn't live without.

Downton Abbey fans would be shocked to hear Dan Stevens, who played the late, still lamented and ever-so-refined Matthew Crawley for three seasons on the hit series, as he starts to throw around phrases like “dick-swinging” and “shitshow.” But the 33-year-old actor isn’t one to stand on ceremony, and when the subject of Brexit — the upcoming British referendum about the U.K.’s proposed exit from the European Union — comes up, he’s quick to voice a forceful opinion or two. (He’s against it.)

Stevens chose to make his own exit from Downton at the height of the series’ popularity, just as Matthew’s romance with Lady Mary had reached Rhett-Scarlett proportions, breaking hearts and igniting a firestorm on both sides of the pond. His latest venture couldn’t be more different: In The Ticket, an experimental indie drama directed by Ido Fluk that makes its world premiere tonight at the Tribeca Film Festival, he plays a blind man who regains his sight but becomes consumed by desire.

As for those who thought Stevens might be making a mistake in taking an early leave from Downton, rest assured, he’s found plenty to keep him busy. He’s already completed a star turn as the Beast in Disney’s live-action Beauty and The Beast, which will hit theaters in March 2017. And he’ll play another equally fantastical character, the Marvel superhero Legion in the upcoming FX series of the same name from Fargo creator Noah Hawley.

A married father of two, Stevens now calls Brooklyn home. On the eve of his latest film’s Tribeca bow, he spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about singing a solo in Beauty in the Beast, whether or not he’s been approached to play James Bond and who he’s pulling for in the upcoming New York primary.

In The Ticket, you play a blind man who begins to regain his sight. What’s the one sense you absolutely couldn’t live without?

Losing your hearing would be pretty weird. Living without listening to music would suck. I think I could live without taste. I could just eat my food.

It’s a pretty sexy movie. What would Maggie Smith’s Dowager Countess think?

I think she would love it. I think she’s secretly very kinky.

Any chance you would do a Downton prequel, movie or spinoff?

If it’s a prequel, then I’d have to play myself 10 years younger, which would be really hard. I think if they get someone else to play me, that would probably be a better idea. I guess I could do a ghost scene. Maybe Mary is making pottery and Matthew is at the wheel. It gets a little steamy. That should work.

You live in New York. Why?

I’ve lived in London for a long time, and I wanted to try living in one of the other great cities of the world. It’s always captured my imagination, and I feel very inspired here. I love it. Every day there’s always something weird and new here, and I think weird and new is good. I like being surrounded by weird, new things.

Fun fact: You’ve narrated more than 30 audiobooks, including Casino Royale. What’s the appeal?

It’s an intimate way of working and it’s an intimate way of receiving work as well. I’ve always enjoyed having voices in my ears, whether it’s a podcast or a great audio book. It’s just you in a booth, a tiny booth usually. It’s just you and the microphone for sometimes days. It’s a strange experience, but it’s also a beautiful way of getting inside a book. Studying and prepping for an audiobook is really just a fascinating thing to do work-wise.

Speaking of Bond and Casino Royale, have you ever been approached to play 007?

If you’ve been approached to be a spy and you talk about it, you’re not much of a spy, right? Even if I had been, I couldn’t tell you. I’d have to kill you.

Favorite podcast?

Savage Love. Dan Savage. I’ve been listening to it for years.

You were a member of the judging panel for the 2012 Booker Prize. Very impressive. How did you land that gig?

There used to be a review show on British television, and I was invited on that to talk about some books and to talk about the Booker shortlist from the previous year, and [the selections] really annoyed me. So I just went on and spoke my mind about these books and didn’t think twice about it. A couple of weeks later I got a call from the Man Booker committee saying, “Love what you said on that show. Come and judge the prize.” I read 147 books, and it was a lot of work. I guess I landed it just by mouthing off on live television.

What are you currently reading?

A Conspiracy of Tall Men by Noah Hawley. I love reading first novels. They’re always fascinating and fresh and flawed and really interesting.

You and Noah will be working together on FX’s Legion. What made you decide to join the Marvel universe?

Noah. I think he’s such a fascinating man, and his take on this whole world is so fresh and interesting and intriguing and I loved what he did with Fargo. The cast that he draws together and the kind of actors he likes to work with and the style of his storytelling is so intriguing that I was immediately drawn in by that. The fact that it’s Marvel seemed incidental to me, really. It’s more about this bizarre world and this crazy character in the middle of it and working with a great storyteller.

You were discovered playing Macbeth on the stage. What’s the one Shakespeare character you’d most like to tackle?

King Lear. I’m working up to it. I’d like to do a film version directed by Terry Gilliam.

You’ve worked with Bill Condon twice now in The Fifth Estate and Beauty and the Beast. Describe his style of directing.

Bill’s a real sweet man, and he’s so intelligent and gentle. He’s not one of those savage directors. He’s very subtle and kind. He has a sweet sensitivity to the whole of the story to tell.

Do you sing in Beauty and the Beast?

I sang a song. Yeah, is it gonna be in the movie? You’ll have to ask Bill. Alan Menken wrote a brand new song for the Beast, because he doesn’t sing in the original animated movie.

Your wife is a singer. Did she help you prepare?

Yes. She helped with my audition, which I was terrified of. We’re a pretty musical household and it was lovely to have that. We’ve never really sung together all that much. It was a really beautiful thing to do. It was such an exciting project. The preparation was so intense and different to anything I’ve take on before, physically and vocally and also the technology we employed in achieving that. It was so groundbreaking and mysterious and weird and wonderful. I really felt all the sort of fairytale magic.

What directors would you love to work with?

I adore [Beasts of No Nation’s] Cary Fukunaga. I think his work is extraordinary. And I’d love to get involved with Werner Herzog. I think we’d have a crazy ride together somewhere.

What profession would you do if not this?

I would set up a vegan ice cream store.

Are you a vegan?

No. I tried it once, but I really like vegan ice cream.

Are you pulling for Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders next week in the New York primary?

I’m a Bernie man.  

Are you for or against the Brexit?

Oh man. That whole situation is as much of a shitshow as this election, really. I think it’s unfortunate how the British population is being dragged into what’s essentially a dick-swinging competition to win the leadership of the Conservative Party over there. I think the interest of the British people are not really at the heart of the people proposing [it]. I think that’s a real shame. It makes me kind of mad that whole thing.

Who would you most like to meet?

Meryl Streep. I’ve never met her, and I bet she’s lovely.

A Little Heart-to-Heart

So…this is something I’ve wanted to do for a little while now. This is based on @atomi-cat‘s Boneheads AU. It’s one of my favorite AUs of all time and I always get so excited when I see she’s drawn more of them. Everyone should check it out if you love skeletons.

Ironically enough, this is a follow up to her Follow Up comic :P

I’m sorry if this isn’t perfect, or it goes against the AU in any way, but this is just a little thank you to Atomi for all the fun her art and comics bring to me. Thank you Atomi, and I hope you like this :>

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Gregzilla’s Thoughts on a Whole Buncha Anime

This past year I decided to expand my horizons and watch some anime.  While I always had an appreciation for Japanese animation, it wasn’t until recently that I really decided to sit down and watch a few anime series that I’d heard about.  I came out of it with mixed reactions, but a very big chunk of them were positive, and I got a ton of inspiration out of these shows in various ways - so I thought it’d be fun to do a quick run down of my thoughts and opinions on them!  I’ll stick to the ones that I’ve watched start to finish, no particular order.

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anonymous asked:

Med School AU where Charles and Erik get partnered together and have totally different opinions about what to do. (Bonus points if the patient is another character you love.)

(Remember that time when some guy got a vibrator stuck up his ass and livetweeted his ER trip? I remember that time.)

“All right, Mr. Summers,” Charles says in a cheery voice that sounds far too forced. He grabs Erik around the bicep and begins to pull him from the room. “My colleague and I will be back shortly and we’ll discuss your options for… the situation.”

Summers nods disinterestedly and he goes back to staring at the crime show playing softly on the tv in the corner. Just as well, Charles thinks. It had been hard enough keeping a straight face without feeling the amusement coming off Erik in stronger and stronger waves the longer Summers’ story went on. Charles gives Summers a final reassuring nod that he doesn’t see, and feeling the dam finally being to break, practically throws Erik out into the hallway. As soon as they’re safely outside, the door swings firmly shut behind them, and Erik bursts out laughing.

“Shut up!” Charles whispers frantically, even as he fights back a smile. “He’ll hear you!”

“No he won’t,” Erik replies, grinning, shoulders shaking. “And even if he does, what did he expect? Oh Christ, this is so exciting. Ruth has been asking me every day if there’s been a weird sex emergency yet.”

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Make A Wish (Upon an Evil Blue Star)

Megamind fanfic

Rating: T

Summary: Make-A-Wish tells Roxanne that a young boy wants to meet Megamind, so she lets him know and together they make a plan.

(idea inspired by @oneiriad)


“Oh good, it’s you.”  Those were Roxanne’s first (entirely sincere and not sarcastic at all) words when she shook off the effects of the knock-out spray and realized she was in the company of her frequent kidnapper.

“What did you just say?”

Sounded like Megamind was behind her.  Not that Roxanne could see him anyway because she had a bag over her head.  A bag that smelled strongly of air freshener.  "Spraying the bag with febreeze doesn’t count as washing it,“ she snarked, and he whipped it off her head.  "I need to talk to you.  Time out?”

Really. About what?”  His giant blue head filled the left side of her vision as he leaned over her shoulder.

The supervillain didn’t usually get quite so close to her.  His proximity made her ear tickle, but she couldn’t rub it because her wrists were tied behind her.  So she did the next best thing and indulged her impish desire to bop him on the nose with her own nose.  He flinched back in surprise with a blink, which she counted as a minor personal victor even though it was childish. “Stand in front of me where I can see you properly.”

Megamind’s laughter was teasing as he indulged her request instead of asking about what she’d just done and why.  "One incredibly handsome criminal genius, for your viewing pleasure.“ He stepped around Roxanne’s chair fluidly and adjusted the draping of his cape with a flick of his fingers at the same time. 

"Hm, yes.  And mastermind of all villainy, too. Can’t forget that.”  He preened.  "But!  The time-out. You’ve heard of the Make A Wish Foundation, right?“

"That charity helps sick children, right?  But why are you asking me about that?” Minion appeared carrying a nefarious-looking contraption.  Roxanne had no idea what it was meant to do just from looking at it, so she didn’t get any clues for the plot of the week, but Megamind just pointed at the wall to her right and made this sort of twisting shove motion with one hand. She glanced at the fish-operated gorilla suit as it moved to the wall and set up the Thing of Evil.

“A boy named Kevin wants to meet you.”  Wow, she almost never got to see Megamind speechless.  "I had an interesting conversation last week.  A Foundation representative met with me to discuss the viability of you fulfilling this boy’s Wish.  Since you kidnap me all the time, you see.“  Roxanne flexed her wrists in their ropes.  "I told her it was possible, since you always treat me well when I’m kidnapped, but I would need to talk to you first to find out if you were up for it.  So…”  She glanced back and forth at the two evil cohorts.  "Are you up for it?“


"We are here today at the Metro City Children’s Hospital…”


“I can’t just go visiting a hospital, Miss Ritchie.  And I will not threaten children with an evil scheme, not even for pretend.”  Megamind was frowning at her, blue face serious and arms crossed.

“But what if I was there?  You and Minion have kidnapped me from all kinds of places.  I’ll go and you can come get me.”

He nodded slowly.  "You’ll need your own reason to be there.  Could you do a report on site?“


”…recent joint donation from the Scott and Anderson families.  As you can see, the patient rooms have been…“


"At the hospital, check.  Unfortunately, a news reporter has no reason to visit Kevin specifically.  Make A Wish does, but because you’re a supervillain we’re already trying to do this… eh… carefully.” How did one explain such an oxymoron of a situation?  As a clandestine public encounter?  An overt covert plot?  Maybe a self-guarding diversion.

“If you see me before I can capture you, you can ‘run away,’” Megamind did air quotes with his fingers, “and hide in Ke-vahn’s room.  Wherever that is.”


“Plans include a new recreational floor and, when demolition is complete, a semi-private park for patients and their families.  All south-facing rooms will also have a view of…”


“There won’t be much time for the meeting once my presence is reported to the police.  The officers themselves might not be a problem, but they will call Metromahn, and we shouldn’t have a confrontation in a hospital.  The potential collateral damage…”

“I’ll call him in advance to explain.  Metroman will show up late, or not at all.  He’s done Make A Wish before, he’ll understand.”  

Megamind and Minion both looked apprehensive, but—"Okay, Miss Ritchie.“—they decided to trust her.  And that was (the villains trusted her, trusted her to keep Metroman away from them) interesting in a way she didn’t quite know how to react to.


”…looking forward to the future.  This is Roxanne Ritchie, signing off!“


Roxanne glanced at the room numbers as she ran down the third floor hall away from Megamind and to (There!) 317, occupied by one Kevin O'Neil.  The nine year old’s bald head shot up from the comic book he was reading to look at her in surprise as she slammed the door shut behind her and yanked the curtain quickly across the window.  She turned to face him as she backed away from the door with an index finger held to lips, and got to see the exact moment he recognized her and figured out what he thought was happening.  His jaw fell open slowly and his brown eyes opened very wide—

She had to look away from him as she reached the wall opposite the door.  His expression was so perfect, exactly what she was hoping for, that she was afraid she would break character for the want to laugh in joy.

Right on time, Minion broke open the door, "She’s in here, Sir!” and he and Megamind barreled in.  Megamind shut the door behind him and immediately shot it with the de-gun to seal it with some kind of quick-dying transparent glue since there was no lock installed in the handle.

“You thought you could escape me, Miss Ritchie?”  She glared at him and he ignored it.  The signature multi-setting firearm (Which de- setting was glue?  She really wanted to know, now, she had no idea his gun did that.) spun around his hand as his low menacing laugh filled the small room. Behind him, Minion waved at Kevin, who was completely oblivious to the comic slipping from his fingers.  "You—"

Megamind didn’t get any further in whatever kidnapping speech he’d prepared for their visit because the child for whom they had planned this scenario shot up from his bed and lunged at Megamind.  "It’s you it’s you it’s you I can’t believe it!“  Kevin hugged the blue man tightly around the middle.  While the kid couldn’t see her, Roxanne shot the incredibly shocked hug-recipient a thumbs-up.  "Oh my gosh, Megamind is in my room, this is the best day ever!”  Megamind’s face flickered and then he winked at her.

“'Best day ever,’ do you know who I am!?”  

Kevin let Megamind go to gaze up at him in wonder.  "You’re Megamind,“ he said in a reverential tone of voice Roxanne had heard several times before but only when people were talking about Metroman, "Incredibly Handsome Criminal Genius and Master of All Villainy! The best bad guy ever!  You’ve escaped prison so many times, it’s awesome!  And you never give up, no matter what happens!” In a flash, he retrieved his comic book from the bed and presented it cover-first.  "Will you sign this, please please PLEASE?“

It was a Metroman comic, because of course the guy couldn’t be hero of an entire city without his own comic series getting published at some point.  Based on the cover art, it seemed to be about Plan: Snow Day, the day Megamind stopped all activity in the city port by burying it in several feet of white powder and freezing a square mile of the lake around it overnight.

Megamind took it, mostly just because that’s what you did when handed something, and flipped quickly through the pages. "If it’s a villain’s autograph you want, a villain’s autograph you will get.  Minion, Code: Pen.”  The fish was already holding one out.  "What is your name?“

"Kevin O'Neil!”  He started bouncing in place, too excited to hold still as Megamind braced the comic flat against the wall to write on it.  "Could, could Minion sign it too?“


Megamind scribbled over the METROMAN header and drew his own logo quickly right under it in metallic blue ink.  Under that, he wrote, “For Kevin O'Neil: Always Be Bad” followed by his full self-description and name signed with a flourish.  Minion signed next in blocky letters with a doodle of his head on the end, then passed the comic and pen to Roxanne.  Roxanne signed at the very bottom and carefully crossed out Wayne’s face where the hero was drawn flying in from the side.

Roxanne returned the comic book to Kevin while Megamind shot the window with a gun definitely not set to either dehydrate or the glue option, disintegrating it and a large portion of the wall around it at the same time.  "Squad D, to me!“  Brainbots flooded to the brand new escape route from above.  "Lensi, come here.”  One floated into the room with a bowg.

“You named a brainbot Lindsey?”  Roxanne noticed that this particular brainbot appeared to have a larger 'eye’ than the others.

“Of course not.  I named this one Lensi. The photographer.  Look at Lensi, Ke-vahn!”  When he turned as instructed, incidentally turning his back to Megamind, Megamind clicked open the latch of his cape and smoothly relocated it from his shoulders to the boy’s.

“Hey, what—”

“Everyone look bad!”  Megamind turned Kevin’s head to look at the brainbot and lifted the de-gun.  They froze until Lensi bowged.  

“Sir, the police.”  Sirens were getting louder as police cars approached.

“Hurry, you have to leave before Metroman comes!” Kevin pulled at Megamind’s hand to draw him forward, then stepped around him to push him closer to the ex-window and cloud of brainbots.

“He is correct.  Brainbots!  Take us to the roof!”  Half the group went to Minion and four each from those remaining lifted Megamind and Roxanne.  "Time to finish this kidnapping. Goodbye, Ke-vahn O’Neel!“

"Wait, your cape!”  

Megamind was already out of the room when he shouted back, “Keep it!”  That quickly, they were gone.


“That was really nice of you to give him your cape.”  Megamind scoffed, but he was grinning.  Roxanne, still bound but no longer blindfolded after they left the hospital to finish Plan: Make A Wish, clicked her heels against the telephone pole she was tied to.  She was essentially being held hostage until Metroman came to 'save’ her.  "You really made his day.“

"You mistake my motives, Miss Ritchie.  This was merely an excuse to kidnap you again.”

“Sure it was.”

“I have a question.”  Megamind stepped closer until he stood right in front of her, only about a foot away.

“I have an answer.”

“Why did you do this?”

“Do wha—”  He leaned forward quickly and touched his nose to hers, almost like a pecking bird, then looked at her expectantly.  "Oh.  That.  No reason, really.  Just because.“

"Just because.”  That would have been a question if it had any inflection to it.  Without inflection, it was more of a puzzled repetition to confirm that those were the words she said.


“Is this a thing people do?  Just because?”

“To people they like,” Roxanne said before her mental filter could engage and remind her she was talking to Megamind.  Minion gasped and her face steadily turned red in embarrassment.  "I mean…“  She tried to think of a way to backtrack and failed.

"Does this mean you like me, Miss Ritchie?  That you have some affection for the supervillain?”  Megamind was practically purring, like a cat who found a treasure trove of cream.  "What,“ he bopped her nose again gently, "would your boyfriend in tights say?”

“He would say, 'We’re not really a couple,’ and, 'Just kiss her already, I know you want to.’”  Wayne Scott, a.k.a. Metroman, was floating mere inches above the ground a few feet away from Minion.  Minion screamed and leapt away from the hero, Roxanne screamed his first name with appalled disapproval for the sheer bluntness of his words, and Megamind made a peculiar strangled squeak.  "Also, while touching noses isn’t necessarily affectionate, Roxanne here does do random things to people she likes enough to do random things to, and touching noses counts as that.“ The topic of conversation twisted beneath her ropes in irritation. "I watched you with that kid, by the way.  You didn’t see him after you left the room, but let me tell you, he looked like Christmas and his birthday both came early and he won the lottery all at the same time.  He’s gonna remember this day for the rest of his life.”

Considering he had just received confirmation that the woman he always kidnapped and was enamored with actually liked him back at least a little, that her not-boyfriend told him outright to kiss her, and that the hero approved of the villain’s actions earlier in the day, Megamind could be forgiven for not saying anything any more articulate than, “Uh huh.”

In a blink, Metroman’s eye lasers cut the ropes around Roxanne and they fell in a loose heap around her feet.  "How would you like to complete today’s rescue, Roxanne?  Would you like to be taken back to the news station, the police station, or the hospital?“  He asked her politely but had a shit-eating grin on his face.

"I really want to punch you right now, Wayne.” Roxanne turned to Megamind.  "Well, I need to go back to work now.  Show people I’ve been saved from your evil clutches.“  She nudged him with an elbow and laughed lightly, pretending the hero of Metro City hadn’t just embarrassed her on purpose.  "See you soon?”

“Of course!  You haven’t heard the last of Megamind!”

“Great!”  She poked him on the nose (with her finger this time).  "Bye, Megamind.  Bye Minion.“  She waved to the fish as she walked past him to Wayne.  "To the police station, please.  I want to get the kidnapping report out of the way.”


“So you sent a framed copy of the picture to Kevin?”

“Yes.  A brainbot delivered it.”

“And you sent a business card to the local Make A Wish office.”  The same representative had appeared again while Roxanne was in the office (“No, we won’t publicize it.  Why do you think we did it the way we did?”) and showed her the little black paper embossed with Megamind’s logo in blue.  Nothing else was on the card, but nothing else really needed to be.

“Broke in and left it on the front desk.”

A beat of silence.  "It’s a bit soon for a kidnapping.“  Plan: Make A Wish had been only three days ago, in fact.

"I came to deliver your own copy.”  The package wrapped in glossy black paper was a little heavy, about what she could expect for a framed photograph.  Before she could unwrap it, he poked her nose—"Ciao!“—and ran back out her balcony doors to fly away via hoverbike.


Characters: Taehyung/Reader

Length: 4093 words

Genre: sexual tension so thick you could probably cut it with a knife

Author: Faryn

Summary: Taehyung owns a candy store

“Walk faster!” Your cousin squealed as her small feet pattered against the sidewalk an uncomfortable distance far ahead of you.

“Don’t run that fast!” You warned, willing your legs to keep up with the impossible pace, but she only seemed to speed up.

“Don’t worry, I won’t get lost.” She smiled over her shoulder. “If I do, the candyman will find me." 

You frowned. Candyman. There it was again, the ambiguous name that she spoke too much about.You were skeptical of these repeated mentionings of a strange man in the city selling candy. Your cousin said she visited the man in the store every day because she couldn’t stay away. Whether if it was for the candy or the man, you couldn’t tell. But you had heard tales of delicious chocolates and a glorified candyman that she described as the nicest and most gracious being in the world. Curiosity eventually overcame you and you decided to come along just this once, to uncover the enigma of this man that had drawn your cousin so close. 

But of course, you would never be able to do that if you couldn’t keep up with her. She was now a small figure in the distance, standing outside the door of a store, and waving you over frantically.

"Come on! It’s right here!” She beckoned and disappeared into the store before you could stop her.

With a loud sigh escaping your lips, you only forced you legs to move faster until the mundane, dull color of the buildings was blending into a thick, noticeable brown of a smaller store. The entire front of the structure was made entirely of mahogany wood, almost a color of deep, glossy caramel that did not fail to capture your gaze. The windows were immense, touching from the base to the roof of the store on either sides of the door. They were spotless and patterned with grilles, pristine in their appearance while presenting to you a clear glimpse of what lay inside.

The interior was doused in dim, warm lighting that made everything that inhabited it look utterly cozy and welcoming. You could see the rows of endless chocolates and pastries arranged on the shelves, near the window pane, on the tables, everywhere your eyes dared to look. The scenery was too inviting, too strong in the way it pulled for you to come into the embrace of the little store, which you found yourself doing without a second’s notice. Pushing through the hard, rich wood of the door, your feet made a single step inside before a rush of warmth was welcoming your senses and the sweet scent of chocolates was curling around your nostrils. The short, high-pitched ring of a small bell above the door marked your presence, but had gone completely unnoticed as you took in the overwhelming numbers of all delicacies imaginable, surrounding you and filling every corner of the store.

You noticed your cousin, with a huff of relief, happily scampering about the place, weaving through aisles and shelves of sweets in an effort to find exactly the right one. You smiled then at her excitement, because you could finally understand it, until a new arrangement of sweets caught your attention. Your eyes wandered to the large glass casing of candies that trailed the side of the store, holding an even larger and more diverse arrangement of pastries and candies that were protected from greedy hands by their glass covering. This was the place where purchases of these delectables would be rung up by the candyman so that one may finally call them their own before devouring them secretly in later hours of the night.

Speaking of the candyman, your thoughts grinded to a halt as you processed the man who occupied that exact position behind the glass casing. He was just finishing with up with a customer, an aged man with soft eyes and a kind smile that effectively blocked your view of the confectioner he was talking to. Your eyes paid mind to long, slim fingers that was handing change to the elderly man, who was now leaving the counter and your pupils were allowed the sight of this person who your cousin had spoken too much about.

You soon realized that was a mistake when each muscle of your body froze as your eyes managed to sweep over his frame. He had silky brown hair that fell gracefully down his head, much like the unobstructed stream of a waterfall, and dusted the space just above his eyebrows. The smile that curled at the edge of his lips was beautiful, with his pronounced Cupid’s bow disappearing into a rectangular grin as he waved goodbye to the parting customer. The skin that ran the length of his frame was smooth, flawless, and rich, appearing like the warm color of caramel under the dim lighting.

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Hold, Please - Part 8

Hey everyone!! Sorry I took a bit of time to post, I wanted to last night but I ended up watching the newest episode of the Mindy Project instead. IDK if anyone else watched it but wow. Anyway, here’s the next part!! I hope you guys enjoy :D 

Part 8:

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araarau  asked:

Hey Jax, I love DBZ to death but after watching the new movies and the DB Super I think I've lost my interest completly. I remember losing my shit when Goku turned Super Saiyan for the 1st time or The beam struggle with Gohan and Cell. But now, It feels samey and monotonous. And after watching One-Punch man I felt like i was a lil's kid again. I wanted to Love the new DBZ but at this point, it'd be forcing myself to do it

This is gonna be a long post

I honestly have to agree completely. And heres the thing. Dragon Ball and DBZ will ALWAYS be My Favorite Animes of All time. It never has to worry about its spot on my list since it impacted me so much

Why DBZ will always be the greatest to me

. Hell I’ve said this story to death but back in middle school I was friggin Chubby Anime Fanboy getting bullied and beaten up every single day and being told I was a weak bitch who’d never be anything and seeing a character like Goku who was so strong, so humble, so badass and so kind and treat all his friends he outclassed as equals inspired me to start training and be the strong confident individual as well. He will always be my biggest motivator for that

And Dragonball and DBZ will always be my favorites…..BUT THAT DOES NOT MAKE ME BLIND and ignorant to this new stuff. Hell DBZ the series ended for us American Kids back in 2003. 

so we’ve had YEARS of Awesome Anime to come along that are clearly influenced from Dragonball and these new artists have made some 



Originally posted by soraotako



Originally posted by hibike


We’ve been Spoiled with so many Great Quality shows and even though Team Four Star is Fantastic  and I love them

A lot of this New Dragon Ball stuff just hasnt been hitting home for me to get me excited. 

Again these are my Personal Thoughts but Honestly.

I didnt really care for the Xenoverse game

Originally posted by neogohann

I thought Battle of Gods was a cool theater experience but rewatching it. I think its an okay film with beautiful animation and comedy but just…okay

I Fuckin hated Resurrection F if you wanna know why you can read this link

Originally posted by dragonatics-saiyan

and For Dragon Ball Super The first 2 episodes I loved but onward has been Meeeeehhhhh. 

Originally posted by zoo-monkey

The fight scenes arent that aesthetically pleasing to me like the old fights are but again I have to admit I’m Bias cause the old show impacted me tremondously

Again thats why when I found One Punch Man as a manga a few years ago I was like this is what I want to see animated its like a BADASS new show kinda similar to DBZ but Much better Drawn

Then low and behold it FINALLY got its Anime the same year DBZ came back. So I was double Hyped. But as DB Super only entertained me for the 1st 2 episodes, One Punch Man was God Tier from Start to finish as I KNEW IT WOULD BE 

and since a lot OPM has characters and abilities that are clearly Influenced by DBZ it makes me upset knowing that Super had to potential to do that.

LET ME put this out to you. I want you to Imagine the One Punch Man fight I hyped up all year between Boros and Saitama with Goku and a DBZ villain

Originally posted by saitamathehero

You see the shit of Genos doing his Blasts Imagine that animation style with Goku’s Kamehameha

Originally posted by godku


Originally posted by iamcountalucard

Originally posted by gif-wonderland

Originally posted by northgang


Originally posted by kazucrash

Originally posted by goku-the-saiyan

Though Funfact Boros is only about as Strong as Vegeta when he landed on Earth during the saiyan saga with Cell’s regeneration

BUT NOW just Imagine that was what all of Dragonball SUPER WAS. Incredible Fight scenes and Animation like OPM but for DBZ.

Remember DBZ Feats are Planetary and Universal So while the Feats of Saitama are Drawn INCREDIBLY

Originally posted by kittlekrattle

Imagine that but with a DBZ Villain JUST PUNCHIN A PLANET into nothingness

Originally posted by neogohann

Super made that look Okay but imagine a PUNCH

Originally posted by vgeta

It makes me excited to just think of what we couldve had and Mad House has done long series before. The Did 140 Episodes of Hunter X Hunter and each ep looked fantastic

Originally posted by rinnegon

But yeah I see what you are saying. DBZ will always have a special place in my heart but watching Super Right now aint doing much to help me acheive that past love

Light (Working Title)

EVER BODY READ THIS!!! :D - MrsPietroMaximofff

Description: Y/N is Tony Stark’s Daughter and the light of his dark world. She is brilliant, beautiful, and talented beyond measure. She has always been dedicated to the work she does for the Avengers and the world, she never really thought much about boys or men, just her work no matter if it was in science or art her work always was more important to her than dating. She went on dates once in a while but love really was not on her agenda until she and Pietro Maximoff slowly creep their way into each other’s hearts.

Word Count: 4,848

Warnings: Mention and brief description of suicide.

Mention of symptoms of a mental illness/postpartum depression.

Pietro Maximoff because that little shit needs to come with a warning label!

Author’s Note: I was really shy about posting this on my blog because even though I like to write and I want to be an author one day this isn’t something I normally write so Mrs. Pietro Maximoff here has allowed me to submit this work for her to publish. It took me a long time to write (I’m not even finished yet) and I am insanely proud of it and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I am enjoying writing it because even though it is incredibly long and drawn out (I probably could have told this story in 1,000 words but it just wouldn’t have been the same and I wouldn’t have been able to build the characters and relationships I wanted to in the same way) I hope you take the time to read it and enjoy it and maybe give feedback on it but if not that’s okay I am just excited I am sorry I wrote so much but I hope you enjoy! ~<3~Caiti

P.S. Keep in mind this is only the first part! So There is so much more to come.

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