new and complete illustration of the occult sciences

Wands Of Necromantic Evocation: A Most Approved Methods + Creation and Consecration

The wand, or magical rod is truly a staple and vital part of the necromantic art, it’s uses range from the conjuring, constraining, commanding, exorcism of spirits to the casting of spells. Truly every necromancer should wield one, and posses some lore on the tool. Sources: The Book of Black Magic (Waite, 1972), A New and complete illustration of the occult sciences Vol.4 (Sibly, 1751), Introduction into Hermetics (Bardon, 1971), De Nigromancia (Bacon, 1988)

The wand was picked up by necromancers as a substitute or supplement to the magical stave, likely adopted from renaissance era ceremonial magic and NOT from classical witchcraft, evident in the lack of phallic symbolism on even the earliest depictions of the necromantic rod (being forked, curved or capped as opposed to “headed”). The rod is an extension and focus of the necromancer; not a symbol of growth and development, but an extension of the body.

The Methods :

In the Late times of October and November, having stowed away a new axe or good blade, the magus must search for wood of Cypress, Yew, Willow or should none be available, Oak or Poplar would suffice. The branch should be made 13inches in length and straight, with no tapers or large scaring, and require no climbing or tools to reach.
Taking the blade, the magus must walk thrice around the tree, starting and finishing in the north. This done, the magus approaches, raises the blade, and strikes the branch, making quite sure that he cleaves it in a single strike, that no essence may escape from the branch. 

Creation and Consecration :

Having taken the branch, the magus retires to their workplace and begins to cut offshoots and stems. peel the bark and shape the rod. Without bargaining, the magus should then go out to the markets and buy two caps of pure copper, which fit both ends of the rod. going then on a Wednesday and in the hour of saturn to the cemetery with a shovel, pull some earth from the grave of a child and bury the rod and caps therein saying these words.

“By the virtue of mercury, Pluto and Saturn, of magic and necromancy, vouchsafe child in the dark, to consecrate and enchant this rod, that they may carry the dreaded Powers to raise thee up from thy sleep, do this for me and rest evermore.”

Having done this, cover the grave and return again the next Wednesday, digging back up the rod and caps before filling the pit half full with Sulphur, Quicklime and good Salts, and the rest in earth. 

Kneel at the grave and face the moon before raising it up and capping it, saying then this conjuration: 

“I conjure thee, spirit in the rod, by Pluto, Saturn, Luna, Mercury, Terra and by the virtues of Emptiness, the void, that thou may rise up from within and assist me to accomplish my works as i will, that i may rule and compel the dead by my authority through your own”

Stain you rod with oil of Myrrh, Mullein and Lavender and wrap it in a black cloth.

Best of Luck