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School Shooting [S.Smythe]

Set in season four episode eighteen (04x18) where the school shooting occurs, and you’re dating Sebastian in secret.

The first shot startled everyone quiet. No one moved and Mr. Schue paused his statement.

The second was like a confirmation that what they heard wasn’t just a slam or a firecracker a football team member smuggled into the school, but a gunshot.

People in the glee club let out yelps and shrieks as they hit the ground. Ryder grabbed you and pulled you down with him. The kids in the glee club hid behind the pianos and other items in the room as Mr. Schue and Coach turned off the lights.

You pushed yourself against the wall, heart racing at an unsafe pace. Sam and Ryder were on either side of you, and you could see Artie fall out of his wheelchair and pull himself to the wall.

“Start texting your families,” Mr. Schue ordered quietly, “let them know what’s going on but don’t tell them where you are. Shooters have cell phones too.” Quickly, you grabbed your phone and started a group text with your parent(s)/legal guardian(s).

You hear footsteps as you start spamming your boyfriend with text messages. Deciding that you had to speak to him one more time, you called him. You squeezed your eyes shut as a tear fell down your face, hearing Sebastian’s voicemail.

He didn’t pick up.

“Seb, it’s me,” you whispered in the voicemail, sniffling, “Listen, there were gunshots. Someone’s in the school with a gun. I-I’m with Mr. Schue and the glee club. I don’t know what’s going on, but-”

Someone suddenly started jiggling the handle to one of the doors, causing your classmates to yelp and cower into each other. You let out a sharp gasp and curled into yourself, starting to cry harder as you forced yourself to hold your breath.

The person ran to the other door when they couldn’t get in and wiggled the doorknob. You let out a small sob, but the person quickly left back down the hall.

You let out a shaky breath. “I love you, Seb,” you whispered, crying quietly, “I don’t know if any of us are gonna get out of here. I just wanted to tell you that I love you.” You stopped th voicemail, hiding your face in your knees.

Back at Dalton, Sebastian sat in class, not noticing his phone vibrating in his pocket as he took notes and stared at the clock, counting down the twenty minutes that was left in class.

About ten minutes later, Mr. Schue got up and went to the door. “Where are you going,” you whisper-hissed, “You can’t leave!” Mr. Schue turned to you, seeing your terrified frame. “I’m going to get Britney,” he assured you, “I’ll be back.” And then he was gone, leaving you and the rest of the glee club members in the hands of Coach.

You leaned your head against the wall, fishing your phone out of your pocket. Quickly, you dialed the one other person you could think of calling, praying that he’d pick up. “Hey, Y/N,” Hunter’s voice echoed in your ear, “What’s up?”

You let out a sob as emotions filled you, relieved that you were able to talk to your best friend, but also extremely upset at the fact that this may be the last time you’d ever talk to him.

“Y/N,” Hunter asked, concern lacing his voice as he heard you cry, “What’s wrong-” You sniffled, “There’s a school shooter, Hunt.”

Hunter was silent for a couple seconds, before he spoke again. “What did you just say?” He asked. You felt the tears roll down your cheeks as your friends began to record their possibly final words and statements to their families. “Someone shot of a gun,” you cried quietly, “The entire school is on lockdown. Someone tried to get in but the doors were locked…I…”

“Oh my god,” Hunter gasped, “Sebastian’s about to get out of class. Try to stay on the line with me, okay kid? You’re gonna be fine.” You bit your palm, trying to stop a sob that wanted to so desperately rip from your throat. “I called and texted but he didn’t answer,” you told your friend, “Hunter, I’m so scared.”

There was a knock on the door and you yelped, sending Hunter into a panic on the other line. Mr. Schue, Britney, and two other students entered the room, locking the door. “Hunter-” you went to say, but your phone suddenly died, causing you to chuck your phone across the room and let another sob escape your lips.

Hunter was shouting into the phone when the line cut off, just as Sebastian walked in. “Hey man.” He greeted, unaware of anything. He threw his bag down and walked over to his friend, furrowing his eyebrows. “Dude, the phone can’t talk to you,” he joked, “Stop yelling at it.”

Hunter looked up from his phone to Sebastian, and Sebastian’s infamous smirk faltered when he saw Hunter with tears in his eyes. “Woah, Hunter, what’s wrong, man?” Sebastian asked him.

Hunter only stared at him, “There’s a shooter at McKinley.”

That’s how the two Dalton boys ended up outside William McKinley High School, behind barriers of police officers and SWAT members. Students that were able to get out were running to meet their families or hopping onto busses to get away and off to safety.

To Sebastian’s surprise, Blaine, Finn, and other alumni members of New Directions were waiting outside by the barriers. Blaine was the first to notice the two men that were out of place, being able to spot a Dalton blazer fro, a mile away.

He walked over to Sebastian and Hunter, ready to snap at them for trying something during such an awful time, but stopped himself when he saw how distraught the boys looked. Instead, he tried with a different approach.

“Hunter? Sebastian? What are you doing here?” He questioned, walking next to the blond boy. Sebastian didn’t respond, simply stared at the doors of McKinley with worry and sadness. Hunter wrapped an arm around his friend and turned his head to Blaine.

“His (girlfriend/boyfriend) is inside,” Hunter frowned, “Y/N is my best friend.” Blaine’s eyes widened at the name of his fellow glee club member, and Sebastian couldn’t find himself to give a damn that your relationship was outed. You could be dead. Blaine was the least of his worries at the moment.

“All I can think of is that voicemail,” Sebastian sniffled, “(She/He) left me a voicemail when I didn’t pick up the phone…god, (she/he) sounded so scared.”

The New Directions watched from afar as Blaine talked with the two Warblers. They were sure Blaine was giving them a piece of his mind, but were utterly confused when Blaine turned to them, shook his head, and blocked Sebastian and Hunter from their view.

“Y/N’s a fighter,” Blaine tried to reassure the boys that seemed on the edge of breaking, “I’m sure Mr. Schue is taking care of (her/him).” The three of them stared at the front doors as police officers and SWAT team members ran in and out of the school and barked orders at each other. Blaine put his hand on Sebastian’s arm, trying his best to comfort his enemy…friend?…frenemy?

It felt like hours upon hours when the captain of the SWAT team announced that the school was all clear. Moments later, students were pouring out of the doors, and even some fire escape windows, in a frantic rush. They ran down to meet their friends or family members.

Sebastian watched in panic when the flow of students began to diminish and you still weren’t in his line of sight. But then, there you were, pushing Artie out of the front doors with other members of the glee club by your side. The alumni New Directions at the barriers ran towards their members, screaming and yelling and hugging each other.

People began swarming by Sebastian and Hunter as they reunited and ran to the busses, blocking their sights on you. “Blaine!” You yelled, jumping on your good friend in a hug. Blaine hugged you before pulling away. He pointed to the barriers, were you saw a familiar pattern of Dalton blazers push past people and shout for you.

You looked to Blaine, who gave you a smile, nodding. You turned back to the two Warblers. “Sebastian!” You yelled, taking off in his direction. The name caught the ears of many people around you, but you didn’t care. There was your boyfriend and your best friend, running towards you as they shoved people out of the way.

You began pushing past people, not caring about the scene you were making or that the entire glee club was watching you. You were so close. He was yards away…feet away…just an arms length…

And suddenly, there you were, crashing into Sebastian with a cry. He held you tight, pulling you as close as he possibly could. You both broke when your skin touched, and you nestled your head in the crook of his neck as you started crying harder than you ever have.

Sebastian kept his arms locked around your body as he, too, began to cry. Hunter was by you in an instant, wrapping his arms around the both of you. The three of you embraced each other, hiccuping and sobbing and muttering “I love you,” “I missed you,” “Don’t leave me.”

You pulled back and held Hunter in a tight hug, before you reached up and pressed your lips against Sebastian’s. It was messy, fast, and desperate, as if the two of you were trying to assure yourselves that you were okay, and that everything was fine.

A swarm of blue and red blazers invaded the grounds of William McKinley High, surrounding you, Sebastian, and Hunter. The New Directions watched in shock as the Warblers panicked over you, making sure you were okay.

“Why didn’t Y/N tell us?” Finn asked, staring at you wrapped up in Sebastian’s arms. “Well, he is our arch enemy,” Puck replied, more surprised that you and Hunter were such good friends than you and Sebastian being a couple, “er, was. Still is? I dunno.”

You could hear what they were saying, being only about a yard or two away from them. You didn’t care, though, and it seemed that none of the Warblers did, either. You just clung onto Sebastian, who draped his blazer around your shoulders.

Hunter turned to the New Directions as the large group of Warblers started walking off the grounds. “We’re all going to Seb’s dorm to relax,” Hunter told them, “Do you want to come?” Rachel, Finn, and Kurt looked exceptionally surprised at this, as did all the members of the glee club.

“You want New Directions to come hang out with the Warblers,” Blaine asked in suspicion, “What’s your game here, Clarington?” Hunter sighed. “No game,” he admitted, “Y/N’s my best friend. You’re all good friends of our Y/N and it’s only fair that we have a truce right now. For Y/N.”

The New Directions looked absolutely shocked, but Blaine walked forward, “For Y/N.” He stood by Hunter, looking at his friends expectantly. Finn sighed, “For Y/N.” Marley quickly followed, then Jake, and Ryder, and Artie, and soon, the New Directions and the Warblers were laying around in Sebastian’s dorm room at Dalton, watching with small smiles as you and Sebastian slept on one another, curled up on his bed.

They could handle a truce for today, if it meant that you were happy.


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Never Have I Ever

Klaine Advent: Day 5 - Example. 1073 words. (Ao3)

It wouldn’t be a gathering of New Directions alumni without some kind of juvenile party game.

“Never have I ever… eaten ass.”

Most everyone in the room booed at Rachel as they took a sip from their drinks, including Rachel’s husband Jesse St. James.

“Rachel, I’m surprised at you.” Kurt gasped, dramatically. “You’ll let him eat your ass and you won’t eat his ass back? Selfish.”

“Not Rachel, actually.” Jesse said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “I had a friends-with-benefits thing for a while with this guy at UCLA.” At the surprised looks, Jesse snorted. “Oh, come on. If there’s anyone in this room who can claim to be a gold-star straight, I’ll buy the next round.”

Mercedes laughed before finishing her drink and pushing the empty glass towards Jesse. “Go on then, white boy. Top us all off.”

Jesse gaped before looking at Rachel for confirmation. When Rachel nodded he sighed, standing up. “Well fuck me then, alright.” And he headed to the bar to get them drinks.

The bar wasn’t busy so the owner let them push a bunch of tables together, letting all fifteen of them sit comfortably and play their game without having to yell. There was also probably the fact that four Broadway faces were in attendance, along with pop diva extraordinaire Mercedes Jones. They’d all promised to tweet out good publicity for the bar but Kurt was definitely also going to be sure to leave a 200% tip by the end of the night, anyway. Lord knows this bartender didn’t know what he was getting into by letting them all in.

Jesse got back with the drinks and hands automatically came forward to grab the drink that belonged to them. Kurt was being smart and sticking to beer, knowing he’d be drinking more often than not in this game. Blaine had not been as smart and gotten a mixed drink, seemingly shocked that he had to drunk just as often as Kurt. Rory was the only one of them who probably could have gotten away with ordering liquor, he drank so infrequently. But his tolerance was so shit that he’d barely finished one drink and was just as drunk as Blaine anyway.

“My turn,” Tina said around her straw. She had a vodka soda. At least she was drinking something with bubbles – that was smart. “Uuuuuhhh,” She blew out a breath, displacing her bangs. “Um, never have I ever… 69’ed?”

Blaine groaned, taking another moderate sip of his drink while Kurt smirked around his bottle. Brittany and Santana also drank and everyone heckled and catcalled. Blaine looked very put out so Kurt threw his arm around him. It was, after all, Kurt’s fault that Blaine had had to drink so much.

“Alright, alright,” Santana flapped her hands to get everyone settled down. She seemed the most sober, next to Kurt. “My turn. I’ve been holding on to this one: never have I ever had a sex talk with Burt Hummel.”

Kurt rolled his eyes as he and Blaine took another drink, Blaine curling into Kurt’s side and mumbling about their friends picking on them. But to his, and it seemed Santana’s surprise, Rachel, Sam, Artie, and even Mike Chang all took a drink.

“Okay,” Mercedes said, leaning on the table. “Rachel I get because Finn. Sam, okay because they lived together. But Mike?”

Mike shrugged, embarrassed, picking at the label of his beer. “Remember senior year when my Dad wasn’t really talking to me?” They all nodded. “Mr. Hummel caught me freaking out outside the school one day when I started thinking about leaving Tina to go to school and what if we broke up and what if I wasn’t sexually compatable with anyone else and he just… he’s got good dad vibes, you know?”

Nothing else needed to be said: they all nodded sagely.

Santana still look thunderstruck. “Well, okay.”

“My turn!” Brittany said, pulling Santana back. She then took one of Kurt’s empty beer bottles that was still on the table and turned it on its side, spinning it.

“No, Brit, that’s not–” Kurt started and then the bottle landed on him.

“Oh, okay.” She perked up, smiling. “Never have I ever gotten a blowjob during a live, professional, theatrical performance.”

Kurt froze and he could feel Blaine next to him going red. All of their friends looked a little taken aback by the specificity of the statement and her unwavering look at Kurt. They were all looking as Kurt slowly – slowly – brought his bottle to his lips and took a drink.

Immediate uproar.

“Kurt, how could you?” From Rachel.

“Okay, Hummel, okay…” From Jesse.

“How would that even work?” From Sam.

“Bow chica ow wow.” From Artie.

A lot of pelvic thrusts from Santana and Tina.

Mercedes just clutched a hand to her chest.

Brittany stares vacantly on.

“Hang on! Hang on!” Quinn spoke up, leaning her elbows on the table. “I’m going to need an example here. Sam’s right: how would that even work?”

Kurt looked at Blaine, asking silently if he should share. Blaine was drunk and may not have otherwise agreed but he just sighed, burying his face in Kurt’s neck, nodding.

Kurt kissed the top of his head before turning to the rest of the group, letting loose with a sigh himself. “That one small-theater Spring Awakening, remember?”

“I love that show,” Rachel and Jesse said together.

Kurt rolled his eyes at them. “I played Hänschen and he has that one masturbation seen during “My Junk.” It was staged in a way where my bottom half was like… under a table? It looked like I was in a bed, but I was fully, like, sitting at a table…. A table that Blaine could easily hide under during that scene.”

The table exploded again in laughter. Kurt could feel the heat of Blaine’s face against his neck. He rubbed his arm.

“Okay, moving on. I think it’s Sugar’s turn?”

The game moved on. Kurt and Blaine continued to have to drink for basically every round. It got back to Brittany and the bottle landed on Blaine.

She smiled her vacant smile again. “Never have I ever got so turned on I passed out when my boyfriend picked me up and pinned me to a wall.”

Kurt dropped his head on the table while Blaine screamed “HOW DO YOU KNOW THESE THINGS?!” before taking a drink.

more voltron marching band  hcs

band camp is this week so let’s make some headcanons, most of which are based on true experiences 

Coran - super hype band director. He tries his best to keep morale up, he sits in the box and catches every mistake. He says “last run through” at least six times before the last run through. The band is super chill, they never make it to state, not because they’re not good, they just have a short season. They always get crowd favorite though. Argued for pompadours but the band wanted baseball caps, gotta make sure the kids are comfortable or they’re gonna suck (my band has baseball hats, we still suck HA). Has a rule against swearing, so the kids are always coming up with new ways to swear.

Shiro - Alumni, volunteer dot finder during camp, on field director. Has a really terrible sock tan. Cries every time there’s a diagonal form in a set. “oh boy, more freshmen!!”, “not the flutes again”, “L A N C E “, “why are the clarinets in the bus storage again”. He hides in the bathroom of the travel bus during the out of state competitions because he can’t risk napping around high schoolers.

Allura - Senior, drum major. Started in eighth grade with an early program for middle schoolers (making senior year her 5th year). She was an alto sax for two, flautist for two. Always yelling at the brass for talking while Coran’s giving directions, calls reset when they’re off guard because they really cannot close their mouths. It’s mostly Lance.

Hunk - Junior, trombone (Lance got him to do it “for the memes” freshman year, he kept with it). He’s the section leader and one of the best brass players, he actually remembers his music. Has a trail of ducklings (underclassmen brass), two of which have crushes on him, following him everywhere during competitions. They wanted to room with him during the out of state overnight but his compelling argument against it was, “I gotta go with my junior friends, we do upperclassmen things like,,, waking up at six”. They roomed with other people faster than a flute gets dropped.

Lance - Junior, trombone. Switched from trombone to trumpet and back, he couldn’t stand the trumpets. Second trombone, never been spotted without Hunk. A band favorite and remembered as the kid who always does push ups because he talks during instructions. Freshman year he didn’t get the memo that painted nails were against the dress code for everyone,,  it deducted their scores at competitions. They still love him, it’s okay. Is the Bluetooth speaker kid, wi-fi hotspot kid, charger kid, etc. Nickname is McQueen ( a play on Lightning McQueen and McClain) bc he always marches too fast, he’s adopted it and always says “Kachow”. 

Keith - Junior, trumpet, section leader. He has a trumpet handshake, secret to only trumpets, no one else knows it (not even lance, who was a trumpet for a year,, Keith changed it again). He has to keep an eye on the freshmen who try to share the handshake, he has the rest of the section shun them if they do.  He didn’t want to do band?? Like?? He only did it b/c Shiro pressured him into it (older siblings are evil) but now he can’t imagine his life without it. Has the cleanest form, a band favorite remembered as “Shiro’s brother”. He might shun his section sometimes, but he makes sure they’re all doing what they’re supposed to do (even if his strategy is,,, Interesting)

Pidge - sophomore, sousaphonist. She skipped a grade so she’s always given a hard time. Lance: I didn’t know they let gremlins on the bus (something I said to the eighth graders last season),,, someone needs to let this kid change instruments, she’s going to die,, Anyhow, her footing is always perfect somehow?? She can barely see Allura but she has everything down. She named her sousaphone Rover bc who doesn’t name their instrument (,,, my flute’s name is Marinette). Known for having a Kermit plushie named Guillermo in her band locker.

evyautumn  asked:

awwww pls since your character limit is two could you draw older isogai and kataoka please? :D!!!

Class E Alumni: Isogai Yuuma & Kataoka Megu (age 22)


In 1992 Jim Lee changed the course of comics history with the founding of WildStorm Productions, which would revolutionize the business and launch the careers of so many top creators. Now, the WS crew is back to celebrate 25 years of WildStorm with new short stories of the imprint’s greatest heroes by their classic creative teams, including WildC.A.T.s by Brandon Choi and Jim Lee; the Authority by Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch; Gen13 by J. Scott Campbell; WildCats by Christos Gage and Dustin Nguyen; Backlash by Brett Booth, and more!
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Various Brand New Day alumni worked on the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon and the 2017 Spider-Man cartoon so is it any wonder that those shows’ takes on Peter Parker bear little resemblance to the actual character but sure as Hell feels like a prequel to the post-OMD/Brand New Day version of the character…who also bears little resemblance to the actual character.

Meanwhile the Spec cartoon Peter Parker (who was approximately the same age as those other cartoon versions) feels like he could believably grow up into the modern day pre-OMD Peter Parker.

Oh look…they had no one from Brand New Day involved and also looked to the actual comics for inspiration.

I have to get this off my chest...

I just have a lot of feelings that I seriously need to get out before I burst. This rant is not Rachel/Lea so yeah. I am seriously becoming more and more pissed at how completely one sided Glee has because in this last season. I know the show started off by putting Rachel as the best, and Lea has always gotten the most screen time. It is simply a fact.

And to be honest I don’t hate Rachel and I like Lea but I feel like Rachel scenes that I don’t want are being shoved in my face and making me completely irritated at the character. Let’s go through all the evidence:

1. Rachel gets all the best solos, and yes she is talented, but Glee set a precedent from the beginning of her being “the best” when there was a group of equally as talented people. I’m so used to it that now I just roll my eyes when she has 1,2,3 solos in episodes and other characters go a long time without one. It’s just NOT true that she was the best voice for every single solo she had. It’s just not true.

2. Rachel gets EVERYTHING!
And don’t try to tell me that I’m exaggerating because I’m really NOT. One she always gets the guys she want. With the exception of Finn/Cory’s death which was of course heartbreaking, Rachel has always gotten a happy ending with a guy she wants. She wanted to get in NYADA and she got it, she got to be in the Winter Showcase, she got her dream role on Broadway, and she got her own tv pilot. Have any of the other characters had equally as much success getting every single thing they wanted?

3. Rachel ruined everything for herself!
She got into the best school in the country for musical theatre which she gave up for her dream Broadway role, which she gave up to be a TV star. And all of the first episode of season 6 was spent on Rachel moping about how her dreams of stardom was gone and how she would get her mojo back. She needed Mr. Schu, Blaine, AND Kurt to convince her that she would be able to move on. Which brings me to to my next point:

4. Everyone Kisses Her Ass!
Rachel screwed up her life because of her own selfish impulses and now everyone is helping to get her dream back. Mercedes came back to town and she helped Rachel get an audition, the whole New Directions/alumni sang a song to encourage her, and this is only one example. And in the most recent episode everyone encouraged her when she got another Broadway show she didn’t earn and again when she got accepted back in NYADA though of course she wants to skip school AGAIN.

I’m just so over Glee a.k.a. The Rachel Berry Show. I’ve loved this show so much and it feels all these convoluted storyline are just being forced down our throats. The thing is that Rachel is going to get everything she dreamed of. She’s getting her ex boyfriend Jesse St. James back and in the future they are married, she wins a Tony, and is pregnant and it is probably her baby with Jesse. And where is everyone else? Supporting and cheering her on of course.

Compare this overindulgence to what has happened to Klaine this season. Like it or not they have a huge fanbase, which is proved for one by the countless polls we win, charity’s we support, eat…and look at their story this season compared to Rachel. They were engaged and happy and so naturally RIB had to break them up instead of having them work through their problems in a mature and adult manner. Then Blaine got a boyfriend in the man who once used to torture Kurt even though I know he’s redeemed himself.

Not only that but Blaine was so depressed he was kicked out of school and having nothing better to do he works at Dalton. The utterly ridiculous thing is that nobody has talked to Blaine about trying to get a second chance to go to NYADA. It’s all Rachel. Not even Kurt talks to him about it. And Chris and Darren have hardly sang this season, wtf? Not to mention that when Klaine got married it was an afterthought and extremely rushed. We had lots of time dealing with Santana’s Abuela and Brittany’s annoying parents and hardly nothing about Blaine’s Mom and her reaction to having her son getting married spontaneously. Like what the actual fuck?

And then Darren wrote two songs for Glee and one is a group number and guess who sings the other? Yup, Rachel again. I don’t understand how the writers can mistreat all their characters and favor a select few all the time. They’ve wasted the final season of what was once an amazing show. And I gave the example of Klaine but seriously this mistreatment goes for several characters and ships. And tell me this RIB, why are you so focused on Samchel if St.Berry is endgame. You are confusing as fuck, Glee!


Masterpost for my season six alternative covers with minor alterations to include more things from the final season, including covers for the final two episodes of Glee; ‘2009′ and ‘Dreams Come True’. Hope you’ve enjoyed gleeks! Thanks for the ride! *Sad face*

A Shot In the Arm [21/21]

Pairing(s), Characters(s): Kurt/Sebastian, Brittany Pierce, Noah Puckerman, Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez
Rating: explicit
Triggers, Tropes, Kinks: reaction fic
Length: ~3,800 [~36,200 total]
Genre(s): romance, humour

A/N: I can’t believe this story is finished??? I don’t even know what to say. Like yes, I have ideas for sequel one shots and the like, but… A Shot In the Arm is complete. This is the longest thing I have ever written. Thank you so much to everyone who’s been reading and reviewing and reblogging along the way.

Read on AO3: from the beginning | this chapter
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Summary: Kurt Hummel was a catch. Kurt was a catch, and Santana didn’t know what she was talking about. That’s what he’d tell himself until he believed it. But actually, talk was cheap. Kurt was going to go out and dangle himself at the gayest nightclub in the tri-county area and watch the men clamour to catch him. He wasn’t having a slutty meltdown or anything. His self esteem was not dependent on the attentions and opinions of strangers. He just needed an ego boost, one single night of his life for recalibration and encouragement from unbiased observers, and also drinks. He just needed a shot in the arm.

(Though it wasn’t exactly a needle he was looking to stick in himself, and he didn’t want it going in his arm either.)

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