new album orchestral manoeuvres in the dark


tagged by rnorioh​ for some albums I’ve been listening to recently (thanks!)

  • tofubeats - Positive (2015)
  • Pineapple Club - BANANA (2015)
  • Yoshitaka Minami - MONTAGE (1980)
  • Yoshimi Iwasaki - SAISONS (1980)
  • SUGAR BABE - SONGS (1975)
  • New Order - Brotherhood (1986)
  • Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Crush (1985)
  • LLLL - Cruel (2015)

been on a big 80′s kick for the last month or so but the new tofubeats and Pineapple Club’s debut have taken me out of it to some extent, the latter is like if The Radio Dept. met Talking Heads, it’s hella great

tagging defjamvendetta, okaysweatyk, kingovswords, kimochiyoi, and anyone else who wants to do it