new album in december!


New single from new Childish Gambino’s album called “Awaken, My Love!”

Available 2nd December!

If you don’t know yet, Donald’s new album “Awaken, My Love!” is set to release on December 2nd and is also on pre-order. It’s rumored that the album is dedicated to his son due to the song titles of “Me and Your Mama”, “Baby Boy”, and “The Night Me and Your Mama Met”.


Hey Everybody!

Knowing that it’s everyone’s exams all around, I’m extending the project deadline to December 18 0AM KST! So that you would be able to concentrate and write cute letters to the boys~ Also, so that you can write letters about their new mini album which will be released on December 5th!

Also, due to popular demand, I’m now allowing multiple letters to send to more than one member! So gone are the bias wrecker woes~ AHAHA!

Send them to:

Subject: “For (member name/seventeen), With Love From (your name), from (country/city)”

Anyway, I hope you keep supporting this project and please reblog this so that word will go out to other Carats!

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