new age 'philosophy'

If you obsess over whether you are making the right decision, you are basically assuming that the universe will reward you for one thing and punish you for another. The universe has no fixed agenda. Once you make any decision, it works around that decision. There is no right or wrong, only a series of possibilities that shift with each thought, feeling, and action that you experience.
—  Deepak Chopra
If we create our own reality....what does that mean for everyone else?

Many people believe that “we create our own reality”, that our experience in this lifetime is the product of our thoughts both conscious and sub conscious. Personally, I believe that to a certain extent, this is true. I feel that our experience is shaped by our perceptions and so I do not have a hard time accepting that we create our own reality. My question is this: If we are each existing in our own reality, what does that mean for everyone else? What part do we play, if any, in shaping each other’s realities? I suppose it’s possible that we are all illusions, but if that is the case, we are profound and important illusions. The universe as we know it, and everything it contains may be the by product of a greater being’s reality. Maybe we are all the masters of our own reality brushing up against each other’s orbit and occasionally colliding. 

Meditation is not what you think. It’s not a special this or that, that can only be done in this way or that. What they have called “meditation” is just allowing yourself to suspend certain activities that you are normally doing more or less all the time and automatically. When you do that your consciousness first sinks into your body. You feel it all and feel it breathing and bubbling around. Then you notice space. The universe. You notice that you were holding all those activities up in place, trying to do them all at once. You have let go of that. Now you’re in your body and around your body and you feel the planet holding you against it. You feel the sun, even if it’s night. You know it is always close by. You feel the stars. You feel the things that seem distant, but you feel them like they are there with you. All the stars, and the life are so close by that you could start to believe that you and them somehow exist together in a way that you don’t normally recognize or pay attention to. You notice much more than that. You are the same life-force as all the living and nonliving things. You, and all that exists, are all one wave–and there is no real distance to this wave. It is full of variety, and it’s all doing its own thing. But you are one with all of IT. You are embedded with IT and within IT. This is what meditation feels like when it first starts to kick in. Here things become interesting. You realize that this is what we really are. The melodrama we perpetuate is always neglecting this. The melodrama is less than this–This whole life-force you are communing with now. You realize that, most importantly, YOU are not spending enough time with all that you/what you really are.

Matrix Decoded: Power of I AM - Anon I mus

So long as there is the motive to become something, so long as the mind believes in the possibility of escape from what it is at this moment, there can be no freedom. Virtue will be pursued for exactly the same reason as vice, and good and evil will alternate as the opposite  poles of a single circle.
—  Alan Watts, “The Wisdom of Insecurity”
When it comes to the New Age, New Thought, Meta-Physical, Philosophical teachings that I for the sake of identification call “Law of Attraction Stuff”,  it is my opinion that it is up to each individual to create his/her own path by selecting the teachings, sayings and truths that resonate with their vibration while at the same time becoming a “follower” of no individual or group.
—  Cheqq Royal

The more I go through the heathen tags on here, the more I think “Wow… This is sad.”

I’m all for indulging in the mystical side of our folkways, but geez guys, we’re going a bit overboard. Fucking EVERYONE wants to be some special magical mystic who talks to the Gods and does amazing magical rituals and can do [insert mystical/ecstatic practice here], shit you’d think would take years, even decades to master. But somehow, 22 year old sweat fountain Bob from IT has mastered Seidr, Galdr, runology, and can have at length conversations with Wōden (Who is totally Wōden guys, no way it could be anything else, not even Bob’s desperate hunger for recognition).

The universalist side of heathenry has turned into a Norse flavored buffet of build your own religion and call it Ásatrú, even if it’s basically New-Age philosophy and Wicca wearing a hammer pendant (And completely out of touch with the world around them).

The folkish side has turned into a Donald Trump rally of the willfully ignorant and helplessly far-right crowd who worship at the altar of “I know I’m Billie from tech support who sounds like all the life has left my soul when I talk to people on the phone at work, I’m actually a Viking warrior who’s going to Valhalla because reasons.”

And those caught in the middle, the few actually remaining here rather than picking a side from the ridiculous “You’re with us or you’re against us” mentality heathens seem to be taking now, are just sitting with our thumbs in our asses wondering when we’re gonna stop fighting amongst ourselves and living in the past so we can build a real future.

Shit isn’t gonna be handed to us as a faith or culture, we have to show we want it and earn our place in the world. We don’t get anything by merely existing, we have to show that we’re building on foundation meant to last.

I feel bad for this first generation of heathen kids born into the faith, because unless we get our shit together, they’re inheriting a mess. One that they WILL abandon if it goes too far. And after that, the heathen movement will just be an interesting blip in history, rather than a reconstruction and continuation of a religion cut short way back in the Middle-Ages.

You’re 70 now, heathenry. Act your age.