“All experience and phenomena are understood to be a dream, this should not be just an intellectual understanding, but a vivid and lucid experience…Genuine integration of this point produces a profound change in the individual’s response to the world. Grasping and aversion is greatly diminished, and the emotional tangles that once seemed so compelling are experienced as the tug of dream stories, and no more.”

- Tenzin Wangyal
The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep

Image Credit: Jie He

Lunahour Giveaway!!!!!

That’s right! You lovelies are going to have a chance to win all of these lovely goodies!!!

* The Pictorial Key to the Tarot book.
* Animal Wisdom Tarot (used - this is my personal deck. It’s been used but it is still in lovely condition. I do not have a box for it.)
* Wooden Incense holder (thinking of hand painting some moons on it!)
* Virgin Mary rose scented incense.
* Vanilla scented tea light candles.
* Mini mint scented sage bundle.
* small piece of raw Citrine
* small Rose Quartz wire wrapped pendant.
* random crystals.

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I will announce my winner on May 11th!

This is just 1 of many giveaways to come. this is my largest one yet. I am super excited for this!! Keep on the look out for mini giveaways to come in the near future. Thank you, guys!

🔮🌙✨ Rose

“Before you came into this reality, you applied for a slice of time—the moment you were born. At the precise time of your birth, the stars, planets, moon, and sun were in a specific configuration. When you emerged from your mother’s womb, the energy from the stars and planets imprinted your flesh, no matter where you were, because the energy was touching Earth at that time as well. Within that moment were written certain probabilities, specific opportunities, and distinct challenges. The language of the stars explains your world in a way that is helpful for you to understand the bigger picture. Everything is in geometric relationship to everything else, creating energetic patterns. You yourself selected a moment and a lineage, a bloodline that you were born to, to give you the opportunities that you assessed would be ideal for you to experience in this lifetime. You determined these experiences according to what you needed to learn, based on what you had created, will create, and are creating simultaneously in other places.

The heavens speak to you of your own majestic splendor, playing out their story through you. The planets broadcast their life force as electromagnetic waves that create cycles within which significant achievements, designed as challenges and victories, define specific epochs or ages. These cycles, if understood, will automatically benefit the planet. The cycles have been ignored and trivialized to keep you in ignorance, causing you to miss the tremendous self-realization that accompanies the meaning of life. One of the ways the teachings of the cycles became lost was through the disputing and refuting of astrology. You have been told that astrology is a meaningless study, when in actuality astrology and astronomy are the languages of the universe. In its truest form, knowledge of the heavens translates the macrocosm into the microcosm, acknowledging you within a significant slice of existence.”

- Barbara Marciniak
Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library

Image Credit: Unknown

“At the inner core of each one of us spins seven wheel-like energy centers called chakras. Swirling intersections of vital life forces, each chakra reflects an aspect of consciousness essential to our lives. Together the seven chakras form a profound formula for wholeness that integrates mind, body, and spirit. As a complete system, the chakras provide a powerful tool for both personal and planetary growth.

Chakras are organizing centers for the reception, assimilation, and transmission of life energies. Our chakras, as core centers, form the coordinating network of our complicated mind/body system. From instinctual behavior to consciously planned strategies, from emotions to artistic creations, the chakras are the master programs that govern our life, loves, learning, and illumination. As seven vibratory modalities, the chakras form a mythical Rainbow Bridge, a connecting channel linking Heaven and Earth, mind and body, spirit and matter, past and future. As we spin through the tumultuous times of our present era, the chakras act as gears turning the spiral of evolution. drawing us ever onward toward the still untapped frontiers of consciousness and its infinite potential.”

- Anodea Judith
Wheels of Life: A User’s Guide to the Chakra System

Image Credit: Unknown


Totally in love with this crystal combination! They look so good! Anyway recently i have been cramming for uni exams and i have found having these stones close by really helps with studying, especially for memory retention. 

Crystals: Hematite, Howlite, Labradorite & Pyrite