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As everyone knows I have a hell of a lot of snails that are forever growing. Now because of this I cannot keep them all into adulthood, that would be to much to handle(to many tanks, to much feeding and God forbid if they had babies). Therefore if there is anyone who lives in the United Kingdom who would be willing to take them on and care for them (do your research first, good homes only, preferably people who have or already owned GALS please) then please contact me, thanks.


The Baby Dolls were one of the first women’s organizations to appear mask on during New Orlean’s Mardi Gras celebration. Formed in 1912, the organization of African American women used their profits from working in the city’s red light district to compete with other black women of their profession during Mardi Gras.

“It’s important to share stories about the diasporic global-Black experience, because it’s so varied. It’s really refreshing to have other perspectives and to realize that we’re all connected–interconnected. Not just, actually people of color….but there’s a lot of trading of lifestyles and stories within this series–that I think affects even more than just people of color.” - @NikkiBeharie