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RebelCaptain AU || Lawyers

Hired on to a prestigious New York law firm, Jyn Erso believed it was the start of a spectacular life.  But the young woman quickly found that her fellow associates are sharks, who are ready for her to spill blood. Cassian Andor, a longtime attorney at the firm, is no different from those colleagues. When the managing partner, Mon Mothma, has them work on a case together, the two find themselves having to push past their initial dislike in the other to get the job done. As they learn to trust while still challenging the other, the two find they are compatible…in more ways than they imagined.


4.5.16// bad news. My supervisor said I went off topic with the last version of my paper. So I’ve got to go back on the main point Sprache-Sprachbiographie-Zunge.
So I did some research in the Royal library Naples and got new stuff to go through 🙈