new aestethic


7.6.17// nice study session in the green courtyard, at FU. I was reading some more literature about women writing and enjoying the sun while waiting for my German course to start.  

2.6.17// another sunny day in Berlin. This afternoon I was exploring my Kiez, looking for a nice place to study and I discovered a lovely Bäckerei / bakery at the corner with my street. I seated in the sun for a couple of hours, then I left, went to my yoga studio and after the practice, I met some colleagues and good friends for a burger and beer.    

Here is a shot of the readings for my Monday seminar. Then I found out that next Monday is a national holiday in Germany. the Whit Monday is actually a Christian feast, but in Italy it´s not celebrated at all. How did it come, that Germany made it a national public holiday?