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No one should ever be deprived of books. Of stories. Of…magic. No one.
—  J. M. Frey, The Forgotten Tale

Asexuals In Fiction 4.0

It’s the fourth year I’ve put together this list and it’s so huge I can no longer host in on tumblr. Click over to google database and you will find 51 YA novels, 14 New Adult novels, and 22 Adult novels. As well three video game characters and five comic books characters.

Not only will this database tell you if there’s an asexual it also includes the following: Series name, character name, own voice authors, type of rep, genre, main character or minor, and if it includes other representation of some sort.

Review - Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde

Well this as a cute little bi girl YA/New Adult romance <3 <3 <3

Queens of Geek by Jen Wilde follows three friends as they attend a totally-supposed-to-be-SDCC-but-named-something-else-for-legal-reasons comic con.  Charlie is an Chinese Austrailian bi girl and small time YouTube star still recovering from a bad break up with her toxic ex.  They starred together in an indie movie that made it big and now she has to deal with him all weekend while they promote the film.  Thankfully she has Alyssa, a much bigger YouTube celebrity and total crush to distract her.   Then there is Taylor, a fat autistic girl with mental health issues who is secretly in love with their third friend Jamie.    

What follows is a fast-paced, sweet, and gentle romance for both girls.  Charlie’s burgoning relationship with Alyssa comes under a public spotlight and complete with YouTube videos and ship names.   For Taylor it is finding her tribe at the con both with other fans of her favorite book series and a comic made by a fellow autistic girl.  This allows Jamie, a character who is basically the most perfect guy best friend ever to turn their relationship romantic, even if it does set off a panic attack.  Both girls work their way through however and come to lovely happy endings for now.  

It was great to see Charlie use the word bisexual to describe herself MULTIPLE times.  Including a scene where she confronts her ex about his biphobia.  It’s also nice that her love interest has no objection to her being bisexual and doesn’t say anything rude, biphobic, or fucked up about it despite being implied to be a lesbian.  Yes folks the bar for bi representation really is that low and yes I really am excited that Queens of Geek manages to clear it (because so many books don’t).  

If I have any real complaint its that the story moves REALLY fast.  There isn’t much time to let Taylor’s mental illness or Charlies new relationship settle in.  In an author interview at the end of the book, it seems like this novel came out of Jen Wilde’s experience on WattPad, which explains to me the quick fanfiction-like pace.  For those of you who do like to linger on characters, it will be over too soon.  But for those looking for a quick read, the result is an enjoyable and very validating little love story.  

- Sarah
The Ashport Archives Book Two & Book One Reprint
Help me bring Book 2 of The Ashport Archives series: Memory of The Hoopoe to life and reprint Book 1: Search for The Phoenix!

We are a week in to this campaign!  Back this pledge to get yourself some great books to read before the summer is out!  If you love stories featuring diverse characters, lgbt characters, and of course some urban fantasy, these are the books for you!   



Angelborn Cycle/ The Eternal Flame Series by L. Penelope

He gave up eternity for love… and lost. Will she be his second chance?

Maia sees dead people. Since she can’t distinguish them from the living, she ignores everyone in order to appear sane. But the ghost haunting her roommate breaks through her hardened shell. Not only does he claim to not be dead, he makes her feel things she never has before—dangerous feelings for a man who can never be hers.

For an angelborn like Caleb, dying without a soul sentenced him to eternity in the Wasteland. Now he’s escaped, but the only way to stay free is by convincing his true love to share her soul with him. You only get one soulmate and his is not the broken, scarred young woman he can’t stay away from. With dangerous angels hunting him, Maia is a distraction he can’t afford.

After inadvertently leading a threat to Caleb’s door, Maia is willing to risk anything to keep him safe. Even if that means losing him forever.
New Crop of Young Adult Novels Explores Race and Police Brutality
A new generation of authors is embracing writing as activism, tackling issues like racial bias, police violence and the Black Lives Matter movement.
By Alexandra Alter

Angie Thomas started writing her young-adult novel, “The Hate U Give,” in reaction to a fatal shooting that took place some 2,000 miles away. But to her it felt deeply personal.

Ms. Thomas was a college student in Jackson, Miss., when a white transit police officer shot Oscar Grant III, an unarmed, 22-year-old African-American man, on a train platform in Oakland, Calif., in 2009. She was shocked when some of her white classmates said he had probably deserved it. She responded with a short story about a teenage girl who is drawn to activism after a white officer shoots her childhood best friend.

That story grew into a 444-page novel, as shootings of unarmed young black men continued.

Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who wants to see more adult/new adult (romance) on booklr/booktube...

Like I love seeing all the YA books out there with action, fantasy, and the like but as a romance reader who enjoys steaminess in her books I really want to see more videos/posts/discussions about books from:

  • Katy Evans
  • Tillie Cole
  • Kresley Cole
  • J. Daniels
  • Alexa Riley
  • Kristen Ashley
  • Jodi Ellen Malpas
  • Sylvain Reynard
  • Alice Clayton
  • J. R. Ward
  • Karen Marie Moning
  • Laurann Dohner

and many other authors. Am I making any sense or am I just rambling about nothing??? I’ve also been thinking about making a book tube channel…because it looks like a lot of fun to do tags and book lists and recommendations and just try and interact with other bookworms and ask them what they want to see more of. Would any of you follow me?


endless list of books  wait for you by jennifer l. armentrout 

“Well, to be honest, I was planning to woo you with my banana nut bread, but that shit ain’t happening now. So all I have left is my delicious eggs.”
… “It’s really good, but you’re not wooing me.”
“Oh, I’m wooing … It’s all about the stealth. You don’t realize it yet.”


Books I’ve Read in 2017: The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata

“I’m starting to understand that you can always make time for the things that matter.”

Bookish Repellents

Okay since I made a Bookish Weakness list that was my opinion but now I want to do the opposite! What are your Book Repellents? add them as you reblog this post :) Here are some of mine

  • Love Triangle (two guys like one girl but the girl just can’t seem to choose) 
  • Slow starters 
  • Main conflict-easily solvable misunderstanding that drags on for 5 chapters 
  • Pigheaded main character
  • Random book cover changes
  • Introverted characters turning into a extrovert after going to a club once
  • Best friend character’s solution for everything is either partying, drinking, or getting laid
  • one-sided petty hate to love (one character hates another for a petty reason and then they fall in love)(If it has good writing I’ll excuse it)
the problem with e0s

aka why you shouldnt put detailed, explicit, kinky sex in the middle of your YA series

by the age of thirteen, i’d moved on from the kids section at the library and gone straight to the YA shelves. i obsessively read cc and john green (yikes but thats not important). i actively searched for titles that interested me.

somehow, i never really got to the M’s, so i didnt read SJM until i was 15, until i’d seen it on tumblr enough that i was curious.

and thank god that i didn’t read it sooner

see, the first four(ish) books were perfectly acceptable for a young adult read. there was kissing, yes, and sex was mentioned, but it was in the sense that “she pulled him into the closet now lets skip to fifteen minutes later.” present, but not explicit.

then this fall i read e0s and what the heck. all of a sudden they were whipping out their velvet wrapped steel and fucking while one of them was in chains

let me repeat that: without warning, the FIFTH BOOK in a series delved into detailed sex when before it’d always done a fade-away type thing. and it’s still shelved in YA what the fuck??  t0g should’ve stuck with its earlier approach to sex or originally BEEN written as a new adult novel. what the fuck

13 years olds can easily pull the first book off the shelf. it’s not like t0g ever told you “so this first book is harmless but be warned theres some bdsm later on”.

young teenagers can and probably will be exposed to this stuff before they are ready, and that’s not okay. 

ikariyuiofficial  asked:

hey, do you have any recs for lesbian books with WoC in them? :)

skah sure! disclaimer tho that mostly i’ve read only young adult, so thats what a lot of this list is gonna be.

  • everything leads to you by nina lacour has a mixed race main character, although i think it’s implied in the book that she is white-passing (?) and i think her mom is like an african studies professor or something so it’s definitely brought up on-page.
  • the abyss surrounds us by emily skrutskie stars a chinese-american lesbian who is super badass! the lesbian-ness is not at the forefront of the plot, but it’s also not irrelevant.
  • under the lights by dahlia adler has 2 povs, one is a korean-american lesbian actress and the other is an obnoxious rich straight white boy, HOWEVER vanessa’s story is definitely much more at the forefront, and also the white boy is less obnoxious by the end of the book.
  • lies we tell ourselves by robin talley alternates pov from a white girl and a black girl in virginia in the 1950s, so there is HEAVY racism in this book, as well as a good amount of internalized homophobia (and minor external). also, while i read both the girls as lesbians when i read the book, the author said she imagined they were both bi, but that it’s up to interpretation pretty much. also neither of them dies and they’re still together in the end :)
  • treasure by rebekah weatherspoon is a new adult novel which basically means instead of high schoolers, they’re in college, and also there’s a lot of sex. i don’t usually dig that much on-page sex but the characters were really well written and thought out and it was a sweet read. both girls are black, and the author is as well. 

these are just the ones that i have read an enjoyed! there’s also a science fiction book called sound by alexandra duncan with a poc lead but imo the author is straight and it comes through in the writing- she really struggled to portray a realistic connection between the two girls, although the plot isn’t bad.

anonymous asked:

Random question from an aspiring author: what would you want to see more of in YA/new adult fantasy novels? I love your blog and your book threads, so I thought I'd just ask and see :) xx

I want more male/female friendships where neither has ever had romantic feelings for each other. I want those characters who will kill for their best friend because they are their family and there are no romantic feelings whatsoever

I want more f/f romances. I adore m/m relationships. In face, Pynch and Wesper are two of my favorites ever. But I havent read a book with f/f romance. I dont think, anyways.

I want more morally grey characters. I want the characters where their past made them hard and they set out to burn the world down because everything was taken from them

I want more mentally ill characters who have severe episodes. I want those bipolar or schizophrenic characters who are suffering with their minds and learn how to live life despite their minds making them want to die