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Hayyyy I made the bby a Twitter so like if you have an account feel free to follow him if you wantttt <3333


Alright here’s what I recommend you use to avoid NDRV3 spoilers if you have the XKit extension:

Everyone knows this one of course.
I use the following blacklisted words:

  • ndrv3 spoilers
  • drv3 spoilers
  • v3 spoilers
  • danganronpa spoilers
  • dr spoilers
  • spoilers

I have the following options checked:

  • Enable alt + B shortcut for adding new words
  • Show type of post when it’s blocked
  • Check author blog titles and usernames for blacklisted words
  • Don’t block my own posts
  • Don’t block posts I’ve liked or replied to
  • Use improved checking (might slow down your computer)

No Recommended
This is one I haven’t seen people talk about.
I have the following options checked

  • Get rid of recommended likes
  • Get rid of two-column recommended blogs (which isn’t as important as the recommended likes one, but I like this personally and you might avoid spoilery icons through this)

That’s ‘cause when you like something, this might happen:

tungls recommending you other posts. I wouldn’t want to see a spoiler through something like this. So if you’re not going on Hiatus and want to avoid spoilers make sure to get this extension as well and check get rid of recommended likes!


So yesterday I’ve decided to add a night mode texture to the pole itself to make it lit up by it’s own light (like in real life or at least like in-game Maxis wooden pole does).
But suddenly I realized, that it is impossible to have a pole and a light cone/spot light working properly at the same time. I’ve tried a bunch of shader variations for this material but every time something went wrong.

But then I just added a new material type to the maxis neighborhood material shader. That was a crazy idea, but it worked! So now there’s two functional night mode material types. One for usual night mode textures (like windows and poles in particular, it has alpha channel enabled though) and another one is for those light cones, spot lights and glow effects!

Now I need to enable bump/normal mapping for ‘day time’ textures to have those nice little ‘StandardMaterial’ features back

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm back! I kinda forgot what I was talking about and had to wait until you posted it... Anyway, about the birthdays, in addition to the usual MC POV and His POV stories, they added a new type of ss, basically a short snippet of how the other suitors celebrate the birthday boy's birthday. So for Yuki's birthday, there were a lot of shenanigans with Haru and Todo turning up to wish Yuki Happy Birthday (Haru called Todo a nuisance LOL), Okita asking Yuki if Yuki is good at stripping...

Info-chan! You’re back! 

It sounds like JP DtL is as active a English MidCin!

@cyikemen, throw some absolutely all of that over to English DtL! We’re all rusty and dusty over here! Let us give you our money!

But, Info-chan, you may as well come off anon. I already know your name and exactly what you look like:

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