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Brian Orser on Yuzuru’s 4Lo and the discussion after Skate Canada (excerpts from Team Brian 2)

(Picture is of Yuzuru at the medal ceremony in Helsinki. It didn’t come from Team Brian 2, but I always wondered what and how much it took the team to get there.)

There is actually a lot to marvel about, in terms of how Yuzuru’s season came together so beautifully in the end. As we look forward to the next season, let’s review how the last season began with three excerpts from Team Brian 2

From Brian’s perspective, we can see the concerns and worries over Yuzuru’s health, his at-the-time troubling 4T (in contrast to its 3A-toppling status now :o), the immense belief and strength (and stubbornness) it took for Yuzuru to persevere with the 4Lo, as well as the discussion post-Skate Canada that lead to mutual understanding and ultimately, a successful season overcoming those difficult challenges. Cheers and kudos, Team Yuzu! 

(Conclusion: Brian gains 15kg from the last six months of 2016 and loses 1kg in hair.)

Translated by gladi. Feel free to repost in entirety with credits.

Three excerpts from Chapter 5 of Team Brian 2
「チーム・ブライアン:300点伝説」第五章 より

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So last night I had a dream that they were adding a new type to pokemon and it was ‘Scooping’ type. They didn’t explain what it was or what it meant but it was mostly being applied to unpopular or weak pokemon so like Dunsparce was Normal/Scooping and Granbull was Fairy/Scooping.


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So yesterday I’ve decided to add a night mode texture to the pole itself to make it lit up by it’s own light (like in real life or at least like in-game Maxis wooden pole does).
But suddenly I realized, that it is impossible to have a pole and a light cone/spot light working properly at the same time. I’ve tried a bunch of shader variations for this material but every time something went wrong.

But then I just added a new material type to the maxis neighborhood material shader. That was a crazy idea, but it worked! So now there’s two functional night mode material types. One for usual night mode textures (like windows and poles in particular, it has alpha channel enabled though) and another one is for those light cones, spot lights and glow effects!

Now I need to enable bump/normal mapping for ‘day time’ textures to have those nice little ‘StandardMaterial’ features back

Connection: Best friend, Ex-girlfriend, friends with benefits, etc.

“Good job, hot stuff. You actually surprised me.” Derrick Woodsen remarks, animosity palpable in his tone as he uncrosses his legs. Outstretched on the chaise longue sequestered at the corner of the Woodsen’s parlor, he was slick and debonair. Dressed to the nine’s in an all suede, grey suite that spoke of chicness and over-statement; Derrick Woodsen looked every bit the womanizer the society pages claimed him to be. But the youngest son of the illusive family was irate, nay, disgusted by the display before him. Here she was, the very woman who moaned his name a mere week ago, weighed down by his elder brother’s tacky Harry Winston engagement ring. “Really keeping it in the family, eh? Fucking me, then fucking him – hey! My sister’s got a sweet spot for slutty homewreckers if you want to add another Woodsen to your kill list.” Jealous? Perhaps. But Derrick was intrigued by how quickly she worked. From his bed, into his brother’s in one week? Even he was impressed. “And I thought I was the slut.” He hissed, coming to his feet with a daring expression on his face.

anonymous asked:

What do you think about Shoma's FS at Lombardia Trophy? His performance not his score

Um, he landed, like, 5 quads? That is good I guess. His jump elements are becoming very nicely reliable, especially considering the rate at which he has been adding new jump types since last season. He also looked like he had built up a lot of confidence in his jumps. I see no hesitation at all going into any of the takeoff so yes, that’s, again, good, I think. And who could’ve guessed, his quad Salchow actually turned out to be my favorite quad among all those in his repertoire, seeing that it’s less pre-rotated than his usual fare. 


That’s the sound of me running out of pseudo sophisticated-sounding vaguely cheerful and obscurely positive comments to make about Shoma’s not really new FS. To be frank, it reminded me of Nathan’s FS last season just by the sheer number of crossovers included. Now I agree that Shoma’s crossovers are generally objectively nicer than most, but really, no matter how nice they are, doing 40 or some such of them in 4 minutes and 30 seconds is just too much (I don’t know, he could be pushing 50 or more, I lost count after about two-thirds of the way into the program).  

Oh wait, I noticed he’s no longer travelling in his spins as much as when he performed during summer ice shows. So that’s also good.

I was asked to put together a list of common themes in the Pokémon franchise that you’d wanna pay attention to for a Fan Game. This is opinion based, since everything’s so vaguely connected instead of outright.

Starter Pokémon

With any Pokémon game it’s essential to have a starter trio. I don’t pay a load of attention to fan-made game arcs, but, from what I’ve seen most starters that fans design are a little out of touch in the aspect that they’re not designed with actual appeal in mind. Game Freak consistently creates starters that are supposed to be cute, lovable mascots. So whatever you choose, it’s gotta be lovable and marketable (it can be cool and badass later, it’ll evolve) this will add to the believability of a fake game. Also, it’s best to pick some real life animal to base your starters off of. This makes them more familiar to the player.  


Of course, you’ll need a professor studying the region and you don’t wanna get too wild with creativity here. Rowan isn’t wearing a white jacket, Juniper is a girl, sure, but you don’t wanna go off the rails and make the professor too different from the others- stick with a tree name, keep to the idea rolling. 


And, of course, the region. Every pokémon core installation has a (at least one) region tied to a real earth location, Most in Japan, but since Gen V, they’ve based them off of two locations in The US and one in France. All this means for your region is it will somehow resemble the area in climate and population. Sinnoh is a very snowy region due to it being based so high in the mountains in Japan, Unova has a massive city (NYC)- so on. This sometimes has massive effects on what pokémon your game should include. Generation VII has a lot of tropical pokémon to compliment the Hawaiian setting, for example.

Lore and Legend

The lore, however, does not have to match up with the region. Kaloslegendary trio is based off of Nordic mythology, for example, despite Kalos being a reference to France. Sometimes, though they do match up. Most of Alola’s legends are based in real Hawaiian myth. Whatever allusions you make should be vague, though. You don’t want to rob a culture of it’s mythology, just make allusions to it. It’s important to remember you are making your own mythology, in a way. Generally speaking, the main legendary pokémon in your game should represent more broad values like 

  • life (Xerneas) & death (Yveltal)
  • light (Solgaleo) & dark (Lunala)
  • yin (Zekrom) & yang (Reshiram)
  • time (Dialga) & space (Palkia)

and your third should be some balance or between the option- 

  • order (Zygarde)
  • refraction (Necrozma)
  • wuji (Kyurem)
  • antimatter (Giratina)

however, the secondary set of legendary/mythical pokémon in the game should usually represent more specific values like 

  • fertility (Landorus)
  • disasters (Tornadus & Thundurus)
  • music & dance (Meloetta)
  • willpower (Azelf)
  • knowledge (Uxie)
  • emotion (Mesprit)
  • dreams (Cresselia)
  • nightmares (Darkrai)
  • wishes (Jirachi)
  • victory (Victini)

There’re always exceptions too- Mewtwo is a clone, Deoxys is an Alien, Genesect is a weapon, all of the ultra beasts are invasive species, Mew is the ancestor. All of this is made abundantly clear in each game, so you’ll want to make sure your pokémon are ascribed to an idea. Even Regigigas towed the continents. So the lore is directly connected to the legendary pokémon you choose and how the characters operate in the games.


You have to pick a rival, however, this is one criteria where you can use plenty of creativity. Sometimes the rival is a butthole and sometimes they’re more of an ally they are either always behind or in front of you in your journey. Sometimes you choose their name, sometimes they’re independent NPCs. Regardless, this is a facet that the game always has.


Despite the fact that Alola has no gyms, there’re still waypoint trials to ensure you don’t use stronger pokémon earlier than you should and this is an important facet. There’s also always an elite four of some kind, so you’ll need to come up with a good roster for that. Nothing too wild. Sometimes town names are connected somehow, though not always (mostly an early game thing).


One thing that rings throughout every pokémon game are references to other games passed. Whether this is in characters that show up along the journey, or in names of places, it has to be there; it makes the games more of a cohesive whole. It’s also nice, but entirely optional to add new formes to old pokémon, or regional variants, mega evolutions, etc. This just adds to the cohesiveness as a whole. I’m personally against adding new types in fan-made games, because it gets confusing and slightly unrealistic. Nintendo doesn’t add types frequently. (Add an eeveelution or two!)


Lastly, you’ll need a title for your game, and, again, it should generally be a marketable, likable thing that easy to say or abbreviate. There’s not really a rule to the naming other than it’s usually got a counterpart game that mirrors it in some fashion to promote sales and the lore. There was a good streak of precious metals/gems for a bit, but after Generation V they dropped that, so it can really be anything that has an easily identifiable counterpart.

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First of all, I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 600+ FOLLOWER????? OMG, YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING I never thought that so many people will even come across my blog T_T
I love every one of you, that´s so crazy brb crying in my corner…… 💓💓💓💓

The second thing I wanted to “talk” about is that I think about adding a new type of ship, recommended by the gorgeous @happywonhoe @myrandomshipss and I don´t know why. this. won´t. tag. her -.- ….. well the new ship is called MTL SHIP and I´m going to do just a few at the beginning to see if I even like it or not heh-
BUT I´m gonna do this ship only for specific groups. The groups are:

  • Vixx
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Maybe I´ll add some groups, but I think these are enough for the beginning. And you can ask for 2 groups per request.

I hope all of you cuties out there have an amazing day/evening.
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Commissions: CLOSED

Update 7/8/16:

Opening these up again because I am quite in needs of funds this month.  Also added a new icon type style!  Free to use as an icon wherever you want.  Will be 1000x1000px so you can resize down to fit your needs.

(Sorry again for the blurry…thought I had it figured out :\ no matter what I try nothing fixes it lol.)


Detailed black and white digital sketches- Like the ones above for $50 per character (fullbody). More examples herehere and here.  I’d also welcome hip and ups for $45 and busts for $40.  

Detailed colored digital sketches- Like above for $75 per character (fullbody).  Hip ups are $65 and busts are $50.

NEW: Floral Avatars- Bottom example above for $40 per icon.  Can be yourself or a personal character, and you may select one flower type.  Sale: Matching set for $75 (limit 2 icons per set). CLOSED

TO NOTE: These are meant to be quick so no WIPS or drastic revisions.

People, animals, etc welcomed; No copyright characters; No mega adult-centered content (keep it PG13).  (Additional charges apply if the character is detailed/ needs design/ you want extra)

Contact me at with “B+W Sketch Commission” in the title, references to your character, and your tumblr/insta/twitter username somewhere if you’re interested, thanks!

Anything helps, thanks! Reblogs on this post would be most appreciated ✌ 


Alright here’s what I recommend you use to avoid NDRV3 spoilers if you have the XKit extension:

Everyone knows this one of course.
I use the following blacklisted words:

  • ndrv3 spoilers
  • drv3 spoilers
  • v3 spoilers
  • danganronpa spoilers
  • dr spoilers
  • spoilers

I have the following options checked:

  • Enable alt + B shortcut for adding new words
  • Show type of post when it’s blocked
  • Check author blog titles and usernames for blacklisted words
  • Don’t block my own posts
  • Don’t block posts I’ve liked or replied to
  • Use improved checking (might slow down your computer)

No Recommended
This is one I haven’t seen people talk about.
I have the following options checked

  • Get rid of recommended likes
  • Get rid of two-column recommended blogs (which isn’t as important as the recommended likes one, but I like this personally and you might avoid spoilery icons through this)

That’s ‘cause when you like something, this might happen:

tungls recommending you other posts. I wouldn’t want to see a spoiler through something like this. So if you’re not going on Hiatus and want to avoid spoilers make sure to get this extension as well and check get rid of recommended likes!


“why is this such a messy, inconsistent, and ugly post?” puts my hand over your mouth

HI GUYS, I’m opening commissions for the holiday season. 

These are all BUSTS/WAISTS unless stated otherwise.

Pencil bust: $15, extra characters + $10 each

Ink wash bust: $25, extra characters + $20 each

Watercolor busts: $35, extra characters + $35 each

Full body digital color sketch: $25, extra characters +$20 each

Digital color busts: $30, extra characters +$25 each

Any questions, send inquiries to at gmail. Paypal only! If there is a specific deadline you need these done by, please let me know asap!! The more references the better! Please remember I have the right to reject any commissions if I feel uncomfortable with them!

Hi guys, I added a new commission type: quickie OTP comix!! You can see that comic HERE and more of my comics HERE

OTP Comix are $20/page

Txch This Week: Impossible Planets And Sci-Fi Floating Cities

by Norman Rozenberg

This week on Txchnologist, we got up close and personal with some of the tiniest innovations making huge splashes in the world of science. First, Julia Greer and her Caltech research team has made leaps in the world of nanoscale materials. Using direct laser writing, the team is creating complex microscopic architecture that can be tuned to specific needs by engineers.

Scientists in the Netherlands have designed flat shapes that fold into all kinds of tiny 3-D structures with a drop of water. In addition to cool party tricks, these sand granule-sized pieces of silicon have potentially important uses in medicine.

Genetic engineers looking for better ways to make biofuels have designed bacteria to convert complex carbohydrates found in non food plants directly into ethanol. With rising oil prices across the globe and increasing carbon emissions, a new source of fuel is not only important but necessary. This development may have just steered us into the fast lane.

It’s no secret that advances are moving fast throughout medicine. Now, a Swiss team has taken things a step further and designed medical implants that could potentially last a lifetime using diamond-like carbon coatings and the rare, nonreactive metal tantalum. Meanwhile, Indian Institute of Science engineers are using wasp physiology to design new surgical tools. A species of wasp may be the next muse for less invasive tools that will help recovery times and outcomes.

Now we’re bringing you the news we’ve been following this week in the world of science, technology and innovation.

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I’ve updated my samples, and added a new commission type!

Additional characters are +$15.

Please contact me through email with information, and your tumblr username. Feel free to ask any questions as well.


I’m opening up a new commission type. Colored Inky’s!

Busts at 45$
Waist at 95$

I currently have 3 open slots.

(Rini you’re maxed out for now, I know you. Pace yourself, girl.)