Lauren & Camila performing on the 7/27tour in Manchester, New Hampshire, July 27th 2016.


Was digging through some old attachments in my email looking for something completely different, instead I found a photo series of me from the traditional New England autumnal roadtrip with @atkel.

In this particular photo set, we find yours truly around age 25, pissing on various things in New Hampshire such as:

  • The top of Mount Washington
  • Some guy’s lakefront property
  • A covered bridge

As you can see from the triumph in the fourth photo, the covered bridge has been mine ever since.
Sanders is first Jewish American to win a presidential primary
Sanders made history with his New Hampshire primary win on Tuesday night, also becoming the first non-Christian to win a state in a presidential primary
By Ben Jacobs

Regardless of your personal politics, this is an amazing first in American Jewish History.  Kol hakavod Senator Sanders!

The flashback: The résumé of Bernie sanders Vs Hillary Clinton

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