new 5h album

anonymous asked:

I'm soooo eager to know what you think of 5H's new album??

Well, here’s my verdict… *drumroll* IT’S A FUCKING GREAT ALBUM!!! 👏👏👏

I really really like it except for a few little things - I’m gonna break this down song by song.

1. DOWN - still don’t like it, lyrics make me cringe, to me the biggest mistake of this album, there was no need for that collab girls - anyways moving on to the good stuff

2. He Like That - I really really love the beat and the melody - the lyrics are a bit too hetero-basic for me, kinda boring and not really interesting - but the melody is my fucking jam so I guess it makes up for it 

3. Sauced Up - I also fucking adore the beat, especially the chorus - but again, the weak part is definitely the lyrics, same boring story, I mean come on “Don’t you know I’m fluid in the bro-code?” What? 😂  But still a really good song melodic wise

4. Make You Mad - one of my fave for sure (Camren vibes 🌚 ) I love the melody ,the fucking bridge I adore and also the lyrics are good to me, no male pronouns, finally a song my little lesbian heart can relate to.

5. Deliver - I have very mixed feelings about this one, I don’t really know if I like it or not 😂  I changed my mind at least 10 times while listening to it. I really like the piano background, that’s really dope, also the bridges but I think it’s the chorus that doesn’t really do it for me, the way they say “deliver”, I don’t really like it - but anyways it’s still a very good song, but again, still about boy problems 🙄  #cantrelate

6. Lonely Night - one of my favs too! Especially the chorus break down, it’s just really good, also Ally’s part I really love it - I’ll let the “boy” in the song slide #denialinordertorelate

7. Don’t Say You Love Me - my favorite!!!! Camren as fuck of course 🌚  I just love everything about it, the melody, the lyrics, their voices, the fact that it’s pronoun free #canrelate - MY FUCKING JAM!!

8. Angel - I’ve said it before, I really love Angel, it’s a great song, I really adore the beat, the lyrics are alright, and I’m slowly getting used to Ally’s rapping, it’s growing on me 😂

9. Messy - I like it, I don’t really have much to say about it, it’s a good song, it just doesn’t really stand out for me because I feel like I’ve heard it somewhere before - but it’s a nice song, and finally no boy story! Hallelujah!

10. Bridges - I like it too, a bit like Messy it doesn’t really stand out for me melodic wise, feels like it’s been done before  - but the lyrics are fucking great, great message - it’s a good song 

So all in all I think melodic and beat wise it’s a really really great album, their voices and harmonies are also on point! So to me the real weak point of the album is probably the lyrics and the song concepts - I think they could’ve dive deeper than this, get more emotional or have lyrics that are a bit more interesting, but anyways most of the melodies make up for it.

I’m definitely real proud of our girls! That’s what I call a come back!! If that was to be their last album as 5H than they’re definitely leaving on a bang!💥