new 52 spoilers

stephanie brown: a summary
  • steph: im gonna do a Thing
  • bruce: no dont
  • barbara: do Not
  • dick: pls .. dont ..
  • jason: [he doesnt say shit bc he's being emo and listening to punk rock and killin ppl and shit
  • tim: stephanie seriously dont do It
  • cass: no
  • damian: are u fckn STUPID dont do it
  • steph:
  • steph: so ANYWAYS im gonna do the Thing great to know ppl agree that it's a good idea thanks everybo

Batman Portrait Series: #2 New 52 Spoiler 

Artist: JBadgr


**Edit: Added additional coloured version. 

My favourite female DC hero, Stephanie Brown! I miss her as Batgirl, but I’m happy she’s finally come into the 52 universe. Jason and future!Damian portraits to follow soon– BOTH OF WHOM I SHIP THE HELL OUT OF WITH STEPH.

Series: #1 Riddler #2 future!Damian Wayne #4 Jason Todd #5 New 52 Red Robin #6 New 52 Batgirl #7 Nightwing #8 Robin #9 Bruce Wayne