new 52 spoilers

stephanie brown: a summary
  • steph: im gonna do a Thing
  • bruce: no dont
  • barbara: do Not
  • dick: pls .. dont ..
  • jason: [he doesnt say shit bc he's being emo and listening to punk rock and killin ppl and shit
  • tim: stephanie seriously dont do It
  • cass: no
  • damian: are u fckn STUPID dont do it
  • steph:
  • steph: so ANYWAYS im gonna do the Thing great to know ppl agree that it's a good idea thanks everybo

Batman Portrait Series: #2 New 52 Spoiler 

Artist: JBadgr


**Edit: Added additional coloured version. 

My favourite female DC hero, Stephanie Brown! I miss her as Batgirl, but I’m happy she’s finally come into the 52 universe. Jason and future!Damian portraits to follow soon– BOTH OF WHOM I SHIP THE HELL OUT OF WITH STEPH.

Series: #1 Riddler #2 future!Damian Wayne #4 Jason Todd #5 New 52 Red Robin #6 New 52 Batgirl #7 Nightwing #8 Robin #9 Bruce Wayne


there are so many interpretations to it i could write a goddamn book

let’s go through some of'em:

  • the stated on this ask answered by noragamis. could mean he’ll drift apart from hiyori and maybe watch her from a distance, bc he’s finally learned to put her in front of his own needs and desires and he acknowledges their contact will only be detrimental to her. since he can’t severe their ties bc she opposed it, maybe he’ll just try to create a distance till she inevitably forgets about him. though that might’ve hurt his past self, he’s now learning to be selfless so he’s okay with that.
  • it’s just a contrast between baby yaboku and current yato, bc as a kid he really wanted to do things for others and please everyone, and that’s him acknowledging there’s really nothing to be done in that case and he just gotta accept that “in the end only humans can save/help each other”. and that’s what current yato is doing/trying to do, even if it hurts his ~*TRUE NATURE*~ (nope, i’m never letting that theory go until this manga ENDS) which is to do everything and please everyone. it symbolizes his accepting that he can’t always do everything for everyone and he can’t be someone’s only/true savior.