Colorful Star New 3DS, cover plate for Japan ⊟ 

Another design from the “Nintendo 3DS for Girls” line – this one comes as both a bundled system and a standalone cover plate for Japan, releasing September 17. I really like the colors for this design, as they remind me of the Kawaii cover plate released last year. Via Japanese 3DS and NintendoTweet.

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Give me Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer ⊟ 

During its Japan-only Direct stream last night, Nintendo debuted this beautiful New 3DS XL/LL and cover plate for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, releasing alongside the game there on July 30.

For those who missed the details on this spin-off, it’s a budget-priced Animal Crossing lite, cutting out the usual chores and letting you design homes for your neighbors. It will support Amiibo cards that you can scan with a New 3DS or that white NFC accessory thing if you have an original 3DS (Nintendo will release a bundle with the game, Amiibo cards, and a peripheral in Japan). The game isn’t slated to come out in North America and Europe until late this year.

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Now that Nintendo of America have confirmed that the New 3DS is releasing in NA on Sep 25, it’s time to invest in some coverplates to spruce up your spankin new 3DS

You could order coverplates from Amazon.com. Most of them are fulfilled by Amazon and thus prime eligible. If there’s a coverplate that you want but can’t find there, head on over to Play-Asia.

Happy shopping :)


We’re getting a New 3DS bundle with Pokémon Red and Blue cover plates ⊟ 

Yay, more ways to get the standard-sized New 3DS in the U.S.! Nintendo has a New Nintendo 3DS Pokémon 20th Anniversary bundle coming to the states on February 27. Along with two cover plates featuring artwork from the original Pokémon Red and Blue, the commemorative bundle will include pre-installed copies of those two releases, as well as an exclusive Pokémon Home Menu theme. Digital versions will also be made available for Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow on the U.S. eShop starting February 27.

Europe will get its own 2DS bundles celebrating the original Pokémon games, and Nintendo has other plans to celebrate the 20th anniversary, including a Super Bowl commercial, special merchandise, retail events, reprints of best-selling Pokémon amiibo figures, and more. Via Serebii and iamemir!

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Galaxy Style New 3DS XL coming this week ⊟ 

This announcement came from nowhere, but Nintendo of America will release this “Galaxy Style” New 3DS XL model this week for $199.99. There’s a minute-long video with Reggie presenting the hardware, but here’s the best part of it:

And sure, the design looks like one of those rando space decals you can get for $20 bucks, but if you slap stickers on it of like a Fiji water bottle or the statue of David, you can totally tell your friends its a vaporwave edition of the 3DS.