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04.04.17 45/100: sorry for the fact i went off on one last night. reading it back, i’m sorry if i came off as calling people fake or saying not to care ?? i meant that u don’t have to make everything look perfect all the time.

anyways - today im at home and i’m already on my second cup of tea at 11am. trying to read and highlight my revision guide before i make notes. it’s longer but idk it helps to cut down on things and i guess i do have 2 weeks to sort my shit out.

A Tale of One Hoax - Page 10

Wild UPDATE appeared! Demona used UPLOAD! It’s super effective!

No, but seriously, I apologize for the long wait. Let’s hope this motivation I have now stays longer :D

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hap dad day!

Prince watching himself perform on the Act II Tour, 1993

That moment when three incarnations of the Doctor are in one single shot on Broadchurch! Broadchurch is also written and created by new showrunner Chris Chibnall! Small world! :)

Marvel Master List!

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Clint Barton:

Pizza & Spreadsheets
Help Me With This Bullet Wound
Ducts? Ducts.
Lazy Mornings
Favorite Record
Just Cheer Up
You’re a Jerk [I Know]
It’s Halloween
Pumpkin Family
“You Didn’t Call.”

Steve Rogers Masterlist

Bucky Barnes Masterlist

Tony Stark:

I Saw You Staring
Get Me A Drink?
Take My Jacket
In My Time Of Dying
Just Fun
Back to Basics
Run Away With Me
He Fooled Me Too (Part Two)
St. Ides
Lost Boy
Gone Too Soon
That Sounded Weird
Traitor |Civil War| Steve x Tony
Last Words?
All a Disguise
“Let’s Leave…”
Notes - Written by Lucy

Wanda Maximoff:

Just Look To The Stars
As Long As It’s You |Sequel|
Her Voice Could Sink Ships
I Hope One Day…
Even The Sun Can Envy The Stars
I… Love You
You Know You Love Me
Good Aim
I’ll Get Through This
We Should Have Brought The Cookies
Losing My Mind
Meeting Her
Will You Be Mine?
Good Luck Kiss |Male Reader|

Pietro Maximoff:

Birthday Presents
Tent Sharing
Spilled Coffee
Christmas Lights
Anything For You
Spark - Written by claws-of-vibranium
Hey, Asshole
Did You Know…

Natasha Romanoff:

She Never Misses
Those Belong To Me
Who Is She?
I Can’t Find My Glasses
Phobias Are Not Funny
Always Get What I Want


He Remembered And I Didn’t?
Too Good To Be True
Be Careful With Her
Winter Days


Don’t Stop On My Account
I Just Died In Your Arms

Bruce Banner:

I’m Pregnant
Study Time

Scott Lang:

New Recruit
Stop Cheating, It’s A Serious Game
I’m An Idiot

Sam Wilson:

Horror Movies Are Racists
Don’t Tell Me What To Do |Don’t Call Me Angel|
Cramping - Written by Kayla

Wade Wilson:

He’s… Odd

Peter Parker:

Friends Suck!
Boy, Oh Boy! | Part Two|- Written by Auzzie-Pengu

Peter Quill

I’m Counting on It!



Jack Thompson:

Early Morning Naps
Bad Agent
Rough Mission
Spring Storms NSFW


The Couch Is An Important Part Of Our Lives
If I Lay Here
It’s Your Day |Part Two
Memory Lane


Fear Is A Choice 

I’m Here Now
I’m Here Now: Did You Just…
It Must Have Been Love
Losing My Mind 

Siren Song

Was The Movie Good? NSFW


Chris Evans:
Best Interview… Ever!
I Can’t Take It
Not Funny
Dead Arm

Sebastian Stan:
Birthday Breakfast
All For One and One For All 
All The Luck You Need!


Theodore | I Got This
Tech Guru |Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 |
I Don’t Believe You…Really? | Two |
The Purge: Avengers Assemble

Clint Barton:
Mission: Impossible AU |Character Profile| |Chapter One

Alternate “You”niverse Masterlist  // Headcanon Masterlist // Imagines Masterlist // The Walking Dead Masterlist // Lance Tucker Masterlist // Riverdale Masterlist