new (to me)

I love when you’re first trying to get someone into podcasts and you watch them listen to it and you’re just like


‪I’ve got desperate desires and unadmirable plans, my tongue will taste of gin and malicious intent. ‬


1136 x 640 // chris kreider for anon

p.s. everyone should totally go download the escape from plastic beach game

it’s a treasure of an app (though @murdocisgod and i have yet to finish it…. shit’s hard!) with music and lore and gags and silly little snippets!!

i’m pretty certain it’s only for ios, however, and unfortunately it’s also about to be cleared off the app store come next iphone update! apps that haven’t been updated in years are being taken down by apple, so get it while you still can!

and tell me if you finish it haha i still can’t get past that last level!! i need to know how it ends!


hey i’m claire and did you know that phil’s first youtube video would be getting its hogwarts letter today? yeah. i’m as shook as you are.🦉🌠🎉🎂