new & unfinished

He’d loved her from the moment they’d met. He saw it in her eyes - he was sure she was destined for him. But she was broken and their timing was off, so he waited an entire year.

And now, he had wrapped a hand around the back of her neck and pulled her in for a kiss. It was everything he’d imagined and wanted it to be for the last 365 days. He felt like he was on top of the world. He felt like all of the waiting was finally worth it.

But then, he pulled away, and he saw it in her eyes before her lids had even fully lifted. She needed another year alone. She still wasn’t ready. So, they smiled politely at each other and went on with the night.

“Happy New Year,” he told her.

“Happy New Year,” she said.

—  excerpt from an unfinished book #135 // “I’d love you but I need another year alone” - 7

concept for 3rd year seirin…. furihata becomes the captain and a really reliable point guard and riko juggles college and coaching seirin bc thats Her Team and kagami and kuroko are basically the same 

sometimes i speak in riddles and metaphors but i don’t always mean to. it’s just in my nature, baby. it’s just what i do. you know all the deepest pieces, but you cannot fit them into one picture so i will sing it for you in a song someday. i will tell you everything that went wrong.

I think this was taken the other day? Yeah? Missing from this were the larger staff and the shoes, plus i haven’t started on the wings and leg armor. There’s still a few spots that need covering. 

Yesterday I made a new head piece with the thicker rubber. Fits snugly on the head more than the first one here. The new, unfinished horns are also significantly larger than the first set. 

It’s not just physical.

It’s a weight
A thousand planets resting on my shoulders
(I’m just not fucking strong enough, okay?)
And it’s not just
The pressure on my chest
Or the ache between my ribs
Or the way my back hunches forward
Like I have something to hide
(and so what if I do?)

It’s the way I haven’t felt free
Since the day I turned twelve
The way the circles beneath my eyes
Are only getting darker
Because the screaming in my head won’t let me sleep.
—  poem fragment #1

When you see someone you like starting to read a WIP you haven’t updated in nearly two years -

- and then they start to leave these lovely comments on every chapter saying how much they love it and how broken-hearted they are and mostly -

- that yeah, they’re really looking forward to see how this ends and just -

- oh God.

Please let there be dogs on the moon